Crypto Investing #49 – Why Is Volume Important When Investing In ICO’s

What’s up, guys? This is Tai Zen. In this video, I want to talk about the different ICO that everybody keeps sending to me to see if I and are going to invest in them.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about different ones. Lisk is one of them is another one. There’s so many I can’t remember them all.

One of the things that Leon and I want you to remember is when you invest in cryptocurrencies, it’s extremely risky. That’s the reason why they can have a profit of up to 3000% of profits because there’s a huge potential for it to grow.

Whenever you invest in anything having that type of potential for growth, there is a massive amount of risk that’s available going along with it. Therefore, before we look at investing in any of the new ICO, we have learned that it’s very easy to manipulate the number of Bitcoins that an ICO has raised.

In other words, when you look at the number of Bitcoins that that ICO raise, you have to be very careful. I’ll give you guys several examples.

For example, when Ethereum first did the crowd sale within the first day or two, they had raised a few million dollars already. When Lisk was available for investment in an ICO, they raised several million dollars within the first week or two. The same thing happened with the wave platform and the DAOhub.Org.

It lets us know that there are people that are interested in. The market believes that this is legit and people want to put money into it.

Therefore, whenever you see an ICO, within two or three weeks, they only raise 200 or 300 Bitcoins, it is a huge concern for me. That lets me know there is one person capable of controlling the whole mass.

That doesn’t mean that it’s a scam coin or it’s not a legitimate cryptocurrency because everybody has to start somewhere.

My personal opinion is that I just don’t want to put my money into something where the team is not capable of raising 1,000 or 2,000 Bitcoins on their own.

When they only raise 100, 200 or 300 Bitcoins, it can be very suspicious because 1 or 2 guys conspiring together can easily create an ICO. They can create 500 or 600,000 different bogus accounts and divert those to 300 Bitcoins that they own. Then, they make it look like there are a thousand participants in the ICO that already donated 300 or 400 Bitcoins to the ICO. In fact, it’s the guys that own that coin himself.

Because of that, one of the investment rules that Leon and I have is trying to stay away from an ICO that does not have a lot of funding from day one.

If somebody is serious about running an ICO, they’re going to speak at a conference and let their peers review their Project. They’re going to do a lot of things to promote themselves such as making videos to explain what it is.

At least with the Ethereum team, when they announced their ICO, they went to the Miami Bitcoin conference and several Bitcoin meetups to reveal who they are. They’re not trying to be the days of being anonymous like Satoshi Nakamoto was when he invented Bitcoin. Those days are over.

Therefore, if any new ICO that have come out now and I don’t get to see the person’s face or hear them talk, I probably will not take a look at it, because that’s just too much risk. That’s not to say that the project will not succeed. That’s not to say that the project is legit.

I just want to make this video real quick for you to explain why there are certain ICO that you don’t hear us talk about. It’s simply because there hasn’t been enough volume.

One person is capable of owning 200, 300 or 500 Bitcoins and use the ICO account to make it look like it’s legit. However, it’s not so easy because not too many people out there have 5000 Bitcoins toss around and try to scam other people.

I hope this video gives you a little bit more knowledgeable about the type of ICO that you want to look at.

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We’ll try to get out more videos whenever we can.

Thanks for watching this video guys and supporting our channel. And I look forward to seeing you guys in a feature video.

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