Crypto Investing #79 – Crypto Lessons From Pastor Marco Echartea

Tai Zen: What’s up guys this is Tai Zen. I’m broadcasting from the Marriott hotel in South-West Houston right now. With me, we have the Honorable Grandmaster Legendary World-Renowned,, the great Oracle of cryptocurrency and the all-around good guy, the Chuck Norris of crypto. With us, in between me and, we have Pastor Marco, say hello Pastor Marco.

Pastor Marco: What’s up, I’m happy to be here.

Tai Zen: So Pastor Marco has been a longtime follower of our channel and he got into cryptocurrencies earlier this year and did well enough to where he’s about to let go of some of his current jobs and do it part-time and focus more on the Pastoring and his ministry and spiritual work and focus on being a full-time crypto investor. And recently I made a video about how to be a crypto vlogger, and talk about crypto and how to start a YouTube channel and make it succeed and everything.

And in the video I mentioned that if you’ve been broadcasting and once you get started for a few months and you’ve made a couple of videos a week and things like that and reach out to me and let me know and I’ll introduce you to our viewers and our subscribers and help you get started. Because on YouTube, a lot of times the big channels that are big, they forget that where you start out at. And so Leon and I are grateful that our YouTube channel became very popular in the cryptocurrency investing space and we want to do everything we can to help other channels are up and coming.

Pastor Marco here with one of the first channels the contact us after we released our video, and we were coming here to Houston for the oil and gas blockchain conference. And so we met up here because Pastor Marco is from the Southern part of Houston.

First of all, let’s start with the hurricane. How did you survive? How’s everything with you and your family, your church and everything after Hurricane Harvey came through?

Pastor Marco: Our church did great. I live in a parsonage on the property and so we didn’t take on any water which is amazing because parts of our city were under mandatory evacuation, we had evacuated before the hurricane hit.

Our church’s properties were high and dry which is kind of a miracle, there’s so much flood in all around our county. We’re blessed we didn’t get hit and we got some help from FEMA because we were extended outside of the home for a long time and so we’re doing good. And I basically came out really unscathed from the whole hurricane.

Tai Zen: Let’s get back to the cryptocurrency here, let’s talk about how you start out in crypto because we have a lot of people that are starting out investing in cryptocurrencies and I think that would really help them to understand how you got started. We’ve been broadcasting since 2013, we’ve been investing cryptocurrencies since late 2012, early 2013.

So a lot of times when people are coming into crypto now, they feel like we don’t have those opportunities anymore and that they’re late-comers. We always like to talk to the new people that come into cryptocurrency and see how they got started. How did you first hear about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency?

Pastor Marco: I was listening to Jack Spirko and at the time he was more libertarian than he is now, but he was talking about how Bitcoin is basically is decentralized, that it’s the government can’t stop it, and basically that it’s not manipulated like Fiat is. And so I thought this sounds awesome, I didn’t understand it though, there are so many features to Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general.

It’s like one thing but it’s another thing, so I didn’t really understand it. I heard about it in 2013 as it was going up to $1,000. And then I heard he talked about later on if you wanted to get invested at any point, you would need a wallet so why not set up a wallet.

And Coinbase was around at 2014 where I set up a wallet and then in 2015, it dipped down to $248. I said I can buy one Bitcoin; it’s not going to change anything. And I knew it’s been at $1,000, it’s a great buy right now so I bought one.

And then at the beginning of this year, I had a thought Bitcoins did well for me, and I was thinking I need to diversify a little bit, look at some of these other markets. Because Ethereum had already shown up on Coinbase and I didn’t know anything about it.

I started watching Omar Bam, because he was talking about Ethereum, and basically I heard about you guys around that point and start following you and Adam Meister as well. If you are in this space and you don’t agree with me or you have a voice in this space, you should share it. And so at the beginning of the year I started diversifying through Ethereum and started looking at other crypto studying and basically turned about $5,000, originally is just my original $800 that I had from the 1 Bitcoin and it kept multiplying so I kept throwing $1,000 here and there and just blew up in a hundred days.

I made about $20,000 and I was like I need to spend more time doing this. And so I read Princeton University’s textbook on Bitcoin, I started reading through the Ethereum handbook, and start understanding and thinking. I know a lot more than most people that I know, I need to start telling people because it’s hard to do one-on-one, and it’s hours worth of conversation.

