Currency Analysis #11 – Ethereum Outlook and Price Prediction For 2016

Tai Zen: Alright guys, this is Tai Zen broadcasting from Dallas, Texas and I got my buddy with me and he’s broadcasting from the great city of Austin, Texas. That’s the capital city of the state of Texas. I’m getting feedback.

Leon Fu: It’s not from me I got my headphone up.

Tai Zen: Let me just mute whoever it is. Do you hear feedback on your side?

Leon Fu: I don’t.

Tai Zen: All right so I found it, it was on my side, Leon and I wanted to talk about the recent run-up in the price of an Ethereum here, so you were going to talk about your thoughts and theories on why the price of Ethereum is running up.

Leon Fu: It’s been running up since the beginning of the year, since the new year and there hasn’t been really a lot of news there’s been like a lot of speculation when you hear… I think what’s hot right now is people are trying to separate the blockchain and Bitcoin. Recently Mike Hearn, he quit, one of the core developers I’m sure we all heard that he wrote a blog post a few days ago saying that he’s quitting, he’s no longer going to be part of the community.

Tai Zen: And Mike Hearn is a pivotal figure because he actually had lots of experience coming from Google.

Leon Fu: He did, and he was one of the original core developers when Gavin Andresen took over, I think he gave commit rights… the open source code of the Bitcoin repository I think he gave it to three or four or five other core developers and they have rights to the repository, to commit code into the Bitcoin source code.

Tai Zen: Basically, they have the authority and the permission to add new computer code to the Bitcoin software.

Leon Fu: To the Bitcoin source code and he was one of them, he was one of the core developers that had that right and so he announced that he left but where did he go? He went to this place called R3 which is trying to use the blockchain technology to help banks settle transactions and what I read someplace was that a lot of these companies that are experimenting with blockchain technologies are actually using Ethereum.

Last year Samsung was writing some contracts to do smart appliances and IBM was also doing some research and development and they’ve been using Ethereum as a platform.

Tai Zen: If you don’t mind me asking, in addition to IBM and Samsung I also read somewhere, heard somewhere that Microsoft was also doing something similar.

Leon Fu: Yes, so if you look at the Ethereum charts you can see that after it launched last summer there was a huge spike up and it just crashed basically and basically it was going down all the way until the pivotal moment that where the trend changed from down to up was when Microsoft was publicly backing Ethereum.

And basically they’re going to be making it like blockchain as a service where Microsoft could be hosting all the infrastructure and they’re creating development tools that you could write blockchain application software on top of their platform.

I don’t know too much about it but I definitely know that Microsoft is the biggest reason with the turnaround in price but the thing is all of that is old news

Like none of that the Samsung doing something with it and Microsoft and IBM, that was over the summer, none of that is new news right but I’m not really sure as to why this run for the last three weeks has taken the price up to two bucks, $2.

Tai Zen: Now I have a question about this, of all the blockchains that Samsung or Microsoft or IBM can test their ideas and try out new things with, why do you suppose that they are choosing the Ethereum blockchain instead like we have others like Bitcoin blockchain, we got you to know NXT blockchain, we got the Litecoin

Leon Fu: But Ethereum has what they said is a “Turing-complete scripting language” and that’s something that no other blockchains have, that you can actually write programmable scripts and not only that they’ve done multiple languages multiple implementations in different languages like Go and Python and C++, so they definitely are the most well-funded and at this point I think they are the ones to watch as far as the second generation blockchain among the Bitcoin 2.0 platforms out there.

Tai Zen: So that’s because of the Turing-complete, that’s the reason why they are doing that then.

Leon Fu: Yes, and they’re probably one of the most well-funded and most ambitious of all the Bitcoin 2.0 blockchain platforms at this point.

Tai Zen: Why do you suppose that it’s taking until now? Have you seen anything on why they’re doing it now?

Leon Fu: Well so the roadmap is that Frontier was released over the summer.

Tai Zen: And Frontier is the first software release for…

Leon Fu: For Ethereum, it was the launch of the Ethereum blockchain that officially launched over the summer and it was really buggy, was not reliable which was expected like this was nothing that like they had planned it that way they had gotten it to the point where they were stable enough to launch the blockchain, start mining.

But I remember full disclosure, I invested during the IPO but I did not feel comfortable, like the software was in a state where I did not feel comfortable to actually try to like send my Ether to anywhere right I basically it’s still when we invested in the IPO but they gave us this JSON file, a text file with our private keys and basically I have that locked away somewhere and I have not taken it out yet.

