Ethereum For Investors #13 – Key Factors That Led To Ethereum’s Success

Leon Fu: You’re only willing to risk that much of that time. So it’s the most you willing to risk at that point and time.

Tai Zen: I head straight out my Bitcoin investment a little bit into Nxt, and then I had discovered the presale information for Ethereum so I took advantage of that and I put in. We interviewed Vitalik, the founder of the Ethereum in person.

Leon Fu: So we have spent a lot of like mental energy talking about Ethereum, not Augurs. When did we take Bitcoin conference, Tai?

Tai Zen: It was in April 2014.

Leon Fu: Ok so we talked about it from April 2014. Are you sure that was in April? The crowd sale was in July. I remember talking about it with my friend Rolin starting in November. We were talking about it, almost other weeks we were talking about it. You remember that, Tai?

Tai Zen: Yeah. The only Bitcoin 2.0 that you and I were talking about was NXT or Ethereum. And we went conferences talking about it. There were only 2 legitimate Bitcoin 2.0 currencies at the time.

Leon Fu: So we spent a lot of energy going back to NXT and Ethereum, Vitalik and disruption during NXT that we don’t even know who he is.

Tai Zen: I think that was the disadvantage of NXT, that it did not have a public figure, similar to Vitalik to answer the question and promote it.

Leon Fu: And Vitalik is good. Looking back to it, he knew how to work the conferences, he knew how to get everyone on board and to present the vision. And he had built a reputation like just going back to the history, the first Bitcoin 2.0 project was Mastercoin and Colored coin. Mastercoin, I would say was the first legitimate Bitcoin 2.0 ever.

Tai Zen: I don’t think so. I don’t consider Mastercoin is because it was using in Bitcoin and blockchain, whereas NXT created a completely new blockchain, and then Ethereum created a completely new blockchain.

Leon Fu:The idea of building applications in a distributed way, not a separate blockchain. Because remember at the time, we got all the taxing power, we got all the liquidity, let’s do the smart contract and do the thing. If you try to build Bitcoin 2.0, the first thing you try to do is build it on top of what we’ve already had, that was a natural first interesting worth.

You know we love Bitcoin and it’s great, but it still doesn’t do these things, why don’t we try to add to what we have, we’ve already had it, and Vitalik was part of that. He was writing for Bitcoin magazine, by the time he got to Ethereum, he has already involved in Bitcoin for 3 years. First with writing for Bitcoin magazine, then on Mastercoin, and you worked on these things, I think I can do better out of these guys.

Tai Zen: He imitates it before he innovates it, he get involved before he had to make his own stuff.

Leon Fu: Yeah but he was part of the Mastercoin project. Through that experience he saw was wrong with it. And he was going to all the Bitcoin conferences to push Ethereum. He got to Texas, he’s already done half of dozen of this.

Back then I was more neutral on NXT, I’m gonna put that on both of them and see if it works out. At the time you were really tried to push NXT and I was like well ok I hope it works. Vitalik’s not just raising the 30,000 Bitcoins or something like that, they pray on Microsoft and other big players on board.

Tai Zen: As far as from my perspective, it isn’t even the major point of being a public face or public figure. But there was a fact that there was no place that was giving you good solid information on what these all are worth about, these are worth to where we going, to our directions. So for me, when I get on board with NXT, all I could find were those websites that look like it’s a blog page for computer nerds, and I didn’t understand half of it. So it was like a really bad interface for me, you have to download all kind of weird stuff, and it was not user-friendly. And even though Ethereum was not user-friendly in the first stage, they were still very clear about it.

Leon Fu: Ethereum, there’s still no user interface yet. There was actually Ethereum proof you can actually do a successful Cryptocurrency without even a user interface at all.

Tai Zen: Fortunate for us, a few things that are out there that we can use to make the exchange easy such as Shapeshift, such as Myetherwallet.

Leon Fu: If there wasn’t Myetherwallet, you’re not able to sell anything.

Tai Zen: Yeah exactly, because without Myetherwallet, we would not be able to convert IPO Ethers into Bitcoin.

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