Crypto In Frisco #6 – What Is The PROPS Project & The Rize App?

Tai Zen: Jake is from the project the Propsproject. And he’s with a company called And it’s one of the first live-streaming platforms. You guys see Facebook live if you guys use Facebook live stream. Okay, so they live stream today have a so he’s with the company

And they live stream data, and they have changed their business he’s going to share how they used to do it before and now how they’re incorporating the blockchain technology into the business and transforming it from into the

And I’ll let him explain to you more about it. I invited him to come down here to share with you guys, how they are using a blockchain in the video business.

I believe that this is huge, I believe that YouTube is taking over and they are censoring people like are video channel get censored a bunch like you guys may not know this.But our Channel, Omar Bam from the Crypto News Channel, and many other Crypto YouTubers are getting censored by YouTube.

And we don’t like that. Right so we are content video content creators so obviously we have a bias towards any video content creation project that aims to solve is censorship problem and aims to be able to allow communicating to our audience better.

So one of the things is that when we communicate with our audience. It’s a one-way communication, it’s called one.

But I don’t know what the exact term but Jake here will explain it, you have it, ready, ok. Let me turn it over to Jake, guys. Everybody gives him a warm welcome guy. Jake from New York.

Jake: Thanks, time. How are you doing? Good. Saturday morning, hanging at a conference. Cool.

So first I can wheel just give tie around plus two for helping organize this. I flew in last night I’ve already had some fascinating conversations with some of the people who work here.

Either as audience members or as presenters. I think the topic is Revolutionary and they were all lucky enough to be here kind of learning about this stuff together.

I will dig into a little bit here but with high talks about using blockchain in business. That is basically the theme of why we’ve launched the Lacrosse project. You heard things like not having a middleman in any two-sided Marketplace.

There are companies that have made millions or hundreds of millions of dollars by being that Middleman. Is that really how much value they add to the system?

It’s a question we don’t think so. Permissionless ability to join a platform. Unlike YouTube unlike some other platforms out there where you need to sign the contract and interact with the company in order to start making money on that.

We don’t think that’s essential. Lack of censorship which tie was just mentioned. It will go through instances in which a YouTube or Facebook or Snapchat has arbitrary and centralized decision-making.

It can take down content or change its monetization policy without any explanation or justification. And having a stake in the platform on which you are creating content and driving value.

These are fundamental issues in Blockchain. And they really drove a lot of our decision-making. So to give you a quick look back on me. I am going this way. I’ve got it, got it, great.

My name is Jake Branzburg on the head of marketing at Props by YouNow. I had spent several years at Uber. Actually before this and one of the things that I work with every single day was the realities of running a two-sided Market really as a middleman.

Any Uber who’s who you’re taking an Uber or Lyft. Recently. When you have a conversation with a driver. How often does a center around at the feet of they need to pay Uber?

Regularly. Pretty much the only thing that they talk about. I think that it’s unfair that thing was unjustified. And to an extent, they might have a point. You know taking 25%.

When they’re putting that kind of wear and tear on their car. Is tough. But it’s tight stuff to really find those margins. And it’s a phenomenal business is phenomenal engineers and Strategic Minds.

But that is the reality of running a two-sided Marketplace. And so when we talk about Blockchain weather, it’s Ride-sharing or e-commerce or social media.

There’s a great opportunity to reimagine a business model. That really distributes value appropriately to those who are creating value on that network. And that’s really what we’re trying to do here. So let me, I don’t know if there’s a clicker thing so. I can stay on the camera but.

So we will go through a little bit about Younow which is a business that existed for a few years now what we’ve done in the past. I will go through our transition into Props. And then I’ll actually show you a little bit about the first application on that platform. Which is we are launching a beta in a week.

This is Younow. You know is a live streaming social media app. That was launched about 6 years ago. It is interactive there many use cases for it whether it’s friends hanging out together, or Brands like Coca-Cola that you see their advertising with the platform, or America’s Got Talent.

That has had auditions on the platform for years now. We have 40 million users they spend about 40 minutes a day on the platform. And they’re about 62000 microtransactions on that platform a day.

The revenue model is user-generated not ad generated. And so the users come on they follow the people that they love. And they pay them in Virtual currency.

