Crypto Investing #46 – Long Term ICO Investing Vs. Short Term Crypto Trading

What’s up, guys? This is a Tai Zen and I want to do quick broadcast guys to explain the difference between longterm ICO investing versus a short term trading in Cryptocurrencies. When you’re doing short term trading guys, you can do it that there’s a different approach in how you make money doing short term trades where you buy a Cryptocurrency and within a day, maybe the same day or within the same week or the same month you sell it back or the same year.

So for example, as I got into a new economy movement when it was around 350 Satoshi‘s it ran up to like 400 and something and it can’t pull back down to 350 so and went down to 300 point Satoshis and somewhere around 347 Satoshis. When they got close to my breakeven point just got out because I did not want to let my money just sitting there and it’s not moving. So that’s because I was trading, I was doing a lot of short term trading with a new economy movement.

Now there is some stuff, there are some Cryptocurrencies that I did not do short trading in. Because for example, like when I invested into the ICO initial coin offering, which is similar to in case you’re new to Cryptocurrency investing, that would be the same as investing into stopped ICO. So I invested in the waves ICO and I invested into the Lisk ICO.

Now the reason why I’m making this video guys is that ever since the waves came Lisk came out and if you bought at the Lisk ICO it was around 18,000 of Satoshis. And since it came out on to the exchange and made available on the exchange.

Let me pull it up real quick the Lisk tokens or the Lisk coins have been trading anywhere between, It has been trading anywhere between, let me see here. Let me pull it up. It’s been trading somewhere between the high, let me see. It’s traded as high as 125,000 Satoshi’s and its traded as low as 40,000 Satoshis. So if you got to into the Lisk ICO you pretty much are up at least 2X or 200% return minimum.

Now have you cashed out when it was at around the 80,000 Satoshi area, you could have made a 400% profit or 4X return. And I seriously doubt that anybody had an opportunity to sell a sizable amount of Lisk on Poloniex around the hundred, you know, above the 80,000 Satoshi area.

And if you did, you probably could not have sold that much cause it was just so much trouble and technical issues going on with Lisk during the release of their coins when it was being distributed.

Now as far as the waves go, that was a much better launch in a better distribution. I think that Sasha did a great job. I think that out of all the ICO that have been launched so far, I think the smoothest I see a launch that has ever come out is with the waves platform and there were several things that Sasha did.

Sasha is the creator and founder of the waves platform. And I think that there were several things that he did that were extremely valuable. That allowed the Waves Token to be distributed very easily without no technical issues, I did not hear too many technical issues when I went and did what the instructions said I pretty much you know, got my coins and everything. So the way that he did it as he slowly released it to the technical people first and then after that to the non-technical people and so on.

And so what happened was ever since the release of waves, we’ve had an issue where we had an issue where the waves software has come out and there’s been a lot of complaints from various people saying that they were upset because it was put on Bittrex s and not on Poloniex or and more popular exchange.

Now big tracks are the only exchange to have a license to operate in the state of New York. So I guess that’s why people use it. Because if you’re from New York, you don’t have other, any other cho ICO, but to use the tracks.

Now there’s a lot of people that’s been making comments on my twitter and there’s a lot of people making comments on my youtube channel saying that you know, that waves was a scam or what ways are no good or it was a bad investment.

And this, that’s the reason why I’m making these video guys explained to you guys something in case you’re new to Cryptocurrency investing is that when you do a short term trade with something like Etherium or NXT or Dogecoin or Litecoin or Bitcoin, those Cryptocurrencies have already been out on the market for a while. So you can trade it.

But when you invest in an ICO such as waves or with Lisk, you have to give them time to develop the software. The software is not even 100% or even close to 100% being fully developed yet.

The reason why I believe that Sasha did not put the waves on a popular exchange such as Poloniex was to reduce the volatility. If you notice every coin that has come out on the market there’s big volatility in just really destroys the value of those coins.

If you look at what happened with waves and they released it onto the Bittrex exchange, everyone knows that Bittrex is not doing a lot of volumes. Like if you look at the top volume that’s being traded on Bittrex versus other exchanges like BTC Finex or coinbase exchange or Poloniex or any of those, you’ll notice that they have a very little volume.

So by purposely putting waves on an exchange that has very little volume, it prevents a lot of people from being able to trade it. One is because usually trade a dump a lot, you know, you’re going to get that price or because it’s just not a lot of liquidity.

So I think that was a brilliant idea on behalf of the waves team to do that, to put their Waves Tokens on an exchange or a smaller, so there cannot be a lot of trading volume to slow down the volatility and to buffer and to put my speed bumps in the volatility of that coin where it’s being released. So it went from like a 40,000 Satoshi down to like 20,000 Satoshi and at some points, it dropped below 20,000 Satoshi down to 19,000 Satoshi

Now, if you bought at the ICO, it was around 30,000 Satoshi or 31,000 Satoshi told you somewhere around there. So the hardest it’s down about a third about the, you lost about 33% on this. Now you only lost if you sold at this moment. Because if you think about why you put the money into the Lisk project it’s become essential to growing and if there, when I say put out, you know, you believe that there is going to be utilized by businesses and companies and individuals and that will increase the value of it.

