Ethereum For Investors #27 – What Is Ethereum (ETH) Price Parity?

What’s up, guys? This is Tai Zen and in this video, I want to explain to you guys: What is Ethereum Parity? The word “parity” simply means that when 2 things become equal. Right now the price of Ethereum Classic is just above $1 USD and the price of Ethereum Hard Fork is just above $10 USD.

What if you’re in parity and when you hear people talk about: What is parity? What does it mean that a pair of means the same or two of the same thing? So what they’re saying is that eventually, the price of Ethereum Classic that’s around $1 USD, above $1 USD is going to rise up in price.

And the Ethereum Hard Fork is going to lower down in price and they’re going to become equal. So it’s like having two cups of water, one’s full and the other one’s only partially full, and you pour the full cup over into the cup that’s not full, and you level out the water so that both cups have equal amounts of water.

So what you do in parity is it’s the same similar concept. There’re a lot of people like myself and others who anticipate that the Ethereum Classic might be worth only above $1 USD right now.

But as soon as they get their development community together, and get a strong team together, to start developing the software, we strongly believe that the price will go up. And in the price of Ethereum we’ll come down and it’ll come match together and the price of it will kind of level out.

And it may not be perfect, it may not be like, ETH Classic is $1 USD. I mean $5 USD and then ETH Hard Fork is $5 USD. It may be that the ETH Classic maybe $5 USD, and then Ethereum Hard Fork maybe about $6 USD or $7 USD or close to it.

And I would not expect parity to be the exact amount in price. I would expect parity to be fairly close, just a little bit above each other. Now as much as everyone is talking about Ethereum, and what the potential that can do in the future is, there really is no software running on it that’s working, that’s useful in the real world now.

So just be aware that guys, so that’s the reason why I think that there’s still plenty of room for Ethereum Hard Fork to pull back and come down a little bit lower. And I think that there’s some legal issues that had to deal with the team Hard Fork that will prevent it from spiking up in price anytime, soon here, coming up here, in 2016.

But if team Classic, there’s still plenty of room to move up. I think that as far as percentage gain goes, I think there’s more chance of Ethereum Classic moving up at a higher percentage, at a bigger percentage return than Ethereum Hard Fork, simply because as soon as they announced that they have a development team, a roadmap and things like that for team classic.

I believe that alone will increase the value of it and it’ll gain higher at price. So to me, it really does not even make sense for the team classic to even be above $1 USD while team Hard Fork above $10 USD because it’s the same chain. And if anything, the Ethereum Classic is the original theme chain, so because of that, it really does not only even know why it’s that low.

It should not be but that’s the opportunity to get in and get some and hold on to it. If you do get into the Ethereum classic, just know that it’s not something that is a short-term trade. It is something that’s more of a long term hold than a trade. It’s a long-term trade, basically what it is.

Okay, so hopefully this video helps you guys understand what is the Etherium parity. It simply means that the price of it will level out and they’ll both be fairly the same over time.

And I believe that the Etherium classic community, once they develop and everything and they get their people together, the development team and the roadmap together, that’s when it will start to climb back up.

So hopefully this video helps you guys understand about the difference in the price of the Etherium parity in between the ETH Classic and ETH Hard Fork. And if you guys like these types of videos, give me a thumbs up. Make sure you subscribe to our Channel.

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So thanks for watching this video guy, and I’ll see you guys in a future video.

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