Crypto Investing #85 – Understanding The Decentralized Social Media & Content Creation Bucket

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Tai Zen: My name is Tai Zen from a, we are a Cryptocurrency investing channel, we are not a tech channel, we’re not a philosophy channel.

Our channel is about making money in Cryptocurrencies so please there’s no confusion. We are longtime video content creators guys on YouTube.

We are currency traders and investors and run the first and oldest Cryptocurrency investing channel on YouTube. We know of and will invest in most of the projects we discuss on our Channel and therefore expect us to be very biased during the presentation

I got 30 minutes, let’s run through it. I’m going to talk about understanding the decentralized social media and content creation bucket

So what that is, so before I get into the content creation bucket, when I come to these events I’m always curious

Like who’s up there speaking, just listen to that guy he doesn’t even know what the hell he’s talking about

Real quick there are four awesome reasons why you should listen to us and know a little bit about who we are, why it’s chopped off

I just go over the reason number one, we are the first and oldest Cryptocurrency investing channel to broadcast about making life-changing money on YouTube.This is our channel We got like over 21,000 subscribers on our channel

My business partner and I and fellow traders the honorable Grandmaster that was speaking on the investment panel earlier

That’s what they’re talking about the first all coin that we suggested that people invest in on our channel and it was NXT at that time it was. At first, that was 4 years ago, everyone thought that we were not what are talking about investing in all coins

They said we were crazy and then four years later now they look at it like geez of Crypto and they look at it as a legend. Nothing change very quickly

We interviewed by Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum and there are all the videos and there’s one way that we say that’s how and why you should invest in Ethereum

We were early Ethereum ICO investors. We made a bucket load of money from that and then we got in early and then we talked about NXT right here we made some good money on that too.

We were the first Cryptocurrency investing Channel featured in Coindesk state of the Bitcoin address

In 2014, I was at the Dallas-Fort worth international airport mountain, I just got hacked, I was explaining what a Bitcoin transaction malleability was.

Awesome reason number two we made multiple profitable and documented calls. There is on Twitter there’s a before there’s after the call we made on Bitcoin made like 882% growth

The one is that my trading partner Leon Fu, that’s the honorable grandmaster I always referred to and earlier this year he made a call that between Ethereum and Ethereum classic

Even though they were both good Crypto that Ethereum classic had a better chance of making more money and sure enough he was right. That’s why we called the oracle of Crypto our audience does

There was a 328% gain versus and 136 in the Ethereum and I made a call on Manero earlier this year, and if somebody jumped into his 1226% growth and this is all documented on our Twitter feed.

Awesome reason number three known as the most respectful man in Crypto right there by BitcoinMeister by my colleagues and Omar from Crypto he said Adam is right

Awesome reason number four why you should trust us and listen to us. People trust us to alert them about scammed coins out of the 1200 Cryptocurrencies that we talked about on our channel, there’s only one Cryptocurrency we’ve ever called the scam

And that is one coin we told everybody about it back on May 17th 201, and it took four or five later before the financial conduct authority in Europe. They’re the equivalent the SEC or Fincent to recognize and warn people we were warning people already

We need a better graphics designer because that face is

So let’s understand the decentralized social media and content creation bucket. There are 1200 other Cryptocurrencies out there on the market and the way that we do is we classify all the Cryptocurrencies into separate buckets or sectors

For example like in the governance of bucket we have Dash, which is outside the door, we have the desired and we love to Decred, has been talking about the Decred since the beginning of the year

We feel that lack of governance in Bitcoin is destroying Bitcoin and the projects that like Dash and Decred. We have tasers but we got three question marks because we really can’t say much about them because they don’t have any software and it probably gonna be in court for the next five-six years.

Why I got question marks and then we got the distributed computing bucket like a foul coin made sago and storage coin, and then this is a really hot bucket that we really liked on our team which is a privacy coin bucket like Zcash, Monero, Komodo, Boolbery, Particl.

