Crypto Investing #88 – 13 Legit Ways To Make Money In Cryptocurrency

What’s up guys? This is Tai Zen. With me today I got David Fong, say hello. Hey how’s it going, guys? We’re happy guys because the Cryptocurrency market has gone up to $375 billion USD as we’re speaking. Thirteen thousand? Yeah, Bitcoins about $13,500 USD now, I think it is right.

Anyway, guys so that’s why we’re world worse from year to year guys. And if you started in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency investing over 40 years ago, you’d be smiling your ass off too right now. Okay so anyway, speaking of investing and smuggling your ass off, David said that anytime you’ve been in this Cryptocurrency investing for a while now and things have changed a lot in the last 4 years.

They keep changing and he suggested that I make a video and update the community and all the ways that I know of that you can invest in blockchains and Cryptocurrencies. We made it a quick list with David and there are 13 ways to do it. I’m gonna start off with the easiest, quickest way and then I’m gonna transition and go all the way up to the most difficult way to investing Cryptocurrency.

Now, all obviously the easier it is, the less toxic potential it is and the less risk it is and the more difficult it is, obviously the more potential it is and the more risk it is and what work is involved. But the most important thing is really to get started.

I made the list for David so he’s gonna tell me what number 1 and I’ll rattle off everything that I know that help you guys get started. So, what’s the first one? The first one is just to buy Bitcoin.

The first is the easiest way out of the 13 ways I’m gonna share with you guys is to just go and buy some Bitcoins and get back. That is the easiest way, right? And what did I put down you can get that from an ATM from an instant exchange like shape-shift or a changeling or right now, I guess just recently I found out that Breadwallet is…

It is right on the app. You can download the app right there, you can use US Dollars and buy. Just make sure that you use the web app that is made by Aaron Voisine, I think it’s his name, okay?

So, that’s like one of the better of apps, a wallet apps out there and it allows you to buy the Bitcoins very quickly, so that’s the easiest way. Number 1 is to buy Bitcoins to an ATM, an incident change or you can use a major exchange such as or Gemini.

Those give you access to not just Bitcoins. You can get you Ethereum and like stufft. Absolutely, that’s the easiest way. Number 2, way to make money or to invest into blockchains and currencies is to volunteer for the Cryptocurrency.

For example, back in the end of 2013, I found out about Bitcoin in 2012 and in 2013 I bought my first Bitcoins and then at the end of 2013 I started to notice that Bitcoin was not the only Cryptocurrency on the market. There were other companies on the market as well that were a clan of Bitcoin and at that time I decided to invest in a Cryptocurrency called NXT.

Back then, it was called NEXT, but when I got involved I started calling it NXT and just started we started rebranding it into NXT instead of NEXT because that was very confusing in English, okay? So, what happened was at that time I bought a very small amount of NXT tokens okay and I spent the majority of my time day and night volunteering to help the public understand this new blockchain technology.

Back then it was considered like Bitcoin 2.0 because it was the first like all the other Cryptocurrencies outside of Bitcoin was just a clone or a knockoff Bitcoin. NXT was the first official non-clone, it was not a clone, it’s like a new blockchain software and code that was built completely from scratch by an individual name of BT NEXT.

When you’re saying volunteering for crypto, you basically just go? Yes, so I started making YouTube videos to interview the people that were involved into the NXT about NXT, so I start making video tutorials which tell people have a transfer the NXT token and all educating the public for that.

Just basically everything that I was learning about NXT, I would just make a video about it. And all that because the people that owned the NXTs they appreciated the fact that I was helping to spread the word and educate the public about NXT.

They did not pay me to do that I just volunteered to do that. What happened was they saw that I was a serious volunteer and what they did was they donated me some NXT. Oh, just feel like guilty? Yeah, like a shitload of NXT, like a lot okay?

Enough to buy me a couple of houses, especially with the recent run-up. Based on those donations that I received, I donated the bulk of it when me and those guys, some of the other NXT volunteers when we started the NXT foundation, I donated a large a massive portion of the NXT tokens that I received to the dough to the foundation after I was not able to help with the volunteer for NXT anymore.

