Crypto Trading #1 – Top 5 Reasons To Be A Trader – by JB Trader

JB Trader shares why everyone should trade Stocks, Futures, Options, Forex and Bitcoin from home. Make money on your own schedule and maximize your investments! Education and training are needed to succeed.

Hello, hello. What’s going on? It’s JB. I’m just chilling, just trying to clean the house, put up some Christmas decorations, and feed the kids. They always want something to eat apparently, like that’s how biology works or something learned in school.

Before I begin, I just wanna make a little disclosure that I am NOT a professional advisor financial planner or anything like that. You do what you want to do, I’m not telling you to do anything, all right? I’m just letting you know what I do and hence what’s really cool. That’s it.

Just a cool disclosure. Now, what I want to talk about today are my top 5 reasons why you should be a trader. Why aren’t you trading? It’s 2017, almost 2018, okay? You should totally be trading.

Why? I’m going to tell you why. I’m gonna tell you my top 5 reasons why. First of all, it’s super fun, it’s almost like a video game, but just with a lot of financial risks but not really. If you get an education, then it’s not high risk, just like anything else, all right?

So, you get into a plane and the pilot has no education that’s a very high-risk trade right there, you might want to walk off that plane. Now, get on the plane and the pilot has many years of experience and training knows what he’s doing, then that’s a low-risk trade, okay?

So, it’s about the skill level. So, hence, get educated, know what you’re doing, know what the heck is going on and then it’s fun. So, you’re just pressing buttons, you’re yelling at the computer screen or the TV screen and you know, then you go eat and take a nap, play some golf, go to the gym, eat, make some calls, go back check on your trades, yell at the computer again, do some cartwheels and that’s your day. It’s a very exciting day.

Reason number 2, I mean, first of all, I don’t have to be anywhere, I can trade anywhere. I’ve traded in Hawaii. Before I’ve traded in Starbucks, I traded at home, I traded in an office, in my car. Doesn’t matter.

Everything’s like mobile now, there are mobile apps, these platforms you can just be anywhere. So, on vacation, in the car, dinner time, whatever. You can be anywhere. You’re not confined to 4 walls and office and a certain schedule which leads me into number 3: your schedule.

It’s totally flexible. Dude, there are markets all over the world. There’s not only the New York market, but there’s Asia, there’s Australia, there’s London, 24-hour opportunities, okay? So, you’re trading forex or futures, I mean come on, you wake up in the middle of the night you can’t sleep, you’re eating some espresso chocolate, espresso chocolate cookie crumble or rum raising.

Anyway, you can be eating those things like 2:00 in the morning, so I wouldn’t pop on some trades. Let me see what’s going on in the markets right now. So, it’s super fun. Do it anywhere, anytime practically, okay?

Number 4, important concept to learn is the fact that you’re not trading time for money. If you’re somewhere for 8 hours, you’re not getting paid by the hour. It’s a set amount, it’s kind of a ceiling even if you make some commissions like you just have to be there, you have to physically be there.

With trading, I could be in the trade for 5 minutes to make my money for the day, so time is not really an equivalent to how much money I make which I like that. I like that, it’s flexible, it switches it up, there’s no ceiling to it monetarily wise as well as I have to put in 40 hours a week or 60 hours.

I don’t have to put in any set amount of time to make money and make good profits. Then, number 5, it’s just good business for anyone who’s owned a business, you know all the things that go with it. You know, people, dusters, co-workers, employees, the inventory you know, bills, expenses, payroll, marketing advertising, your office, everything.

Uniforms, your phone bill, dude. There are so many expenses with trading, Okay, you’ve got Internet, you’ve got your laptop, your computers, and stuff, okay? You’ve got your education, you need education that’s an expense any training. And then other than that, it’s mainly just about your trades that don’t turn a profit.

That’s a part of your expenses you got to get through those. You don’t have to deal with anybody, you could actually run a large business, making huge profits and but live the lifestyle of running a small business with just you. It may be 1 or 2 or 3 other people, if you trade together or whatever or just by yourself, you don’t even really need anybody.

So, that’s the amazing part about it. Dude, everyone should trade, you can still work and do your other things but this keeps you aware of what’s going on in the world, not with just finances but with the news because the news impacts the markets, okay? And you got to learn to trade around that, and you learn to look at the world not through the consumer’s eyes, the eyes of your inner trance and you’re just listening to everything on the TV.

You’re listening to everything people tell you like it’s the truth because a lot of it’s not. You can read a chart, and do technical analysis, and see price movement and like you’re not tricking me. I know why the price is going up and it’s not because of that news story right there.

I know why the price is going down. It’s not because of that news story, you know, it’s like the wool is over your eyes in this business and it’s just great. It’s a sense of freedom, not just financial. Not just you can just trade anywhere, anytime, do your own thing.

You don’t attach to people, but it’s also freedom from lies, freedom from deception, freedom from financial manipulation. You know, you’ve learned to identify that and you’ve learned to navigate through it, and be able to trade and make some money despite that garbage that’s out there trying to check people.

That’s very much tricks people every single day into doing the opposite of what they should. I love you guys, I gotta get home. I got things to do, I might not do them but I have things to do, I would check you guys out later. Peace.

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