Crypto Trading #4 – Who Is JB Trader?

This is JB Trader and in this video, I want to share how success in trading often means incorporating new products, such as cryptocurrency, into my current trade plan. When technology and cultural systems change, I have to have the ability to adapt to new financial instruments that can grow my trading business.

Hello and welcome to Crypto trading. My name is JB Trader and today’s talk is gonna answer the question Why am I doing this?”. As always, these videos are for educational purposes only. I’m not a licensed financial planner or advisor or broker or anything like that.

I’m simply a trader who is seeking to incorporate Crypto trading into my current strategies for a short term income as well as long term investing. I just want to give you a brief rundown about myself. I’m a wife, I’m a mother of 5.

My grandmother and I run several businesses with my husband. I’m a firm believer in a wife knowing what her husband is doing as well for everything, but in this context, for finances and for his job and his work like it’s the great conversation when you have the stuff to talk about. He can talk about his day and his work and what he’s doing and you know exactly where he’s coming from and you can participate in it and help him.

So I try to be his VP and his secretary and everything he does. It works out great because now he can chase the secretary around the desk and flirt with her and do all these things.  He won’t get in trouble, he’ll get rewarded. It’s a good perk for the job.

Essentially in this Crypto trading series, I’m just looking to connect with other people who are you know, try to learn this new space with digital currency and all of the new products that are coming out. That’s available to trade and invest in. I’m looking to be transparent.

I’m looking, to be honest. I’m not gonna hide my failures or my mistakes, because we have to get through those mistakes as fast as possible to learn and grow. I want to connect with people who aren’t afraid to learn something new to learn a new strategy, a new way of making a profit and incorporate that into their current business model of what they’re doing.

That’s what I’m trying to do. My husband’s been trying to get me to do Cryptocurrency for a while now. Whenever he would like to talk about wallets, and all these things, and the ICOs and stuff, I’m just like I’m zoning out. I’m thinking about what I want to eat. I’m thinking about my schedule for this afternoon with the kids.

I’m thinking about all the stuff that I don’t have time to do. Here I am, you know left in the dust, but I hear you know honey I’ve learned my lesson. I’m gonna learn and I’m going to try, okay? And that’s where I’m at. It’s very important because proverbs 23 says all hard work produces a profit but idle chatter brings poverty.

That means we’re not just going to talk about it. We go and be about it. We’re gonna do it. We’re gonna apply the things that we learn, okay? We’re going to apply it and do it with a passion.

We’re gonna set goals. We’re gonna meet them, alright? So, don’t be scared. Don’t be scurred of all this technology and these things we don’t understand. It’s computer science stuff, I don’t get it either, but what it’s about how we use this stuff to make money, right?

That’s the bottom line and that’s we’re going to try to cut to the chase and do. Well, thank you so much for listening and spending this time with me. We have some great content coming up. We’re gonna be talking about Cryptocurrency and in general what it is Bitcoin and Bitcoin futures.

And we’ll start with there and we’ll just continue as long as we go and then we will fund our accounts and we’ll buy things and trade things. It’ll be awesome. Thank you, guys. I love you and remember to be grateful for what you have and be grateful for what you don’t.

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