Crypto Investing #51 – The 7 Most Influential Crypto Investing YouTube Channels Of 2016

Tai Zen: All right. What’s up, everyone. This is Tai Zen, one of the oracles of cryptocurrency here at

In this video today, I want to share with you the 8 most influential crypto investing channels on Youtube.

I made a bonehead mistake here guys. I put the 5 most influential and I said 8. Sorry about that. Consider that as a bonus. I’m giving you guys 3 extra bonuses.

I’m going to switch my screen over to share with you what I believe to be the most influential crypto investing channels of 2016.

I and have been broadcasting about cryptocurrencies since late 2012, early 2013. We’ve noticed that since then, there are many people starting their own cryptocurrency investing channel.

I just want to share with you some of the channels that I see and may have a lot of potentials to become very popular if they’re not already popular already.

Before I get started, can you hear me from where you are at? Could you just leave in the chat box that you can hear me clearly and the video is good before I continue?

I got everyone told me that everything is clear, so I’m going to go ahead and rattle off. In the end, I’ll come back and look at the questions and I’ll answer them for you.

I’m going to share my full screen with you. Let me know if you can see my screen. You should see the video that’s being broadcast right now, but it’s frozen. Let me know before I get started.

All right. Everyone can see that youtube screen. It seems like there is a 20 or 32-second delay from the time that I asked the question until everyone answers.

Let’s get started guys. I’m going to give myself here for about 10 minutes. It’s 10:37 PM here in Atlanta, Georgia.

I don’t know how to rank these most influential youtube channels, so I just list one after one by the number of subscribers that everyone has.

The first most influential youtube investing cryptocurrency investing channel obviously is our channel, which is run by me and

Unfortunately, since I’m the one making this video, it may seem like we’re pounding around chest here and bragging about our own channel here.

If you’re watching this, you already know that this is the most popular and fastest growing cryptocurrency investing channel on the market. We got over 4,000 subscribers here. You can visit our website at We are working on a newsletter sign-ups. As soon as we get that rolled out, I’ll put it up and you can subscribe to our video newsletters.

By that way, every time I come out with a new video, I will shoot you an email to let you guys know, so you don’t always have to check in with the Youtube.

Sometimes I like to broadcast out like a blog post with some simple information and don’t feel like making a video. Because of that the cryptocurrency market newsletter will give and I opportunities to share with you what we’re learning and some of the latest updates without having to make a video.

That’s the first most influential channel.

The second one that I want to share with you guys is LumbridgeCity.

By the way, let me share you what went through to come up with the most influential crypto investing channels on Youtube.

The individuals have to be talking about cryptocurrencies, not just Bitcoin only, but all the cryptocurrencies. They don’t necessarily have to talk about all of them, but at least the majority of them so that it’s obvious that they are talking about it. That’s the first criteria.

The second criteria are we don’t talk pretty much about anything else other than cryptocurrencies. If you look at our playlist here, we talked about crypto investing. We talk about Steem, Factom, Ethereum, DAO hub whose playlist is not going to get much longer, NXT, Ardor, and Waves.

If you notice our playlist, it’s everything is about cryptocurrencies. We have a couple of unique playlist such as crypto investing. That’s a general list. I try to make content in there that will last 1,2 or 5 years from now, so it’s not like current news these other ones make. We also have a Spanish channel playlist.

Basically, you notice that we talked mostly about making money with cryptocurrencies and trading and investing. That’s what the majority of our channel is. Then, I have a couple of channels, a couple of videos about living in different states.

If you look at LumbridgeCity here, he is also talking about cryptocurrencies. He’s talking about thanking you people for the comments. He’s got over 2000 subscribers.

Make sure that when you guys are watching this, you subscribe to this channel and give them support. I mean you don’t have to do it, but if you find his content suits what you’re looking for, make sure you subscribe to this channel and show support for it.

It talks about cryptocurrencies, a lot of trading examples here on Poloniex and stuff like that. Check them out right now.

You’ll notice that his videos get some good views here. There are over 100 views per video.

Whenever you hit him up, make sure that you let them know Tai Zen from that sent you over there and tell him I said hello. That’s the second channel.

He does have his playlists. That’d be nice if he makes the playlist so that it’s more organized for you to go and find exactly what you’re looking for.