All these things we brought Particl to the audience and that made a 5, 6, 7,8 depending upon when you got in

What are the biggest and hottest bucket that we know of right now that we’ve been researching we just came back from New York and did some really heavy-duty research on this project in this bucket

This is what we call the decentralized social media and content creation bucket

What is it? Who’s in it. Their projects such as PROPS by a company called they’re Lunyr, Steem, Livepeer, Synereo, Decent, Viewly, Stream space

Some of these are enterprise running their ICO, some of them have completed their ICO. We think that this is a hot bucket because this is a serious problem that needs to be fixed

What is the problem that the decentralized social media and content creation bucket try to solve? We got to look at what the problem is, that the key players in this bucket

You guys understand it and then you’ll see what the problem is and why it needs to be fixed. The three key players at any social media platform Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube anything like that

Our first is the platform creator. They are the people that build and own the platform and they invest time, money resources to build the platform. So that’s a loss to Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter and all of them

But the advantages that I get is they get to sell the user personal data, the content and subscribers to have advertised that’s a win for them. And then the content creators like myself in the honorable Grandmaster

We get to, all the people who create the content of the platform and we only get a small piece of ad revenues and do not own the platform so that they lose for us

Fortunately, we make a full-time living from trading and investing in Cryptocurrencies. And we’ve been doing that for a while now so we don’t rely on what the ad revenues for our channel, we could care less about it

On our channel, you’ll hear us often tell people do not donate to us, we do not need it, please donate to others that are new. The advantages that we get to acquire viewers and become a person of influence. So that’s a win for us, that’s how we ended up here today speak in front of you

The third key players is the consumers and the viewers. People who consume the content for free so most of you guys have heard of our channel and watch our channel

So you guys are one of those folks then you would fall into that third key player. The problem is that you have to give up your privacy and deal with pesky ads to consume the free content too many people they’re not happy about that

But the advantage you get to consume the content for free. So here is the current problem with these three keep individuals. The content creators like ourselves and Omar, Bitcoinmeister, box miningand all these popular Cryptocurrency channels

The problem is that they create all the content and build value for the platform that they are on. So, for example, we’re on Youtube most of the time so we build value for that platform, when we’re on Twitter, we build value for that platform

But we only get a small portion of profits and that’s coming from the ad revenues such as SnapChat or Facebook or Twitter. We don’t get anything but like I said, fortunately, we make our living from trading and investing in Crypto

Now the content creators do not get equity or own part of the social media platform. Even though we’re the first and oldest Cryptocurrency investing channel on Youtube that we know of Youtube is worth 26 billion, Twitter’s worth about 16 billion

We don’t own any of that, we just create content on that and they’re the ones who benefit from it. And then there are censorship issues in America after President Trump got elected

I think the people on the Democratic Party, I guess they were not too happy so they start censoring some of the YouTubers

Videos where Leo and I have been talking about trading and investing in Cryptocurrencies for many years all the sudden now it’s not monetizable, there’s not ad friendly

Basically, the incentives for all the parties involved are not aligned whether it’s on SnapChat, Facebook, Youtube or Twitter

Who is trying to fix the decentralized social media and content creation bucket? Let’s take a look at that. In this bucket, as I mentioned earlier we have all these projects right that’s trying to solve these problems such as PROPS

It’s a live streaming product that’s being created by a company called, We have Lunyr which is decentralizing Wikipedia. So if you are a big fan of Wikipedia, you might look into that.

Steem is a decentralized blogging platform where every time you create a blog or content if somebody likes it, they hit the like button and you get rewarded in steem it tokens we tried that for a while but we got tired of it, it just sucked up too much time

If anybody wants to take out content from a channel put it up there, you’re welcome to do it and if you make money from it, we have no problem with that

We’re not doing it it was making money but we just got tired of posting it on there so if you want to do it, go ahead!

Decent, viewly all these other projects are trying to solve this problem, so that the content creators, the content consumers in the platform creator are all in a win-win situation

So here’s the status of each project development just a really quick one

I’m at the ICO stage we have the PROPS Project we have StreamSpace, Flixxoand Viewly. All these right now or somewhere in the ice ICO stage

In the post-ICO, we have Steemit, Lunyr, Descent, Synereo you can look that up and learn more about it.

