Crypto Investing #6 – How I Got Started Investing In Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

This is Tai Zen again. I’m broadcasting from Clearwater Beach to give you guys a view here. It’s a city that’s on the Western Peninsula of the state of Florida. It’s north of the city of Tampa. This is a big vacation spot for a lot of people from all over the world and for Americans that come here. So I’m broadcasting from Pier 60.

You guys see around me like I got the dual camera action going on with my Samsung S5 here. So in this video guys, I just want to talk about… like my friends and I were discussing how we got into cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin investing, and I thought I would just share this quick background with you guys. You guys might find it interesting.

So I was working at this energy brokerage firm in Dallas, and while I was working there in Dallas, I saw these guys.

They were busy scrambling, they were making really good money from their energy brokerage business, but most of the time that they were there, they were spending time focusing on building this Bitcoin mining equipment and these processors and when I first heard about Bitcoin back in around October, November of 2013, I did not know it.

I thought it was a bunch of monopoly money. I thought it was a bunch of garbage. I thought it was a bunch of bullshit when I first heard about it. And I would always laugh at these guys, and I would joke about it, you guys are crazy, you should be focusing on your energy brokerage business and I always thought it was a bunch of nonsense that they were doing.

But the one thing that changed my mind was that I respected these owners of the energy brokerage firm that I was working for, and they were asking me since I was an Asian, they asked me if I knew anybody in China that could manufacture these Bitcoin ASIC chips.

And at that time, I had a friend, who is a really good friend and was a former roommate of mine and he happened to be living in China at that time, and his job was responsible for helping American companies.

I want to start business in China and he was in Beijing at that time, and so he’s kind of like a liaison or I don’t know what you call it, the actual technical name for it, but his job was responsible for bringing American businesses that want to do business in China and he had lots of connection in the government that can help American and the Western company start business in China.

And so because his family was in the government, so because of that, I decided to ask him, hey are you able to reach out to your connections over there in China and get some of these ASICs chips because this energy, the owners of those energy brokerage firm that I was working with, they’re interested in learning… they want these stupid ASICs chips so they can mine these Bitcoins and I thought that it was just a bunch of bullshit

But, I respected these guys, they were very very savvy business guys, so I respected them and reached out and did some research on it.

But the whole time that I was trying to help this energy brokerage firm get these ASIC chips, I kept thinking it was just monopoly money and I just kept thinking man.

I hope these guys don’t get scammed and get ripped off and get fooled and one day I remember one of the owners of the energy brokerage firm I was at, I was laughing about that, they were goofing around with, if it was monopoly money or not, and one of them said that, hey if somebody’s willing to give me some ounces of gold and a gun for these Bitcoins, it’s real money to make.

And it made me realize that that’s true. Anytime that somebody’s willing to give you some ounces of gold or an AK-47 or an AR-15 for your Bitcoins, then it’s no longer a joke, it’s no longer just monopoly money so, at that point, I started understanding about Bitcoins, and this is too complicated for me.

So they suggested I go read the Satoshi Nakamoto white paper. Satoshi Nakamoto is the inventor of Bitcoin. So they say hey go read his white paper and learn it for yourself and stop being stupid about it and stop being ignorant about it okay.

So, and that’s what I did. I went and downloaded the PDF the white paper from Satoshi Nakamoto and I read it, but the problem was my dumb ass Asian does not understand math and computer programming and coding and software.

But I was able to read the white paper and understand what the idea of having a digital cash or electronic cash, and how useful and how important that would be because I’m not a big fan of the central banks and the Federal Reserve in America, so I could clearly understand.

But what I did not understand was that all the math that Satoshi Nakamoto had put in the white paper. I did not understand if that math was legitimate. I did not know because I didn’t understand it so I didn’t know if it was legit. I didn’t know it was kosher. I didn’t know it was real or not.

So what I did was I took that white paper and I emailed it to my buddy, my friend, my Chinese friend who is one of the world’s best iOS developers and computer programmers.

So I send it to him and I said “Hey Leon, could you check out this Bitcoin white paper because I got these energy brokerage guys, the owners of this energy brokerage firm that I’m working for, they are completely obsessed with mining these Bitcoins and processing the Bitcoin transactions, and I want to prove to them that they’re being scammed and that they’re being hoodwinked, they’re being fooled by whoever this Satoshi Nakamoto is”.

So my buddy Leon Fu, right, we call him with his nickname, we call him simply because he’s so goddamn nerdy okay.

So if you guys keep hearing me say, it’s not because I want you guys to go to his website, it’s because the guy is so damn nerdy and he saw technical, he’s a real Asian not like me, I’m like a fake Asian. I don’t know all that technical math and science and computer stuff like he does.

So the next best thing is when you’re an Asian that don’t know about technical stuff, you go find a real Asian that knows that and make friends with him and that’s what I did with okay.

So we call him Leon or because he’s like a walking encyclopedia and a genius when it comes to computers software and hardware and all that other stuff.

So that’s who we rely on to get all our fundamental analysis on what cryptocurrency to invest in.

But anyway, I sent that the white paper to him and low-be-hold, the dude ran out and started scrambling to Walmart to Walgreens, he went to all the Bitcoin exchanges and start buying up some Bitcoins.

And I called him back a few weeks later and I was like, “Hey man, did you read that white paper about Bitcoin?” and he’s like “Man not only did I read it, I ran out the day you sent it to me.”, “I read it and ran out and bought some Bitcoins immediately”, right. And I think this is when Bitcoin was like around I think $30 or something like that.

