Crypto Investing #82 – What Is The Decentralized Social Media & Content Creation Bucket?

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Tai Zen: All right, I think we should be live now. Let me check to make sure that everyone can hear us.

Leon Fu: I still say off are online.

Tai Zen: All right we just. Once we get a confirmation from the audience that they can hear and we’ll get started bro.

Confirmation. This is a Tai Zen. I’m broadcasting from Dallas, Texas today. And, with me today guys we have once again. The honorable, grandmaster, legendary worldly now, Say hello, Leon.

Leon Fu: Hey guys. How are you?

Tai Zen: Where you broadcasting from today oh great oracle of Crypto.

Leon Fu: Well, I’m not in Oz. I’m in my brand new 2017 Winnebago as you know we, my brand new spanking new RV, the Crypto RV. We haven’t even decided if we are going to call it the status of the new Ethereum.

Tai Zen: Is that, so instead of going to the Stratus Ferrari now, it’s become the stratus RV.

The stratus Winnebago. Hey, we got a lot to cover here man. So this is an investing channel, you know we’ll talk about the RV. RV once we get down when I once I see you next week in Austin, Texas for the Texas Bitcoin Conference.

If you want, let’s cut your video off real quick because we’re gonna do some screen sharing here. Just to run to the markets real quick. And if you guys have any questions guys. We gonna go to the end of the hour here. Just save your questions till the end, because right now we’re gonna be busy.

Looking at the screen here’s a bunch of stuff that Leon and I have to share with you guys. So because of that we get cracked in here. This is a very important topic that we’ve been doing a lot of research. Let me just share the screen with you guys here. Real quick. Let me know when you can see my screen, Leon.

You should see the typhoon indexes. So you got to and go to typhoon indexes dot com

We shouldn’t do a quick look at the markets, real quick. The markets at 159 points right now. When we first started this index back around June 17th I think it was when we first released the typhoon 30 Cryptocurrency market index it was at 100 points. So the market has grown about almost 60% since then.

Back then we started 100 points because the market was at like around 100 billion dollars. And so now it’s a gun up since then.

Scroll down right there’s the hourly chart and then here are the components of the index it updates every 24 hours. You have any commentary on that before we go to all coin.

Leon Fu: I think we remember it right after we released it. The market tanked, right. I mean the typhoon index again as low as I think was it 70 or 60s, I don’t remember.

Tai Zen: I guess like around 70 73 points. It’s down the low 70s.

Leon Fu: We’ve more than doubled off the lows so that was a good trade for those of you that got it. Mainly, I would make that saying that most of the recovery has been due to Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. Because you know, Bitcoin Cash adds another 5 billion.

Tai Zen: Let me go to them since you are talking about that. Let’s go to the typhoon Marbella and Bitcoin Marbella index here. The Bitcoin aggregate index shows that you know the value of all the big Bitcoin and the baby Bitcoins that come out such as Bitcoin cash Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin core. It’s not included.

Hey, you couldn’t go ahead and explain real quick what is included in the typhoon Bitcoin aggregate index and what’s not included so the audience knows

Leon Fu: Bitcoin index are all variants of Bitcoin including that share the same genesis block as let’s call it Bitcoin core. So it’s a poor plus at the moment Bitcoin cash. I anticipate the Bitcoin gold and Bitcoin 2X, let’s just call it the hard fork of the New York agreement to actually I coming so within the next month or 2 I expect, we’re expecting to more baby Bitcoin come out. Seem to be on the road map right now.

Tai Zen: So be watching for that guys and we will update the index once that comes out and then the all coin index here you guys just real quick before we jump into today’s topic. The Typhoon 30 are all playing market index has been on the rise also.

We’re working on the David and the team is working on the production-grade. So hopefully by the beginning of the year you know we’ll have all these typhoon indexes running in production-grade software. So that it can be included like into the Exodus wallet but a coin pouch wallet and all the other ones. So that’s enough of for the daily updates guys. Let’s jump to today’s topic guys.

Today’s topic is we are going to talk about the decentralized social media guys. And the decentralized content creation bucket so just to give everyone a quick recap here, a quick history. There some events that caused the content creators such as YouTube and we’re just going to use YouTube as an example here guys but this applies to all the most of the major like Facebook, Twitterand all the main social media sites guys.