We know that Poloniex is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange on the market right now that trades all cryptocurrency. He’s talking a lot about here.

Check it out and let me know what you think and tell him I said hello when you go over there.

The next influential channel has over 2000 subscribers too.

You know what, I made a mistake here. Actually, Omar’s channel, Crypt0, has more subscribers, so I should put him in front.

So this is actually the second most influential channel. Sorry about that. Sorry about that Omar.

I’ve had several interactions with him. We’ve done a few hangouts together on youtube and he’s got a very interesting channel as well.

He does talk about cryptocurrencies a lot. It looks like he’s a musician, a singer. There is some music that goes along with him. Sometimes, he’ll sing a few bars in some of his videos. It’s pretty cool.

He has his own unique perspective on cryptocurrency investing. You can check it out from there.

He’s playing the piano over here, Claire De Lune. That’s a very popular and classical piano piece there.

If you like this content, subscribe to it and make sure that you tell him I said hello and I sent you over there from the

Next one is LumbridgeCity. You already know about that one.

The next one here is a very interesting character. This guy is Adam Meister, BitcoinMeister, the disrupt Meister. He’s a Bitcoin maximalist.

If you don’t know Bitcoin maximalist, go check out my video on what is a Bitcoin maximalist. There’s pretty much a maximalist. He is a diehard fan of Bitcoin. He claims that on a scale of 1 to 10, he’s about 8 or 9.

He actually does talk about other cryptocurrencies outside of Bitcoin and he has a very unique way to look on it. I’ve had them on our channel before to discuss Steemit and stuff. I like his debate approach. He’s not very argumentative and he’s not there to see who’s right or wrong. He just presents his ideas and his thoughts and you do whatever you want with it.

Check him out. He’s got 1100 subscribers here. It’s a very large number. Anybody that has over 300 subscribers a year is on their way. People are starting to notice them, so help them out.

He puts out a lot more videos. This guy is like a machine. He cranks out videos and they’re actually useful videos too. He’s actually cranking out some, some good content here. He produces videos almost every day, sometimes 2 or 3 of them a day.

Check him out, Adam Meister, BitcoinMeister, the disrupt Meister. I like the way he makes these thumbnails, so you can see it really well. There is only one thing that I wish he could do that every call, he puts his face on this so that more people can recognize. However, that’s his channel so he can do whatever he wants.

The next one that we got is a very unique c unique cryptocurrency investor, Trevon James. He’s got over a thousand subscribers also. He cranks out quite a bit of video as well.

I only crank out a bunch of videos guys, usually whenever there’s a serious issue in the cryptocurrency world that everybody needs to be updated on.

For example, I make a video about security issues like the DAO attack and things like that to explain what’s happening, so people don’t panic. That’s when I pulled out a lot of videos in 1 or 2 days or 1 week.

Trevon also cranks out a lot of videos.

Now I want to give you a quick warning here about Trevon’s channel before you watch it at work or at home around kids.

I do not give his channel a PG13 rating. There’s some profanity in there and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just want to give you a heads up, so you don’t just turn on one of his videos and he goes off on a cryptocurrency or something.

He has his own way of explaining things and how he invests in cryptocurrencies. You can see his channel is mostly about cryptocurrencies. He’s got some funny face thumbnails here that he likes to make.

Look at that. He’s grilling some chicken.

I’ll definitely come over for some of that. That looks good.

The only thing that sucks about that as a thumbnail that feeds into the stereotype about black people and fried chicken.

This guy is a funny character. It takes some getting used to the way he talks. He may not be your style of explaining things, but that’s his style.

I can tell he puts a lot of work into these thumbnails. That’s Trevon James at Trevon James.

The next most influential a cryptocurrency investing channel on Youtube is Alex Fortin. He actually is from my homeland of Vietnam. I was actually looking for some videos about living in Vietnam and I actually went across his channel.

At first, I couldn’t tell if he was in America or where he was at, but he’s actually from Canada.

Here are cryptocurrency videos from Vietnam, at least that’s what it appears to me because of all the claims he still lives in Vietnam and stuff.

Subscribe to this channel. He’s got, 846 subscribers. Let’s make a concerted effort to help him crack over a thousand subscribers.

