Crypto Vlogging Profits #1 – How To Start A Successful Crypto YouTube Channel

What’s up guys, this is Tai Zen. I’m south of the city of Atlanta right now, and just cruising around, checking out Georgia, trying to get to know the state a little bit more.

I haven’t changed my mind about it, there’s nothing but trees here and more and more trees as you can see right there out the window that’s all you see here in Atlanta is trees even when you’re inside the city there are nothing but trees. So if you’re a tree lover and you’re one of those tree huggers and you love trees, I encourage you to come to Atlanta, Georgia because you will find a lot of trees.

Anyway, in this video guys I want to share with you guys some best practices and some do’s and don’ts, if you are interested in becoming a cryptocurrency vlogger on YouTube like me and, we’ve been getting a lot of questions lately from people asking us if they should, if it’s a good idea for them to start their own YouTube channel and you guys know if you guys have watched one of my life-changing finance videos about asking for forgiveness, not for permission.

I have a firm belief that if you wanted to succeed with money, with finances, with women, with dating, with relationships, with men, you need to just go and do it and don’t ask anyone for permission, go do it and ask for forgiveness later, the…my wife is cracking up over here you think that’s hilarious.

I think the best way for me to share the best practices of building a successful YouTube channel, a successful cryptocurrency YouTube channel is just to go through probably a series of questions that you would probably want to ask me on how to get your YouTube channel successful, and best practices. So along the way, I’ll share my thoughts, I’ll share some questions that you may have in your head and go along the way.

So who should start a YouTube channel, and vlog about cryptocurrency? Obviously it’s people who have that are traders, that are investors or technologists or reporters and journalists that have an interest in cryptocurrency and have a passion for it, if you’re the type of people that would talk about cryptocurrency in a public venue and talk about it for free, even if you don’t get paid for it, you are the correct and right person to become a cryptocurrency vlogger on YouTube.

So in case you’re new to vlogging on YouTube, the word “vlogging” comes from the word “video” and “blogging and they combined it together so instead of saying “video blogger” they just call it “vlogger” with a “v”. All right so if you have a passion for cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins and stuff like that, then it would be worth it for you to consider starting a YouTube channel.

Now what kind of video equipment do you need or what kind of microphone you need, I would recommend that you just start with your cell phone and nothing more, that’s it, you start with your cell phone and then you make a policy where every 30 videos you’ll upgrade to a new piece of hardware.

If you don’t have a microphone right now don’t worry about it, make some videos at first, and then put it up and then after you make the first 30 videos then you can decide what hardware or camera equipment or microphone that you need to improve.

You do not need to get crazy and buy all this expensive video and audio equipment if you cannot create videos with your smartphone, something is wrong, that means you’re just lazy and you’re trying to be perfect.

The key to success on YouTube is what’s known as done is better than perfect, the idea that getting it done is more important than getting it perfect, so if you want to become a blogger you need to start making videos and share your ideas thoughts and opinions with other people.

And then after you do that then the second piece of equipment that I would get would be a wired microphone or a directional microphone, a wired microphone is something like this, something like this, this is a pretty decent brand, it’s not the best, it’s not the worst but it will work, it was like a 2 microphones in there, so if I have this, me and Leon or someone else’s in the car, if I want to microphone them and get them on the audio I can use that, when I’m by myself,…

This is too much hassle for me to set up, to plug in the wire and everything, so what I do is I use what’s called a Rode microphone.  I think the name of it is called the “RODE MIC ME”.  It’s a directional microphone that’s plugged into my Samsung S7 phone right now.

And what it does is it’s the directional microphone, and it only picks up audio that comes from in front of it, so right now if you guys see this steering wheel here, the microphone is literally like an inch behind the steering wheel, and my mouth is probably about 13, 14 inches from the steering wheel, and the microphone is about 2 inches behind the steering wheel.

So there’s a total of about maybe 16, no more than 16, 17 inches between the microphone the directional and my mouth so that it picks up all the sound from here and all the road noise, it kind of drown it out so that you guys don’t hear it.

Now I prefer this microphone better simply because it’s convenient, I just put in my pocket I don’t have to deal with wires or anything, and I just plug it in, I just start talking, and it pretty much I aim it at my face and it picks up the audio fairly well.

You still get some background of road noise but it’s not enough to distract the audience, the key to making good videos is having good audio so that the audience can hear you even if it’s bad, it doesn’t matter, and I’ll give you an example, alright. So if I were to put my thumb on the micro, the video here you guys don’t see my face as long as you can hear my voice and hear it clearly, it really doesn’t matter.

Now if I add some clean, some half-ass decent clear video to it then it makes a lot better, but you do not need to go out of your way and be a James Cameron or some movie director to make these videos.