Because I don’t quite feel comfortable with the state of the software right now but the next version is “Homestead” and I heard that it should be released shortly it’s supposed to just stabilize Frontier.

There’s still no user interface, if right now you want to send Ethers to someone else it’s this command-line utility you have to download, there’s no GUI yet and that won’t be that won’t be coming out until “Metropolis” which is still probably to second half of the year to the end of the year before we see that.

What I’ve been concerned about of course is funding, they have raised 15 million dollars 2 years ago in that crowd sale, it was 31 thousand Bitcoins and at the time Bitcoin was trading at six hundred and change, the IPO price was about 30 cents back then, as of right now it’s about 2 dollars and change, it’s traded between 2 and 2.20 today, so about 6-7 times since we had gotten it in 2014 sometime, do you recall what month?

It was in 2014 I think is when the crowd sale was and it’s highly liquid like if you go on all the exchanges, it’s trading about 7 million dollars today, so there’s quite a bit of trading activity but it’s still a bit difficult to sell, what you’d have to do is to download the wallet then load in the JSON file that we got and then send your Ethers to one of the exchanges that’s making a market and then sell it for Bitcoins to then turn them and then sell your Bitcoins for cash for US dollars if you want to do that.

Tai Zen: Have you taken a look at their client I mean…?

Leon Fu: I did today because we’re going to have to do that if you want to sell any because you have to get your Ethers on to exchange to trade them for Bitcoin if you go to Coinmarketcap and you click on them…right now it’s trading at $2.09 there’s Cracking and there’s Poloniex that are making a market.

If you look, Poloniex has 60% of the volume and Cracking has about 20% and there’s a bunch of others that make up the rest of the volume and then there’s also Shapeshift too, that’s also making a market but they have a limit of I think their limit is you can only trade 200 Ethers at a time.

Tai Zen: You know that one of the viewers he said he thought that R3 was funding the Ether.

Leon Fu: Well they’ve done a prototype that they’re reported to… like the article that I read from Coindesk saying that they did a prototype between something like the 20 banks… they’ve built a consortium of a dozen bands or so and they said that they actually got like a functional prototype, they claimed that they have a functional prototype and that prototype was built on the Ethereum platform.

This is speculation on my part that it could be one of those guys because the market is still very thin, as long as one of those guys… there are no like insider trading laws, there’s no SEC in the cryptocurrency, it’s all free-for-all for trading so there’s definitely insider trading and somebody knows something and can front run or it could be a pump and dump, I mean we’re still in the wild wild west phase of cryptocurrencies so it definitely could be a pump and dump too.

I believe it could be somebody, not necessarily a whale but somebody who is willing to put a couple million dollars into Ethereum could cause and move that what we’ve seen in the last three weeks.

Tu: Hey can I jump in here? Alright so on this is what I heard, Mike Hearn, he originally wanted Bitcoin XT which was the soft work but a lot of people were complaining of it being sporadic or problematic so they cut his idea out and they’re going with this classic Core thing so what happened was Mike Hearn got mad because of it and so he left the whole Bitcoin community really sour about it and so what he did was he ended up joining R3 and linking up with the guy…

I have a link I can send you later to the whole conference where they talk about Bitcoin where R3 was there and that was the day Mike Hearn had announced his hatred towards Bitcoin and what he wanted to do was link up the 42 banks using the Ethereum protocol now it’s kind of coincidental that suddenly after that it’s only been a week now and Ethereum just skyrockets, I cannot help but think that these banks are actually the one pumping it up.

Leon Fu: That’s exactly, but I read that R3 prototype was built on Ethereum then it’s not hard to believe that as long as one of those 20 or 30 or I don’t know how many banks but there was couple dozen I believe, as long as one of them want to get in on it could cause the rise that we’re seeing right now. I agree. Tai, you still there?

Tai Zen: I’m here I just muted my microphone because I got the dog barking in the back. I hear what he’s saying about Mike Hearn switching and I mean that’s a possibility because he’s one of the main core developers that I always paid attention to and listened to because he just communicates in a way that made sense to me, the way I can understand about Bitcoin.

Some of the other guys it was really hard to understand so there’s going to be a lot of people who trust Mike Hearn and so if he makes a move there’s going to be a lot of people that are going to listen to him just because of that. So, let me see.

You want me to look at the charts and go over with you?

Leon Fu: Let’s look at the charts, let’s put up the charts and see what, let’s think about like what should we do as, did you participate in the Ethereum IPO a couple I think it’s been 2 years now right one during one and a half years ago?