In general, he’s from my homeland of Vietnam. He’s an expat move to Vietnam because the cost of living is much lower there. The country, the land,..They are so much more beautiful. The people are very friendly. Vietnam is like one of the undiscovered of beautiful lands in Southeast Asia.

Check out some of these videos about driving and living in Vietnam. If you watch them as Vietnam channels, you’d almost think it’s a travel channel, but it’s actually crypto investing channel.

It would be awesome if he puts a cryptocurrency investors up here in the header so that people will know that it’s a crypto investment channel.

Matter of fact, he is so close to having over a thousand subscribers. If you are the 1000th subscriber, you can verify that with me. I’ll send you 10 Ether classics or something. I’ll even go as far as doing this for whoever is the 1000th subscriber for this chamber right here to push him over the thousand limits.

If you or Alex can verify that you are the 1000th subscriber, the next ICO that I invest in, I’ll put in a quarter of a Bitcoin for you. When they released the coin, I’ll transfer to you and you can show this video as proof that I said that, but it’s got to be either you or Alex get approved that you are the 1000th subscriber.

Next channel is Chase That Coin. This guy here is named Shaka Daniel. He is broadcasting out of New York, another major city.

In addition, Alex Fortin is broadcasting from one of the biggest cities in Southeast Asia. It’s called Ho Chi Minh City. One of the major metropolitan areas in Vietnam and in Southeast Asia.

Shaka Daniel is also broadcasting from a very big major city in the world too. It is called New York City. He has an interesting and unique look in investing cryptocurrencies too. He’s at 400 subscribers.

I know a lot of you been subscribing to him. If you can prove that you are the 1000th subscriber on Chase That Coin channel, let me know.

If Shaka can verify that you are the 1000th subscribers on his channel, I will also put in a quarter Bitcoin for you in the next ICO that I invest in also.

I made a mistake. I told you there are 8, but it’s only 7 cause I had a duplicate here.

Let me just change this real quick to 7 so that you don’t jump on my ass.

I’ll come back to the questions in minute guys.

As a bonus because I didn’t have the 8th channel, I would not consider it as 100% cryptocurrency investing channels like the other 7 that I mentioned to you guys, these guys do talk about cryptocurrencies, but they mostly talk about Bitcoin, which is still useful.

I’m going to put these 3 in a category of honorable mentions of most influential cryptocurrency investment channels in 2016.

This is David Seaman. If you been in the cryptocurrency world, you know about who David Seaman is. He has over 18,000 subscribers. His channel is bigger than probably all of our channels combined.

Here’s the reason why I did not put him as one of the influential cryptocurrency investing channels on Youtube for 2016. Some of his content deals with cryptocurrencies, but many of them are about the government and things like that.

You can see like mostly all of his last 10 or 12 videos are about Hillary Clinton, election and stuff like that. That’s why I don’t put it as a solid 100% cryptocurrency channel.

He talks about legalizing marijuana, Fiat currencies, gold, silver, things like that. Therefore, it’s not a majority cryptocurrency investing channel like the other 7 that I mentioned to you.

The next honorable mention of influential cryptocurrency investing channel for 2016 is a gentleman named Craig Grant. He has 2 channels on Youtube. One has like 8,000 or 9,000 subscribers. The other one where he talks a little bit about cryptocurrencies has just 1200 subscribers.

He taught us a lot about Steemit, Ethereum, and Ethereum classic. He also talks about other stuff too. That’s why I could not put him as a majority cryptocurrency investing channel. However, in terms of cryptocurrency investing, it’s a different perspective. You might want to check it out.

The last honorable mention is a gentleman named maneco64. He talks about markets, stock markets, futures markets, currency markets, precious metals, Bitcoin, economics and geopolitics.

Out of all the channels, his and David Seaman’s channels probably understand the economy. They’re better economist than all of the other channels combined. He talks only about Bitcoin, or at least that’s what I’ve seen so far. He doesn’t talk about other cryptocurrencies. Because of that, I could not put them as one of the most influential cryptocurrencies investing channels.

Now let me go back to the questions you have. Let me know if you have any questions about the 7 most of the influential crypto investing you tubers that I just mentioned. Just go in and type in your questions and I’ll run through it. Let me know your city too.

Let me see here. “David Seaman just started streaming, but he doesn’t have a live chat – the mark of insecurity.”

