Cryptocurrency Mining #1 – 5 Keys To Consider When Choosing A Frame

Hey guys, this is the Texas Miner and what I’m gonna be talking to you guys about today is the 5 things that I considered when selecting my mining frame. This is the arrow called AERO Cool Dream Box. The 5 things that were very important to me was an aesthetic appeal, the ease of assembly, the type of material, the scalability, and finally the cost.

I started out with a wooden mining frame and I was looking to go bigger. I was plotting for a 14 rig operation and I wanted to make sure that this wasn’t a… When I was presenting to investors, looking to scale up past 14 units, I wanted to make sure that the aesthetic appeal and my operation the final product was something that was scalable and clean-cut.

It didn’t look like there was some backyard project even though it still was. That was an important part of my operation, so maybe got 1 or 2 rigs Cryptocurrency, you know, even some people don’t even know what a Bitcoin is. And now you’re talking to family members and maybe you got 1 or 2 rigs, and you want to scale up, get Mom, Dad, brother, sister involved and you show them this rig made out of wood.

What’s that? How’s that making money? It’s made out of wood dude, so the aesthetic appeal was one of those major thanks to me. It may not be to you, take it or leave it, but still, this has 4 things that top the competition. The ease of assembly took about the same time to assemble 1 of these rigs or one of these frames as it did with the wooden metal type, first edition or first-generation frames.

The type of material, this is all metal. It’s got plastic connectors, those connectors right there. This comes in, you don’t buy it like this. It comes in a bunch of different pieces I’ll show you going some later video how to assemble it, but in these plastic pieces is metal frames inside, so you can stack them for tall because it gets pretty heavy when you have a lot of equipment.

So, you don’t want all this stuff riding on plastic joints, especially when you’re moving it and shipping it around. It’s got metal inside of it. The other great thing, that this thing is all metal is that when these GPUs are attached to the top of this, right here, they transfer the heat, the heat transfers, too.

So, this GPU is an NVIDIA GTX 1060 and I was doing some liquid cooling experiments with it. That’s why the fans off, but if you can see the more surface area of metal helps dissipate heat better, that’s why there are all these little fans. I learned that when I was taking my crash course on thermodynamics from the vice of a former vice president of Intel which all his name will remain anonymous because I don’t have this permission to disclose that.

I didn’t go into it, thinking about thermodynamics for anything like that it’s just something a perk that came up. I want to share with you guys, so he transfers to this and when you’re shooting in the cool air from the bottom and bringing it up to the top, I’m sure that this helps dissipate heat because when I had just one rig up and running, just testing it to make sure that it was staple, getting ethos and all that stuff together.

This frame was cooking hot. It was cooking when I touched it, so that’s when I noticed I was like: “Wow, this thing really transfers heat. I’d better put a fan on it”. But the more surface area that you have in metal, the better and more efficient your cooling will be.

It keeps getting better. I cut the cost of shelves, I went to the hardware store. And those shelves were expensive, especially if you wanted an industrial serious, you were going for this aesthetic appeal and you wanted the better shows. Well, it’s gonna knock into your ROI a little bit because the more you spend, the longer it’s gonna take, so get your money back.

So, we don’t want to spend a lot, so I cut the cost of shelves completely out. These are when I move these, pop, and I move them around the house, to different people’s houses. I only have 8 at this house, I’m not gonna disclose where everything else is but they’re running.

So, I can throw one of these in the back of my truck no problem, pick it up, run it up to wherever house I want and then when I’m moving my operation, I’ve seen some pretty impressive operations out there. I’m not dogging anybody, but if they need to move or their lease is up or for whatever reason your life happens, they need to move.

And you’re gonna have to disassemble all those cars. You’re gonna have to put them back in their GPbox. You have to take the power supply to the motherboard.

You know, all the assembly that you did, you’re gonna have to undo and then redo when you get there, so you just pop it up like a box and their units. I’m never gonna have to reassemble a union again as long as mine, you might have to change out a graphics card or piece of a ricer, but for the most part, you do it once and you get it done.

The next was cost 140 bucks, 150 bucks. Click the link below, we got a link to Amazon. If you appreciate the video, just by thrust help us out, we continue to help you. So, this is the beauty of Cryptocurrency.

It’s completely decentralized community based, I don’t keep, I don’t gain any value from keeping this information just to myself. You can’t patent your mining rig, you can’t and I love it because nobody can own it. Everybody wants to own it.

Apple can’t come in and just own the whole thing. It’s the power of the people and I’m here to help you guys through your mining endeavors and a smart how does it go. Smart person will learn from their mistakes, but a genius will learn from others.

I’m fortunate enough to learn from Tai and Leon through the Honorable Grand Master. If you like this video, follow me on Twitter: Texas underscore miner and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter Cryptocurrency dot market forward-slash newsletter.

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