Crypto Investing #59 – How To Take Risk In Cryptocurrency Investing

Tai Zen: What’s up guys. This is Tai Zen. I’m broadcasting from Atlanta.

In this video, I want to talk about learning how to take the risk when you’re investing in Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, or even in the stock market or any market that you want to invest in.

When you grow up in high school or college, most people are not taught how to take the risk. Therefore, when they hear about investing in the stock market, futures, Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, they get scared. They have false expectations about how to manage risk in the market.

I’ll use 1000 USD as an example so that it’s easy for me to do the math while I’m talking because I’m not one of those Asian guys that’s good in math and science like a lot of the real Asians.

I also want to use 1000 USD so that it’s easy for the people that are not living in America, but living in Africa, China Vietnam or South America, where they only make 200-300 USD/day.

For most people, whenever they have 1000 USD, they want to go and risk it all. It’s kind of like an all-or-nothing. They just don’t know how to manage and control risk, so they’ll lay everything on the line. There are only 2 outcomes of that. 1 is it makes money for them. The other thing is they lose money.

Let’s say they buy Bitcoin for 1000 USD and it goes up to 1200 USD and obviously they made the 20% profit.

However, say if Bitcoin goes down to 200 USD then you lose 800 USD, which means you lose 80% of your portfolio or your investment.

That’s not a very good or a very wise decision to make Because now you’re basically out of the game. You made that investment and it did not work out in your favor. You just lost pretty much everything. All you have left is 200$ to play with.

That’s not how a professional invest on Wall Street.

The whole purpose of this channel is to use the investing strategy that Wall Street uses and we do it on the main street where the little guys like us live.

In order to do that, we have to take the shot or we have to have a strategy or a method to make multiple attempts at hitting it big in the cryptocurrency markets, stock or currency market.

In this channel, we only talk about the cryptocurrency market. However, it doesn’t matter what market you invest in. What’s important is that you have your game plan so that you can’t be wrong multiple times.

For example, when I go invest in the market, my goal is to win 20-30%. Usually, it’s 1/3. My goal is to win 1/3 of my investment.

If I were to make an investment, I would take that 1000$ and split it up into 10 portions. Then, I would put each portion into a specific cryptocurrency or ICO.

As my set goals, I’m expecting about 6 or 7 of those to fail. Therefore, when I lose on an investment. I don’t freak out.

Out of those 10 investments that I made, I expect that I will lose probably the majority of them.

When I said to lose, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it goes to 0. I may have 20-30 USD from each of those investments. When I lose about 50%, I consider that a loss. That was a fail investment whether there’s still money in it or not.

Now, in the other 3 that do make money, I am looking for 1 or 2 of those to be massive winners.

Matter of fact, one of them will probably only make about 100 or 200% profit. It’ll make 100 USD or 200 USD back for me. However, I expect the other two will make a 10x or 20x return.

Remember a 10x return is equivalent to 1000% profit and a 20x return is equivalent to 2000% profits.

There’s going to be 1 out of those 10 that’s going to hit big. My goal is for 1 of those 10 to hit at least at 20x, 30x or 50x. When it hits that big of a profit margin, it really doesn’t matter if I lose on the other 7. That’s something that they don’t teach you in high school or in college or anywhere.

Most people, when investing, lay it all on the line as if they were playing blackjack at the casino. When you do that, it really screws you up.

Another type of common investor is you would take a smaller portion like 20  USD or 50 USD out of that 1000 USD savings to invest.

That’s what I did when I originally got started in cryptocurrency. I would only take a very small fraction of the little bit of money that I had. Then, I would put it into different cryptocurrencies to see which one would hit it big.

When one of them hit big like with Ethereum, it went as high as 7400% profit and I walked away with just a little bit over 4500% profit on it.

By doing that, it gave me enough capital to work with other things. I also did really well on Bitcoin itself.Because of the few investments I did that hit it big for me, I was able to take the profits net and then reinvested it or we call flipping it.

You flip it into something else or you parlay it into another investment and you keep doing that. That’s what I call wash, rinse and repeat.

The reason why I’m making this video is I know that many of you who are watching this are afraid to invest with your life savings. Especially, if you’re from countries where you only make 200-300 USD a month.

If you make 300 USD a month, you should be able to save a 1-month salary aside so that you are able to invest in the currency markets or the cryptocurrency market.

If you are unable to put away 1 month’s worth of savings, after working at the same place for 6 months or a year, you have to re-evaluate your living style. You’re living above your means, which means that you spend more money than you make.

I don’t recommend that because you’ll never get ahead in life, especially if you don’t come from a wealthy family or you grow up in the ghetto as I did.

Putting your savings under the mattress is not going to grow your money either. You have to be able to take the risk. You have to be able to take chances.

When I grew up in the ghetto, we had a saying on the street that a scaredy-cat ain’t never going to become a fat cat, which means if you don’t have the courage to risk your money, you’re never going to get anywhere in life.

I’m making this video for you guys so that you guys understand how to take chances, and do not put everything into 1 cryptocurrency because you don’t know if that’s going to work out or not.

Split it up into smaller units. At first, you’re scared and hesitant because you’re inexperienced. You don’t know what you’re doing. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. You just won’t make the same amount of profits as myself or like my partner –

If you want to make 10x or 20x profits or whatever, just do that on your 10 USD, 20 USD or 50 USD because that’s more realistic for what you guys are starting out with. If you have a bigger account, you still just do the same thing. You still put a small portion of it in even.

When you’ll be way ahead in profits, you will have plenty of capital and ammunition to wash, rinse and repeat the same cycle again.

Hopefully, this video helps explain to you how to take the risk in the market and give you the confidence to do so.

Thanks for watching this video. If you liked it, give me 2 thumbs up. If you don’t like it, give me a thumbs down, so I know not to waste time making any more of these videos.

If you have friends, family or co-workers who are interested in making life-changing profits by investing in the cryptocurrency, make sure you share this channel in this video with them. Thanks for watching this video and I’ll see you guys in a future video.

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