Crypto Investing #32 – Who is Leon Fu Dot Com “The Oracle Of Cryptocurrency”?

Tai Zen: What’s up guys? This Tai Zen again. We’re still in Mississippi and we’re getting closer to Pensacola but we’re not there yet. I had several people in the comments guys ask me. “Who is”

So I want to make this video to explain to you guys who are And it’s going to be funny because I’m talking about my own friend.

He doesn’t like you because he’s not he doesn’t know I’m making this video but I’m gonna make it anyway. So let me explain to you guys how I met in the first place. And then it will set a background for how it is.

So his real name is Leon Fu. When I first moved to Austin Texas in 2006. The first person I ever met and made friends with is my other was

Eric G: Was.

Tai Zen: Was? Ok. I got my doctor here with me. Was a guy named Eric. Gerber. We call him Eric G. He’s a professional mixed martial arts fighter and

Eric G: Gambler.

Tai Zen: No, he’s a professional mixed martial arts fighter. And he’s a black belt in jujitsu. And he and I had first met. When I first came to Austin Texas and he helped me get my first job there in Austin Texas.

The reason why I was moving to Austin Texas was that I wanted to learn how to trade and invest in the stock market. And I heard that cyber trader headquarters were there. I didn’t know much about trading and also my little sister was living there so I had a place to stay.

And since I was a former art teacher, I figured, you know, since my little sister kept saying that Austin had a big art community, I was going to go there and get a job teaching art, working at an art gallery. And then focus on learning how to trade and invest in the stock market at that time.

And so what happened was when I got there I did not I went down the wrong street in downtown Austin and I ended up going into the club district instead of going into the art district.

And I thought that in my mind I thought that maybe my little sister did not fully understand what the art district is or what an art gallery looks like or you know whatever.

So I didn’t make a big deal of it I just went down and I was wanting to get a job really bad. And so what happened was. I ended one thing led to another. I ended up getting a job as a club bouncer in a club promoter and the person that helped me get that job was Eric.G.

And he helped me get a job there. Eric G was like the top club promoter in Austin Texas at that time and he had a very he’s very good at going out onto the streets in the public where thousands and thousands and millions of college girls and he would pick them up.

And bring them into the clubs and fill up the clubs with hot girls. And these guys when the best guys I’ve ever seen in the world to do that.

And so when I met him and I told him I needed a job desperately. He helped me get a job there and as a bouncer. Because I was a former, you know, I was a trainer at that time so I was training people how to get big and strong for sports and stuff. So I was probably about maybe 20 pounds more muscular back then. Before I had all my heart attacks.

So at that time what happened was he got me a job as a club bouncer but the first day that I showed up for work the club promoter did not show up for work. So they got rid of him. They fired him. And so they put me in his place to be a club promoter. I did not know how to do it.

So Eric had to show me how to, you know, kind of like show me the ropes and how to pick up girls and bring them into the club. So one thing led to another and within a very short period of time within three or four months I became the top club promoter in downtown Austin and the club district.

So I was bringing in an average of about 50 girls on a regular day. And then about 100 hot girls every Thursday Friday and Saturday into the clubs. And some and Eric with number one and number two top club promoters in the city of Austin. For several years in a row.

During that time Leon Fu would come down to the club district to meet girls, you know, we were all single he was single at that time Eric and I did not know Leon Fu.

However, I was booking the clubs one time and I saw a bunch of Asian dudes watching me pick up girls. And they would watch us every day like literally.

And for a while that I couldn’t figure out why these dudes would stand across the street and just kept looking at me and watching me pick up girls for the clubs.

And then one thing led to another and I found out that the reason why they were standing across the street watching me pick up girls for the club and bring girls hot girls into the club was that they were single guys. And they had heard that I was the top club promoter down there.

And they wanted to see how I approached girls, how I met them how I seduced them or how I talked to them or how you know the conversations that I had with them to bring girls in. And so they were asking me to teach them, how to pick up girls. I know this has nothing to do Cryptocurrencies guys but this is how we got started. This how I and Leon Fu and Eric G and all of us became friends.

So what happened was. His name was Toni. And he would come and try to every day would come downtown and while I was working he would follow along with me to learn and asked me how I would he would watch me as I was picking up girls and bring them into the club and he would learn from it. And then one thing led to another and he introduced me to a guy named Leon Fu at that time.

And Leon Fu was single at that time and he was trying to learn how to pick up girls too, you know, how all these software guys are and all these coders and these engineers they’re extremely smart and intelligent and very good at what they’re doing.

But when it comes to social dynamics it’s very challenging for them because the more analytical. That an engineer is the harder it is for him to be social and be good with women and with girls.

So Leon Fu would come down there and we would go hang out together. We will become friends. At that time, you know, Bitcoin was not out yet. Back in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. At that time we didn’t know anything about Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin or nothing.

Matter of fact at that time if I remember correctly Leon had just moved to Austin Texas from Manhattan from New York City where he was working for Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank. Where he was working in their control controller department or something like that.

Their settlement where they had to settle transactions and that’s how he became very excited when he when I first showed him the white paper about Bitcoin because he was already working in the settlement department at Morgan Stanley and at Deutsche Bank and he would always you know, get headaches.