Tai Zen: We originally started our channel because we got tired of explaining to our friends, our co-workers the same thing about Bitcoin, so basically you did the same thing to help the people around you.

A lot of the things that we get asked all the time from beginning cryptocurrency and traders and investors is that when they see the price of Bitcoin today when we got into it, it was only in the double digits. When you’re getting into it, it’s in the triple digits.

One of the investing strategies that we teach in our cryptocurrency investing Bootcamp is to buy after the price drops in tanks, not when it’s going up. So congratulations on buying a Bitcoin after its crack at the bottom and not when it’s at $1,000.

For the new traders and investors are coming into crypto, when they see the price of a Bitcoin that’s $4,200, $4,300, they’re gonna be afraid to come in just because the price tag is so high, what’re your thoughts on that?

Pastor Marco: I think the crypto market is still so new. I think there’s still so much growth to be had in the whole market. And Bitcoin is the top dog because they’re the biggest, it seems to grow faster and go farther than everybody else, they’ve built up an incredible network around the world of die-hard fans.

You guys know Adam Meister and he’s nothing but Bitcoin. And I appreciate his views and his enthusiasm in the space, but absolutely I think there room to buy, the smarter thing is to watch for the dip and buy-in.

But you don’t have to buy the whole Bitcoin, you can you $10 with a Bitcoin if you want, and I tell people that. It’s easy, put that Coinbase app on your phone, you can buy $10 in 5 minutes.

Tai Zen: What’re your thoughts on that Leon, for the people that think that Bitcoins being at $4,200 is too much?

Leon Fu: I think in terms of percentage, I bought my first Bitcoin from Charlie Shrem and Bitcoin was around $40, and then I had to pay $5 for the commission. Buying Bitcoin at $40 back then, it feels like people paying $4,000 today. Remember at that time, it was coming up from 6 cents to $1, to $2, it was $2 6 months before that.

There’s no one that bought Bitcoin that felt that they were early, you always felt that I’m too late, even if it was $4,000 today and I paid $45, I felt the same way as newcomers. When I was a newcomer, I felt exactly the same way.

Tai Zen: But basically it’s the percentage that we need to look at, not what the price point is.

Leon Fu: Pretty much that time in the market is what’s going to matter in the long run. And I don’t mean 30 years, I mean like 3 to 5 years. I would also suggest that only put in all the amount of money I was willing to lose, I’ve only put in about 10% at the time of my net worth.

If you ask me what my advice is, $4,000 Bitcoin it would be the same as it was at $40 Bitcoin. I never advocated anyone to put the majority of their assets into crypto, I didn’t do that because the majority of my assets are in crypto, not because I put that much.

Tai Zen: I put my life savings into Bitcoin at that time because of the Clarion settlement technology. I came from background trading stocks or Forex and Futures, and in that world, it takes 3 days to settle the transaction in theory. In reality, it takes about 2 weeks before you can get your money.

So when I saw that Bitcoin clears and settles instantly and I can start using that money after Leon sent it to me, I’m like I’m all in, this is gonna revolutionize Wall Street and finances and everything. And I’ve never in my mind thought that there would ever be a clearing and settlement technology that couldn’t settle that quickly.

It wasn’t because of Bitcoin being a currency, like the libertarians and the anarchists believe, and the guys I want to do away with the Fed. I invested because of the technology of the clearing and settlement technology.

Leon Fu: I made a big bet, 10% is quite a big bet. But at the same time, I always realized that Google was the 21st-century search engine, and Facebook, we had French stir in MySpace before that. In my view it was that you never really knew what is gonna take off, was it gonna be Google or one of the other search engine.

So even though Bitcoin I think I’m gonna invest in it and it might be something that comes later and so that’s why I was a bit more cautious. Let’s say I had to start all over again, I would do the same thing today. Here’s the difference, back then I think both of us today the majority of our crypto is not Bitcoin, but back then I was holding about 80% of Bitcoin.

Tai Zen: I sent all of my life savings into Bitcoin, it was 100% of my crypto portfolio. I didn’t even call it a crypto portfolio back then, today we refer it as my crypto portfolio.

Leon Fu: So in my view, if you say what has changed since when we got started 4 years ago versus today is that 4 years ago I kept the majority, like 80% of my crypto in Bitcoin. And today it varies between 5% and 15%. And that’s really the big difference, I think the quality of Altcoins are much higher today than they were in 2012, 2013.