Before we talk about why the, we want to talk about the cause or the problem and in the solution of the blockchain community is trying to resolve. And then we’re going to the projects that we think that will have a huge that will become major players in this bucket.

So just so you guys know the decentralized when Leon and I look at Cryptocurrencies guys. Every time we look at a new Cryptocurrency, a new ICO, the first thing we always try to figure out is what bucket is this in, what category was sector, what industries are in.

For example, like made safe Sayacoin storage coin things like that and Filecoin, those belong it or golem those belong in the distributed computing bucket. And project such as decent library lunar and project such as a scenario and the upcoming one called props project.

Those are all that we called the decentralized social media content creation bucket. But before we go and make an investment case and why or the value why that buck is extremely important.

We want to explain to you guys what a problem is with the current problem is with social media and the content creation industry. So a while back one of the top YouTubers are probably the most famous or the most subscribed channel on YouTube is a guy named Judy Pie or a channel called PewDiePie.

If you look at here is too deep, PewDiePie. Is that like 57 million subscribers?

So he made a comment about these Indians right where they or these too skinny guys here about how you can go to fiber and pay him five bucks and they can, they’ll say whatever you want and things like that.

And apparently the comment that he made some people complain that, can you move your microphone real quick, Leon. Some people complain that you know the comment that he made while watching this video was considered racist.

After that, some of the major advertisers cut funding to his channel, cut the advertising. So, it led to what’s called the apocalypse admitting that you know the address renews the advertising and combined with the word apocalypse.

The end is here, so PewDiePie talks about that, and the reason why we’re bringing this up, guys. Is because there is an issue right now with social media where the in the US, we have two major: Political parties, one are the republicans which is considered the conservative party.

And the other one is the Democrats that are considered, the I guess liberal and the progressive Party. And they lost the Democrats had Hillary Clinton. The wife of an ex-president Bill Clinton. And he, apparently they spent a ton of money marketing advertising and they lost the presidency.

So they blame the lost the presidency on all these social media channels and these content creators that were making commentary, that spoke out against Hillary Clinton.

To take, to get back at them to get back at the content creator.  They went back and they cut their main source the umbilical cord which is ADD revenues so these channels like PewDiePie’s channel were making 100 of thousands of dollars each year in ad revenues.

So because of that, they were forced to go and right here, he talks about the apocalypse. And then over here PewDiePie, it forced him to switch to a different content creation platform called Twitch.

If we look at here, what daily dodd says Youtubers warmed that apocalypse is here and it’s killing them. Here’s some more, here’s another extremely popular Channel they have 4.9 million viewers is called H3H3 Productions

They have been forced to switch over to twitch and other content creation platform as well. And then if you look over here, so on tube filter, they talk about how Philip DeFranco, H3H3 Productions, PewDiePie

They’re getting hit and their ad revenues are getting they lost like 80% of their ad revenues because of this thing of all the major companies taking pulling away from their advertising money from the content creators.

And other channels also like the Military Archive channel right here and David Pakman. They said that their ad earnings dropped by 99%. So this is a huge deal I mean people losing 80% of their revenues 90% meanwhile if you look at what Google‘s doing.

They are still getting quarterly revenues of 24.75 billion dollars each quarter. So they’re still getting their money. But the pulling money away from these advertisers so they’re still making a bucket load of money.

And usually, their ad revenues and even says here that they’re increasing by 20% over the previous year. Meanwhile, they’re cutting all the content creators ad revenues earning.

So, let me just, switchback real quick and explain this well let me show you this real quick too. You got here Philip DeFranco he’s got 5 million subscribers and he said his YouTube is not dying but will soon we will we all die soon.

So he’s saying that YouTube is not going to die but all the content creators. Most likely will and over here, when he follows up with YouTube apocalypse. It’s getting worse and pushing creators away.

Right here he’s talking about you know Philip DeFranco splits with group nine media launches crowdfunding news network to you know. So that he can be in control his own revenues and his income and not let YouTube or somebody else do it.

Over here The Blood Brothers they have 3 million subscribers and look at the look on his face because of what apocalypse did to his channel. We’ll talk about Props in a minute, let’s go back to these things here we only put the camera back on and let me explain this real quick.

If you guys noticed what I just showed there and we just use YouTube as an example, guys. Everyone is getting slaughter in the space, simply because of this. Simply because all these major corporations are pulling their money away from the YouTube community and other content creation community.