Tu: I didn’t invest yet, I always thought that Vitalik had problems with it like every time he talks he stutters, and I can’t understand the way he talks so I always figured he never got it done completely, that’s my opinion but you’re saying that it’s good now, is that what you say?

Leon Fu: Yes, it’s definitely launched, it’s not vaporware, he definitely delivered what he said he was going to deliver right and so I think that’s what the bet was right? The bet was that you gave him some Bitcoins and that he would deliver the platform and he was right, I mean it turns out that’s why Ethereum is now trading at $2 and it’s up 7, 8 times from the IPO price.

That doesn’t mean that it still can’t fail and it still can’t fall apart but I’m not recommending anyone…but it’s definitely functional software even though there’s no GUI and there’s no user interface, it’s not useful to anyone but developers at this point.

Tu: I mean if the price is going up, I would jump on it right away and that’s my opinion I don’t know if it’s useful or not, but I would jump on it like Dogecoin was never useful, but the price went up on that, same with Ripple.

Leon Fu: Ripple is still hanging in there; Ripple is still hanging in there.

Tai Zen: I’m trying to pull up the charts right now.

Tu: Can I ask you guys something? Have you guys used Bitcoin as a function like actual money buying something or sending money? Have you used it yet?

Leon Fu: I use it quite often, go ahead Tai.

Tai Zen: Leon uses it a lot more than I do, buy small stuff. I’ve used it to buy bigger stuff like I’ve bought several kilos of silver and I have some friends the guys that introduced me to Bitcoin in the first place I know that they’ve bought like a bunch of hunting rifles and a bunch of ammunition and a bunch of gold and a bunch of silver.

They bought it from the same place that they originally bought all their stuff, guns, ammunition and gold and silver and so I might have even bought plane tickets with it before but it’s the same as regular currencies.

Leon Fu: and I used it…

Tai Zen: I just want to make a point too, I bought the silver and the gold and stuff from the same place that I bought it before Bitcoin came out, so it’s not like a new business popped up and started accepting Bitcoins, these reputable silver and gold dealers were already accepting regular payments long before Bitcoin came along.

Leon Fu: Yeah and I’ve used Bitcoin for a lot of small transactions actually. What I’ve used it for are gift cards. Do you know that there is a company out there called There is something like tens of billions of dollars’ worth of Amazon credit out there and many of these people who have this Amazon credit can’t buy anything from Amazon because Amazon doesn’t ship to wherever they are and so a lot of times they’re stuck with this Amazon credit that they can’t use.

And so what this primarily does is that they’re willing to take Bitcoins in exchange for their Amazon credits and not only that they’re willing to buy your Bitcoins at a premium between 20 and 30 to 40% premium to the spot price so if you ever need something on Amazon that’s something you can try and I also use it to buy like gift cards in that way.

There’s another website called and you can get 20% off Starbucks that way so you can send them $20 worth of Bitcoins and they’ll give you $25 of Starbucks credit and the reason they can do that is because there are actually tens to hundreds of billion dollars of gift cards that go unused, either people don’t want them or they lose them or whatever and they’re just trying to get some value back.

So they’re often willing to sell you these gift cards at a discount to their face value and that’s another application Bitcoin has, I think so far in practice that’s the most useful way to use your Bitcoins.

Tai Zen: So hopefully that helps in some way. I’m going to go ahead and start sharing my screen here and then I will do the charts predictions here in one second.

Leon Fu: You’re going to share your screen or…

Tai Zen: I’ll share my screen, let me know when you can see it.

Leon Fu: I see it. Well let me let me turn off my camera here so that get out of the way here.

Tai Zen: Alright so

Leon Fu: So, this is on Cracking.

Tai Zen: So, I’m looking at the Cracking daily charts here and I marked off some support and some resistance levels here that we can look at. Just turn off this chat box here.

Leon Fu: There it is.

Tai Zen: Alright so I got this chart here and let me just pull it right here. It’s kind of finicky with just this one alright so as you can see it broke this resistance already right here. Now I’m not sure what the exact terminology is for this 412 because I’m used to reading it with 8 decimal places but…

Leon Fu: Is that in

Tai Zen: This I guess you would read it as 412.