I’m really serious guys, put up your phone and just start talking so if you even need the microphone that I’m talking about until you make about 30 videos, because after 30 videos, you will have made enough video to make enough mistakes and see the things that you like and you dislike and then you can make adjustments then, so do that.

Now there are different personalities on YouTube that vlog about cryptocurrency, I’ll give you myself as an example, myself and, there are 4 different personalities that are available in broadcasting that I would recommend that you guys consider and I learned this from one of my marketing mentors named Frank Kern, and he says that there are 4 types of personalities that you want to use when you’re broadcasting to get people to like you and trust you.

I’ll explain to you what those 4 personalities are and then I’ll give you an example of each of them so that you guys can see what I’m talking about so the first personality that’s available in broadcasting or in journalism is what’s called the professional journalist or the professional reporter.

So someone like would be considered a professional reporter or a professional journalist simply because he is a professional software engineer, he used to work at like 2 dozen software companies and they pay him a good income for him to create software for them as a Software Engineer so when he talks about cryptocurrency, he’s talking from the perspective of a professional.

So because of that person like him and they relate to him and they trust him. Another example of someone like that is the Asian guy who’s also from the city of awesome Texas, surprisingly enough, is a guy named Jimmy Song who is a Bitcoin Core developer and he’s very popular on MadBitcoins channel and on World Crypto Networks channel by Thomas Hunt and his name is Jimmy Song and he’s been like the key figure that’s been updating the community was explaining how the (SegWit) and all the Bitcoin improvement proposals work.

He’s a guy that is very similar in broadcasting style as my buddy Not because they’re both Asians and they’re both Software Engineers. On the surface that would look like that’d be the obvious reason but that’s not the reason.

The sun is down far enough so I’m taking these glasses off, I don’t like making videos with glasses on. Anyway, those two guys are considered like professionals so when the audience listens to those who guys they consider them professional reporters and journalists.

Now the second type of reporting style is what’s known as the guy next door or the average Joe, or the Joe Lunchbucket, it’s just a blue-collar worker the average person that and that’s the broadcasting style that I have.

I’m just an average dude on the street who learned about Bitcoins and cryptocurrency. I like the idea, I like the concept, I like the philosophy, I like the technology with a little technical understanding that I have and when I report back on it and share with you guys I’m just sharing it from the perspective of the average dude next door that happens to know about Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies.

So that’s what my particular reporting or broadcasting style is and that’s the reason why you guys don’t see me get too technical or too in-depth like or like Jimmy Song because those guys are real Asian. Those guys know math, science, computer, engineering, and all that stuff, I’m not one of those real Asian that know mad science and computers and stuff like that.

I just know enough to turn on my Samsung S7 Active phone and record these videos for you guys, so that’s the second recording style. The first one is the professional reporter the second one is the average dude next door, the average guy next door, the average girl next door, just an average guy and nothing special.

Now the third type of reporter or journalist is actually the reporter reporter-personality, so they’re just reporting on what they hear and what they see.

So the good and probably the best example of that is that reporter… and what I’ve been saying that these are broadcast or journal reporting style I should’ve said that it’s a vlogging personality.

So the professional vlogging personality, the average guy next door or average girl next door vlogging personality. And so the third of vlogging personality is actually the reporter/ journalist personality and the best example of that is a guy named Omar Bam, he runs the channel called Crypt0 with the number 0 at the end of the word Crypto, and you can find him on YouTube he has the most popular news channel cryptocurrency news channel on the Internet.

It’s probably one of the best news channel periods, it’s better than CoinDesk, it’s better than Cointelegraph, those guys need to write the articles and feed it to him so that he can announce it to the rest of the world because he has a better style and he has a better way of explaining stuff that is much better than what CoinDesk or Cointelegraph can possibly do.

So if I was Cointelegraph or CoinDesk, I would try to recruit Omar and lock him in, and just have him report for them specifically, and I would pay whatever was necessary to buy him out and his channel out and it just gave him report on it.

So that would be the perfect example of the reporter/journalist vlogging personality, is Omar Bam from the Crypt0 Channel.

Another good example of that is Chris Coney from The Cryptoverse channel, he is also a news channel and he has a similar line of reporter/journalist style. So you can check out both of those channels and see their personalities and you can study how they are broadcasting and their personality style and go from there.

I would say that one of the things that makes Omar’s channel the most popular news channel is because, both of them speak English, but Omar’s channel speaks English with the American accent which makes it easier for the rest of the world to understand.

Even though I think Chris Coney, he has like a British or some type of European or Australian or Canadian accent or something like that, and because of that, it makes it slightly harder for people who have to learn English as a second language for them to understand it.

So I believe that’s one of the big things that makes Omar’s channel so popular is because it’s broadcasted in English but he’s using American English into the British or European or Australian English so that everyone around the world can understand it.