There was a period of time there where my father-in-law had open-heart surgery so I had to go help him and I could not focus on helping on the project. I gave a large portion of those NXT tokens to the rest of the guys that were still running the NSC foundation.

And they use it to help promote and educate the public about the NXT block team. But I still had some personal donations that I kept at a small amount and that small amount has turned into a big enough amount now in terms of US Dollar-wise to give me a new house in Southern California.

With volunteering, you invest the time? Yeah, I invest my time instead of money into US Dollars and that’s my time to help educate the public about the project and promote the project. On part of the people, we should value? Yeah, you know they’ll if they appreciate it.

They’re always will. There are always big whales that appreciate what you’re doing simply because a lot of times the guys that have big money or the whales they either don’t have the time or they don’t want to be public. So, they’d rather remain private and if they see you doing it, they’ll either donate you some tokens from the project or you can contact them.

And I asked them :“Can you me help get a new camera so that I can shoot better videos?” or “Hey, can you help me pay for a laptop or a tripod or a phone camera or a wireless microphone systems and when I speak at a conference?” and most of them will do that. Most of them will do that.

When she started doing that you get a name out so people started knowing that I was a reliable person, I was not a scammer, I was a public figure that can be trusted. They would offer, ask me to make other videos for their channel, right? And they didn’t pay me or nothing back then.

I never got paid for any of that stuff. I just did as a volunteer and I put up my donation addresses on my site at that time, on my video and on my website and if somebody donated, they donated. I mean there isn’t really an expectation? Yeah, you put it out, there’s no point of value.

If you do that enough value out there somebody’s gonna take care. So that’s the second way. Let’s move on to the third way to invest in Bitcoin blockchains and Cryptocurrencies is to work for tokens. Like right now, there are 2 parts to the Ethereum blockchain.

There’s one part that is the nonprofit side that’s called the Ethereum foundation. Their job is to build the open-source Ethereum blockchain software. Right, the protocol. Then, the other part of Ethereum is what’s called consensus and they’re located out of New York.

They’re headquartered out of New York City and they are responsible for building the for-profit side. If you go to there and the last time I checked on their careers page, they have like 400 job positions open. And they have like over a billion dollars, so they got a ton of money to pay for staffing.

We increase the adoption, Ethereum. Exactly, their goal is to promote the use and adoption of Ethereum blockchain so you can look for a Cryptocurrency project. Or you can work for a foundation, or you can work for a non-profit, or a for-profit organization to promote their blockchain and you can get paid for that.

So, I know several guys right now and if you’re an engineer, you’re a web designer, you’re in sales, you’re in marketing, you’re in social media. Any kind of skill that you have, there is some Cryptocurrency project out there that will hire you and pay you for your efforts. If I was a software engineer or if I was a community social media manager and I went to apply for these places, I would request like pay me half in USD and then pay me out the other half in your tokens.

The whole point of this isn’t it for whatever it is you’re gonna be doing whatever service to perform, you’re willing now to accept the tokens. The Cryptocurrency token from the company you’re working for or the project you’re working for instead of accepting USD or Euro Dollars or Pounds or Yen.

That’s the third way to invest and make money in Bitcoins blockchain Cryptocurrencies. The fourth way to do it is: Who I am there? So, next time last year you got the ICO. People talk about investing in ICO and what I want you guys to understand is that there are different stages that you can invest into an ICO.

That will give you guys a different level of risk and reward, okay? So, the first stage is the pre-sale state during the pre-sale stage, that is something that only started happening 2017. Before that and I did not see any pre-sales existing.

There were so many ICO that sold out and they would come to the market and they would grow 5X, 10X immediately and people would jump on it. They would sell out like within the 2 minutes my Golem sold out in within 10 minutes. There’s several other projects like that sold out.

They all sold out really quickly and so what happened was that they started doing pre-sale to get investors on and some of the projects they wanted to be able to find how much money they’re gonna raise very early on so that they have a better idea how much money they can raise. They would do a pre-setup an offer like 10, 20, 30, 50 percent discount to anybody participate in the pre-sale.