Because of, so I think that everyone said that. Hey were you guys able to see the screen sharing I just did? I hope everybody saw that I just now saw the notes. Did you see my screen sharing, Leon?

Leon Fu: I saw your screen share. But I’m on hangouts.

Tai Zen: Okay did you guys see the screen sharing earlier? Okay, some people say yes and some people say no.

Leon Fu: Well that I mean there’s a replay it, we’re recording this.

Tai Zen: If the audience didn’t see that means it was not. So what were they saying the entire time then? What did you guys see when I was doing the screen sharing then.

Oh okay, I see it. Anyway, sorry about that guys. Let’s talk about the content creation bucket here guys and see why it’s so important that we understand this.

In the past, whenever somebody creates content on YouTube on any platform and then there are ads on there. What happens if the ads on there and then whatever the let’s took a color put their ads on our channel and they pay.

And you guys watch it and you click on the ad and then you guys click on the ad and watch it. What happens is the cola has to pay the advertising money to YouTube and then YouTube gives a portion of that ad revenue to our channel.

Now Leon and I, we make a full-time living from trading and investing in Crypto. We could care less what the ad revenues are and we don’t even pay attention to it. That’s why if you guys notice we don’t care about android.

We don’t tell people to click on your ads, we don’t tell people to send us donations. If you want to send donations that it to somebody else that needs it not us because we don’t need it.

So those are the things that happened, it’s kind of like Google AdWords and AdSense right. Because our channel probably makes I don’t know the last time I checked, it makes like 50 or 100 bucks and ads each month. Because we have my 27000 subscribers.

Other channels that have like millions of subscribers will make hundreds of thousands of dollars each month. So because of that, when YouTube pulls out those and revenues and cut them by 90% or 80% of their revenues. They are being forced to lay off people and being forced to go to other content creation platform.

We saw this coming so we never even, the very day one, we never know we’re Cryptocurrency traders and investors. We never gave about the YouTube ads anyway. But there’s a few there’s like three two or three major problems with the content creation Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and all that.

Because one is that, it can be censored. You want to talk about that Leon. About how well, they don’t tell you that you can’t create that say what you want but they take the money away from your ads, right.

Which D you know takes away your staff. It D motivate you from making more content.

Leon Fu:  So a problem with media since the beginning. Even before the Internet. This goes back way before YouTube and Facebook and Twitter pre Internet. There are only around a major.

Tai Zen: You know, going cut off your bumming, cut off, you’re on video. ‘Cuz the Bandwidth for somebody’s not coming through.

Leon Fu: Hear me now, so even before social media, even before the internet. Only about 8 multinational corporations controlled all of the media. You know these are things like Disney and Viacom and Fox and Time Warner. You know things that we’ve all heard of and so you think about what we had before the Internet. We had about 8 companies that controlled all the radio, all the video TV, all the movie, all the magazines and publishing, all the newspapers.

So you had just a handful of corporations. That control we saw read and heard and felt. I mean because it was just a handful of companies that control everything. Well, the internet comes along and now all of the sudden millions, hundreds of millions of people can create a contact if you have something to say, something to write, if you have some video to shoot.

You now, all of us now have the ability to reach millions of people. But the problem is all of these platforms are still controlled by a handful of companies. You know the ones we all use YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter. All you know just those operations.

They’re new corporations, but it’s just a handful of corporations that still control everything. We see, read and hear on the Internet just like traditional media. The internet with a step forward in that, it gave a platform to everyone that it could now create context. So we are better than where we said 20 years ago before the end of before everyone had the Internet.

I think that this is we are still in a better place today than we were 20-30 years ago because now, we know we’re being censored. I mean just you just put up all those screenshots and you can see that people are getting censored before the Internet.

We didn’t even know like we just thought that was the, what was presented to us was the reality when we were just the viewpoint is very small group of people. That was pushing the viewpoints to all of us. Today, we have a problem where censorship. We have a problem with both the revenues because even though these platforms such as YouTube and Twitter on Facebook.

They’re very valuable but all of the revenue goes to them if we just talked about financially. What’s wrong is that I think we all agree that the platform does deserve a portion of the revenue.

Tai Zen: That they’re putting up you know, just to be fair. The creators of the, if you create the YouTube platform where other people can come on and broadcast and have the means to broadcast and live stream like we are right now, you know.

You know there’s no way anyone can say that they don’t deserve compensation for their efforts and their time and their technology and their staff and their people. what’s more?

