Crypto Trading #3 – Bitcoin Futures Launch – by JB Trader

JB Trader expresses her concern for Novice Traders and Investors who are jumping into the Bitcoin Futures Market. A minimum basic understanding of trading Futures and some experience are always highly recommended.

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**(This video was recorded Before the CME debut of BTC Futures)

Hey guys. What’s going on? All of those things, what’s up? This is JB here and I just wanted to have a quick little chat with you, okay? Recently, I had a friend of mine really close to me say: “JB, what’s up with these Bitcoin features like I’m trying to trade those?”.

I’m like: “Okay, you got to know how to trade futures like you need some experience with that”. And he’s like: “Okay. Just tell me about it real quick, just tell me about futures real quick. What’s that all about?”

I’m like: “I can give you a general overview or idea, but I can’t like to teach you about trading futures real quick, okay?”. It’s just super risky like I just reminded him: “You have to go to class, learn about futures trade it understands it, practice with different commodities and so forth. Dude, it’s super high risk.

Okay, it’s very highly leveraged you can make a lot of money quickly, but you can lose a lot of money quickly in the same token. So, Bitcoin has no historical data for futures contracts and it’s very volatile right now. That means they’re trying to stabilize it and make a market for it, for people to invest and trade on a regular basis and be consistent.

But right now, it’s so not the place for beginners or newbies. I know people are seeing the price of Bitcoin just go up and they’ve got that FOMO, they’ve got that fear of missing out: “I’m just gonna miss the bus and it’s gonna leave me? What am I gonna catch the next bus, I gotta get to where I’m going”. No, like don’t have a fear of missing out.

When the price goes up any other time do you run out and want to go buy something when it’s like 30% higher 1 week? No, you go get it when it’s on sale. That’s being a good consumer. Buy low, sell high.

You don’t buy high just because everyone else is buying? Chill out. Wait a minute, but anyway you have to learn this stuff, you have to learn patience. So please, I ’m only telling this because I love you and I don’t want you to spend your ice-cream money.

Don’t spend all your ice-cream money wasting it recklessly, trading things you know nothing about. Please, you know I mean the ice-cream money is a big-budget, right? So, you guys chill out on the Bitcoin futures if you’ve never traded futures or really anything, okay?

Just slow down, wait for things calm down for a minute. Bitcoin futures contracts where there’s 5 Bitcoin in a contract and in each Bitcoin is worth $5 USD. So, there’s 5 in a contract, it’s $25 USD a tick. Every time price moves up or down per tick, it is $25 USD.

Now in the futures contract world like tick values vary summer, you know $10 USD, some are 1250, some are like 6 or 615 or whatever. They’re all different and they have different contract expiration dates and you just kind of have to learn the nuance of that particular asset futures. I mean in commodities you’ve got the energies which would be like heating oil, nat gas, crude oil.

You’ve got agriculture, wheat soybeans, corn sugar, cocoa, coffee. You’ve got the lean meats, right? That’s meats and animal meats, you know, like pork bellies and lean hogs and things like that. You’ve got your precious metals. You’ve got gold, silver copper.

So, there’s a lot of different things that cover the gamut of trading futures and Bitcoin is just one newly added one. Overall, you just want to learn it. Okay, slow down, slow your roll, get a good grasp because if you don’t pay for your education now, you will pay for your loss, either way, you gonna pay for it, okay?

Nothing’s free, salvation is free, faith is free but that’s about. It is about it, my friends. All right, it’s late. I’ve got to go rush the girls off to bed, they’re trying to invade my space but it’s cool because I love them and they’re cute. You know, that’s what I tell myself. All right guys, peace out and goodnight.

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