Well, everybody has their own personal preference. I could care less. If you want to troll me, I try to stay away from it.

Everybody has freedom of speech. If you want to troll my channel, you’re welcome to.

The funniest trolling time I’ve ever had on youtube was when I did the live one. I can’t remember. I think it was with David Johnson, the chairman of Factom. That was like a record day for trolls for this channel. We even had acted as moderators of trolls and all that cracked me up

“Little humble brag there” by More cash. I guess you can say that. I mean we are a popular channel, so I have to bring it up.

I’m the one making the list of influential crypto investment channels and our channel happens to be one of it, so I have to remain neutral.

“I thought Omar was the Indian driver”. Nope, absolutely not. I and my Indian driver live in Atlanta. Omar from Miami, Florida.

“Don’t Bitcoin maximalists get bored over time?”. Absolutely not. The real Bitcoin maximalists are diehard. They’re like Apple or Mac users. They won’t deviate, no matter what happens. Somebody like Tone Vays, out of New York is never going to change his mind and I won’t try to lead it. It’s always good to hear his perspective.

“Adam Meister is good.” He has his own unique perspective.

“Omar and Lumbridge too.” Yup. They all have their own perspective.

Here’s something I want to say. Check out their channels. When I listen to them as influential crypto investment channels, that doesn’t mean that their channels are always for the good.

I’m just sharing with you what I’ve noticed. Since 2009, I’ve noticed that there are certain channels I can tell when they’re starting to grow and become popular. I’m also starting to notice that some of these channels are picking up Steem to get more attention.

That does not mean that I personally endorse their ideas, their products, their services or whatever it is. I’m just letting you know that these channels are growing.

“Adam does a video.” Yeah. I tried doing that, but I just don’t have time. I tried that back in 2009, 2010, but I was not able to do that. When you are not trading, all you have a lot of fleet time. I agree with that. That’s probably the reason why Adam has a lot of free time.

Christof Aucamp, you’re in Vietnam? I did not know that. That’s awesome. My goal is to make all the money I need from crypto, then go over there and just retire on the beach somewhere in Vietnam or in Thailand.

“What are they doing when they are not trading crypto?”

Some of the people that are in the cryptocurrency world will feel like Tone Vays. I use Tone Vays as an example cause he by far is the undisputed Bitcoin maximalist. I don’t care what anybody says. There can be other people, but they don’t get on video and proclaim it as he does. He’s touting Bitcoin and he does not give a shit about any other altcoin.

I’m just waiting for that day when he officially endorses an altcoin, an alternative coin to Bitcoin, I’m going to have to mortgage the house, take my kids College Fund and just invest into it.

However, he has to be really careful on what he says about what is a good cryptocurrency besides Bitcoin, because there’s a lot of people out there that know that he’s a Bitcoin maximalist a die-hard. And the ultimate Bitcoin. Matter of fact, I officially named him the official ultimate Bitcoin maximalists of 2016.

If you know anybody else that’s more diehard Bitcoin fan, let me know, so I can review that individually. Right now, I would have to say that it’s undisputed that it’s Tone Vays. By the way, his channel is World Crypto Network.

“What ICOs are on your radar? The ICO that is on my radar right now is Antshare, China. I’ll do a separate video about that. I’m actually in the process right now as we’re speaking, setting up a schedule with their VP of marketing.

Once I get him, I and will grill him and see what the Antshare ICO is all about. We just want to take the first glance cause it appears that the Antshare ICO is one of the first major crowdfunding ICO projects in China.

If someone’s coming out of China,  which I’m not saying this because I’m Asian and I have a bias towards Asian, they’ve got a bunch of engineers, computer programmers, and coders over there. It’s very competitive. Therefore, they have to take every chance they get to get ahead. They’re going to do it.

I think that there’s a lot of people over there looking at the cryptocurrency market and we’ll know more about it once we do the Google hangout with the Antshare guy. Once we get the time and date pinned down, I will announce on Twitter and on our channel here so that you are aware of it.

Make sure that you follow me on my Twitter. It’s right there in front of you. It’s @HeyTaiZen.

Besides, I’m also looking at the DECENT platform. We are currently scheduling Google hangout with them as well. I think they just had the ICO today or tomorrow.