We didn’t have projects like Ethereum, we didn’t have projects like NEO or Dash, Stratis, Monero. Back then Altcoins were things like Litecoin and Dogecoin. I think NXT was technically the best project that was really something different.

Back then most of the coins were like the copycat coin. So I think the Altcoin market today, we’re willing to put the majority of our crypto coding into it versus 4 years ago.

Tai Zen: When I first got into it, I was always worried about is this Bitcoin a scam? Is something gonna happen? Am I gonna lose all my money? Did you go through any of those emotions or any those concerns when you got into cryptocurrency at the beginning of 2017?

Pastor Marco: February is when I started trading. And before that when I bought into Bitcoin, I put in here $248. So if I lost, it’s this is all some big scam, whatever.

And I tend to believe the same way as Leon, you’re saying that you put a percentage of your investment portfolio, and that’s the way I looked at it, I’ve put a percentage. And because I own real estate and physical gold and silver, and I don’t have a retirement, my pastor salary, my full-time salary doesn’t have any way to retire. So I was looking for another investment vehicle and that’s why I went to Bitcoin.

And historically I had seen the potential and then that’s when I started doing the research after I bought it to pay attention. This is my investment, now I need to know what I’m talking about. So I did have concerns, but again it was a hedged bet, it wasn’t my life-saving.

Tai Zen: Can you share with the audience the kind of work that you’re doing? You mentioned you work at the dots.

Pastor Marco: I’m a lineman, so I take in anchor lines from large crude oil ships, car ships, big container ships that come in. So basically I tell people my channel got strong hands, old cryptos, I’m not scared, I don’t get washed out because I have a strong hand.

And so I built up the strength of my hands from pulling ropes. And because of crypto, because of this investment, I am looking to November to go part-time, because this has made me money faster and easier than I’ve ever made in any other line of work that I’ve been in.

Tai Zen: So you were not concerned basically that it was a scam or anything like that. So what was your biggest fear when you started trading Altcoins, what some of the biggest fears that you had?

Pastor Marco: So basically my thinking was I was wondering did I learn how to trade all this at the time. Because the market from when I got in 2015, I wish I bought it in 2015, verse now at the beginning of this year, the market was growing in about February. There are now ICOs that are scams, they pop up and then they’re gone overnight.

And so thinking am I making the calls on some of these and what is the type of longevity, or exit strategy if a coin that I get in, the funds that I’m investing will that disappear? But for the most part, I stayed with the top 20 currencies because they were more well-known, I could research in a much easier, I had more trust in those.

Tai Zen: That’s a good approach, wait until you grow your portfolio bigger before you start venturing out there and taking more risk with more un-established cryptocurrencies.

Leon Fu: Back in 2013, I did cap quite a few Altcoins back then. And basically, all of them went to 0.

Tai Zen: When we say 0, we mean near 0. No crypto dies, even Mooncoin goes down to 1 Satoshi. How did you hear about our channel?

Pastor Marco: At the beginning of the year I was thinking I need to start investing more into crypto, and I didn’t know what Ethereum was, it showed up in my Coinbase app. I was like I don’t care about it because Bitcoin was what I had studied or understood. And so I looked and I said I need to research Ethereum because I do want to invest more into crypto.

And I found on more Bam’s channel and he was saying guys if you’re looking at the market, you want more information, you should be listening to Tai Zen and the newsletter, sign up for the newsletter and their channel. And what I did and I’m really happy I did, you guys have definitely been an awesome resource and source of information.

Tai Zen: I remember last year we made a video about the 7 influential channels in crypto, and Omar Bam’s channel called Crypt0, his channel was first to start with. And we believe in giving back to the community so we saw this is a legitimate cryptocurrency news channel, and we were getting some of our news from him.

So we talked about his channel and now these channels got over 47,000 subscribers, and it’s the most popular cryptocurrency news channel out there. We don’t mind shedding light on some of the new up-and-coming channels like yours. When you contacted us, I reviewed your channel, make sure that you weren’t trying to promote some bullshit.

Some of these channels, they’re offered money by these scam cryptocurrencies so talk about them, and I don’t know why they want to waste time talking about it for. Because they can make significantly more money and do partnerships and sponsors, they can make significantly more money by doing it legitimately then talking about these scams cryptocurrency.

So we were glad to see that I didn’t see any funny videos on your channel, it’s why we agreed to come and have you on our channel and talk to you about it. You mentioned that you’re making videos to help your family and friends understand more about crypto, what was your response or your reaction after you made your first few videos?