Leon Fu: What is fair look at other industries that create the platform. Let’s just take Airbnb, Airbnb takes about 20%, they don’t take you to know, Uber takes about 20%. If you do you know most of these platforms that offer like eBay I think if you add in all their fees take about 15-20 %, 10, 15, 20 maybe 30% sometimes.

But social media they take all of it, they take I would say they take 90. You know you just pulled up the revenues. What’s the %, how much do they actually payout to their content creators. I don’t know the numbers of handy.

Tai Zen: I think, I look, I saw somewhere where it’s an estimated you know somewhere like around 45%. They take almost half, you know like haft. The content creators take like about 55-60% somewhere around there.

I don’t know the exact numbers ‘cuz I never pay attention to how much we make on the channel right so that’s why I don’t know the exact numbers are less about what they take last the first time I checked I think it was like somewhere around 45%, somewhere around there. I couldn’t be wrong but excites a big chunk.

Leon Fu: That might be YouTube, that might be Facebook. I never received a penny from Facebook. And I think most of my friends, the billions of people, everyone I know on Facebook who posts their pictures or whatever they pose.

They don’t receive any money so I said in the case maybe and YouTube or Google they pay 40-50% but I would say in the case of Twitter or in the case of Facebook. I would think it’s almost all of it because I never received even 50 bucks for

Tai Zen: On a place like Twitter and Facebook. The platform creators meaning Twitter and Facebook, they take almost 100% like 100% because you and I never got a paid from them but on I just Google on YouTube and on Google on me. And you should take about 55% and then the content creators like us.

Leon Fu: So that’s why people making a living on YouTube. Because they at least get 50%. Nobody is making a living posting on Facebook or posting on Twitter. Not that I know if I don’t know anybody who even if you have millions of followers on Twitter. I don’t know anyone making a living of Twitter or Facebook, so I think it varies between on the high-end like YouTube maybe  40-50%. And on the low end, you get nothing.

And that I think we all would agree that Inherently unfair because Facebook is the largest social media platform worth hundreds of billions of dollars. I think it’s around 300, 400, 500. I haven’t look at the Market cap yet, but they have that value because of the, their community.

Because of the people posting content if there were no people is if there was no content on Facebook or Twitter, no one would go to Facebook or Twitter. It’s a fact that their friends and family and followers.

Tai Zen: Leon, we interrupt this broadcast I’ve always wanted to do this okay. So I’m up to do now. We interrupt these broadcast folks to announce that Bitcoin has just reached all-time highs.

I’ve always wanted to do that, this important broadcast to bring you the latest news on Bitcoin has reached an all-time high at 5880. It is on track to break 6000 during this broadcast.

Leon Fu: The first issue is money. Just straight up money, I think we all feel that the platforms are taking way too much and the share that the content producers are getting, are is only 50% to nothing.

Depending on which platform you’re using, so that’s number one but I think an even bigger issue, I think we feel an even bigger issue is censorship. Like you, you brought up censorship is another huge issue.

That I see think is unfair because you know it and I’m not saying that you know. There are certain things that shouldn’t be censored for example if there’s kitty pom or if there’s you know is Beheading videos you know I think as a community. We and that’s pretty clear that hey you know we.

Tai Zen: But that should be done by the community and not by the platform creators like the platform creators should not but right now they’re acting like you know that the toll keepers of a toll bridge. And they’re dictating who gets to go across the bridge and who doesn’t.

Leon Fu: The Mendocino in America we have the Bill of Rights in the very first amendment is the freedom of speech. And why do we have the freedom of speech?

Freedom of speech is not so that you and I can talk about the weather. It’s not because you and I can talk about what happened yesterday. It’s so that we can say controversial things. That’s the only kind of speech, that needs the first amendment is things that are controversial things that make people uncomfortable.

That’s why we need, that’s why we have the First Amendment so that we can express ideas that many people disagree with, that make people uncomfortable. Because you know I  mean we don’t need the freedom of speech to say today is 70° and just to say what everyone else is saying or to say the accepted view.

We need freedom of speech to say things that make people uncomfortable. That’s what needs protection, not normal stuff that people talk about. So we, so you brought up the case of like Hillary Clinton and how they lost the election and now there’s this whole thing about fake news.

