Crypto Investing #18 – How Morgan Stanley & Deutsche Bank Helped Me See The Value Of Bitcoin

Leon Fu: You know I used to live there like three years. I was working in Manhattan for 3 years. I hated it.

The only thing that kept me there for that long was the money because they were paying me. I was doing like $180,000 in 1999.

Tai Zen: That’s quite a bit.

Leon Fu: That’s more than what I make now. I worked at the World Trade Center. Are you in Rockefeller Center?

Tai Zen: No, I’m in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Leon Fu: So you’re on the upper East side then. I commuted into the city for 2 years and then I moved there for the last year I was there. I was working the first half for Morgan Stanley, the second half for Deutsche Bank.

Tai Zen: So you are very familiar with the big banks and you’re actually like an insider.

Leon Fu: No, I was a programmer. Do you know what’s controlling in the bank? So I was working for them both at the time, in Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank. I ended up in the controlling department and what they’re controlling is financial controls.

Their job is every single day to make sure that all the accounting within the bank, there are hundreds of systems in a bank, like computer systems. So they always have to make sure that at the end of each day, the balance in each system matched up with each other. You have a serious problem if you have one computer system saying this and then your general ledger saying that’s not that.

Tai Zen: So you had a background in working around ledgers already.

Leon Fu: These are mostly accounting. Mostly what they did was they’re in Excel all day, adding numbers up, making sure the books balanced every day.

And it’s called controlling because it says that’s called financial control. Every day these numbers could match, but there’s somebody that has to make sure that they actually match.

Tai Zen: I bet you guys wish you had Bitcoin back then. That would’ve solved a lot of problems.

Leon Fu: If they need you, it’s just whatever you want, they pay, or they pay whatever they have to. And they treat us well, if we work late and they bought us dinner, they gave us a taxi ride home.

I’m glad I’m out of there. There’s nowhere else in America like that. What about you? Would you ever move there?

Tai Zen: Absolutely not. I would never move here okay.

Leon Fu: Well I’m from there, about 40 miles West of there. I lived in Jersey, Morris County. Can you name a single city New Jersey? You can’t think of a single city in New Jersey, right? It’s basically one giant cover of New York City.

Like half of the state is a suburb of New York City, and the other half of the state is a suburb of Philadelphia. Because you know you got business, that’s the biggest metropolitan here.

You got Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. There’s something like, 100 million people in their or something.

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