Pastor Marco: I started the channel because people asked me questions all the time because I can’t stop talking about crypto, it’s really benefited me, and so I end up talking about crypto. I also saw the potential to be able to teach people what I know because it’s a lot of information to gather.

Number one our kind of information, I would say go watch this instead of answering one on one, it’s taking a lot of time. And the other thing is I work 2 jobs right now, and I don’t have much time so I need to start charging for the time that I have to be able to teach people what I’m doing.

And so I started doing that and I said I gotta point people some way to get more information than I can even individually charge and sit down with someone so I started making videos. I think one of the pleasant things about YouTube is that you said you want to give back a lot of the crypto channels; the ones of notoriety feel that way.

They feel like they have been blessed and they want to kind of turn that around. And so the information that I got from all of you to start my own channel was just abundant, that was definitely something that I was surprised about. There’s plenty of room for everyone, it’s not like cutthroat like some industries can be.

Basically, I do the Ministry Podcast channel as well, so I had some understanding of cameras and lighting and stuff. I said I need to do this, I need to stop thinking about it and start doing it. And basically, you mentioned that if being done is better than being perfect, and I’ve learned that productivity like perfection is kind of the antithesis of productivity, and so I just kind of go with it.

Not just learning, that’s a benefit, you just learn on the fly and things come, you learn along the way, you get better about it as you go. That’s definitely something that I feel like I’m doing, I’m learning new software as I go, how to make it look better.

And the other thing is you guys, Adam, and Omar Bam, I was thinking if I try hard, I think I could get on a level to where I can be in that same market, and have the same voice. I think that’s definitely something I got to try it.

Tai Zen: We even reach out to Omar because we know them personally, and Adam Meister and have you on their channels as well, so that way you can get the word out. When you start your channel there’s always going to be people that trust what you do and they’re gonna reach out and they want you to help them, either set up a wallet or do something.

Do you have any products or services that viewers are interested in and they can get with you? You took a lot of risks and took a lot of time to acquire this knowledge about crypto and if somebody wants you to consult with them, what’s the best way for them to reach out to you and what type of consultant services do you have available?

Pastor Marco: People have asked me about how I’ve done my trading, what my portfolio looks like. It’s basically an hour just basic understanding of trading and how to get into if you know nothing about crypto, how to set up accounts and how to get trading and that’s $129. And I do consult for $100 an hour as well.

Tai Zen: It always cracks us up when people say their cryptocurrency Channel or their cryptocurrency business, but then when you offer to pay with the cryptocurrency, they don’t accept it. We accept everything. What’s the best way for viewers to contact you if they need your help or anything?

Pastor Marco: I’ve got the channel on YouTube, howtobuycrypto. com. We also have a Facebook group under the same name, howtobuycrypto. One of the reasons I got started is you said people ask you how do you stay up-to-date with all the stuff that’s out there, and you basically said there’s no way to keep up with all of it.

But you’ve got a community of people that share information your way and I was thinking I should be doing that. I have a lot of information I can share with people and other people, once they get into crypto, they start making money and they spend a lot of time doing exactly what I’m doing and then they can share what they’re studying and vice versa and it’s symbiotic. So I decided I need to do this and get serious about it because I missing out, there’s so much you can research on your own.

Tai Zen: It’s awesome to have you on our channel, we like to always introduce. We’ve had some good track record with introducing influential channels. We brought attention to Omar Bam’s Crypto News Channel, Bitcoinmeister, CryptoVers and a bunch of other channels.

Hopefully, we can get your channel up there to where it’s noticeable and becoming influential in the crypto market. If you guys want to follow Pastor Marcos channel, go to howtobuycrypto .com and we’ll leave a link in the description also.

Check it out, leave comments in this channel, make you subscribe to it. And then let him know in the comments what you like and not like about his channel and help him improve it. Thanks for watching this video, if you guys want to learn more about cryptocurrency investing, make sure you go to, and follow us there.

And if you guys like these kinds of videos where we introduce new cryptocurrency channels to you, give us a thumbs up. If you guys don’t like it, give us a thumbs down, we’re not gonna be butthurt about it, at least we’ll know we should stop making them.

We’ll be introducing more channels in the future that reach out to us, so thanks for watching this video and we’ll look forward to seeing you guys in the future video. And thanks for coming on to our channel.

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