There’s this whole thing and how they’re blaming fake news. Well, you know who gets to decide what is fake news or what is actually even true or not true and you can see that the content platforms are talking upon themselves to decide that what they believe is real or not true like I saw a video.

Where you know things like people saying things like you know the whole Pizzagate and that was fake news. Now, I don’t know whether these things are fake news. I’m not, I don’t have enough interest to find out for myself whether or not these topics are fake or not but.

Tai Zen: It doesn’t make money, it doesn’t make life-changing.

Leon Fu: I don’t really, I don’t have the inclination to go find out for myself because I’m just not interested in but that’s not the point, here the point is that we believe whether that you should have the right to say.

What you believe and you know that the power to censor, you shouldn’t reside in the platform that you’re publishing on I think that’s the whole problem where we believe that it’s the community that should decide. It’s your viewers, that should decide whether or not what you’re saying is true and not the platform.

Not Facebook, not Google, not Twitter to decide whether or not you be allowed to say what you want to. And you know, there’s this whole thing where you know. They’re saying that old Russia manipulated the election and I don’t even believe that would be center even if it were true.

That, you know Russians put up websites to spread quote-unquote misinformation. That’s our job to determine that our job as viewers to determine whether or not when something is said whether or not. That is true whether we wish to believe that or not believe that I think that shouldn’t reside that power shouldn’t reside on the platform. But with the community with the audience. So that’s what I have to say about that.

Tai Zen: So there’s two-third so the two things that are wrong with the current model that we have which I agree with you that. It’s significantly it’s night and day and it’s magnitude better than the traditional TV and newspaper and Magazine Media Outlets.

Because now there are small channels like ourselves you know and like all the other. Crypto channels, we’re able to broadcast as we do. And but the problem is, the major problems at the censorship that you talked about

And that the Toltecs, you know like they taking all the money. But and the third is this it’s not just the ad revenues but the third thing that I want to share with you guys out in the audience there.

Is that the content creators have no Equity or no ownership of the platform. So you want to a breakdown that concept of Equity why it’s important. You know, what the value of having Equity in the platform that you’re building that you’re working on.

Leon Fu: The Equity is basically a piece of a platform. It’s everything. So let’s define what the word Equity means. Equity is simply if you have a venture, any kind of business, any kind of asset, any kind of you know any kind of thing.

It’s simple, after the revenues or the value of it, all the liabilities. Whatever leftover that’s called Equity. And you know from accounting term. That’s what we call Equity.

Tai Zen: So basically so I just pulled it up I searched on Google and it said that the estimated Market cap of  YouTube is like 75 billion dollars.

Leon Fu: 75 billion like that’s going to investors. That’s all going to Shareholders of Google as Yahoo is now as YouTube is now part of Google.

The content owners don’t get a piece of it. It just doesn’t get they don’t get any of it. It’s basically we are like we’re even worse than employees of the company.

Because at least the employees of a company they got a paycheck. We don’t even get a paycheck from these companies. But we’ve talked about this in a previous video that being an Equity owner.

That the reason you want to be an Equity owner is that it’s uncapped. You get a percentage of all the profits.

Tai Zen: If you’re an employee of a company and you work for a company. What it looks like that when YouTube was only worth a billion dollars.

Let’s say when it was only worth a million dollars. And you work for them as an employee and you get paid less I even if they pay you that you know where the highest salaries possible and I say the pay you $200,000 a year.

10 years later, when a company is worth 75 billion dollars. You’re still getting paid $200,000 a year. But the people who own the platform in the creators of the platform are now worth 75 billion dollars while you still make your $200,000 a year

Leon Fu: The majority of like just at and they’re going to keep making more right. There’s no cap to what they can make if you own 1% of YouTube as an example.

It goes from 1 billion to 75 billion, you just made 1% of the addition of 74 billion that just came in. And you will keep making more as the platform grows and value.

It’s really important as if you believe in something, get a paycheck. That you also own some % of the Equity. If you obviously you want that if you believe in whatever you’re working on the money is made. That’s how in finance happen is owning a percentage of Equity in something.

That’s as well. As an investing channel, you have to go to keep that Concept in mind.If you want to own the Equity of things.

You believe in not just collect the paycheck would not just work for that project.

Tai Zen: So what I’m looking at here okay is the list of top YouTube earners and when we say this guy, this can be across any platform. We just happen to be broadcasters on the YouTube platform

And that’s the so we’re using that as an example. But just be aware that this can be just any content creation platform. And not just us.