Things are very busy. I’m busy trading and stuff. Therefore, it’s not always the easiest thing to get on the Google hangout with these guys. That’s why sometimes you got to see me do this at night when the kids are sleeping so I can sneak out a few minutes because I enjoy sharing this with you. I enjoy making money and enjoy helping other people make money guys.

Cryptocurrency is the first opportunity for us to invest like a real venture capitalist on Wall Street. They said we have an opportunity to do it on the main street.

Some people say that David Seaman is nuts. I don’t consider any of these honorable mentions or any of these influential crypto investing Youtuber nuts.

The fact is that you are investing in cryptocurrency and you’re even on the air. I mean I am sitting here talking in the kitchen to a computer screen about imaginary Internet money. It doesn’t get crazier than this guys. Therefore, I have no comment on this.

If the people that are outside right now in Atlanta looking inside my kitchen, they see me sitting here talking to a computer. They probably think I’m nuts too, but I’m a nutcase that makes money off of cryptocurrency investing. That’s all that matters.

“David Seaman seemed to be the butt of every joke on Twitter, but then he fought against the Clinton established. So now he’s pretty cool, I guess.”

I don’t know. He supports marijuana, cryptocurrencies and golden silver, which are the same things that I support and I believe in.

I don’t smoke marijuana. It doesn’t do anything for me. If you want to smoke it, I guess it’s up to you. That should be your choice. I don’t see it should be a crime for someone to consume one vegetable over another.

By the way, when you say that David Seaman is the butt of jokes, let me tell you this. When you step out of the bounds of convention and you try to do things on your own, they always call you a nutcase. None of my friends, families, and coworkers that don’t understand about Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies all think I’m a nutcase when I’m talking about Bitcoins anyway. That’s nothing new.

When we were starting out, nobody cares. As we got more and more popular, people start calling us a nutcase too, so welcome to the party.

Let me see here. All right. Let me just run through it. If I see a question mark at the end, I’ll stop. If not, then we’re just wasting time.

Chris Dunn is a fellow Austinite. He is from awesome. The reason why I did not include him is his channel is not a majority cryptocurrency investment channel. He talks a lot about futures, forex stocks and things like that.

“Can you talk about Ethereum classic?” We’ll talk about that in a separate video. Let’s just focus on the most influential crypto investment channels on Youtube

“Dunn is a scammer.” If you accused someone of being a scammer or a or whatever, make sure that you include links to the facts. Let’s just not outright call somebody a scammer without having presented the facts or where you get the information from.

Thecryptoshow”. I did not include the crypt show, let’s talk Bitcoin, Epicenter or any of these channels because those are tech channels. If you want to learn and get the technical details about a cryptocurrency, you go to their channel. If you want to make money off of those cryptocurrencies, you come to my channel.

When you go to their channel, you’ll get lots of technical buzzwords, technical stuff. I’ve never been able to figure out how to make money off the information they provide. That’s why I did not list them as one of the influential channels.

The 7 channels I enlisted are actually talking about how to make money in cryptocurrencies. That’s why I included them.

“How much money you earn a month from trading crypto? From the Philippines.” It depends. I don’t want to say USD amount because I don’t want to scare people away. If I say that I made $100 last month in cryptocurrencies, you’re going to say it’s not worth it if you are new. However, I started with $10 and I made $100. That’s a lot of money.

Therefore, I don’t want to get into how much money I made. I will tell you this. I’ve made anywhere from 1%. The highest I’ve made is over 4000% on one crypto. That maybe that’ll help you.

I don’t want to get into the dollar amount because people will say:” Well Tai, the reason why you were able to do that because you have money or the reason why you can’t do that is you don’t have enough crypto Bitcoins or money.” I just want to eliminate that bullshit. The percentages work better.

“Great SoundCloud channels”. I don’t listen to SoundCloud. I’ve really never had a reason to go there, so I don’t know anybody that’s on there.

“High altitude investment channel”. Don’t know that.

Let me see. John Conway says:“ You miss all the people that know something and promote all the nuts.” You’re right. I agree with you 100%. I wouldn’t say I miss all those people. I just don’t make any money off of their channel.

If you want technical stuff that are fun-filled facts to impress people at the Bitcoin meetups, go to those other channels. I’m not saying anything bad about it. I watched the other channels too. I just don’t bring it up because it doesn’t make you money.

