Crypto Investing #10 – What Is Cryptocurrency Fundamental Analysis?

Hi guy! This is Tai Zen. I’m broadcasting from a hotel shuttle heading towards the Tampa International Airport and Tampa’s one of the most beautiful beach cities in America. It has a beach named Clearwater, the water is extremely beautiful. I want to go to one of the most beautiful beaches in America, you should come to check it out.

Right now I’m crossing the Tampa Bay. In this video guys, I want to share with you guys, if you’re new to trading, especially new to cryptocurrencies, or any type of trading. I want to talk about the two types of analysis that you have to learn how to do and I’ll talk about it in two separate videos.

In this video let’s talk about what’s called fundamental analysis, and in the second video, I’ll talk about what’s called the technical analysis.

When you trade stocks, or you trade your contracts or commodity, or anything like that, when we talk about fundamental analysis, it means that the earning of the company, the health of the company, is it in good standing, for example, when you talk about the fundamentals of Apple stocks or we talk about the oil, or we talk about the currencies like the Euro, then what we’re talking about?

Fundamental analysis is the underlying stuff that makes it work. For example, Apple, are they producing better phones, are they quarterly earnings better, are they profitable, do they come up with some innovative product, anything like that.

If you’re doing futures in commodities such as oil, then how is OPEC doing, what is the big picture of the scheme that they are going through to the pump more oil or pump less oil to try to manipulate the price of oil, or for example some of these countries are trying to produce more oil so that they can… like the Middle Eastern countries, the OPEC nations are pumping out more oil so that they can destroy the oil business in America.

Because in America, they discovered how to get oil out of the ground by pumping water into the ground where the oils, they call it fracking. So in Texas, where I come from, that’s a huge business – oil fracking. So that’s like the underlying, the big picture of what’s going on with that product that you are buying or selling. So that’s an example with Apple stocks as an example of oil.

The other examples, the currency market like with the Forex market, for example, like the Euro has been in decline since the spring of 2014 because they’ve been forced to print more money to recover from the market crash of 2008. So that’s like the big picture.

The fundamental analysis is usually the things that are hard to see, and it’s hard to understand because that’s like the big picture. So that’s what fundamental analysis is. So when you’re buying or selling a stock or you’re trying to choose the right stock to buy or sell, or you’re choosing the right currency to buy or sell, or you’re choosing the right commodity to buy or sell, that process is what we call fundamental analysis.

And then in cryptocurrency, it’s no different. Whenever we buy the cryptocurrencies, we want to make sure that there’s a good team behind it, we have a good solid product and a solid technology.  There’s a lot of criteria that my buddy and I use to make sure that we scan out the right cryptocurrency to trade or to invest in or to jump in on the ICO.

That’s the summary of what fundamental analysis is. So if you jump into a cryptocurrency but you don’t understand the underlying of the solution that it’s providing or the problem that it’s trying to fix, then you’d better be careful investing into it.

So I just want to share this quick video with you guys. It’s important that you do your due diligence and have a fundamental analysis of the cryptocurrency that you are buying or selling or that you want to invest in.

And in a subsequent video, I’m gonna talk about the technical analysis. The technical analysis is where people are buying and selling. So I’ll cover that in the next video.

So thanks for watching this video guys. If you guys like these types of videos, give me a thumbs up. If you guys don’t like these type of videos, give me a thumbs down so I will stop making them and not waste your time.

If you haven’t subscribed to this channel really, make sure you subscribe to it, and then in the future as we do more videos, or try to explain to you more about the fundamental analysis.

And I’ll try to differentiate it so that you guys will know what constitutes fundamental analysis and then what constitutes technical analysis, alright. Thanks for watching this video guys and I’ll see you guys in a future video

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