Leon Fu: Four hundred and twelve, I think we could just drop the zeros because I mean at this point it’s trading at like 500,000 Satoshis or something like that

Tai Zen: So I don’t know what the correct name for it, the unit of measurement is, but right now it’s at 412 as you can see here, let me to us draw this vertical line. The vertical line here represents the lowest point that the price was at in October 22nd so that was the lowest price point there and it looks like it was at a low of 153.

So I got those lows 153 and it’s been pretty much going sideways between the 200 and 300 mark, just bouncing sideways right here and then since the beginning of the year I would say that the price launch began pretty much right around the second week or so of January and that’s where it the base began where it started to launch.

You can also say that it also it might have started here around Christmas as well if you want to really get technical on it but the way I see it is it’s getting up whether you say it’s Christmas or the beginning of the New Year, it’s irrelevant I mean it’s still fairly close but the prices went up to last night, when you contacted me, at 578 so now it’s pretty high up there.

Now you can expect a pullback right here if you have not gotten into this trade yet I would not get into it right now because if you are you’re going to be chasing the price obviously you never want to jump in after there’s a huge run-up in price as you can see by this purple trend line that I just put on the chart here.

You want to make sure that the price comes back down to this trend line before you consider getting in because if you get in right now there’s going to be a bunch of people that are taking profits that got in down here that bought the low so they are taking profits right now and they’re selling to take profits and you don’t want to get caught in that selling pressure. Does that make sense?

Leon Fu: Definitely.

Tai Zen: So the conservative place to get in would be when it starts to hug this purple trend line, let me just drop it down to a 4-hour chart here so that’s what it would look like on a 4-hour chart right there. So you can adjust this trend line, all I’m doing is I’m just hitting the lows of all the candles here and so the best place to get in would be probably somewhere when it comes down and it drifts down to like the 450 mark.

So once it starts to drop below or around 450, I’m not going to get in because I already got a bunch of it when I when they first did their IPO so there’s no need for me to get in right now.

So when I trade I trade mostly Bitcoin anyway, I’ll probably get into the trading this later on just to get some practice in and get a head start on it because once it becomes more active than it’ll be worth it for me to trade but for anyone that’s investing in, if I did not get in during the IPO I would not get in right now until it comes near this trend line.

Ideally, because the volume in the liquidity for the all coins such as the Ethereum is extremely low compared to others such as Bitcoin and stuff, I would not be surprised if the price comes and breaks the lower of where the price launch right here, like right around the 400 mark. I would not be surprised if it comes back and retest at that support level before it continues going back up.

So if you get in, let’s say that you plan on investing let’s say 2 Bitcoins or whatever, I would probably get like 50% of that position right here around the 450 and then get the other 50% when it breaks below 400.

So that’s just my projection and if you look at how it… let me see if I can switch it back to the daily chart here.

Leon Fu: Well Tai, do you consider selling any part of your Ethers that you got at the IPO?

Tai Zen: Sure, so I plan on selling the Ethers, I’m planning on selling it somewhere when they get to see so there’s going to be a pullback here… let me just …I’m not sure can you hear me despite all my kids screaming in the back.

Leon Fu: I can hear you.

Tai Zen: Alright so my kids love it whenever they hear me analyzing Bitcoin charts, they’d love to start screaming and yelling especially they know that I’m doing a broadcast because they want to be a part of the broadcast so if we just…

What I did here is I just draw drew a trend line here and all I did was I made a parallel channel just to get a rough draft of where I can expect the price to go so if we take the measurement here really quick.

All I’m going to do is just take a measurement of where the price from when the price launched from right around here if it pulls back down to here to the 400 or even the 450 marks I can project out that it’s going to come up here when it comes back down here.

Let me just draw this out in case someone is not visually inclined here so let’s say that once it drops from here to here right, then I’m looking forward to shooting back up here to around near the 700 mark and I can actually either sell some of the Ethereum and collect what I invested into the IPO at this point I would still not be too late or…

Because it’s really not that important to me whether I make money from this at the moment or not because a long term investment for me so if it comes back to here and it shoots back up to here for sure I will take some of the Bitcoins off to recoup my initial investment and then it’ll probably pull back again like that to this trend line before it takes another shot up to the 80 marks right there.

Can you see that?

Leon Fu: I do see that.

Tai Zen: Once I get back my initial investment on the Ethereum then from there that’s just going to be all profits so I’m not going to be in a rush to get out of that because it’s a like the old school traders say “Let profits run so I’m going to do my best to let it run.

Leon Fu: Sure and they got some momentum going not just on the charts but I think from Wall Street too it seems right now that’s backing this, they seem to have a lot of traction right now, they’ve definitely done a good job with like promoting it right.

