Crypto Investing #19 – How NXT Paved The Road To Success For Ethereum & Other Crypto ICO’s

Tai Zen: We’re both in NXT and Ethereum, I also invest in Dogecoin too, just because it was a gimmick, it was so heavily traded at that time. You know how you explained to me that over 90% of the software projects don’t ever make it to market. You told me some weird crazy arse stuff that most large-scale software projects do not work, right? The way I look at is like this, NXT is on the market at whereas Ethereum is not.

They didn’t even have a beta version or whatever you call it in software development, they didn’t even have an early bird version out yet, and NXT he was already ahead of the game. You know that the only complaint that I ever had about NXT is that there’s not a public figure. And you know that they did not release the white paper early enough.

Leon Fu: There were a lot of issues not with the software but with the organization.

Tai Zen: In my opinion, here’s the thing that NXT did to propel the success of Ethereum, you know what that is? This is something that I don’t believe anybody ever talks about I believe that this is one of the major reasons why Ethereum has the success that it did. And I believe that due to NXT being the predecessor, and you know what that is? What was the number one controversy with NXT when it was first released?

Leon Fu: It was a scam, right?

Tai Zen: No, that it was pre-mined. Basically, it was the first time that a Cryptocurrency was pre-mined. They didn’t have like a big name like NXT, the other ones were just knockoffs of Bitcoin.

NXT was the first Cryptocurrency that was not a duplicate, it was not a copy and paste and an edited version of Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin, any of those. It was completely new, and it was the first time that they had a pre-mine, like a billion NXTs. At that time, I believe that in the Cryptocurrency world, in the Bitcoin world and everything, people could not handle that, it was so new and it was such innovative.

But the thing was that it was the first time people were exposed to pre-mine coins, and they couldn’t handle. There were a lot of haters out there, they just couldn’t get over the fact of the proof of stake and that aspect.

Leon Fu: They had to be. Because there was no mining, right? There was a billion NXT and that was it.

Tai Zen: There was a group of people who get over it like myself and you and Eric, we got over it, we didn’t even care if it was pre-mine. It was innovative, and we will take the risk investment to it, other people, the other haters did not like that. But what it did do, I believe what NXT did do is it laid the foundation for the fact that a Cryptocurrency can exist pre-mine.

And they went on and then people started to realize that it was not a scam. Then the public became accepting of it, the public started to accept the fact that a pre-mine can actually become a legitimate Cryptocurrency. And so now, because it was legit, everybody else that came along tries to ride on the coattails of the success of the pre-mine NXTs.

And by the time Ethereum came along, think about when Ethereum came out. NXT came out in December, January of late 2013, early 2014. Then when did Ethereum come out?

Leon Fu: The IPO was supposed to be in January of 2014, that’s when the original state was and they got pushed back to July. But they were promoting it all through 2013, if you go look at the Ethereum video, it was all throughout 2013.

Remember we were talking about if these are going to be NXT or Ethereum right now, then that really happened, started happening in 2013, the second half I would say.

Tai Zen: I mean we had some of those popular videos on YouTube talking between Ethereum and NXT. At the BBQ place in Austin with McAllen and then at the Texas Bitcoin conference in your Maserati.

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