You can make money by buying it at a 50 percent discount and when they have a public sale then you can turn around and sell it when it’s traded, right? And make that 50 percent spread so basically if you buy the token in the public sale if it’s a dollar and then you get that token for 50 Cents in the pre-sale.

Then you’ve made 50 Cents, 100% profit before it even goes to market. That’s a more of an arbitrage. You’re not really tragically before the big public sale. You’re kind of showing them you know even before you go public.

We’re willing to invest to give them a better idea. In return, they give you a discount. So, during the pre-sale that’s the advantage, however, that’s not something that is very the disadvantage of that presale investing during the pre-sale is that it doesn’t last very long.

That’s not a long-term strategy, okay? Because of that, I’m not a big fan of the… But it’s absolutely something you keep. That’s something there’s a lot of people that are going for like a quick a short-term burst and they’re going for that.

I’m not like if it’s available and if I’m getting into it. I would you jump into it simply because a lot of times they offer to us because we’re a media channel but other necessarily gonna. I don’t know, I don’t necessarily go seek them out. And there are times when I missed the pre-sale because I would slow for whatever reason.

It doesn’t even bother me you know, I continue to invest in the project anyway. In other words, I don’t rely upon my investing strategy does not rely or I should say our investing strategy because you do the same thing, right? So, our investment strategy is not dependent on making money during the presale.

If it does that’s just a bonus but that’s not. Even if you make that 50% or 100% again, that’s not what we’re looking for. We’re looking for projects that give us a 10x, 20x, you know, 100 long some projects with some longevity. Yeah, some projects that you know 1 year, 2 years from now we can see that it’s gonna go 10, 20x.

I mean to me it’s just a waste of time to jump into an ICO presale just to make 50%. That’s not to say it’s wrong but you know, that’s just not our style but we do know there are people out there do that. It’s just not our cup of tea. So, that’s the fourth way to make money in blockchains Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies.

Which leads us to our fifth way which is really just participating in the ICO public sale. So, the next way to do it is to participate in the public sale and the public sale has a lot less risk. In my opinion, the rewards are slightly less but there’s a lot less risk because in the public sale they usually have a public address that you can send all your Bitcoins and Ethers, too.

And you can tell where all everyone’s Ethers and Bitcoins went, whereas in the pre-sale, it uses just 1 private address and you’re not sure if the owner of that project is going to receive your Bitcoins and Ethers and run off with it. There’s a little bit higher risk because if it only has you know 10, 20, 30 thousand Dollars or a 100,000 Dollars, it’s hard to go to the exchanges and argue for them to stop the transactions, right?

Or freeze those Bitcoins but if you participate in public sale and there’s 5, 10, 20 million dollars or a lot more, so there’s a lot more eyeballs checking that wallet address. The exchanges see that somebody just got hacked for 50 million or something they may make an effort to try to help out.

Whereas, if you lose like 5000 or 10,000 or something like a small amount in the pre-sale they may not do it. And there’s not a guarantee or something, okay? I’m saying that but that doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee that the exchanges will help out in case the project gets hacked, okay?

But that’s the downside. The advantage is that by the time they do the public sale, the project has raised pretty much is more than likely the project will raise enough money. Because usually they try to raise a big chunk during the pre-sale and then by the time they get to the public sale they have enough money to complete the project or make the project successful.

Because you know, you invest in an ICO, you don’t want it to fail and not raise enough money and not be able to finish their software project and fail, also. So, the advantage of the pre-sales that rewards a little bit less but the advantage is that the more likely that the project has enough money to succeed, to complete their vision and their goals, okay?

So, that’s number 5 is the ICO public sale. Number 6 would be post ICO training so it’s passed the ICO stage. All right, that means is the post ICO, the trading is where the ICO is over they already raised the money they were looking for. They raised all the money they could and now the tokens are on the exchanges and it’s ready to be traded.