So if you look at according to a Business Insider. In 2016, I’m just gonna run this through this list real quick okay number 9 Colleen Ballinger she made 5 million income from her Channel. Rhett and Link made like 5 million. Let’s just go down to the top five by Smosh number 4 Smosh made 7 million. Lilly Singh May 7th and a half million on YouTube. RomanAtWood made 8 million too. PewDiePie made 15 million.

Even we look at PewDiePie’s numbers when he made 15 million off of YouTube. That’s still pennies compared to the 75 billion Market cap of the estimated Market cap of YouTube.

The key thing here is these guys is that this is where we believe that blockchain Technologies and Cryptocurrencies can help eliminate this problem.

And let me just share the screen with you guys real quick here. If you guy sees my screen, let me know this time to make sure that you guys see it.

The last time I shared it and nobody’s sawed. So let me just share the screen here. Let me know when you guys can see my screen.

You should see it’s a decentralized ecosystem video application on my screen. Are you see it, Leon?

Leon Fu: Yeah I see.

Tai Zen: I want to see the audience. So many you guys know that in a previous video a couple videos ago Myself and David went to New York to test out and ICO software.

And it was from a company called the. It was from, and it was from a company called So they’re the first mobile live streaming software I came on the market.

I think we have to make a disclosure here real quick Leon and a disclaimer here before we start talking about these guys.

You guys know that I’ll just claim her on our channel is that. You can safely assume that we invest in anything that we talked about on our Channel. So just assume you have to ask us if we are investing in a Crypto that we talked about on our Channel.

It’s always safe to assume that we invest in the projects that we talked about and if we fly to another city. Back and forth multiple times to research their team and their software and tested stuff.

It is very safe to assume that you know more than likely we’re going to be investing in it. So just say that full disclosure. So you guys don’t say that.

You invest in something and we don’t let you guys know about it and then we talk about it. So recently, guys, we were you know, we, Leon and I have known that these three problems have existed in the content creation area for a long time now since we started broadcasting you know like we are the first Cryptocurrency investing Channel.

And the longest in the oldest running Cryptocurrency investing channel that we know of. But we start broadcasting about Cryptocurrency investing over 4 years ago back in 2013 we started talking about Cryptocurrency investing.

There were other channels that talked about Crypto but none of them that we know of were talking about investing and making life-changing money.

So recently, a few weeks ago we were contacted by this company called And you know are fully aware of how you know we do our due diligence and we’re really picky about the projects.

That we talk about on our channel. Because we don’t want to accidentally talk about some project and bring it to our audience.

Over 200,000 subscribers at this moment and it’s extremely important to Leon and I. That we bring quality projects and share the quality project with our audience.

So we got contacted by this team list Younow. And they told us that, they’re about to do an ICO in November sometime in the middle or the end of November we don’t have an exact date yet.

And they said that they wanted to invite us to New York City to Times Square to where their headquarters is that. And they said they have you know over 50 employees. They have over 2 million in sales each month. And they have 40 million registered users on the there old platform called Younow.

And they are going to transition over to a new platform called The Props platform. And so when we this is like the first time that we have ever encounter a project.

Let me just stop the screen sharing for a minute here. And put a video of me. So this is the first time that we got approached by an ICO project.

They had employees and they had working software and they have 40 million registered users. Those are like critical pieces of a successful business a successful project.

So when they said that and they offered to fly us out to test their software. And review their software and their project. We declined the offer to pay for an airfare and travel stuff we said we’ll cover ourselves.

You guys know that we like to cover our own flight and hotel and travel expenses so that we can go and you know we are not. We don’t have to be forced to say something positive about their project.

And, we did that when Dash payments of the Dash platform invited our team to go out and review the Dash Cryptocurrency out in London. They offered to pay for our travel expenses and we declined that also so the same was here because we feel like, we can be neutral.

Towards it, I want to disclose this to you guys that when we went out there and we tested their software you know we were like you know, what do you call that flabbergasted.

I dropped out of High School guys so that might be a big word for me I’m out of using the wrong place. We were shocked that they actually had working software and it actually does what they claim that it does.

Now we’re not going to go into details about the software testing that we did. Okay, will do that a separate video because of not enough time in here.

But we want to give you guys a heads up that we will be doing extensive research and testing and review of this project. Because it’s the first time, it over 4 years that we’ve been reviewing ICO’s and new Cryptocurrencies.