Every time I speak in front of a large group like this, I am more comfortable speaking about a project that we always caution on our channel, not to talk about projects that turn out to be a scam

We have to do our due diligence out of all the projects listed. I want to use one called PROPS by the company and that’s going to be our leading case study for now for this presentation

Simply because I’m more comfortable about talking about it, our team is more comfortable talking about it simply because they have been in business for over 6 years

It’s a real company we have actually been to their office multiple times to research that project. They have 50 employees with a very low turnover rate when The honorable grandmaster legendary world-renowned and I went up there

You guys might laugh, you guys might not know him. There has been a bunch of people has made bucket loads of money following his advice, including myself

All our friends around him are very thankful for him, all the people around him have made bucket loads of money from him

There are 50 employees they have $2 million a month in sales and they have over 50 million registered users

So we’re going to talk about an ICO or we’re talking about a project in public. We are team feels a lot more comfortable we talk about somebody that’s already existing, so that nobody accusee of talking about a scam project or something

So for these reasons, we’re more comfortable talking about them on stage

On the the viewers can reward content creator with Crypto for quality content. So right now with Leon and I create some quality content on YouTube

For example, I know Tiana, so we talked about Leon and me, we talked about the project Factom pack when it was a $20

And we were telling everybody at a $20 and we did our magical calculation and went through a secret source, we said this project is worth X amount and so it went from 120 coins all the way to $36

You got into that, that would be considered a life-changing amount of money

That’s our model on our channel is to look for a project that has opportunities to create life-changing money or life-changing profits

On this one, when we have content like that, if you benefited from it- from watching it, there’s no way that you could reward us other than send us donations or something like that

But we don’t set donations so that would be pointless. On the PROPS platform, if you saw our video in our content and you benefited from it, you can easily reward us by clicking the like button or elevating our status or subscribing or any of those activities where you show that you like us

What it does is it gives us PROPS tokens, it doesn’t come out of your pocket, it does another system automatically does it similar to Steemit.

But the advantage that we have with this is that they are currently doing that right now. So it’s not like it’s something that has to happen in the future their current product. already have a token economy where when you like someone if you want to give rewards someone an ice cream or something.

For example if Tiana was talking about factom at a conference and I saw it on video and I like her presentation I can go get an ice cream or a cake and I know this is crazy, but we research this Project without like who in the world would buy a $5 Virtual ice cream just to give it to someone

But they’re doing like $2 million sales of these virtual products. You ever play with video games where you buy the weapon from somebody else or you buy the farmland or something clay. That’s what they’re doing

The only thing they’re doing different is removing that token and putting in Cryptocurrency tokens to replace it. So what is the advantage of that?

The advantage is that now that token that they used to buy and sell inside the YouNow Network, now when they Converted to a PROPS. They’re gonna use the PROPS Cryptocurrency token

It’s gonna be huge simply because now you can take that token outside their network go to the exchange 10 converted into US dollars how about that. That’s a huge game-changer, that’s why we were looking at it

The viewers can we wore the content creator so you like what we create on there, you can reward us with the PROPS token, likewise, sometimes we have Some hilarious people that make some hilarious comments on our channel

We have our official trolls on our channel. There’s one guy for like every time I broadcast live he’s there. I like it, sometimes even if I just say hey in five minutes I’m going to broadcast live. Boom, he’s there

I think he’s like and then there are people that try to troll and I also know some dude you can’t out roll our official in-house troll

That’s like amateur stuff man go somewhere else practice and then come back. So for our official troll we want to reward him. No one can out troll this guy on our channel

There’s no way for us to do that, but in the PROPS project, what we can do is if this guy comes up some hilarious comments sometimes we like to go to reward him.

I’m saying even though we have different opinions, the fact that he’s our number one troll, we want to reward him. Somebody is that good that really good at their  crap like that we want to reward them

Content creators and viewers can help PROPS tokens and have equity in the platform and profit as a platform growth.

So in the past is we create content on Youtube as Youtube grows and Google grows and they’re worth more We have no stake in it and I need a corrected this, I should not say the word “equity” after listening to our attorneys speak earlier

Change that word “equity” to the stake. If we broadcast from the PROPS Platform, we now have a stake in the platform. As the platform grows and the PROPS tokens have more value

Now we have huge, a bigger stake in the platform. That’s something we really like. So the majority of revenues generated by the platform will go towards the PROPS tokens holders

Right now every all the ad revenues on Youtube they give the YouTube broadcasters like 60% or something like that, no 55% and then Google keep the other 45%

In the case of YouNow, at this moment I think that, if I remember correctly they keep like 40% of the ad revenues, I’m not the average but the virtual sales of the virtual goods they keep 40% of it and the content creator only get 60% of it

