Ethereum For Investors #3 – How To Withdraw Or Transfer Ethereum (Ethers) Using

This is Tai Zen. And these video guys I want to share with you guys how to transfer your Ethers using, we’ll continue off from where we left in the first video. So in this next video, we need to be able to send and transfer Ethers.

Let’s go and scroll down the instructions here so that the instructions are there. And we are going to come up here, and I need to open up another… You want to leave this open and do not close it just yet. We going to send transaction, right.

So now, if you trying to transfer the Ethers from your Ethereum IPO or the IPO Ethers or the presale Ethers, however, you want to call it, then come over here and select the Upload your wallet file, and then come over here and select wallet file.

Now you guys can see here. This is my Ethereum wallet file and you’ll know that it ends in the JSON extension, so this JSON file right here is what you want. And you select Open and wait for a few seconds while it loads up the file. And you’ll see here that the file that I have that I named Tai & Christ-Ethereum-wallet. Christ is one of my friends that invested into the Ethereum with me, so that’s the file that contains both of our Ethers.

And once it goes in you will need to enter the password that was originally created when you bought your presale Ethers or your IPO Ethers. So once again, I’m going to go over to my password manager – KeePass and I will look for it.

So once I grab the password from my password manager, what I do is paste it into here, and then this Decrypt button will pop up and you will click on Decrypt right there. And it’ll say successfully decrypted, and if you scroll down, you will see what the account information looks like.

As you guys can see where it says that the account address is so-and-so and there are 850 Ethers in the account, at the current prices, it’s worth 2000 US dollars or 1900 euros or almost 6 bitcoins.

So once it gets here, what we going to do is if you guys want to practice sending this somewhere, what I would suggest that you guys do is select this Donate button right there and it will automatically populate this address with the address of the authors of this So I always like to believe in giving credit where credit’s due.

I struggled to withdraw and transfer and convert these Ethers into Bitcoin. And when I found this MyEtherWallet service, I thought it was pretty cool to help me so I don’t mind using them as a test account so that you guys can see it.

So you type in the address that you want to send the Ethers. In this particular case, I’m going to send 1 Ether just for practice here so you guys can see it and you’ll notice that it’s in denominations of Ether, it’s in the Ether unit. Now there’s one thing that the authors of this software put that I do not understand, it says that this is approximately 2134 US Dollars and it’s worth 1933 Euros. Now, I do not know what that means.

The only thing that I see is that 2134 happens to match up with this number of US Dollar here, and the Euro is matched up to here, so I’m not exactly sure what that means. But I put in 1 Ether here and when I hit Generate Transaction, it sends 1 Ether to the authors of this software.

You will see that this is a raw transaction, not sure what that means, but this is the sign transaction right here. And so when I hit Send, it will confirm it and it’ll say the warning, You are about to send 1 Ether to this address which is the authors of this, Are you sure you want to do this?

And make sure you pause and read this and make sure that this is what you want to do, and if it is what you want to do than confirm it by clicking Yes, I am sure Making transaction, and here’s the transaction ID right here so you can copy and paste and go to your Ethereum blockchain.

And then this time when you paste it in there and hit Search, the account it’ll show up. And it’s from this account going to this account, so this is their donation address here. They’ve received a total of 88 Ethers so far.

And if we click on here, Transaction receive, we will see that there’s one Ether there from us. Okay, so we know that this is from our account because we’ve just sent it. So it’s going from this MyEtherWallet account to this. So that’s how you send a transaction or withdraw Ethers from your resales Ethers or your IPO Ethers however you want to call it.

So as you guys can see there, this was fairly simple to upload your JSON file into the It was very very simple to send a transaction now. Like I said when you guys do this I would suggest that you guys send a test withdrawal to the Donation button here to the authors of before you transfer to anywhere else. Just to make sure that everything is working correctly.

Alright guys, thanks for watching this video, guys, and I hope this short tutorial, this series of short tutorials was able to help you guys figure out how to set up your Ethereum wallet account, and be able to withdraw and transfer Ethers in and out of it, and be able to load up the presale Ethers or the Ether IPOs that you guys got back when it was made available, and be able to do it safely, securely, and use the resources I shared with you guys to convert your Ethers into Bitcoin or into any other cryptocurrency that you guys want to convert it to.

Okay, so if you guys like this video, guys, leave questions, comments and suggestions for future videos below this video. And if you guys want to donate any coffee or beer donation are awesome, just go to the link below and you can donate here.

And if you know anyone that can benefit from this video tutorial guys, be sure to share this video with someone who can benefit from it, and make sure you also subscribe to this channel

Thanks for watching this video guys. And I’ll look forward to seeing you guys in a future video.

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