This is the first project that has working software. Dozens of employees and over 2 million in sales each month and 40 million registered users.

In the past, there were lots of projects that we really like, that we really couldn’t really talk about it with passion. The reason was that they didn’t have working software they didn’t have employees, they didn’t have an office in the middle of Times Square for us to go and visit.

So we were always hesitant to talk about a project. Because we didn’t know if what did we introduce this to our audience. And it turns out to be a scam or something. And so when we went up there to their headquarters, and we find out that they’ve been in business for over 6 years.

They’re one of their main investors is Comcast in case. You guys don’t know, Comcast is a huge Media channel.

And I don’t know if it’s, I think it’s okay to say this because the CEO of the props project and Younow, he shared this with me when I was there so I assume it’s okay because you didn’t tell me that you can’t tell anybody but there is a huge major corporation.

That has reached out to him to start using this up a platform already. Before they even released it and he showed me the emails of the when we were there to prove that.

That they would not bullshit in and when I was there they gave us free access to their entire headquarters. Like they had over here that doesn’t employees there.

And we can literally just go and tap on anyone’s shoulder and pull them into a side or into a room and ask them any questions about the project.

So we’re really excited about this project that we research because it’s the first project that we have been able to share with our audience with conviction. And not be worried that it’s a scam.

I hope you guys understand that. You have anything to add to that Leon. So here’s the thing, guys, we are going to let Leon leave and I’m going to answer a few last questions here.

And then we’ll come back on with the rest of our team by with David also and will share with you guys about it.

You guys don’t have to worry about this guy’s because there was also something that I really like about this project was that you know on the phone before we went out there to do the research and visit their headquarters.

We asked to make sure, you know we cover this. This gonna be one of those ICO’s that just sell out and then our audience can’t get involved. And they said no they have a whitelisting process. Where anybody that wants to participate can participate in it. They have a hard camp and we’ll go to the details of all these guys more.

And we’re actually gonna go back to their office next week. And we’ll go get it straight from the CEO and the lead developer in the project, managers and everything. You guys nice to hear from us.

You guys are going to hear our commentary, our opinions our analysis. But we’re going to get the information straight from the Horse’s mouth so that we don’t get the information wrong. So any time that we can get the information for you guys, straight from the team themselves then we will do that and we even go around and talk to some of the employees about the project to guys.

I’m really excited about this. If you guys have any questions you guys are welcome to submit the questions in the chatbox.

And I’ll answer them for you and then we’ll wrap it up. And then I also invite you guys to stick around because I gonna have another live show. Coming up right after this.

The name of the project guys is called the Props project. I’ll leave it here in the description it’s from a company called

And you subscribe to that project, you’ll be whitelisted if you go to the And enjoying them. Join their mailing list, and join telegram. I’m in their telegram you know so every time I post new information, I’ll be post it in there. This is the first time that I join any Cryptocurrency project telegram.

I’m gonna tell you guys this I’m going to be upfront with you guys, so you guys know that I don’t like the bullshit around when it comes to these Cryptocurrencies.

I want you guys to hear it straight from me. Slay nog movement ask if are you an investor? The answer is yes. Okay on this one I’m absolutely going to be an investor.

I want you guys to know that it’s okay that I am extremely biased about this project. Okay not just because I’m in that I will be today I’m not an investor yet, but I will be investing that project.

I am extremely biased about this and you guys need to be fully aware of that. Because I am a content creator I’ve been creating content on YouTube for years. Long before I had this Cryptocurrency channel I have the most popular personal development self-improvement channel in Vietnamese.

In the Vietnamese language, and so I have been broadcasting for I don’t know for how long since 2009-2010 on YouTube.

So I am extremely biased about this project simply because it solves the three biggest fiction point, the biggest hurdles, the biggest problems that I personally see and our team sees in the video content creation space.

Okay so I just want you guys to know that throughout any time you guys hear me talk about the Props project by Younow, I want you guys to fully be aware that I am biased about it because I am a content creator our entire team is a content creator.

You know we became the most popular channel in Cryptocurrency investing. Because of all of our Channel and because of the video.

And even though I don’t make a living off of YouTube ads or off of YouTube. I have met some of the most amazing people in Crypto. Because of my YouTube channel.

So I just want you guys to be fully aware of that. Don’t come back and say that a tie you’re being biased about Props, right.