“…and then you promote the nuts.” These guys all make money from investing in cryptocurrencies. To sum up, it’s up to you if you want to make money or you just want to get technical buzzwords.

“Tai, please let me know if you’re coming to Los Angeles.” I will be coming into Los Angeles in October. I think in the third or fourth week of October.

“Are you a full-time Bitcoin trader or Do you have a day job?” I am actually not a full-time Bitcoin trader. I’m actually a full-time forex trader.

“Hey Tai, Do you have a day job or are you 100% cryptocurrency investing?” I’m never 100% cryptocurrency trading. I don’t want to discuss my day job. I don’t want to discuss my personal business. I tried to have at least 4 streams of income.

“Tone just started on world crypto network. He’s been on for 2 months.” No, he’s been around. I’ve seen him around.

I am looking into DECENT ICO and I will have an interview with them soon.

“Jumped on Block pay.” I’ll do a separate video on that.

“LBC worth the questions”. I’ll talk about that in a separate video. I’m invested in LBC, so full disclaimer there.

John Conway. This is interesting. I’m glad that you brought this up, Joe. Joe says: “you need to realize these investors want to be people who are no different than fortune tellers. They both can’t show any proof of their claims.”

Let me tell you something that is classic. I can tell Joe doesn’t make any money from cryptocurrency investing. When somebody says that, they ain’t making money from it.

I don’t even know why they even bother coming on to this channel because this channel is for people want to make money from cryptocurrencies. There will always be people that will accuse me of not making money and not making money. I mean that’s going to happen.

I’m going to still broadcast about it whether you want to invest in it or not. If you invested in the Ethereum at the same time that we discussed it, you would have made over 4000% too.

I don’t know what he’s done. He must be new to cryptocurrency investing.

“No mention of block talk?” Nope.

“Most influential is Bitcoin Uncensored.” I always got technical people that come out of my channel. My channel is for people who want to make money and profit from cryptocurrency investing. My channel is not about technical stuff. I am the last person that you want to listen to when it comes to technical mumbo jumbo about how it cryptocurrency works.

I’m letting you know that do not waste your time here looking for technical information about cryptocurrencies. If you want to make a profit from cryptocurrencies, come to this channel.

This is the first time in human history that an individual like us, from a poor background, has an opportunity to make money in crypto invest like a Wall Street venture capitalists. This is the reason why and I created a program called Main Street VC to show people how to invest people on the main street like a VC on Wall Street.

Don’t come on here and talk about technical stuff. We’re here to make money. Let me see, Joe Conway again. This guy has all the questions. Maybe you can give somebody else a chance to ask a question, bro.

If you want to know how I got into cryptocurrencies, go watch my video on how I got into cryptocurrencies crypto investment. It’s how I got into cryptocurrencies.

I used to work on a Bitcoin mining farm in Dallas. It was an energy brokerage farm. One side was an energy brokerage firm and the other side was a big farm. That was how I learned about it. I thought it was a bunch of bullshit when I first heard that they had all these computers running this stuff. T thought these guys are a bunch of nutcases, but they’re not. These guys make a lot of money.

“You blindly bought into a crowd sale and that’s why not because you researched your investment.” No, we researched it a lot. We put videos up about it. Joe Conway gets the medal for being the best troll on this video.

“Is Expanse, Ethereum clone, a scam?” No, it is not a scam. It’s just the clone.

“Tai, very quiet on NXT? What’s up? new news?” I have been so busy looking at different ICOs. NXT is a long-term play for me. I’ve been investing in it since 2000. I did not catch that NXT ICO. Wish I did. That is the most profitable software project, in my opinion, compared to anything even more profitable than Bitcoin.

If you look at it, they only put 21 Bitcoins in and now it’s like several million dollar projects. If you look at the growth of NXT, I think that there was more bang for the buck there in NXT than any other cryptocurrency projects on the market right now.

Jonathan says he misses Amanda. I missed her channel, The Daily Decrypt, but she got hired by Dash cryptocurrency.

“Is Iota on your radar?” by XCVSDVXX. I know who is this. I’ll give credit to XCVSDVXX or whatever the hell it is. He’s actually one of the first guys that I had to do my cryptocurrency about NXT and a bunch of stuff.