And now that’s when you come in and you buy it. So, obviously you’re gonna miss out on the ICO price and all the other stuff now, so you might not get the best discount available like in the public sale or the presale, right? However, there is an advantage is that you know that these guys did not go and rip everyone off.

They didn’t run off with everyone’s money. If you’re scared that they’re gonna run off with your money, they just wait until the tokens are listed on the exchange to be traded, okay? Now, this is another advantage of buying the tokens after it’s on the exchange.

The advantage is that when it’s on the exchange you know that it actually got listed, so some of the projects, for example, let me think of like Tyrion, right? The presale was at a really good discount and then the public sale was also a good price, but after they got the pre ICO was done, they could not get it listed right away on the exchange so people were selling it on EtherDelta.

What happened was because there’s very low liquidity on Ether Delta, the price dropped and by the time that they got listed on Bit tracks or 1 of the exchanges like that I get licky or on big checks I forget. Once you got listed on there people got panic and they start selling it and but even more.

So, after the ICO was done and it was on the exchange and listed for trading, you can actually buy at like 50, 60, 70% below the ICO price, below the pre-sale price. So, you got a better discount than the people that have better touted at the presale. On that particular one like for example, on that particular night I did, right?

I just wait because during that frenzy of ICO frenzy there were too many projects coming out and there was just people raising ridiculous amounts of money, so we were just gonna sit down and wait until this is all exchanged after the price crashes 56% price. Price at the ICO now? Yeah.

I’m glad you brought up liquidity because there is another advantage getting it out ICO in that. Well, it kinda depends on how they’re structured but that’s the time when you can actually provide qualities that you want. You’re right.

One of the advantages is buying the tokens doing the ICO pre-sale and the public sale is that you have a better chance. Let’s say you want to buy $100,000 USD or half a million dollars worth of those tokens, you have a better chance of buying that. Then, you do on the after the ICO is done.

Does that appear on the exchange? So, it’s a trade-off? Yeah, it’s a trade-off, but in the future whenever we have the trading desk where whatever we set up the OTC we get our money service business licensing for the OTC the tie through OTC trade desk.

Then, we’ll be able to provide liquidity for that in the future, hopefully beginning of 2018, right? So, that’s the advantage of using the buying in the posts ICO because you know for sure it’s going to be listed on the exchange for some reasons. Listen, you may not want to buy it.

Exactly. You know, because whatever you thought for some reasons, the exchange won’t want to listen, so it’s not going to have a body that you thought it had. That gets us passed all these of the ICO of investing in Cryptocurrencies.

Now, we get into number 7 here which is becoming an ICO advisor. Okay, so there are becoming an ICO advisor is where you join a project and they want to use your name or your reputation or your grantees, your expertise or your knowledge or your experience to help them better succeed at their project.

Sometimes if you have like, let’s say if you have an italic, a beautiful tunes names of the co-founder of Ethereum, let’s say if he puts his name on a project, the chances are it’s gonna raise more money. So, if Leon and I put our names on the project, right, then more than likely that project is gonna do a lot better.

Simply because the public sees that: “Oh, Tai, Fu supports this project. It must be legit” and they’re gonna put up money into it, in this project. You know that ICO is leveraging your name, brand, patient and by the same token, you wouldn’t associate it with a project.

Obviously, we’re gonna do our best to do put due diligence to make sure that we don’t get involved in a project is a total scam or something. Now, at the time of this video guys, if you watch this, we are not a public advisor on any projects, on any Cryptocurrency project as of the time of the making of this video.

Maybe in the future, it will change where there is it right now. If anyone claims that we are a public advisor for them, that is not true. You need to check with us and let us know if somebody puts that on their website that we are publicly their advisors, okay?

So, that is not accurate and if you guys see that please let us know so we can get back corrected, okay? Because people want to know what the potential is. Usually, the advisors they’ll get like a quarter percent or a half percent of the tokens supply.

So, let’s say there’s 100 million tokens. Somebody comes on as advisor you know, what the project would want me to do is pay them like a 4% or something like that. So, it depends on what they are advising about.