To support them or to gain status on the network. Write so a lot of the consumers on the network will spend you know there’s a long tail obviously but they can spend thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Supporting the content creators that they love content consecrator similarly long tail. But some of them are making high six figures a year. I did a very successful business it’s an interesting two-sided model and the YouNow team really pioneering a lot of this back in 2011.

They were looking at the mobile live streaming space. They were the one’s kind of pioneer that concept. I did a two-sided Marketplace where you have consumers buying into the virtual currency.

And then paying creators for their efforts. That was pioneered by Younow. Now, needless to say, lot of copycats came in Periscope Meerkat, Facebook live, Instagram live.

And that space became a lot more concentrated and the network effects obviously a challenge for a smaller company like Younow. But this is what we’ve been doing and as you can see in this.

I apologize this chart is a little bit old. But these numbers continue to go up and have to trust me. Through the end of the year, revenues continue to grow. The user base has continued to grow.

And frankly will get in the Props in a second. The vast majority of our team pivoted all of our time all of our effort into launching the Props Project about a year ago.

Revenues continue to grow despite that. Right and so. What we see here is that there is a demand. And there’s a market for great content and great interactive capabilities and a payment system that works there.

And people love it and they’re the feedback that we’ve gotten has continued to be positive. Now, that said Facebook has obviously been a challenge.

And as you see with any massive Network like that with his Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat. It’s very easy for them to lean into their Network advantages. And be copycat.

You’ve seen those Snapchat, Snapchat launched at 25 billion. How long ago was and Instagram has basically just copied every single feature that they have had within months. And they have killed them. It’s been fascinating to watch. Because you’ve seen the players just get squeezed at the margins.

And you have the Amazons of the world the face with the world of Google‘s of the world. And it is they’re turning they’re quickly turning the industry into monopolies.

So what are you do? You lean into a new business model, you lean into new technology. And you do kind of a weave called asymmetric warfare on our side right these guys.

You know the Facebook of the world doesn’t have the incentive to change their business model. They’re good they’re worth $500 it’s a classic innovator’s dilemma. They’re not going to be looking to drastically change the way in which they bring in Revenue.

That said there are some very real issues with their business model. As you look at an Instagram or YouTube and their business model you see content creators.

Consistently running up against. I really shouldn’t exist. And look what you again we were kind of pioneers in this industry. A lot of what we think about regularly is how do we improve the product.

How do we create a better product? And how do we improve the business model? So that our core customers which are these content creators to make their livelihood on a platform.

We are happier and we’re excited to be a part of our team. More or less. And so Blockchain allows us to really drive that partnership forward. And that’s some of what I want to talk about with Props.

So there are two things that we’re really focused on. Transforming Props one is the business model and we’ll get into that little bit.

And one is the technology itself. The technology is very interesting but for the purposes of this. I think we’ll focus on the business model and how Blockchain enables us to do that little bit.

Blockchain with, we talked about it a little bit but. It really allows us to create an entire platform of owners. It allows us to align incentives around the health of a platform were rather than on a Youtube ỏ on a Younow.

The business model is taking a massive percentage of the incoming revenues the same as Uber the same as Lyft. I use it. Whenever you jump into an Uber. You pay ten bucks. Uber takes 250 of that. Whenever an ad gets played on the few content creators on YouTube who are actually big enough to get advertising revenue.

YouTube takes the major chunk of that. On Younow whenever somebody comes in and spends 10 bucks on a content creator. We take $4 of that, that’s the business model that’s what you do as a centralized player.

With Blockchain we’re no longer the tax collector. Right we are setting up a platform and we’re really monitoring and growing a public utility Network. Our only goal in our business model now is to maintain the health of that Network. And bring more and more players who benefit from the health and growth of all of the applications on that network. So we’ll get into that a little bit and for the slides.

So let’s talk about some of the problems with centralized. Contact platform. This was from the fall censorship I don’t think we need to get too much into it.

I talked about it a little bit. Whenever there’s a centralized player. That one person whether it’s there 4 major tech companies right now right.

They make decisions, they decide what our collective memory is. They decide what’s going to be allowed on YouTube or on Facebook whenever it is.

We may agree with political beliefs you may agree with their journalistic integrity. As a whole, it’s dangerous to have that much power concentrated. And so few hands. And so here is an example of censorship in fall. But anybody on YouTube and I don’t know Felipe’s here I met last night but Regan Tai. Anybody who’s ever put content on YouTube.

