Crypto Investing #90 – Be Neutral In The Bitcoin Core vs. Bitcoin Cash Civil War

What’s up guys this is Tai Zen, I’m broadcasting from an area called the city of San Juan in the island of Puerto Rico. I’m here to do some research on the at 21 or 22 so we stopped here at the Ponderosa steak house to eat, I’ve been done in for an hour, our community manager Eric here he is still eating and this guy can eat you guys in this context you guys sponsor him and you will win anyway.

In this video, I want to share with you guys a caution of followers, caution people watching the video, if you hear this video, watch this it’s for a reason.

There’re three groups of people here that are gonna watch this video. The first group of people, they get it and they’re not convincing like persuading from me to change their mind, they already know what to do about this Bitcoin Civil War between Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin core.

There are fanboys out there, die-hard fanboys of Bitcoin core and they often referred do as Bitcoin maximalist, maximalist just simply means fanboy, when you’re a big fan of something you are maximalist of it so you are Etherium maximalist, you’re a fanboy of Etherium and you don’t believe in anything else.

So everyone in our team is Cryptocurrency Maximalist that means that we believe in Cryptocurrency, we are a blockchain maximalist team, we believe in blockchain technology, we really don’t care which one succeeds and becomes the major player in the industry. All we care about is that the technology gets adopted and may the best team win. So that’s all we have a neutral perspective about Bitcoin core and Bitcoin cash.

If you guys been following me for a while you guys will notice that on my Twitter every time I tweet out something about Bitcoin transaction for slow or the last transaction I did, the fees were supposed to be like you know $88 to $104 or the average fee for a Bitcoin core transaction is now like in the $20 and $30. There’s a lot of die-hard Bitcoin core maximalist claim that shilling Bitcoin cash.

First of all, I cannot be accused of shilling Bitcoin cash cuz in English the word shill means that you’re paid to talk about something that you don’t care about so that’s not true because nobody in Bitcoin cash or any versions of Bitcoin ever paid me a dollar to say anything about them and I cannot be accused of shilling it

And the second thing is the second definition of shilling is that you were talking about something you don’t care about and I do care about Bitcoin and if you say that I don’t care about Bitcoin that’s completely foolish to say because I’ve been broadcast about Bitcoin for 4 and a half years long before talking about investing and trading in Bitcoins or Cryptocurrency.

Okay so it’s retarded to say that I’ve been doing it even though I don’t have to, I can retire, I don’t have to worry about money anymore I still broadcast about it because I do believe in blockchain technology in the Bitcoin technology and I do hope that one of them will win and become dominant so the whole world can use it.

Nevertheless, I’m cautioning you guys to be careful now like I said earlier I thought you guys already know unbiased, you guys don’t care just  whichever way you know whichever Bitcoin become dominant that’s gonna win you guys are going to go with and then there’s the other in the exchange with the Bitcoin maximalist where all they can see is Bitcoin core and that’s the only version of Bitcoin that they believed in and that’s not along with that if you don’t mind losing money in the future or risk losing money

Then there’s a third group of people that are on the fence like they don’t know if Hey should I side with Bitcoin core or should they side with Bitcoin cash and being for be neutral about it and this is video is for that sort of the people they’re watching this that are on the fence and they don’t know which Bitcoin to support, this video is for you.

My belief is that no one knows, I don’t care how damn good of trading you are, how good of an investor you are I don’t give a damn if you’re Warren Buffett I don’t give a damn who you are, you can be Vitallic the creator of Etherium,  I don’t give a s*** who you are.

The reality is nobody knows which Bitcoin version is going to win out so my suggestion is that you remain neutral. In a previous video are in the separate video already made a video about to summon nasty mistake that I made about analyzing Ripple the wrong way so I want to make sure that this video helps any of you out there that is on the fence whether the side with Bitcoin cash or side with Bitcoin core.

My suggestion is that you don’t side with anybody you just remain neutral and you have a position in each one of them to make sure that you’re protected so let’s say that if you have a big position in Bitcoin core and obviously you have a big position Bitcoin core than you also have a big position and Bitcoin cash, just hold on to that Bitcoin cash and not sell it, I personally would hold on to it now .