Some advisors cost more because they’re doing very specialized and in the summit factors, they don’t get paid that much as the advisory fees not that high. Simply because it’s just the names of their uses. That’s the ICO advisor.

That’s not easy to do because you actually have to have a reputation, you have to have a brand and we’re starting to get into the way to invest in Cryptocurrencies is getting more and more difficult now. They’re a little more sophisticated.

Starting with the ICO advisor, it’s obviously getting more difficult. Okay, all right. We’re right for the next one which is an active crypto investor and we can turn this like a volunteer advisor. Yeah, so this is an active investor is the what we currently do.

So, we invest into a Cryptocurrency project and then we utilize our channel, our marketing resources, our experience of ending our name and everything. And we go out there and we help educate the public about the Cryptocurrency project that we’re in most of the time.

The reason why we do this is because most of the time a project that is good with the technology has good software engineers building the bar chain but they don’t have a marketing background or a public education background or they’re too nervous to speak in front of a live audience. So, because of that we feel that it’s worth it for us to invest into that project and then we go out there and we educate the public on how that project is doing well.

Yeah, so we like it there’s a great and if there’s a need there that we can fulfill and we want to succeed. We think it’s great, so for example, like the which we call it, the props project. We’re driving from San Diego to Los Angeles right now to Santa Monica to help educate the public about the props project.

Now, that’s a project that we’re invested in. You know, they didn’t pay us to go promote them or anything. It’s just something that we believe in so because of that we are going out there to help educate the public and to also meet our fans, subscribers and things like that.

So, that’s something that’s fun to do. Anyway, obviously we have a bias about the props project guys, simply because we are video content creators and you know, we could be wrong about it but it solves a lot of the problems that are facing video content creators like us right now.

So, we like to put our money where our mouth and we support projects that are making an effort to solve problems in the video content creation world, okay? That’s what we call an active investor or an active crypto volunteer investor. That’s what how we do it.

Next up, we’ve got the clone crypto. We’re getting a little more sophisticated. Yeah, holding that crypto is a little bit harder, guys. Call me a crypto means that you are going out there and you are going to, take an example like Charlie Lee, the inventor of Litecoin.

That’s what he did. He went to the Bitcoin code and it creates a new block every 10 minutes and he just tweaked the parameters a software to create a new block every one minute and instead of using the Sha-256, he uses strips or something like that.

That was available on Github. There are a few tweets, a few numbers that he likes and then he releases it to the public and that’s it. Now, the downside to that is that you actually have to be a software engineer to be able to do that, so I’m not able to do that.

I don’t know if you’re able to do that or not. You know, I’m sure if you spend some time with your computer background, you’ll be able to do it. I know Leon can do that, but that takes a lot of work because you have to build it.

Once you release the code to the public, you have to create a community behind it to actually go the blockchain. Right, so beyond just the stuff where engineering skills. You really need to build a community because we know it’s not just the technology.

Absolutely. So now, that’s much more difficult guys if you know you don’t have a software engineering background, I do not recommend you guys do that, okay? All right, what’s the next one?

All right, next one. We’ve got airdropping. Okay, so the airdrop is another advanced and very difficult method making money and blockchains and Cryptocurrencies, especially if you’re not a software engineer, okay?

You’ve got to leave this kind of money-making strategy to the software engineers and understand how to clone, how to create a fork of an existing blockchain and give the tokens of the new blockchain to the old existing users of the old blockchain. This is not an easy thing to do but here are some examples like the guys that created Bitcoin cash, the guys that created Bitcoin gold, Bitcoin Platinum, Bitcoin diamond, Bitcoin uranium.

I’m sure there’s gonna be all these fancy periodic table elements. So, you know I think bike ball did air dry, so basically what an airdrop is you take the existing blockchain and you just tell everyone that: “Hey, on this date and time, we are going to create a fork and give everybody new coins in this new blockchain”.

They use the same private key. That’s the key that makes it any airdrop versus cloning a blockchain is that the same private key that controls the tokens on the old blockchain, also control the tokens on the new blockchain in order for to be an airdrop.

