Ethereum For Investors #28 – What’s Better? Ethereum Classic Or Ethereum Hard Fork?

What’s up, guys? This is Tai Zen and this video, I want to share with you guys my thoughts on whether or not to invest into Ethereum Classic or Ethereum Hard Fork or a combination of both.

Right now Ethereum Hard Fork is around $10 – 12 USD, right around that area. And then we have an Ethereum Classic that’s around $1 USD, between $1 USD to $2 USD, $1.30 USD, $1.50 USD, somewhere around there, I haven’t checked since this morning but it’s somewhere around there.

I’ve been thinking about I had a discussion with the Oracle of Cryptocurrency, last night and he’s been vacationing out in Denver, Colorado with his girlfriend, that’s why he hasn’t been on here lately.

But we were just discussing on the phone about whether it’s better to invest in Ethereum Classic or Ethereum Hard Fork. And what we came to the conclusion was this, if you guys have been following me, you know that one of my previous videos that we talked about what the repercussions are of, or what the outcome of the DAO attack and the Hard Fork.

What we project is going to happen to the Ethereum foundation and to the people involved with creating the DAO and things like that. We still have not changed our opinion about the legal ramifications that going to come down the pipeline when it comes to Ethereum Hard Fork.

I think that we still believe and we have not changed our opinion yet, based on the current data we have and the current information and the environment we have. There’s a lot of expansion going on in the Ethereum community.

What I mean by that is that there’s a lot of applications and software projects have been built to go on top of the Ethereum blockchain, but we think that there is going to be still a lot of legal issues that are going to come down regarding the DAO attack and the way that the money was raised and things like that.

Now in other countries, it may not be a big deal, but in America, there’re a lot of legal issues with raising money that we were not aware of or did not fully understand at the time that they try to raise money for the DAO project.

So because of that, even though Ethereum Hard Fork is just above $10 USD right now, if you had the money, let’s just say that you had $1000 USD. And you were going to invest it into Ethereum Hard Fork or Ethereum Classic, which would be the better investment?

Now, in my opinion, the Ethereum Hard Fork has the most developed and the most projects being built on it at the moment. They also have the core development team that originally built Ethereum, that means Vitalik and Dr. Gavin Wood and all those guys, they have the money, they have the manpower and they have the technical know-how to build the project and make it successful.

But the one issue that’s going to put a monkey wrench in the whole game is the legal issues that we anticipate that’s going to come down. We say legal issues that can be two types of legal issues that can come down.

One can be a criminal, which we don’t highly suspect it’ll be a criminal issue, but there will be some civil issues legal. It’s going to deal with the court system that is going to drag Ethereum Hard Fork down. And even if other projects that come on, something that still lingers.

Leon and I have not figured out that issue has not gone away because of the legal issue that goes on behind the dealing with the DAO attacker, and the hack of the DAO ICO and stuff. Now on the other hand, if we look at you Ethereum Classic, they are slowly building up a community to develop it.

If you guys remember what Charles Hoskinson said, there’s one thing that he said that is extremely powerful. He said that a coin or a Cryptocurrency project will only survive based on the community that surrounds that software project and if it does not have a community then it will not survive.

I’ll give you an example. There’re a lot of people that said that NXT was dead, it went down in price so low, it’s a pre-mined coin but there were me and many other people that believe in the project. We helped start up the NXT Foundation, raise some money, everybody volunteerism and the NXT project is still alive and going well.

It’s getting ready to go to the next level of Cryptocurrency evolution and come out with the order system. That’s in a separate video. But what I’m saying is that the Cryptocurrency projects will succeed if it has a strong community.

We already have a community, an Ethereum Classic meet up in London and they just had one in Shanghai or something like that. Or maybe I got those two backward, but they have both of those going on in major cities and they are about to have another one with one of the core developers, a gentleman named Brown, down in Phoenix, Arizona.

There is Community of people that are assembling together to build the Ethereum Classic, you got people like myself and others on YouTube who is also talking about Ethereum Classic. I do not believe that Ethereum Classic will go away anytime soon.

I am not looking to trade after I made that big gain over 100% profits on my Ethereum Classic trade. I’m looking at holding it now for the long term because it’s pulled back to a price point that I believe it’s on the stabilized now, right above $1 USD.

If it goes down below $1 USD or 50 cents, I’m going to load up back up the truck and load it upon it. I’m just giving you a heads up on that, so when it happens you don’t think that I’m trying to pump and dump it or anything like that. I just believe that the Ethereum Classic chain is not going to go away.

Nothing is has proven now. I was waiting for the DAO attacker to see if he’ll unload his coins or whatever. Instead, he donated a thousand of his Ether Classics to the Ethereum Classic development Community. Now obviously he’s doing that to get attention, to let everyone know that he’s still around.

