Crypto Investing #75 – Life Is Short, Don’t Be Afraid To Invest In Cryptocurrencies

Tai Zen: What’s up guys this is Tai Zen and with me today I got F with me also known as David Fong say hello.

David Fong: Hey guys how’s it going.

Tai Zen: Alright where are we broadcasting from today?

David Fong: So today we’re in Dallas at the JFK memorial.

Tai Zen:

And JFK in case anyone doesn’t know, it’s John F Kennedy. He was a president of the United States and this is where he actually got assassinated, so he’s a really big deal in American history. So those 2 white structures you see behind me are the monuments dedicated to him and he got assassinated here in 1963.

And actually, it’s right down there, right down that street. So about a block and a half from here is where he got assassinated. And they said that he got shot by 2 bullets and I think the autopsies revealed that the bullets came from different angles.

David Fong: Right, 2 different directions.

Tai Zen:

But after his assassination, they had what’s called the Warren Commission to investigate the matter, and the Warren Commission concluded that there was only 1 lone assassin named Lee Harvey Oswald.

And according to Lee Harvey Oswald, he said that he was a setup and it was a patsy and he was set up for it but he actually did not do it.

We don’t know because before he went to trial, 2 days after they accuse him of assassinating the president. Two days later, he was assassinated and shot at the police station by a fella… by a club owner or something like that, named Jack Ruby which is really suspicious.

Alright so back to Cryptocurrency investing guys, the reason why we’re making this video is that we share with you guys right here the JFK memorial.

Because I want to talk about how the Cryptocurrency boom that’s going on in the world right now, despite the news of the Chinese bans and all these other bullsh*t. We are living in a time when we have the biggest bull market in human history.

It’s gonna be a short time just like President JFK here, his life was very short, he didn’t have an opportunity to be a president for very long, I think only presidents like 1,000 and something days like 1,036 days, or 63 days something like that.

So when we passed by this when we were visiting this JFK memorial here, we realize that the opportunity to invest in Cryptocurrency, maybe 3, 5 years long, 8 years long but in the big scheme of things it’s still a relatively short period of time. How long was the dot-com boom? From like 1993?

David Fong: Early 90s, 93 to 2000.

Tai Zen: About 7 years?

David Fong: If you really found out about it, right.

Tai Zen: From the time that Vice President Al Gore invented the internet, that’s what the school textbooks say so we have to believe it. So anyways guys we just want to make this quick video with you guys to share with you guys.

If you’ve never been to the JFK Memorial, it’s a pretty interesting place to visit and we just wanted to share that with you that life can be short sometimes and if you’ve been pondering or considering investing in Bitcoins or Cryptocurrencies.

You guys are lucky that you guys are investing into it now because back when we invested into it back in 2012, late 2012, 2013, we were still worried about whether Bitcoin was a scam or not.

And nowadays almost everybody knows that is not a scam, it’s a legitimate technology and you guys have a lot of things going in your favor, so if that’s something that you’ve been pondering, you’ve been putting on, putting off.

The market is crashing right now, just a few weeks ago is almost $5,000 for each Bitcoin and now each Bitcoin is almost near $3,000, so there goes your 40% off.

So there’s really no reason to delay that anymore because you never know when life can be short just like the John F Kennedy memorial here illustrates that life can be short sometimes, so live your life to the fullest, enjoy it while you can.

David Fong: Take action. You have a small window of opportunity, take advantage of them.

Tai Zen: So thanks for watching this video, if you guys like these types of videos that we make when we’re traveling, give us a thumb’s up. If you guys don’t like it give us a thumb’s down. We’re not gonna be butthurt about it, we’re not gonna be like these snowflakes that bitch and cry about it.

We will just sweep it off our shoulders and move on and make the next video. So if you guys like these videos that we have to share with you guys about how to invest in Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, blockchains and all that other good stuff.

Make sure you go to and subscribe to our newsletter, and that’s where we broadcast all of the stuff that we produce. So thanks for watching this video \, F and I will see you guys in the next video.

David Fong: Alright, take care.

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