Crypto Vlogging Profits #2 – Finding Your Niche, Handling Trolls, Getting Subscribers

What’s up guys this is Tai Zen again and in this video, I want to continue my thoughts on how to be a cryptocurrency vlogger on YouTube. So in the first video, I talked about the camera equipment you need, who is suited for doing this and who is not and then the 4 different personalities that you can use when you’re broadcasting and I talked about how you want to be yourself and don’t try to be somebody that you’re not.

Be authentic because that’s what creates trust online is you are who you are, even if people disagree with your thoughts and your opinions, it’s at least you are consistent as to who you are, you’re congruent and authentic and you’re not faking who you are.

So in this second video, I want to continue along with the same thoughts and just share with you guys some other things that I learned along the way in creating this channel to become the most popular cryptocurrency investing channel on the Internet.

So when we first started we were talking, if you go back to some of our old videos I started this channel because Leon and I had thought that the Bitcoin and the blockchain technology was the most revolutionary and the most life-changing financial technology that has ever been created in our lifetime, and we really believe that and we still do and nothing has changed about that and we felt that this blockchain technology and this Bitcoin technology was going to change the world and it’s going to allow people that are trapped in financial prisons to free themselves.

So originally we called this channel, because we felt that people were trapped in these nine-to-five jobs, they were trapped in a business that they didn’t want to run or own anymore and people were just trapped inside these prisons and we felt that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies allowed people to find freedom financially, and that’s why we called it

Now we talked about all kinds of stuff on our channel at that time, some of it was about cryptocurrency investing, some of it was not about cryptocurrency investing and some of it was just about the technology behind blockchains and Bitcoins and what happened was we noticed that more and more people were asking us stuff about how to invest in cryptocurrencies.

And it finally dawns on us and we started to realize that the people that watch us and trust us and subscribe to us are investors, they’re not technology people and we started to notice that there were 2 major groups of people in the Bitcoin space and the cryptocurrency space and that was the people that are technologists and believe in changing the world with the Bitcoin technology and there are the people who were the investors looking to make money and the traders and the investors.

And we realized after some soul-searching with myself and with, we realized that although we wanted to change the world we really wanted to make money from cryptocurrency investing because nothing changes, there’s no better way that the fastest way for you to make a change in the world is to have more money and go out there and pay for that change, that’s the fastest way to change the world, it makes more money and go out there and pay to make that change happen.

So that’s what we did, and so that’s why we rebranded our channel from into, because we realized that people were coming to us to learn about the cryptocurrency market and invest into it and people were fascinated by this concept of making life-changing money that we kept talking about on our channel.

So the reason why I’m sharing this story with you about the transitions and the changes that our channel went through is so that when you start your channel, more than likely you will not be clear on what the direction that your channel needs to go into.

You just need to start broadcasting and sharing your thoughts and ideas and you will start to notice that your thoughts and your ideas and your opinions and your commentary will attract a certain crowd to your channel and based on their comments and their opinions about you, you will start to realize why people are coming to your channel at that point you can clarify, you can rebrand your channel or you can just start focusing more on that.

And I’ll give you an example the same thing happened with Omar Bam’s Crypt0 channel. When he first started out he was just focused on Ethereum news, because he liked Ethereum, he was mining Ethereum so the only thing that he focused on was the Ethereum

But then as he started broadcasting, there was more and more people that are asking about other cryptocurrencies and he noticed that when he started talking about other cryptocurrencies they would get more viewers, more subscribers and so he branched out and he realized that the more videos that he made the more subscribers that he got, and the more people tuned in to his channel and he soon became the most popular cryptocurrency news channel on the internet because of that.

So do not expect to be perfect, do not expect to know the exact direction that your channel is going in, that’s not so important as you get started. Now in the previous video, I mentioned about how to handle the trolls and the negative people that leave negative comments on your channel. If you have a unique personality such as the Bitcoinmeister, such as Adam Meister, the Bitcoinmeister.

He’s very passionate and is very emotional when he talks about his thoughts and his opinions on cryptocurrencies and especially with Bitcoin when somebody says something crazy about Bitcoin, it really sets him off and he can get really emotional in his videos about it.

However, I respect the fact that he doesn’t give an sh*t of what other people think about how emotional or how passionate he gets about his beliefs and his ideas about cryptocurrencies, he just doesn’t give an sh*t.