You’re damn right I’m biased about it because I’m going to be an investor in it. And I’m going to go up to their headquarters next week.

And shoot some videos at them and review the project. Talk to their death team and get you guys more information.

Our goal in 2017 is boots on the ground. We’re gonna invest a project. You want to talk to the people. If they have 2 million dollars in sales each month in revenues. That’s a huge green flag for us.

Pay attention. So if you guys got any questions go ahead and put in the chatbox. I’m gonna spend a couple of minutes.

I’m here I got Dave Levine waiting for me to start the live broadcast on the next episode here in the next show. So let me run through here and answer some questions for you guys.

Are you sure you’re the best? Absolutely. You tell me that it does another Cryptocurrency investing channel has better than ours and you tell me about it I’ll go check it out.

And it is better I’ll tell you guys, okay but if you guys follow this, you did invest into a theory. We were the first channel invest into you know to talk about youth in when he was 19 years old.

At the Texas Bitcoin we brought you guys a dam, we brought you guys where’s ICO we brought you guys to stratus ICO and shares all kinds of stuff.

There we are absolutely Undisputed best Cryptocurrency investing channel on the internet. Most reliable to ‘cuz we are both sit around about the place and we put our money where the mouth is when we talk about a project.

You guys know that our team puts money behind it. Tai Zen and bite-size interview with A1 absolutely. That’s like one of the best projects out there.

Let me see, what else? Ant shares go up. You’re the damn right fact they live that. Those are all moneymaker those are all left if you guys donate to any of those projects it would have been life-changing profits for any of you guys.

Out of the media bucket list of what’s your favorite my favorite bucket is the Privacy coin bucket, guys. And my second favorite is the decentralized content creation of social media.

The video stops only on my computer. No, it’s still running I think if you’re skeptical about the prata but perhaps it’s legit. I want to say this about skepticism and stuff okay guys.

We have invested in stuff on our team guys we just a white paper. And I’ll be damned if I run across a project that has 2 million in sales each month, 40000 registered users.

And over 50 employees and I’ve talked to those you know most of the employees myself I’ve seen them and say hello. I stepped in ate lunch with them at their office.

So you can’t tell me that you know if they’re skeptical about the project that just has an idea in a summary white paper and no employees no sales and not like that right.

Privacy,  like rivets, is. No privacy coins guys. Privacy a rivet is lost in the infrastructure and protocol bucket. Not the privacy coin bucket privacy coins are like Zcash, Monero, Dash. It used to be a privacy coin particle: Zencash and coins like that.

If you guys have any questions for the man. Let me see here I want to make sure nobody gets left out. I don’t see any other questions coming in.

A cool coin is also in the privacy coin bucket. I’m going to go ahead and wrap up this episode.

Right, have you invested or already invested in the future. But I thought out you guys. A million this in the future when it comes out it’s not obvious I can’t invest into it.

There are no shares in Cryptocurrency, there’s is only tokens. I’m investing in Vivix could not remember guys, privacy coins.

Let me see, are you being paid by Props. To say this, no I’m an investor in France. I mean that’s it in Verge.

You like it or not. I invest in it, it’s a privacy coin, so privacy coins are my favorite bucket. So I’m going to get into those things okay. I’m gonna wrap this up if you guys want to stick around.

I’m going to start another show with Dave Levine. We’re a few minutes late. Already, so stick around and join us again guys and this is conclusive broadcast.

Leon and I will come back. Are you everything to stay, Leon.

Leon Fu: I no I just had to run, there was a park ranger. That knocking on my door. I’m going to talk to them.

Tai Zen: Stick around, we’re going to bring Dave Levine on from his channel and we’ll talk to him Leon if you have time all right.

So you guys like what we talked about guys make sure you guys follow a channel and subscribe to us at on the what you see on the screen right there. Slash newsletter. We don’t around you know about the stuff that we talked about and you guys can ensure that you know we put our money where the mouth is.

And we’re not like was bogus channels investment analyst where they talk about bullshit through investing theory never put a damn on.

Nance that will do it, will interview him later. I know him he’s in Austin and we will probably look him up next week. When we’re in awesome.

So thanks for following us on this channel guys. And I’m gonna turn this channel broadcast off and I’ll see you guys in the next broadcast with Dave Levine.

This concludes the broadcast and thanks for being with us here today guys.

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