DAO Hub For Investors #3 – What Are You Investing In When You Invest In The DAO HUB?

What’s up, this is Tai Zen. We’ve just got through visiting Florida and we’re heading back to Dallas, Texas. In this video, I want to share with you all the trees that are in Mississippi.

There’s nothing but trees in Mississippi. You ever come down to Mississippi, you’ll see it. So anyway, we want to talk to you in this video about investing in the DAO Hub.

I want to share with you because I got some more clarification from the Honorable, Grand Master, Oracle of Cryptocurrency investing, the amazing and phenomenal, Leonfu.com. So in this video, I want to talk about what are we investing in when we invest into the daohub.org, an investment into Slock.it or whatever is it that we’re investing into.

I got some clarification today from the Honorable Leonfu.com, he was telling me that he used a very good example and I want to share with you. Today is Sunday, as I’m making this video and tomorrow, starting tomorrow in the city of Austin, Texas. Texas is like the greatest countries in America and Boston is the capital of Texas.

That’s where I originally live and that’s where the Honorable Leonfu.com lives. Tomorrow is a big day for the City of Austin because it’s the first time the taxi service Uber and Lyft will not be in service anymore. So starting tomorrow, there will be thousands of people in the city of Austin, Texas who can no longer work for Uber or for Lyft.

If you’re not familiar with Uber or Lyft, they are taxi services by the people where they have an app, you can log on and find a car that’s available and you can pay $20, $30 and they’ll take you a ride down around the city. I use it quite a bit almost every month because I prefer Uber drivers because they are more polite, more friendly and more courteous than the lousy taxi drivers.

Most taxi drivers that I have the experience, they’re rude in Los Angeles, they’re rude in New York, they’re rude in Boston and they’re rude in almost every cities that I have used the taxi. On the other hand, every Uber and Lyft driver that I have ever used, I have never had a bad experience with any of them and I use them all the time, every month for the last few years and I cannot say anything bad about Uber or about Lyft.

It’s unfortunate that tomorrow they will no longer be in service in this great city of Austin. The reason why they are not in service anymore is that the City of Austin wants to fingerprint all the Uber and all the Lyft drivers. Those companies decided they don’t want to fingerprint their Uber and Lyft employees so they made the decision to withdraw their service from the City of Austin. So this is where the DAO Hub comes in.

That’s extremely important for you to understand is that the DAO Hub is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Basically, it’s a company or a business that it does not have human decision-making or control, it is based on software only.

So if Uber or Lyft was using the DAO as their company, then it would be very hard to shut it down because if I choose to use my car to transport people from point A to point B, there is no way that someone can stop me from doing that if it was with the Decentralized Autonomous Organization such as the DAO Hub (49 North). We can trust the blockchain but we can I trust the doctor to drive (he’s kidding).

So anyway, if the Uber or the Lyft was using the DAO as their control center, then we wouldn’t have this problem with Uber or Lyft in Austin. So when we invest in the DAO Hub, they are going to provide funding to any company that requests our funding from them.

The first company that is expected to request funding from the DAO Hub is going to be a company in Germany called Slock.it. Slock stands for smart locks, so they’re gonna create some software that’s gonna allow us to use the Ethers that will unlock the locks to use to rent the cars, the houses, tools, even to use electrical outlets, so that’s what Slock is going to do.

Now keep in mind that Slock.it is a private company, it has nothing to do with the Ethereum other than the fact that the members, the cofounders of Slock at the company Slock.it used to be on the Ethereum development team and they’re still in tightly knit with those guys. But Slock.it itself is a private company, they could have easily gone out and started their own business and risen funding from private venture capitalists.

However, they chose not to do that. They chose to go through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization and the reason for that is to eliminate the bull sheet like just what happened with Uber or Lyft. They don’t want people to invest into their business, and then a few years later if Slock.it goes out of business or for some reason that the token holders will get screwed over.

So to prevent that, what they’re doing is they’re allowing the token holders to be in control of it. Let’s say just say that in Europe or in Germany, the government comes out and says it’s illegal for people to use these smart locks to allow people to rent their cars or their bicycles or their hand tools or their power tools or whatever or their electrical outlets, let’s just say that they ban that is illegal in Germany or Europe.

What’s going to happen is that they’re not gonna be able to go and prevent every citizen who owns a smart lock from renting their house or their car, their tools because you pay for with the Ethers or you pay for with the DAO tokens and you get to use that tool.

So you see this company right here, you see all those trailers and all the generators and their compressors that we just drove by, that’s an equipment rental company. It’s just fortunate that we were driving by and we saw that so that’s equipment rental company, if they own the Slock, you go and pay for it, you can able to unlock and then you can use their tractor, their generators, their lights, their air compressors and you can use that.

Now let’s say the government makes it illegal to where you cannot use that, it’s gonna be very hard for them the stop it because that means that they would have to go around to every car that has a smart lock on it or every tool or every house has a smart lock on it and remove it or make it illegal which is extremely difficult to do. We know this because in America, we’ve had the bogus drug war for many years and people are still using drugs and every year there are more and more drugs coming into America.

So there’s no way for law enforcement to go in there and stop every drug user in the world from using drugs, the same thing goes for the Slock.it. Even if the government decides to make it illegal for someone to rent out their own property and their old cars and their own tools and their own computers or whatever it was that they want to rent out to other people, it’s gonna be extremely difficult for law enforcement to go around and stop everybody and make everybody remove the smart locks from their property.

I want you to realize, when you are investing into the DAO Hub, I want you to be fully 100% aware that you’re investing into the DAO Hub not because of Slock.it but because of the idea that a company or a business can exist without government control of it, and that the software and the Ethereum blockchain is what is controlling the company and responsible for the company and not the private company called Slock.it.

Now I’m sharing this with you because, in the beginning, I thought that investing in the DAO meant that you are investing in Slock.it and it always bothered me like why isn’t Slock at getting funding from the private sector, why are they reaching out to the Cryptocurrency community for.

The reason why they’re doing is that they want to prove a concept. They want to prove the idea that a company can exist just on the blockchain and just software only and not have to rely on humans to make the decision.

I want to make sure that you understand that when you put your hard-earned money into investing into the DAO tokens, at daohub.org. If you have any questions or comments about this or if it’s too confusing for you, let me know.

Leave your questions and comments in the comment section below and my friend Leonfu.com and I would try to answer the best that we can. So thanks for watching this video, I’ll see you in a future video.

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