And so frustrated because none of the transactions they had to bust their ass to settle all the transactions that Morgan Stanley did and that Deutsche Bank did. When he was working there. So when he saw how Bitcoin can settle a transaction almost instantly almost not instantly but almost instantly.

It was no doubt his mind that this revolutionary financial technology was going to be a game-changer in the world of finances and on Wall Street.

That’s why we get all the banks and all the other big institutions on Wall Street now testing out different ways to use the blockchain because nothing is costing them more money than the fact that it takes three days to settle a transaction with all the technology that Wall Street has it still takes three days. For them to clear and settle a transaction.

That means that if you sold me stock and I bought it from you it would take them three days before I can get delivery of that stock certificate or that the ownership of that stock because of the current technology that they use on Wall Street.

So that’s why all the Wall Street firms are now trying to figure out how to use the Bitcoin blockchain technology to help them settle and clear the transactions even if Bitcoin never becomes a currency of any country. The fact that it can settle a transaction a financial transaction almost instantly within seconds. It is enough for it to change and revolutionize the financial world and Wall Street itself.

So anyway during that time when I first met Leon Fu. What happened was? The guy was so nerdy and so engineer that he struggles to be social with girls with hot girls. I mean, if you go to his birthday party, he would bring more hot girls to his birthday parties and to all the events at his places.

He has some nice here. He lives in several nice condos and very very fancy condos in downtown Austin. And he would bring some of the hottest girls. That you can ever imagine to his birthday parties, to his holiday parties, Christmas parties everything.

But he couldn’t close the deal. He couldn’t make it happen. And because he was so nerdy and he was so technical he’s very good. He’s an iOS developer. And he’s one of the best in the world at doing that stuff.

If you think that, you know, there was an iOS developing competition. I would we would enter in a heartbeat because he’s got mad skills in that arena.

The reason why me and Eric.G and all the other guys used to make fun of him and call him was because he was so nerdy that we just added “.com” we used to talk to him like Mr. When you approach a girl you have to say this you have to do this to them.

So it took us. It was like pulling hair to show he’s a lot better today than he was when we first met him in 2006. He’s more sociable you guys would never notice us. But back then he was awkward really.

He used to crack us up. He was a funny dude. When he when we took him out. So that’s why we called him And it just stuck with him. So that everybody started calling him

Now later on after I showed him the Bitcoin white paper in 2012. became like the Crypto the Oracle of Cryptocurrencies. Later on when he met James D’Angelo from the world Bitcoin network. They James D’Angelo was the first person to refer to as the Peter Thiel and Warren Buffett of Cryptocurrencies. So that has stuck since then.

The reason why is because if you ever look at Facebook page every day he’s talking about invest in this Cryptocurrency that Cryptocurrency, invest in gold, invest in silver, invest in Tesla and different stock.

Matter of fact if you invest in a quarter of the shit that Leon Fu has posted on his Facebook you should be retired and wealthy by now. This guy has just got the knack , he might not have a knack with hot girls but he sure as hell got a knack for making money.

There are some people in this world that are just good at what they do. Leon has lost thousands and thousands and hundreds of thousands in the stock market in the futures market, in the currency market, in the Cryptocurrency market to learn the shit that he has learned.

And this is the reason why, you know, we like the dude and we’re good friends with him. Now we were good friends with him long before we even knew a Cryptocurrencies was so I don’t want you guys to think that we just became friends with him just because he’s helping us make money right now.

But I tell you what man here’s one guy that I have met my life. I can honestly say has put thousands of dollars into my pocket just knowing the guy, you know, just like knowing Eric G has helped me meet, you know, thousands of hot girls in my life knowing Leon has thousands of dollars into my pocket.

More so than you guys can ever imagine that’s why I’m always picking his brain calling his ass up in the middle of the night picking his brain to find out other opportunities to make money.

So I don’t have to share this video with you guys. Because I keep getting people asking me who is this Leon Fu is his real name. We just added the extension “.com” because the guy is so damn nerdy. He’s like a real Asian. I’m not a real Asian. I’m from Vietnam. Leon is from China.

But I’m not a real Asian because I’m not good at math science and computers and hardware and software like here. So the next best thing is when you’re not good with math science and computers is like find a real Asian friend like and have him as your friend because then he can explain all that shit.

So I hope you guys enjoy this video. There’s no need to go and check out his site Because he does have a website called but I don’t think he’s updated in a few years. I think he first put that website up when he first found out about building websites and stuff so I think you do that together just for a quick practice but I don’t think he takes it seriously.

The site is a site that we’re taking seriously and I’ll make another video guys and update you guys on why we change it from the previous site to the

So hopefully guys this video clears up who is the Oracle of Cryptocurrencies, the Peter Thiel of Cryptocurrency the Oracle of Austin Texas. The Warren Buffett of investing in Cryptocurrencies guys and I hope that you guys like this video and I enjoyed making it. You guys like it give me a thumbs up. You guys don’t like it give me a thumbs down and then you guys want a history of the backroom and, you know, anybody else that’s on our team. Let me know and I’ll share it with you guys.

If you guys have friends or family that wants to learn how to invest in Cryptocurrencies. Make sure that they subscribe to our channel and get it straight from the horse’s mouth and straight from the Oracle of Cryptocurrency investing. Thanks for watching these video guys I’ll see you guys in a future video.


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