Otherwise, it’s just cloning a blockchain like Charlie Lee did with Litecoin. So, for the end user, what that means is you’ve already had coins or Cryptocurrency and a certain Cryptocurrency and after this airdrop, you’ll end up having some of the new chains and you didn’t have to do anything for that to happen.

Yeah, so that is a very lucrative, very extremely profitable way like if you know how to do that you can pretty much become like an instant multi multi-millionaire within just literally just a few months, in less than 3 months. Like doing that you know, that’s probably the first strategy that can turn you into an instant multimillionaire within less than 90 days, literally.

That’s the only project method I know of right now. I mean obvious I’m gonna talk about the other 2, the other 3. What’s the next one? Number 11, we’ve got building an ICO on top of someone else’s blocking chain.

Okay, so a lot of these ICO such as like for example like match pool, like there are a social media, you know, kind of “quote-unquote”, a networking dating app, right? That’s built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, so what they did was they issued some ERC 20 tokens and they distributed those tokens among everyone.

Those ERC 20 tokens are built on top of the Ethereum network, so they did not build the match pool, did not build their own tokens, right? They built it on top of the… They already leverage the existing.

Yeah, exactly. That’s there and they just added something specific to their. Like another example, another project that we are currently researching right now is the Gladius dot IO project, so they’re very similar to Golem, right?

Golem is at a 200 million market cap. Gladius is that they’re trying to raise 12 and a half million which puts them at like, I think somewhere around 15 or 17 million market cap, so we’re looking at that project because if they’re able to do similar to what Golem is doing, then you know, there’s a potential for it to go up to 200 million market cap.

That’s another thing we’re looking at. The young 19, 20-year-old computer science students from the Washington DC area that’s working on the Gladius project, right? Those kids, they are able to build and launch their Alpha, so that’s good?

Yeah, so that means that there’s actually a software. They are moving so long. And so if those guys can build the software and to do what they claim then they are like, I think they raised over 6,000,000 Dollars already in the last 2 weeks, right?

So, those guys when they finish their ICO and they released the tokens for their software which they already have and once they finish the crowd sale, they’re gonna become, instant multimillionaires. That took them less than probably 3 or 4 months, but their computer science in software engineers, I cannot do something like that.

All I can do is just buy up some of their tokens and invest in that project. So, the other thing you gotta keep in mind too is that there’s a huge security issue when you do that. The risk is that you might become a multimillionaire, almost overnight, but the downside to that is that everyone is trying to hack your system and network.

You could possibly lose everything. I’m saying so unless you’re a dedicated software engineer and you’re really good at what you’re doing, you should not be messing with that. You know, obviously these guys are computer science students, so they understand computer science.

I mean they’re working on a product that is fighting against DDOS attacks, so they have the expertise to take on this kind of a project and the risks that are associated. Exactly. You know, I’m not gonna take some kind of risk like that.

You know, I’m just gonna invest in their tokens and buy their tokens. I’m not going to try to what do you call that trying to try to start an ICO like what they’re doing because I’m not qualified to do that, okay? I would surround myself with the team to do that but I would not personally go out there and attempt to do it myself.

That’s another way to make money in blockchains and Cryptocurrencies is to build an ICO on top of someone else’s blockchain, okay? Number 12, we’ve got convert your business, your existing business into a blockchain-based business. Okay, so for example, there are several projects out there right now.

The most obvious one is the one that we’re going to speak at right now. It’s the props project by a company called and what is they were like I think one of the first mobile live streaming app, right? They sell these virtual gifts on their platform so if you are a audience member on there platform and you listen to a broadcaster and you like what they’re broadcasting and you want to support them to continue broadcasting, what you can do is you can buy these virtual cakes and ice creams and gifts and donated to your broadcaster.

And let’s say that you donate an ice cream that cost $10 USD that you bought with USD or with Euros, with Fiat currency, then what happens is will give the broadcaster 60% of that sale and then they keep 40%. They’ve been doing that for a long time now.

