Crypto Investing #17 – How Do We Find New Cryptos To Invest In

Tai: Yeah, David was one to know where you get the source of all this stuff from.

Leon: Oh I mean, come on. I get this on Twitter, I get this everywhere…

Tai: You know secret source man?

Leon: I do know one source that I get it from. For example, …

Tai: He’s been deep into it man. He’s been deep into it so he’s getting pieces of information here and there.

Leon: So Factom okay. For example, I got it by going to the Bitcoin meetup in Austin because they host this.

Tai: Yeah so they happen to be in town.

Leon: No, they are in town. Factom is based here, in Austin.

Tai: Yeah and you happen to live there, that’s how you found out about it.

Leon: Yeah I just happened to live here and I just happened to go to the meetup. That’s how I found out about that one. Ethereum, we do not know if we’re in this space, it was all over the place in 2014, I mean for most of 2013 and 2014, it was all about the Ethereum and Bitcoin 2.0.

Tai: Yeah, me, you and James D’Angelo actually had a discussion about that I mean we interviewed the guy.

Leon: The fact I might just happen to be there, Augur is number… the most well-known because Ethereum talked about logistics and if you start looking for this stuff, the first thing you’re going to find is probably Augur. Like they’re going to list a few of them and they’re going to be Augur. Slock is something George came to me with. So I mean, that’s really how I know all this stuff…

Tai: You just have a network of people out there all doing their research and coming together, man.

Leon: Yeah, or you go do some research. You go Google stuff and start reading the new sites and…

Tai: I’ll let you handle the fundamental side. I usually focus on the technical side because that’s easier for me to do.

Leon: The fundamental is where we are going to get a hundred times our money.

Tai: Yeah, no for sure, for what we’re doing to educate the public, not everyone has the opportunity to jump in pre-IPO, before the IPO or even at the beginning, so there still needs to be a point where…there’s always somebody that comes at a later time, so they need to have an educated entry on where they need to get in and where they need to get out and stuff. That’s cool man, that’s cool that we’re working on that.

David: Alright, keep those two on your radar screen all, I’m going to be putting a large bet on both of them probably. We just got to be opportunistic. I mean that’s all this is. That’s what this game is about, and there’s tons of stuff that’s moving that I have no idea what it is yet.

Tai: No worries David. Focus on getting caught up to speed and once he does he’ll be able to help you with the fundamental research, too.

David: Yeah there’s so much out there. It’s going trying to be like the blockchain version of Facebook. There’s going to be this thing that looks like an NXT for new economic movement. I have no idea what that’s about. There’s this coin which is kind of like doing Dropbox decentralized that sounds interesting too.

There are thousands of them and probably I would say there’s at least three dozen worth doing some research on like. I got to get going here so I’ll catch you later. You guys are going to be Boston next week or the week after?

Tai: Yeah, let me see, Saturday. Yeah, I’ll be in Boston on Saturday till Tuesday.

David: Alright, I’ll let you know. I’ll catch you later.

Tai: Yeah, I’ll let James know.

David: Okay, catch you later.

Tai: Take care.

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