And you gotta have that kind of thick skin when you’re online, especially when you have thousands of subscribers and thousands of viewers, there’s always gonna be people that don’t like your stuff and they’re gonna watch it anyway and just so that they can have something negative to say, so don’t worry about those people, just move on, they’re not going to change anybody’s lives, they’re not adding value to the Crypto community anyway.

So the reason why I share that with you guys about Bitcoinmeister’s personality in the way that he broadcasts is that don’t try to change your personality just because you get some negative comments from a few random people that you don’t know on the Internet, just be aware of that.

The other thing too is that there each person usually is good at certain topics when they talk about Cryptocurrency, for example, my buddy, when he talks about cryptocurrencies, he’s very good at talking about the technical side of cryptocurrencies and in the case, the investment case for why someone should invest in that Cryptocurrency, so he’s very good at doing that.

And I’m good at doing technical analysis on cryptocurrencies. So when I do it I try to focus on the areas that I’m good at, and he tries to focus on the areas that he’s good at and that’s what makes each of us vloggers on YouTube unique because we do what we’re good at.

When we try to branch out and do stuff that we’re not good at, that’s when we lose trust with the audience so I would recommend that it stick with what you’re good at in the beginning and then once you get really good at then you can start branching off, and you have a very big audience then you can branch off into other areas that you want to talk about.

So that’s just my thoughts and my opinions. Now in the last video, I ended with how to get subscribers to your channel by going to the forums and just getting to know different cryptocurrency project. After you do that the next step is to collaborate with other YouTube channels.

Like myself, my Omar’s channel, l like Bitcoinmeister’s channel, like our channels are popular but we’re just regular guys and if somebody wants to get on our channel we’ll be happy to put them on stage, on the spotlight and share their thoughts and opinions with other people.

Now personally, I don’t want some bozo or some clown or some fly-by-night guy to come on my channel and talk about his channel and get subscribers from my channel to come and subscribe to his channel and, he’s only made 1 video on his channel.

I don’t have the heart to support or give somebody a chance because I have to be loyal to my subscribers and faithful to my subscribers because when I introduce them to somebody on my channel that’s like introducing them to a person in real life and I want to make sure that you actually have some substance and some credibility before I bring you on to my channel.

So typically if you have been broadcasting and you have made like 2 or 3 videos a week and you’ve been doing that consistently for about 3 months and you have some subscribers already, and you have proven that you’re not just gonna go make 1 video and disappear.

And you’re pretty consistent on your video schedule. I really don’t care how many subscribers you have, all I care is that you are consistent at making videos so if you are consistent at making at least let’s just say 2, at least 2 videos a week and you’ve been doing that for at least 3 months which is 12 weeks in a row then you’re welcome to contact me and email me at my email address and just put in the subject line that “can I introduce myself on your channel” and I’ll take a look at it and schedule time to have you on our channel.

And then we can make a video together and I can interview you about how you got into Bitcoins, what got you interested, what inspired you to start your own YouTube channel and stuff like that and then share your channel with my audience.

But if you only made 1 or 2 videos please be respectful and don’t expect me to let you come on to our channel when you’ve only made 1 video and you haven’t demonstrated that you are a serious blogger.

You don’t have to have a lot of subscribers like I said, but you do need to show that you’re not just a fly-by-night channel. So keep that in mind I cannot say the same for Omar or for Bitcoinmeister or for any of the other channels, you have to contact them privately and ask them.

But that’s one of the best ways to build up your audience is to do collaborations with other channels whether you appear on their channel and share your thoughts and opinions on it or you invite them onto your channel and interview them on your channel for your audience, and then go from there. That’s all I have for now guys, I’m about to pull into the place where I need to be at and I want to go ahead and conclude this video.

I hope that this video helps you guys improve your chances. So I hope that helps you guys give you a better idea on how to build a successful cryptocurrency vlogging channel on YouTube. If there’s any questions or comments or you guys like me to make more of these videos, leave the comments below and give me a thumb upon it.

If you guys do not like these types of videos because this is a cryptocurrency investing channel, so you guys don’t like these videos on how to create your own YouTube channel then just let me know, give me a thumbs down so I’ll know not to waste time and make any more of these videos.

Okay so thanks for watching this video guy, and if you have any friends family or relatives that want to learn more about cryptocurrency investing share my videos with them and invite them to go to and subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll send you our videos whenever we make them. Thanks for watching this video, and I’ll see you guys in a future video

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