They’ve been pulling in like 2 million dollars a month in virtual gift sales. So, they’ve been operating first? Yeah, so several years now. These are more than just likes via these monetary gifts.

You really like their content, you want them to see, produce more content. So, what you have to do to buy those virtual gifts is that you have to take your credit card and buy some Gold bars. And what they’re gonna do is it going to replace those Gold bars with that Cryptocurrency token which gives it now.

The edge of that is that before in the past the legacy system, the Gold bar shave value inside that network but not outside of it, but by changing it to a Cryptocurrency token, the beauty of it is that now not only does it have value inside the ecosystem for YouNow, but now they also have value outside the ecosystem once you convert it to Bitcoins into US Dollars. So, that’s the big takeaway that people need to understand about that, ok?

So, that right there is an example is there’s a twelfth way to make money and blockchains and Cryptocurrencies is to actually can incorporate the blockchain somehow into your business, there into your existing business. And for this example, it’s just a very natural fit.

People have already been buying these Gold bars and with those, the ice cream cones and the other wonderful things look at super likes. Exactly, so because of that it makes it a lot simpler to transition that from buying Gold bars to just buying props tokens, okay?

All right, finally, we’re on number 13 here. There is building a blockchain from scratch. Okay, now this is the hardest thing to do is building a blockchain from scratch, right?

Not too many people can do that. You have Daniel Larimer, he’s building the EOS blockchain from scratch. And you have Charles Hoskinson, who was building the Cardano blockchain from scratch.

Those are not easy to do. You actually have to be a real computer science, mathematician cryptographer, all this into one to do something like that. That’s not something that an average person can do.

There are 1 of those extremely difficult things to do in the world in software engineering, okay? And this is far beyond, just cloning an existing cloning. This is starting from the zero and fully understanding all the mechanisms that work in this distributed system, not just the traditional science server that your scientists are trained in now.

Because you do a traditional software, the Goop or Facebook is designed on what’s called a client-server model meaning that I’m the client and I connect to their servers, pull data down to my computer or my smartphone and then I view that data and I utilize that data, okay? On a blockchain, it’s based on that peer-to-peer system where everybody has a piece of the software and everybody is controlling is a participant in-network, so it’s not a client-server model anymore.

It’s on a peer-to-peer network and that’s significantly magnitudes harder to do than the traditional software that everyone’s accustomed to. There are best practices that have been developed and it’s new. Yeah, so you have to be the first one out there to go do it and you can get screwed up if you don’t go fight, okay?

So, that’s the doubts after that and so that’s all 13, right? So, the first, just a quick summary, guys. Number 1 is to just buy the Bitcoins from an ATM in exchange major change or an Altcoin exchange. Number 2 is a volunteer for Cryptocurrency.

Number 3 is work for a Cryptocurrency token, and then number 4 is to participate in the ICO presale. Number 5 is to participate in the ICO public sale. Number 6 is to participate in post-ICO trading.

And then number 7 is to become an ICO advisor public advisor and then, number 8, it is to become an active crypto investor like we are and invest into the project, but also utilize your marketing and your branding and your video content creation skills to help educate the public about the project and get bring awareness of project, right?

Number 9 is to clone a Cryptocurrency blockchain and build another one like the creator of Litecoin did. By cloning Bitcoin, he created Litecoin, or like Jackson Palmer did, by taking Litecoin and cloning and creating Dogecoin out of it. All right, so number 10 is to do an airdrop where you fork off the big the blockchain like Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin gold did.

Number 11 is the build an ICO on top of another blockchain, like Golem, like Gladius, things like that, right? And then, number 12 is to convert your business into a blockchain its business, similar to what the props project is doing. Number 13 is to build a blockchain from scratch like Daniel Larimer, like vitalic butyl nucleated give him, and then like Charles Hoskinson’s who built the Cardano on our platform.

So, I hope that those 13 ways help you guys understand the 13 major ways to make money in blockchains Cryptocurrencies. Thanks for watching this video. If you guys liked it give us a thumbs up and subscribe to

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