So he bought some Bitcoins and he invested into it and within a very short period of time, he explained to me, “Yeah, this is a real man. It ain’t a scam, it’s legit, it’s new technology” and he must have spent like several days on the phone explaining to me what the hell is a Bitcoin, how it worked and everything.

So I’m grateful to have friends like because literally, he spent several days on the phone explained to my dumb ass how to understand Bitcoin.

Now I know how to trade stocks, futures, commodities, currencies, Forex all that stuff but this Bitcoin just got me like dizzy and confused. I had no clue. I could not even grasp what it was.

But thanks to my buddy, he explained it to me and he was able to help me understand it and I was trying to set up to my accounts with Mt. Gox and with a bit instant and a bunch of other exchanges to try to get some Bitcoins.

But it took forever. I was dragging my feet so I finally told him “Hey man, can you get me some Bitcoins?” and he got me some Bitcoins ok, and he got me a small number of Bitcoins to get me started.

When he got in it was like, I think around 30 whatever the price was at the end of 2013, at the beginning of 2014. So by the time I got my first Bitcoins, it was about 160 dollars and by the time he transferred to me, by the time I set up my own Bitcoin wallet so he can transfer it to me, it was already like by the beginning of the fall of 2014. No, 2013 it was 2013.

It was 2012 when I was working at the energy brokerage firm, my bad, and so by the fall of 2013, I got my first Bitcoins. And that’s when I was really big into it. Start making you know, blogging about it on my channel you guys go back you’ll see and then I got involved in the NXT.

I got excited about it and then I got invited to go…When I use a dual camera mode on the Samsung S5, I don’t know why but it cuts off at ten minutes and I forgot. So I got stopped right there.

Anyway, at the beginning of 2014, I got asked by the NXT community to go and talk about NXT, and about Bitcoin, about anything that I can think of, right at the Texas Bitcoin conference and that’s how I get involved in speaking about Bitcoin.

And by that time guys, I was a die-hard, I fully understood how the benefits of Bitcoin work and how it changed the world, because unlike some of my friends who talked about conspiracy theories and stuff guys, I’m one of those guys that, yeah I know all these government conspiracies, how the government is putting their foot down on us and everything.

But I’m not one of those guys that whine and bitch and complain about it. I’m like hey if I don’t have a solution for it, I’m not gonna go and whine and complain about it because that’s not gonna change anything.

But when I found out about Bitcoin, guess what, that’s the greatest solution I’ve seen to end the problem with the Federal Reserve printing money at will, without having to work for it and being only a few guys that can do that while the rest of us have to work for our money. They can just print money

And they don’t even have to print it anymore, they don’t have to like waste money on paper or anything like that to print it. They just go to that computer and add a few zeros behind our ledger, and that was it.

So when I realized the benefits of Bitcoin, that’s why I got into it heavy guys, and start promoting it, started this channel to help people learn about Bitcoin you know, because I did not want to be one of those guys that whine and bitch and complain about how the government’s doing this and then go out there and then when there’s a solution comes along, you’re calling a scam and everything okay.

So that’s what I did guys, and that’s why I got this channel for. I hope that you guys enjoy these videos.

I enjoy making them whether I know that if I can help somebody else understand it, I believe that the more people that get involved in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, the more that we can change the central banking system that has brought America down.

I think that America is one of the most… in my mind, is the best country in the world. I live here. I’m proud to be here, but I think the way that the current banking system is working.

It’s turning more Americans into the lower-class. We got people after the crash of 2008, it destroyed lots and lots of people’s lives.

I have friends, I have clients, I have customers that I deal with on a consistent basis, and their lives have been destroyed by the market crash, and the only solution that I have seen to end that type of scam, that type of fraud on Wall Street and that type of manipulation in the markets is the Bitcoin technology.

Now lately you got a lot of people that are calling it the blockchain technology. It’s almost like, they’re afraid to talk about Bitcoin like they’re embarrassed to say about it you know, like they’re going to laugh at. I’m not afraid of it.

I believe that it’s the best solution and the best technology that’s come along so far in the manipulation and the fraud that’s on Wall Street okay.

So I hope you guys like this video guys. If you liked it you know, give me a thumbs up you know. Here’s a good last shot here guys.

We’re having our sunset here, right. It seems like you know, there’s a police officer, right there, so I have to be careful about what I say.

It seems like every time I’m making these Bitcoin videos man, it’s like police everywhere you know, got kicked off the mall, security kicked me out.

I’m all for making some Bitcoin videos about factum and then I got kicked off the Federal Reserve by the security guard there.

Now I’m broadcasting you know, I flew all the way to Florida to broadcast this video. Now I got to like the police standing right there, so let me go into this right now man. I don’t want to be preaching about Bitcoin and then get thrown in jail or something again.

So thanks for watching this video guys. Give me a thumbs up to you guys like it. Give me a thumbs down if you guys don’t like it, and then I’ll see you guys in the next video.

And if you haven’t subscribed to my channel already, make sure you guys do, right. And like I said guys, if you guys ever get a chance to come down to Florida and visit Clearwater, this is in my opinion, the best beach in America, and I’m not saying that because there’s a police officer standing to my right okay.

I’m saying that because I’ve been here dozens of times and this, in my opinion, is the best beach in America.

Here it’s kind of dark right now, but you guys can still see that there’s a lot of family and kids out here. It’s very family-friendly and very family-safe so I would definitely recommend you guys come to Florida.

Alright, I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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