Thanks for helping me get started there, back when I didn’t have anybody to interview. Let me know when you’re ready for an interview about Ardor to update everyone.

“Is Iota on your radar Tai?” No, it’s not. I heard about it several times.

I want you to understand this. If you don’t hear us talking about a specific cryptocurrency. It doesn’t mean that we think it’s a scam or anything like that. It’s probably because we don’t have time to research it. We hear about it, but we just don’t have time. We only have time to look at maybe 6 to 12 cryptocurrencies at any given time.

There’s too many out there for us to research. Sometimes we just miss it. That’s just how it is. We don’t cry over spilled milk. We move on to the next cryptocurrency.

Joe Conway says he doesn’t mean to hate. He just hears alarms when he hears people say how much money they make. If I told you how much money I’ve made from cryptocurrency investing, you wouldn’t believe in any way.

The people that come to the live workshop that I’m going to do. They’re going to see how much I made because I’m going to show them the accounts so that they’ll see, then go home and do it.

If I tell you that you need more than 100 Bitcoins in your account before you come to our live workshop, there’s a reason for that.

“Is your goal is still 600,000?” Yes, it is. It’s coming close. When I hit 600,000 on whether my forex trading, futures trading, stock trading or cryptocurrency trading, that does not mean that I’m going to stop. I enjoy doing this. This is fun. I don’t get paid to sit here and broadcast to you. I mean I do it just cause I like it.

Some people like to watch football. Some people like to watch basketball. I don’t watch any of that stupid shit even though I was one of the best athletic trainers when I worked at Gold’s Gym as a personal trainer.

I’ve never met somebody personally that can get an athlete to run faster, and more agile on the field than I have, but I don’t watch sports because that does not make me money.

I watched the cryptocurrency market, the stock market, the forex market, etc. because they make me money. I don’t waste time watching things that don’t make any money. I could be spending the exact same amount of time making money in trading and investing or I can sit there and waste time.

If you live, work and hang around me all the time, you’ll hear me say this over and over here. I believe in living your own life, not somebody else’s life. I don’t believe in watching Lebron James and living their life.

I see people that spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to go to a professional sports event. If you tell them:” Hey, go put $100 into this ICO, they’re like, oh, it’s risky”. I’m like:” Man, you want to go spend $1,000 at a football game, but you won’t invest $100 just to make 5X, 10X return.”

I mean that just boggles my mind. It’s just a matter of priorities. If you know me personally, you’ll know that I don’t like living with other people’s lives. I like to live my own life and create my own life.

“Do you have any good slack channel?” No, I don’t have a slack channel. I think that’s for people that want to create software.

I heard of Nautiluscoin, but I don’t know anything about it. I have not invested in it.

“Do you hold NEM?” I screwed up on them big time because, in the beginning, they asked me to be a part of their team if I remember correctly. I get invited to be on cryptocurrency projects all the time. I think NEM was one of the early ones. At that time, I was more focused on NXT. I just didn’t see the point in cloning NXT or anything like that. Therefore, I did not join the team.

However, I also invested in them earlier this year, around 350 Satoshi. Then, I got out. I was not making money. I was not losing money. It was almost like a breakeven. It was profitable, but the slippage on it caused me to be slightly under and I got out. Then, a few weeks later, they ran up to like a thousand something Satoshi, so I missed out on that one.

I was in it, but I held on for as long as I could and it wasn’t making money as I moved my money somewhere else and then that’s when they took off. That’s part of trading and investing. That happens all the time, so I don’t cry over it

“Do you plan running any proof of stake nodes?” I’m not sure. I might in the future, but I don’t see the point in doing at this moment.

“Just pass over Coinigy – Bitcoin Altcoin trading top”. I’m aware of them. I forget what the reason was, but I passed over them. I can’t remember the reason. I know about them and I’ve seen them. There was something about it that doesn’t pique my interest, so I just moved on.

To conclude, those are the 7 most influential crypto investing channels for 2016.

If you like it, give me a thumbs up. If you don’t like it, give me a thumbs down, so I don’t make these videos anymore.

Thanks for watching. If you have any people that want to learn more about investing in cryptocurrencies, let me know. I mean let them know about this channel so they can subscribe to it. If you guys have friends or colleagues or coworkers, let them know about it. I’ll see you in a future video.


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