If I have a small or a position in Bitcoin core but I panicked and I listened to the wrong people and I sold my Bitcoin cash at 300 or 400 or 500 and then afterward it ran up to 3000. If I was that person what I would do is I would add some Bitcoin cash to my portfolio in case Bitcoin core dies out and Bitcoin cash win, I’m protected, I’m going to rock it to the moon

The other scenario that if I’m not in Bitcoin at all, I don’t have any Bitcoin core any Bitcoin cash or anything I’m looking to get into Bitcoin, I’m doing all this research, I’m confused who to listen to then what I would do is I was just put equal amount into Bitcoin core into Bitcoin cash so I have like a thousand bucks I would put 500 bucks into Bitcoin core and 500 bucks in the Bitcoin cash and may the best Bitcoin win.

So I would not listen to all these knuckleheads online and say that one is going to win or the other one is going to win because nobody knows nobody freaking knows, I’m sick and tired of all these knuckleheads online that think they know like they sidekick and they just like you and me, they ain’t special, they ain’t sidekick, they ain’t fortune tellers.

I don’t give a damn if there is a coder in Bitcoin, I don’t care they work at block stream. I don’t care they work on the Bitcoin Core team, they work on the Bitcoin cash team, none of them freaking no. It’s all opinion but the best way as a trader and as an investor, we don’t care. We’re position so that either one goes to the Moon won’t board that’s what important. Is that we don’t miss out if one of them happens to go to the moon.

So Imagine all the poor souls that listen to the wrong people and sold their Bitcoin cash after they got it at 300 350, imagine how stupid they fail when it went up to $3,000. Listening to the idiot online and selling your Bitcoin cash at 3 400 and how you would feel after you had it for free and it’s up to 3000 so don’t make that mistake. If you want to sell it, ease your nerves, ease your anxiety or ease your emotions. I would sell a small portion of it but I would still keep a big chunk, a Bitcoin cash, and Bitcoin core.

So don’t make that mistake guys that’s why I’m making this video like I said guys are 3 groups of you guys people watching this. The one already knows better and is a real trader and remains neutral about their trade you guys I’m not talking to you in this video cuz you wouldn’t know what to do.

The other third of the group that just bonehead knuckleheads that just think that Bitcoin core, the only Bitcoin is available. Hey man I hope you’re right man does what you claiming to do but just be prepared in case it doesn’t cuz work prepare or you going to go down with a sinking ship if Bitcoin core fails at what they do so far the segwit has felt okay no matter what anyone says it has failed because no one is using it. I don’t give a damn how good your technology is but if no one is using it, it’s not very good, understand that.

You can come up with an engine that gets you a hundred miles an hour of water, a burning water but if no one’s using it and they still have gasoline and petrol and Diesel and something like that but it doesn’t matter how good your technology, no technology is good without users, okay and right now the last I check.

Like less than 10% Like around 10% of all the Bitcoin transactions are using the segwit technology, that’s not a very good sign when there are all these people screaming and yelling on Twitter and everywhere that that side what is the answer, the freaking answer how come everyone isn’t using it and don’t blame the exchanges don’t blame anybody If people ain’t been in the market is not if it’s people not using it, the market is telling us something as a trader If we believe that the price is going up and the price is going down.

The market is telling us something, the market knows better than anyone of us individually that’s okay so the fact that a group of people puts out what they consider is the best technology, the scale and make Bitcoin faster and only 10% of transactions are being used or using that technology. That is a clear-cut answer.

If I was single and I called and asked an attractive girl for her phone number and she was no I’m not giving you my phone number or you know whatever reason you Asian got, you got finalized whenever that is a signal that they don’t want me, just move on and go talk to another girl.

Don’t be one of those people that are dead set on something and then fail miserably when it doesn’t happen so just be prepared this video is not to take sides with Bitcoin core or Bitcoin cash or Bitcoin private or anything. This video is just to remind everyone to be neutral and to be prepared in case one or the other takes off.

I hope this video helped you guys out thanks for watching this video guys and I’ll share with you more information as I find out more about Taxes issues here in San Juan Puerto Rico and you guys like these types of videos to make sure you go to slash newsletter and follow there and subscribe there and also make sure you go to my Twitter and follow me on app ‘Hey Taizen’. I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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