I think you and I both know this Tai, they’ve been to all the conferences and I think one of the things they have that’s different is they’re not anonymous right? We know Vitalik we know the guys that are there actually working on it.

Tai Zen: If some of you guys are wondering how Leon and I are investing it, we actually made a trip down to Austin, Texas when they had the Texas Bitcoin Conference and we met Vitalik in person and interviewed him if you guys look on our website you will actually…

I’ll put the link in the description but we actually interviewed him and James D’Angelo from the World Bitcoin Network, one of our other friends also interviewed him and so we had a chance to grill him for a lot of questions

And plus I personally do not understand most of this technical stuff but I trust my buddy Leon and James to ask the right questions and the responses that Vitalik gave them were adequate and worthwhile to me to invest into it so…

Leon Fu: Also I know he’s not the best speaker, he does stutter but he has also written volumes of blog posts about the ideas of what he was trying to accomplish with Ethereum and it was a bet right, it was a bet that he and his team would be able to, he wouldn’t just take the money and run right, he would actually come through with what he said he was going to build.

Tai Zen: When I first met Vitalik at the Texas Bitcoin Conference I was not so much concerned about him running off with the money because I mean a lot of people think I was joking but if you remember the video I asked him what happens if you try to run off with my money, the thing was I was willing to take a risk with him because I don’t see too many young people take that kind of initiative and put that much effort into a project.

To me, it really did not matter if it was Ethereum if he was trying to design an exercise app or a weight-loss app I would have invested into it anyway simply because the guy’s just a productive guy.

I mean you read the blogs that he puts out I mean that takes a lot of time and effort and consideration to come up with all that stuff and he’s all over the place doing interviews and people who are much smarter than me and more technical than I am, are grilling him on questions on what he’s doing so I mean most young kids out there playing video games and he’s over here trying to make a difference in the financial world so to me it’s worth the bet.

Leon Fu: I guess I feel the same way that I think we were investing in the person rather than the product right the Ether and we were investing in Vitalik and his team right.

Tai Zen: I really don’t even know who his team is I just know that when I was grilling him at the Texas Bitcoin Conference and you were grilling him and so was James D’Angelo, he did not crack under pressure, he did not seem like he was under stress or under pressure because we were asking him all these hard questions especially the questions I was asking him because you and James was asking him about technical stuff.

I was just asking him about stuff like “Hey are you going to run off with my money?” so he did not crack under pressure and stayed calm about it so to me that was worth paying attention, worth investing into and like I said I don’t have enough technical knowledge to invest in Ethereum but I do have enough people skills to invest in people that I see that have potential.

Leon Fu: So alright.

Tai Zen: So people are going to want to know what’s my projections for 2016 based on the charts that we see here and this is what I’m going to say and keep in mind that I’m making this assessment based on my experience in trading stocks, futures and commodities and in the Forex currency market so I’m trying to take my experience from those fields and trying to make it an accurate or some kind of prediction here for Ethereum and since all coins have a weird way of trading.

One is that they don’t have all that nonsense that you have in the stock market, in my opinion it’s a cleaner trade when you’re trading cryptocurrencies whether it’s Bitcoin or NXT or Ethereum simply because to me this is how a true trading market should be done – without a bunch of regulations and a bunch of nonsense in between the buyer and the seller.

So my projection is this… let me just delete this. My projection is that it will probably do something like this and then come back up and test this high right here like that, test the 600 marks and try to crack this resistance right here around this high right there and then it will pull back.

After that, there’s going to be some kind of pullback I don’t know how far it’ll pull back but it’ll pull back at least to this to retest this level, this resistance level that it just passed.

Then from there I project that it will continue to come up to here and when it gets up to here, when it breaks this mark right here and at this high, at the 848, 850 marks there are going to be a lot of people that regretted that they didn’t buy in down here and that they didn’t buy here or that they didn’t buy in at the initial IPO.

There’s always traders out there and investors that are regretful that they missed out on the move, it’s what you call FOMO, Leon, the fear of missing out, a lot of FOMO traders that are going to jump in, the amateur traders they’re going to jump on this when it gets up to here.

Though it’s going to push the price, it’s going to push the product through here and what’s going to happen is it’s going to trigger all the stops that were up here from way back here so there were investors who made that money here and they made a bucket load of money.

However, they did not sell when it was at the top up here so they regretted it, they’re grinding their teeth and they went through a lot of stress and mental anguish and a lot of just really mental frustration as the price was going down and down and down and down and it went sideways like this.