Now the last and the fourth personality that is very helpful, that’s very good for broadcasting, but it’s the one that I’m not very good at doing is what’s called the David vs Goliath personality, and the person that is the best example of this is actually the Alex Jones channel.

Alex Jones channel is very good at this, another good one is the Bitcoin channel – BrotherJohnF, Brother John is the guy that runs the channel, and the last time I checked he was not broadcasting anymore, I don’t know if he came back and broadcast on the channel or not but he is a silver stacker, he the precious metal guy, and he has the silver channel and then he also started the Bitcoin channel and he probably had one of the oldest running Bitcoin channel.

And if you watched some of his old stuff you can see that he has that David vs Goliath, the little guy versus the big guy, main street versus Wall Street, the little guy versus the bankers, the individual investors versus the bankers, the Wall Street, the government institutions and things like that.

Alex Jones is the same way and they’re always having this conspiracy theory or they always have these things, a lot of negative press, they focus on a lot of negative press, on how the government and the institutions and the banks are out to get you, that’s the David vs Goliath mentality or personality.

And I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m not saying it’s good, I’m not saying it’s bad and I’m just telling you that’s the 4 major vlogging personalities that you can adopt. And then within those 4 vlogging personalities, you can also have subsections of that.

What makes it unique and interesting on YouTube is that each blogger that I see will be one of those 4 major personalities and then also their personal personality also blends in to make it very unique.

For example like Adam Meister, the Disrupt Meister, the Bitcoin Meister, if you watch the channel make sure you pound that subscribes button, make sure you pound that like button when you watch a channel, that’s mandatory if you watch this channel.

He is also a guest on our channel and we allow him to do that because he has a unique personality and he has a unique perspective on Bitcoin and there’s one thing that he does, most of the time he and I do not see eye to eye about Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies because I believe in investing in all the cryptocurrency and he only believes in Bitcoin.

And recently especially initiated in 2017 he’s starting to look at some of the top, what he calls the top tier cryptocurrencies or the top-tier alt coins and to me it’s just another altcoin, so the reason why we allow him to be a guest blogger on our channel and share his ideas and opinions with our audience is because he is able to share his opinions without attacking a person.

So if he doesn’t like my idea he will say that he doesn’t like my idea but he doesn’t attack me as a person or anyone else, so if he doesn’t like Jimmy Song’s vlog posts or ideas or thoughts or opinions about it, he states that he disagrees with it, and his reasons why, but he does not attack the other person directly, he doesn’t critique the person, he just talks about their idea that he doesn’t agree with.

So you do not want to become one of those people that attack other people, there’s a few bloggers out there in the cryptocurrencies space where they love to get on and just make videos and attack other reporters or the journalists, other YouTubers, and call them scammers, call them pumpers and dumpers and they accuse them of pumping shit coins and accuse them of doing this and that and all kinds of nonsense and I’m telling you guys, do not waste your time going down that route.

That route does not build up your brand, it does not build up your reputation and it does not build up your credibility in the cryptocurrency space.

It does not mean that you cannot have your opinions about someone else’s ideas or someone else’s thought, but you just don’t want to attack that person directly. Because the other thing too is you don’t want to get sued for defamation either because if you say stuff online and you don’t have the facts or the evidence to prove it, make sure that you’re careful with that because you can get sued for defamation of character.

If I was a bad person there’s a couple of people out there that I can legitimately go and hire lawyers to sue their ass for saying stuff about me or Leon that’s not true. They have no facts and no evidence to make those claims, but they do it any way but we know they’re just too retarded to know any better so that’s the reason why we don’t do anything about it. But anyway, back to what I was saying is that just make sure that it’s also important that you select a personality that is you.

I’m just an average dude that’s out there trading stocks and Forex and I learned about cryptocurrency and so I got into it. I’m not like a Jimmy Song, I’m not Andreas Antonopoulos, I’m not, I’m not a technical professional like those guys are or I’m not so that’s why I don’t talk in those terms and try to make it sound like I’m a professional when I’m not.

So choose the personality and the other thing too that I want to share with you guys is that you will be trolled by a bunch of idiots, there will be stupid comments when you start your channel and there’s nothing that you can do about that, there’s really nothing you can do about that except just ignore the negative trolls and the negative comments that people leave in the beginning.

What I would suggest you do is the negative and the nasty, any profanity towards me or towards Leon or towards any other team member we have or any guests that we have, I remove those comments when I see them.

Because you are entitled to your opinions but you are not entitled to verbally attack me or Leon or a guest that I bring on to my channel, I don’t believe that you have the right to do that because if I was interviewing someone like I’ve had people make really stupid comments about some guests that I have on my channel.

And I know for a fact that they would never say something like that in front of my face if they were in front of me because they would probably regret doing that, making a verbal attack against one of my guests while I’m interviewing them.