Now they both Lisk just completed at the end of May that day and they just are being able to be able to trade it. So because of that, it would be unfair to give someone like Sascha or to Max, you know, to give him $8,000,000 and to give Sasha $16,000,000 so they can build out their software project and then expect it to be worth 10 times more a month later.

That’s just not realistic guys when you invest in you until an ICO, you have to give them time. When you guys hear me and talk about we invested into the Ethereum ICO back in 2014 and we’ve made over 5,000% profit on it that their guys took at least 20 months.

So I don’t know what you guys timeframe is when you guys invested into the waves or maybe I should have made a video to indicate the amount of time that it takes to invest into an ICO and CO return. If you’re looking for short term gains, you know, maybe like a 10% 20% gain, then you need to spray the Cryptocurrency as a short term trade.

But if you’re looking at flipping ICO and getting like a 5X return, 10X return or 20X return, 5X return is a 500% profit. That’s five times. That’s why they call it 5X, at 10X return is 1000% profit. That’s 10X return or five times return.

So if you’re looking at getting like a 10X or 20x or 30x move or 50x move, like and I got from investing into the Ethereum. Then you get to give these guys some time to develop their software. As I’m speaking at the beginning of July 2016 right now as I’m speaking, I know for a fact that Sasha and his team are in Moscow promoting a conference in Moscow could promoting the waves platform.

We also have Max core deck from Germany who’s the creator of the Lisk platform, the Lisk software. He’s also in Moscow right now uniting with Sasha to promote his Lisk project. So you guys gotta give these guys time. You give them 8,000,000 and some dollars to Lisk team and then you give $16,000,000 to the waves team.

There was no way that they can spend all that money and use all that money to build their software project in a month or two. It’s that’s just really impossible. You’ve got to look at it like a that’s going to take them at least five years to use all that money to build their software. And with the case of wage where they got 16,000,000 and then with the jump in price of Bitcoin, they probably got more than $16,000,000. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got about $ 20, 000,000 to build the waves software project. We have to give these guys time.

Now I’m not being paid by the Lisk team or the Waves team or any team to make this video and say this. And you guys know that I’ve been very transparent with what I do. If I got any donations or any donations, any of these guys, I would, you know, I would declare it. I would not be afraid to say that.

I just want you guys to realize that because I had a few people had the nerves and have the balls to accuse me of pumping or a scam such as ways and nothing ways, it’s not a scam guys, it’s a software project, they raise money. Lisk is a software project they raised money. The is a software project, they raised money and this is the first time in human history guys that we have the ability to put our money in something that we believe in.

So if you guys put your money into the DAO hub, it has been attacked. They are trying to refund everyone the Ethers that was put into the project. I’m an investor just like you guys are I originally created this series of videos on my channel to help my friends, my personal friends, and my family and people like that and

You know, we got tired of trying to explain the same concepts over and over to our friends, family and coworkers and colleagues that we decided to create this channel way back, you know, several years ago to just help our friends and family because I’m financially free with the inflammation that we’ve learned and we’ve shared with other people.

So, you know, it’s not fair and it sucks when people accuse us of trying to, you know, scan people we are trying to scam nobody, we tell people, you know, what we learned and we share these videos with our close friends and colleagues and things like that. And you happen to see it publicly, you know, we make it public so other people can benefit from it and you guys see it, you know, then it’s all great, you know.

But you know, I don’t think it’s fair when people accuse us on twitter, on youtube that, you know, we’re trying to scam the public trying to scam the way we try and make money, you know, and the things that we’ve learned you know, we try to share it with other people.

So thanks for watching this video guys just be patient, give the waves team a chance the bill. It’s a build their software and we’ll see how it goes, you know, three months from now, six months from now, I have no plans of selling the waves or the Lisk anytime soon in 2017 unless something dramatic happens guys. But I don’t see it happening.

Matter of fact when I see waves go 30% lower than what I planned that I paid for at the ICO, I personally plan on getting some extra Bitcoins and scooping up a few actual weighed myself you know, that does not mean that you should do it. You should look at the amount of money that you have the risk, the only money that I spend or I invest into the any ICO or any Cryptocurrency whether it’s trading it or invest into an ICO is to make sure that I have money, I put money into that.

If I lose it, I’m not going to lose my house or lose the ability to feed my wife and kids guys. So make sure that you do the same thing do not invest putting money into Cryptocurrencies that you cannot afford to lose all up.

So thanks for watching this video guys. If you guys like it you can be a thumbs up, if you guys don’t like it, give me a thumbs down. So I don’t waste time making it. And thanks for watching this video. And if you have friends, family, or colleagues that would like to learn how to invest in Cryptocurrencies.

Make sure that you share our channel with them. It’s the fastest growing and most popular Cryptocurrency investment channel on the Internet. So thanks for giving us the support guys. And we’ll look forward to seeing you guys in a future video.


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