So now that it finally gets back up to the highs of where they wanted to sell before, their natural instinct is to sell, to make profits so this selling pressure I would not be surprised based on if it sells and it forces the price all the way back down to this level right here around the 500 mark I would not be surprised at all if that selling pressure gets there.

And then after that settles down, I believe that it’ll retest this 100 mark right here and when it gets to this 100 mark there are going to be a lot of people who again they missed out when the Ethereum was released and it was at 100.

So there were people out there that invested 5 Bitcoins and they had 100 Bitcoins when the price started trading for Ethereum and they missed out on that so they regretted it and they had to sit through all this stress and again when it gets up to here they are going to sell immediately just to collect profits and that’s selling pressure is going to cause it to push the price back down from here down to here.

Now the second time that it does that, I don’t anticipate that it will go back down to the 600 level again, it’ll break the 800 level, this resistance right here but I don’t see it coming all the way down to 600 simply because the FOMO traders are missed out on this whole move right here, they’re going to try to jump in right there and then after that the price is going to go up again.

So based on what I’m seeing here I would say that the price of Ethereum for 2016 will be above this 110 mark right here. Now I wish I knew the unit that these are the Bitcoins are, what’s it in these decimal places?

Leon Fu: That’s 100th of a Bitcoin Tai. That’s how many Bitcoins, it’s 0.01, I think really what is going to drive whether Ethereum goes up or down is going to be can they hit their milestones I think the next big release will be “Metropolis” I think it’s called.

The goal for that is they will…remember right now there’s no UI, it’s all command line, you have to download the command line tool, you have to type in like Linux commands to do anything with it.

There’s going to be a… just like we have a web browser, there’s going to be like an Ethereum browser and that thing is called “Mist, that’s the name of their browser and that’s going to be I think a pivotal moment when you can have mass adoption of Ethereum applications because there’s actually will be a user interface to Ethers just like the web took off when there were Mozilla and Netscape.

It’s kind of now that so just for people to understand, what Ethereum is trying to do is to be like a decentralized web, it’s kind of like a decentralized version of Amazon AWS right or Google Cloud engine or Microsoft Azure that seems to be based on my interpretation of what their goals are, is to create something like a world computer that we don’t have to centralize the internet around big corporations like Google or Facebook or Amazon. 

Right now Bitcoin is just mining and trying to create these things called Bitcoins but it’s actually if Ethereum trying to become a decentralized platform that you can build web applications similar to what you would use on Amazon AWS.

Tai Zen: If you notice right here I just layered a Fibonacci extension here, the Fibonacci tool and all I did was I went from the beginning of where it was launched back in August to the high when it initially opened and if you notice them…

I don’t use a lot of Fibonacci extensions or ratios when I’m personally trading the stock or the Forex or anything like that but I will use it here simply because there’s not enough historical data for us to go off of but if you notice here the difference between the high of on this red candle versus the high on this red candle, this shooting star right here, Leon, you’ll notice that it hits smack in the where the 23% mark is for the Fibonacci ratio.

So if we extend this out to where it goes up right I would say that we can project that the price of Ethereum could possibly… if we go with a 1:1 like 100% reach projection that it would hit somewhere right at the 150 marks so I will go ahead and just leave it there the way it is right there.

I’m going to be conservative on it, like I said I believe that when the price breaks this area right here that that red candle right there that second red candle when the price breaks out high there’s going to be a huge pullback and there’s going to be lots of FOMO traders that’s going to jump in on the bandwagon and take it all the way up to here.

So that’s my price projection for the Ethereum in 2016 and the good news is that once it does reach that price I don’t think you and I are going to be sitting here doing these updates anymore. We might just come back and just do the updates on the new Lamborghini that we’re going to be getting, wherever Vitalik is, we’ll drive the Lamborghini and give him a ride

Leon Fu: That’s right, I got to get going.

Tai Zen: So alright guys, thanks for joining us on this broadcast guys and for joining us for this Ethereum outlook for 2016 and the price prediction and I will look forward to seeing you guys in the next video. You like what we’re broadcasting here and make sure you guys subscribe to our Channel and if you have any questions or comments leave them in the comment section below. Thanks, guys.


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If you have the burning desire to make Life Changing Profits™… Faster Than You Ever, if you are SICK & TIRED of struggling to figure things out alone or listening to people who don’t make a living from crypto investing… then this blueprint is a perfect fit for you.

Confident Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investor

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