I don’t believe that he’s doing it to help the Ethereum Classic community. I just believe that he’s doing it just to let everybody know that he’s watching it. So whatever he does, I really don’t care. If he dumps all his coins, great, I’ll buy him up, it doesn’t matter.

If you are the DAO attacker, you won’t sell some of your Ether Classics at a discount, just contact me privately and I’ll buy it from you, I don’t give a shit. Do you want to get rid of them? Somebody’s gonna buy them might as well, be me and my friends who were willing to get it cheap.

I believe that the Ethereum Classics gonna survive and if you look at the long term they do not have as many applications and software projects being built on top of the Ethereum Classic chain right now. However, the way that the community is mobilizing and coming together to help develop this Ethereum Classic project.

I think that in the long term, I strongly believe that it will have the potential to come close to what Ethereum is currently doing now. Ethereum Hard Fork, I believe that once the Cloud of legal issues that’s lingering, the storm clouds of legal issues that are lingering over that project is gone or is dealt with.

Then I believe that someday, Ethereum is the next best coin to do what Bitcoin did, as far as price terms. I’m not saying it’s going to go to a thousand but if there’s anybody that has a potential to go to a thousand, it’ll definitely be Ethereum Hard Fork for sure. Because they’ve got Vitalik, there’re so many projects being built on it.

If you watch my video on what is the Ethereum value stack, you’ll see what I mean. When more value is built on top, the entire network’s going to get more valuable. Now Ethereum Classic, I’m not sure what the exact price projection is.

And this video is not an attempt at a price projection, just to see how we can split up our money and our capital, and know how much to invest into whether Ethereum Classic or an Ethereum Hard Fork, and how much of our money that we put into it.

Now I made sure I load it up. Let’s put it this way if Ethereum Classic even gets to $10 USD or to $20 USD, I don’t see any reason why Ethereum Classic could not get to $10 USD because if Ethereum Hard Fork can do it, there’s more room for it to go even higher.

I believe there’s plenty of probability that the Ethereum Classic can reach the $10 USD because it has proven that it has been there before. I don’t see why it would not be able to get there so I’m loaded up on the Ethereum Classic.

Now I have not had an opportunity to buy any Ethereum Hard Fork, even though I believe in it. I believe that the price will go lower, I believe that there’s a time when Ethereum Classic and Ethereum Hard Fork will reach parity. I made a separate video to explain what it is Ethereum parity so that you guys can understand it.

So watch that video, but once it reaches equal in price, then that’s when I will come in and then get a bunch of Ethereum Hard Fork and then hold onto it for the long term. I’m not going to look to trade it. It’s going to look to hold it for maybe, at least 6 months; 1 year; 2-3 years, because I believe that when the other projects going on there, that’s a long term potential for me.

Obviously, I’m going to use money that I don’t need at the moment to pay my bills and take care of my family and stuff. It’s going to be money that I can set aside, mostly by retirement money so I can put it in there. I mean all my retirement money is in Cryptocurrencies anyway, I mean saying that my retirement money is in Cryptocurrencies kind of meaningless because it’s all of it is in there.

That’s my thoughts. Let me know if you guys have any other thoughts on it. So basically I’m just going to invest in both Ethereum Classic and Ethereum Hard Fork. I don’t have any Ethereum Hard Fork right now.

Leon has plenty of Ethereum Hard Fork and Ethereum Classic and he still holds onto it for the long term also. I’m waiting for the price of Ethereum Hard Fork to dip lower and then start collecting some of it. If it falls below $1 USD, I’ll get a ton of it.

If it falls so steady, I’m going to start accumulating it as its falling and then put some aside. That’ll be a good chunk of my retirement portfolio, it’s going to be in the Ethereum Hard Fork. Now the Ethereum Classic, I think that there’s still plenty of room to grow, as you can see, grow in the $10 USD. I can see that very easily, once I get the community set up and projects going.

Probably a little bit longer might take, that probably won’t happen until next year. So if you’re looking to commit to it, just be aware that’s might be 6 or 12-month time frame that we’re looking at. So that’s my thoughts on whether or not to invest into Ethereum Hard Fork and Ethereum Classic.

My personal opinion is that I’m going to invest in both. I already have some Ethereum Classic now. So I’m just waiting for Ethereum Hard Fork to drop lower in price and then I’ll get some of that as well. So thanks for watching this video guys.

If you guys liked it, give me a thumbs up. If you guys don’t like it, give me a thumbs down so I stopped making them. And if you guys have any friends, colleagues, things like that want to learn more about investing Cryptocurrencies and profiting from it, make sure you share our Channel with them.

Make sure you subscribe if you haven’t tell your friends and family to subscribe to our Channel. We’ll share more information with you about how to invest in Cryptocurrencies as we get updated on the material. Thanks lot guys, and I’ll see you guys in a future video.

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