But in this new PROPS platform, almost a majority of all the revenues will go to the content creator and the PROPS Platform creators will only get just enough to do maintenance on the network

If you’re a content creator then you have a huge incentive to do it on there.  The economic incentives are a win-win for every player that’s involved in the platform

So if you go there, you watch the content, you correct the content anything, any participant in the platform has an opera opportunity to financially benefit from it. And then also there’s no more surprise censorship by platform creators or at buyers

The thing that they did with Hillary Clinton in the Democratic party censoring some of the top Youtube channels It’s going to be very difficult because it’s on a Cryptocurrency blockchain based network

The last one is the one that’s most annoying no more pesky ads for viewers if they don’t want it

We have ads even though we don’t care about making money on our videos. We leave the ads on anyways because if we don’t turn on the ads if you were to search for what is fact or what is PROPS Project, our videos won’t show up in the search ranking because we turn off the ads

A lot of people that know is personally they say hey, if you don’t need the money once you turn off the ads, then we turn it off then Youtube won’t put it up whenever you search for it

So it is kind of like we’re working with strong-arm into doing that, if you have questions, let me know. I got 5 minutes for questions if you guys could keep it to about the decentralized social media bucket or about our channel or about making money and investing.

They told me I had to be last and make it lively and wake everybody up

Audience: What’s the best way to follow you and to get the honorable greatest guy in the world recommendation

Tai Zen: That would be the honorable grandmaster legendary world-renowned

The best way to get to follow up guys it’s follows that, that’s where every time we do research, we broadcast it out moving forward in 2017. There has been $2 billion and money raised by the ICO according to coinschedule

I don’t know how accurate that number is but that’s a lot of money. What we’ve been doing moving forward a theme on our team is we have a what’s called boots-on-the-ground approach to research

No longer we wait for the white paper any more or just talk to someone on Skype more likely we need to talk to that team in person make sure they’re not be asking us, make sure that they have the software, make sure that they have employees. That’s our approach moving forward in 2017 market conditions change

We try to change and adapt to it

Audience: Can you tell us a little bit more about your investment thesis for Lunyr Project?

Our investment thesis lunar is a project that came out of Northern California or the San Francisco Silicon Valley area and just real quick disclaimer just a reminder the disclaimer

If you guys hear me or on talking about anything on Twitter, on our channel It’s safe to assume we’re in it. We just want to make that full disclosure all

Lunyr is a project where they’re trying to decentralized Wikipedia. I am very bullish on it personally our team is very bullish on it, simply because they just have they just recently released a test Alpha something like that and the price skyrocket

That is a very good bullish signal, simply because the market is telling us that they’re anticipating it and just buy that announcement alone it went from I think, it shot up huge human I can remember it like from $1 to like $10 $12 or something like that to $20 62 $25

Just the release of like a early test software offers a long drive the price up that much. When we see that we’re still bullish on it

Audience: You see that on Bitcoin and Ethereum now and also after the optic that how much will it depreciate

Tai Zen: I don’t know that cuz if I did I would mortgage sell everything and then borrow as much money as I can and then put it into Bitcoin right, we keep a smaller the strategies that we don’t back up the truck on any one coin

What we do is we put a small position on each one so in case we’re wrong, we still live to fight the next day. The key here’s this guy’s missing a huge run-up on something like factom from $1, $20 to $36 or stratus that goes up hundreds of multiple or ant shares missing.

That is significantly more damaging and hurtful to your portfolio. Then taking that small risk and then getting that, that’s our team strategy, we don’t want to miss those next big ones like that

To answer your question about Bitcoin Ethereum, we are agnostic to any Cryptocurrencies, that’s why everybody thought we were crazy when we started talking about investing all coins back

Over four years ago, because we don’t have a favorite coin, we are investing and trading channel and we focus on making money from trading investing

We don’t have a bias towards any coin, so even if there’s an opportunity we jump onto it. One thing that I personally do not like confusion

When the dow happened with Ethereum I sold out and then when the confusion in the splits and Bitcoin I’m selling out, I have a very small position

There’s an ensign back there I’m going to stop at here guys if you have any additional questions, you’re welcome to pull me aside or aside and we answer them for you. So thanks for having us here guys

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