So they would never do that, they only do that online because it is anybody can be tough online but not everyone can be tough in real life so the majority of people that make those troll comments or those negative comments, I really don’t care. The only time that I remove them is when they make use profanity against me or one of the guests.

Now if they have evidence for what they say then I would leave it there, because I don’t like to be the guy that censors people, but I will remove you if you are disrespectful on my channel because I don’t allow that when somebody comes into my house or my vicinity and do that so I definitely not going to allow that online.

So that’s just my personal belief that doesn’t mean that you have to do that, you can just choose to ignore it and not pay attention to it. So this car just stopped right in front of me. But anyway those are the things that I want to share with you.

The other thing to consider when you’re doing your channel is that one of the fastest ways to build up your channel when you are starting out there are several ways to start getting subscribers to your channel without doing a bunch of foolish and stupid silly stuff.

Our channel got popular without any… we got over 17,000 subscribers at the time making this channel, and we did not have to pay for the subscribers, we do not buy YouTube ads or any of that nonsense.

That doesn’t mean that we won’t do it in the future when it’s necessary but right now we got this far without doing it and then once we have the time we might build a channel some more and get some YouTube ads and stuff.

But in the beginning, if you want to do that if you have the money to do that you can, you don’t need to. The way that I would start a new channel right now if I had to do all over again is that I would choose about 10 cryptocurrencies that I really like, that I can stand behind, that I can vlog about and talk about constantly.

And I would make like about 3, 4 or 5 videos on my thoughts and opinions about that cryptocurrency, and then I would talk about it, and then what I would do is I would talk about it and I would go post it in that cryptocurrencies forum.

So for example, let’s just say that we take NXT, for example, it’s just the first that came to my head. If I was starting a new cryptocurrency YouTube channel today, I would go to the NXT forum and I would start making a few comments on there and then I would make a few videos about NXT.

And then I would post it in the forums first and get everyone to notice who I was and that way people can see it and trust who I am and then I’ll start getting subscribers from the NXT community and then I would go to the next cryptocurrency.

For example I would go to Litecoin, I’d make some videos, 2 or 3 videos about them, posted in their forum, make friends on there, on their forum and then you’ll get some subscribers there and then go to the next one like Particl just came out a couple weeks ago, so I would go there and make some videos about what my thoughts on Privacy Coins are, my thoughts on what the Particl marketplace, how it will be a game-changer or what I think it will do, and then after that I would post it in the Particl forum and get to meet the Particl community.

So what I’m basically doing is I’m going around to each cryptocurrency project and I’m just building a community and getting to know people and letting people know who I am so I can start building a reputation online so that people can see me and trust me.

Even if you start out with 0 subscribers or 10 subscribers, if your information and your content and your video are worth watching and worth listening to, there will always be people that subscribe, there will always be people that will subscribe to your channel.

So you don’t have to worry about whether or not people will subscribe or not, and you don’t have to hide it, you don’t have to go and hide the fact that you only have 100 subscribers.

Some new YouTube channels they don’t want people to know that they only have 100 subscribers or 500 subscribers, and so what they’ll do is that purposely hide it and then wait until it gets over 1000 or something and let people see that they have 1000 subscribers.

I don’t think that’s necessary if you start out with 10 subscribers and then when people come back and they see that now you have 100 subscribers and then a few weeks later they come back and they see you have 500 subscribers, they can see that your channel is growing and getting more popular.

You don’t have to like try to game the system and hide it, just do it naturally and let the word spread that you’re creating quality content or content that’s worth watching.

So that’s what I would do, and then once I do that round… if you do that you should start getting about 500 to 1000 subscribers. Once you start getting past 300 or 500, I think that’s around 300 subscribers. Once you get past that, what happens is YouTube will start sending you more traffic and sending you more subscribers.

Each time you get more and more subscribers, YouTube will give you more views and more subscribers to come to your channel, so just be aware of that. I think it’s around 300 and then around 1000, around 5000, around 10000 and around 100000. So those are the tiers that you want to shoot for that I remember.

And so that’s what you want to keep in mind guys. So hopefully this video will help you guys if you’re new and you want to get started and learning how to become a cryptocurrency vlogger on YouTube if you like these types of videos give me a thumbs up, leave some comments in the comment section below.

I know it’s deviating a little bit from the cryptocurrency investing that our channel is known for but recently we just have quite a few people ask us about how to start a YouTube channel, so I just wanted to make the video just to it share with you guys.

You guys like it give me a thumbs up, you guys don’t like it give me a thumbs down and I won’t waste my time or your time making more of these, and if you guys have any friends, family or colleagues that are interested in learning how to invest in cryptocurrency, and make sure that you tell them about our channel, share this video with them and then tell them.

If you’re new to our channel go to, and make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll send you some new videos whenever we make them alright. So thanks for watching this video guys and I’ll see you guys in our future video.

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