Crypto Trading #15 – My 3 Biggest Trading Mistakes

Tai Zen: What’s up guys, this is Tai Zen again. With me today I have David Fong, also with me, we have a new special female broadcast on our Channel

In this video, we want to ask JB and ask her to share with us the three biggest mistakes that she made when she first started trading. So can you show that with our audience?

JB: Sure I’ll let you know my dark secret. The first mistake that I made when I first started trading was just not dedicated enough time to it because I’ve got five kids, I had husband, I had a lot of other work to do, I volunteered

A lot of different things in life was pulling me away from my education so you need that time to really dedicate for learning and practicing. And practice following your rules and learning to look at the markets in the charts. So that was my first thing

I had to really just the key is get yourself ready, give yourself some cereal and whatever, mom’s busy, I’m working don’t distract me

David Fong: And then I can totally relate with any trading in any other skill that you said important, but when it really comes out to What do you spend your time, what actions do you actually take? That’s pretty come for me.

Tai Zen: I was kind of fortunate when I’m first started learning how to trade many years ago. I was single and had no kids. And I didn’t have a lot of money to do anything else, so it’s all I did was stay home and watch trade, I was forced to spend time on it

So what was the second mistake that would you say was your second biggest mistake when you were starting out

JB: My second big biggest one I remember very clearly to this day is when I’d make some money, I would like in different markets move my stopped up I was just want to lock in profit so fast

And just moment trading breakouts like I just loved it, I love the idea of hardly ever losing a trade. If I did it was just very little most of the time I made money most of my trades

So I’ve learned to let my profits run and it was fine, losing the trade or get it to stop, it doesn’t matter just a business expense.

So it’s log differently in my brain and I know a lot of trading as Mentos, so just that mental evolution of how you perceive everything you do, trade that you make money lose money follow rules you don’t follow your rules whatever

We just have to log it differently in your brain.

Tai Zen: So, what about the third mistake?

JB: The third mistake that I’ve learned a lot from was that once you’re in a position, you have to stay on top of it, you have to manage it’s because of market changes a lot

So the price point of where you’d want to exit a trade or enter you might have some alerts in some limit order when you’re waiting to get in

Once price hits a certain point for different things like you just have to watch it because you’re gonna meet the opportunity to enter trading, you’re gonna meet the opportunity to maximize profit potential and trade

If you’re not watching it on a regular basis, so learning how to use those alerts learning to again committing that time so you can mention all positions in trade and making some money,  I’m good, I can know, look, check your baby

So just making sure you have the apps on your phone and just not becoming obsessed with it but just check in periodically and just making sure if your positions are behaving the way that you expect them to

Tai Zen: Appreciate you sharing some of your trade lessons with us and me hope that you guys learn from JB’s mistakes and not make them

And she’s not kidding about that either, the key is that you made those mistakes as soon as possible when you first start out trading and then learn from it and then learn to have a support system

And help people that are around you trade also and trying to accomplish the same thing and help constantly remind you to get out of those mistakes and stop doing them

So thanks for watching this video guys, if you guys like these videos with JB shares her experience give us a thumbs up and we will make more of them

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And we’ll see you guys in the next video.

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