Crypto Investing #5 – Is Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Investing Risky & Gambling? – By Tai Zen

Hey, what’s up, guys. This is Tai Zen again. Hey, I just had a beer and some alligator meat over here at Crabby Bill’s Seafood here. I’m broadcasting from Clearwater, Florida. Clearwater is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

If you come to the United States of America and come to Florida, you should take out Clearwater because it is definitely one of the best beaches in America period. There’s the best sand, doesn’t stick to your toes when you’re walking on it, doesn’t stick to your body, and the water is absolutely clear and it is warm. You can actually go in there even in the springtime, in the fall.

So it’s like one of the best cities to go on vacation and stuff. So I was eating there and we were talking to some friends and some people at the bar and everything and they were talking about cryptocurrency investment and Bitcoin investments. As I’m making this video I’m waiting to cross the street, you guys. So as you guys can see here, all these cars here when I’m going to try to run across the street here.

Okay, I made it through one side, let me see if I can get through the other side here. So I was talking with some friends and they would say that investing in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency or any of that is a gamble.

And I want you guys to know something okay. When I first invested, I’ve traded stocks, I’ve traded features, I’ve traded oil, I’ve traded gold, I’ve traded silver, I’ve traded currencies, and I’ve traded all kinds of stuff.

But I’ll tell you what, I have never ever invested in anything where it gives me a thousand per cent return. You guys hear that. I didn’t say a hundred per cent return, I didn’t say 200% return, I didn’t say 2% or 5% return, I said a thousand per cent return.

.And when you have something like that, and you make a thousand per cent return on your money, right. I would recommend that you guys not pay attention to what the non-believers and the people that don’t understand about Bitcoins… Oh, by the way, this is a Pier 60, if you guys come to the Clearwater, make sure you guys go to the Pier 60, okay.

It’s really family-friendly and there’re lots of people that come here.  There are acrobatic shows like these people at the back are warming up to do the street show and everything and then you got the kids playgrounds around here, right. So this is a good place to hang out if you want to take your family to the beach and you want a place that is safe and it’s family-oriented.

Anyways, you always got these dumb idiots that don’t know anything about Bitcoin or about cryptocurrency, and they’ll always tell you that is risky, it’s a gamble, you shouldn’t do it, but if you ask them what is a Bitcoin, they have no clue what it is.

So what I recommend you guys do is that you guys don’t pay attention at that stupid nonsense, to people who don’t know anything about cryptocurrency, about Bitcoins and invest into it.

I want you guys to continue going out there making that money and don’t worry about what other people say because most of the people that talk bad about cryptocurrency or Bitcoin or any of that, they’re either ignorant or they just don’t know.

I want you guys to remember that and not waste your time listening to them okay because it’s not gonna do you any good. You don’t make money by listening to people that have never invested a day in their life and have never put their money at risk to make money. Ok, so just be aware of that guys and don’t let that hold you back.

I just want to make this quick video to share that with you guys, so that you guys don’t get distracted by the people that don’t understand what Bitcoin is, right. If you are a new investor into cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and stuff like that.

I believe that this is like the dot com boom bubble all over again. Many of you guys that’s been following my channel, you guys know that I missed the dotcom boom, right, because I didn’t know anything about technology or anything like that.

I didn’t have a friend like and that’s why I didn’t know anything about it.  But you guys know about it and you guys are watching this channel, you should be informed when doing this. Every time there’s a technology boom like the dot com boom in the 90s, and then you had the smartphone boom in the 2000s.

Now, my buddy believes that there is a boom in the cryptocurrency and the Bitcoin and the blockchain technology I don’t care if you call it Bitcoin I don’t care if you call it the public ledger I don’t care if you call it cryptocurrencies. Whatever you call it there’s a boom in it and I recommend that you guys take advantage of it.

Don’t be one of those people that the .com boom goes by and you’re like “What happened?”, “Was there a dot com?”, and then now the Bitcoin boom goes by and you’re like “What happened”, “Was there a Bitcoin boom?”, “How come I didn’t know about it?” So I was too young, I was broke, I was poor, I was uneducated back during the dotcom boom, so I couldn’t take advantage of it.

But now that I’m aware of how to invest my money and learn how to take a risk and manage risk and things like that, I’m going to fully capitalize on this, okay. And I hope that you guys are able to take advantage of that too. So I just want to share this video really quick with you guys.

You will always have negative people, you always have ignorant people, and you always have naysayers that don’t understand Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and when you ask them about it, they’re always going to say something negative, they’re never going to say anything positive about it because they don’t want to show that they are ignorant about it, right.

Outside of this YouTube channel, in the community, and the people that share my thoughts on investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. I don’t even talk about trading or investing or cryptocurrencies, I don’t even talk about but the Forex trading that I do with people outside of my YouTube channel and the community because most people don’t understand and the first thing that people do when they don’t understand something is they push it away and they start to say bad thing about it.

So just want to share this with you because more than likely I’m not the only one out there where people talk crap about Bitcoin and stuff, and I remember somebody telling me that I was an idiot to invest into Ethereum. So I’ve just made 5000% return, 5000% profit, right.

If you count in US dollars, it’s over a thousand per cent profit, if you count it in Bitcoin, if you think about it, right, you put in 1 Bitcoin during the Ethereum ICO or the crowd sale, and you got one Bitcoin, right, and it ran all the way up to like 38 mil bits, which is the equivalent of 38 Bitcoin that’s like a 3000% return.

Where in the world can you invest in something where you can get thousands of per cent returns on it. So whenever these numbnuts and these knuckleheads tell me that it’s a gamble, it’s risky or I’m stupid, I just smile and I just giggle on the inside because these people just don’t get it guys.

And I would not waste time explaining it to them because when somebody doesn’t get something and they are allergic to making money and they don’t like making money, I don’t like talking to them about it. I’d rather make this videos and share it with you guys instead because I know you guys like to make money too.

So if you guys like these videos give me a thumbs up. I’m gonna go back and check out some of these things over here, they got a bunch of gift shop over here. I’m gonna spend some of the profits that I made from Bitcoin and Ethereum, while everybody thinks that it’s a gamble, okay.

So thanks for watching this video, guys. If you guys like it give me a thumbs up if you guys don’t like give me a thumbs down. It’s not gonna hurt my feelings. It just lets me know that not to waste time to make these types of video. So I’ll catch you guys in the next video.

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