Ethereum Classic For Investors #15 – Who Is Alan McSherry, The Grothendieck Team Leader?

Person 1: For anybody listening to this right now, Alan McSherry, who’s the leader of The Grothendieck Team, is going to show up on our Friday show to talk about some of the stuff they’re working on.

 Charles Hoskinson: A little bit of backstory about Alan. He’s a very senior developer and manager. Actually, you can tell when you watch the stand-up meeting. He just has a wealth of experience and a wonderful guy.

It’s funny when we asked him to be the project manager, the first thing he said was: “Well I gotta fly out meet everybody.”

Because we were basing the technology on Scorex and Scorex was built in Russia, he went to Russia. Then he was planning to go to Poland, somewhere in Argentina. We’re probably gonna drag him to Malta and also to a smart contract meet up in Athens.

Alan is married, so I don’t know how his wife feels about it.  His job is basically like living on a plane, meeting all of our people and trying to make sure that everybody’s doing the right job.

Person 1: Someone mentions this who is the guy from contact that lived on the plane.

Charles Hoskinson: I feel like that guy, right. Eventually, he died in the space station.

Person 1: I don’t know. I forgot his name but yeah he lived on the plane. Also, I like the way you introduced Alan. Earlier you said that we’ve got a really great Irish guy, Alan McSherry.

Charles Hoskinson: Right. You’ll love him.

He’s a true professional and he’s a very solid engineer, a good scholar developer. What I really admire the most about him is that he has very reasonable expectations about deadlines.

I’m always like a very hard driver or Haskell developers. I’m like “Why don’t we have this? Let’s see if we can get it this week” and we just keep pushing and pushing.

However, when I try to do that with Alan, Alan is like “No, it’s gonna come out on this date. That’s when we could do it.”

You just really can’t believe that the guy gives you a better deadline. He’s gonna do it the way he needs to do it, but he is a very good manager.

Person 1: You need yin and yang to coexist…

Charles Hoskinson: Exactly. The other thing is that when you learn Ethereum, especially when you start dissecting the EVM, you also start learning kind of how smart contracts work at a very high level.

What’s really exciting to me is once the Grothendieck team is done with the Grothendieck team client, it’s not going to require 7 people full-time to maintain it. Occasionally, there will be developer sprinting put in Forks and things like that. However, it is really cool to see what we can do with them for smart contracts.

When people send me Dapp’s ideas, it’s just, unfortunately, we don’t have the resources at the point to develop them yet. Nonetheless, it would be cool to start doing some Dapps on Ethereum Classic.

I think that the team is going to be the Nexus of that effort in the second half of this year. As they understand more, they’re going to have like 50 ideas and cool products that they want to do.

We’re gonna have to kind of temper them down. That’s why Allan is like the perfect guy to lead them. Because he can say no to me.

Person 1: Right.

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