You know that their monetization strategies have been changing drastically the course the past year. It’s pretty opaque and you often realize it when you’re suddenly not making money anymore.

Is that right probably not but that is where when all the power is concentrated in one hand. They can do that and there are real consequences for it. So that’s one piece of it.

The second piece of it is the distribution of value. Now in any such as organizational talk to us a few times. Value is distributed to the hands of the few even though many people are responsible for it.

So if you look at Younow right now or if you look at a YouTube. You have all of these players. Right, you have the users you have the curators you’re the support of the developer the content owners the content creators.

The founders and the investors and all of them are essential to driving value for the network. And it is pretty basic but let’s go through it because it’s a fasting topic.

You need a content creator to create content over to bring people into a platform. That content needs to be high-quality. That content creator is driving value by bringing people to the platform.

Those people to come onto the platform and engage with that content. Are incentivizing another concentrator to come onto the platform and create more content because they know their people on that platform. And so on and so forth. That is the network effect. That said I’m on YouTube all the time. I’ve never got a dime from YouTube. I’m definitely incentivizing other creators to go onto YouTube to get my attention.

I’m driving value for that network it’s. This was billions and billions of dollars. The vast majority of consecrators, don’t get paid. They need however subscribers they need how many views per video. And that doesn’t fit YouTube’s business model. We don’t think that that’s right.

What you’re seeing here is network value really being concentrated into the hands of investors and founders primarily. And then some content owners and creators.

And you see the big eyes the Casey Neistat of the world they’re able to make a living off of YouTube but you’ll get it a very small small small percentage who are really able to drive that.

This is the new concept for a business model that adequately distributes value across all of the stakeholders on a platform. So if you’re driving value, if you are a developer who’s come in and improved a platform.

You should be rewarded for that. You should be recognized for it. If you’re consecrators come in whether you have a partnership or not with a platform and you’re bringing people to that platform. You should be recognized for that. You are driving value to that platform. And that’s what we’re enabling.

At Younow which is launching the Props projects. We are adequately proportionately and transparently distributing value to all of the stakeholders who are on the platform.

And that is a concept that we couldn’t broach before Blockchain technology really enabled us to think about businesses way and to think about a two-sided marketplace this way.

So what is the token do right now. So it is a utility token. Right now when you receive the token you have the ability to promote content to access features, to Signal status, to be compensated.

And we have again it makes it easier we 40 million people who currently use YouTube we have behavior just like this. That we know drives value, drives content creation, drives consumption on the network.

We know exactly what all of our customers want out of a platform. And this token speaks to it we have been working very closely with all of our content creators over the course of the past year.

Asking exactly what they want to see in the new platform. And we can talk in the YouTube Stars The Best Year Phil DeFranco and Casey Neistat are investors their supporters and they’re going to help us launch this.

When it goes nothing to be on the platform when it goes public in about a month. And it looks a. We’re obviously very excited about what we’re doing we think that this is going to change the landscape in digital media but the have somebody like Casey or Phil say yet that’s exactly what we’re looking for, that’s exactly what we need.

You’re right. I’m in. It is an incredible feeling and it’s humbling. So that’s what I’ve seen here. The other piece here, anybody can learn. Again we had talked about how 1% and 5% 10% whatever it is of the content creators on YouTube or on a Snapchat or on Younow are earning real money.

Right now, anybody can earn on Props if you drive engagement. If you drive value then you will see a daily reward of Props on your phone every day. And that will be in proportion to the value that you drove on the platform. And then you can use those on the platform. And eventually, you can transfer them. And if the democratization of digital content and palpitation. And it’s just it’s very fun and the feedback up you’ve gotten has been phenomenal.

What is a prototype end it is where we are right now on kind of the intersection of Cryptocurrency, digital content and a mainstream user base? One of our challenges and we’re very aware of is that.

We have 40 million users and that’s an amazing advantage to have. Muslims don’t know anything about cryptocurrency. We’re in here you know we obviously are interested in cryptocurrency. Most of us have a ton to learn about cryptocurrency about Blockchain.

You know the teenagers is it makeup Younows base. I can guarantee you they don’t know what a privacy kiss. That’s one of our challenges. And so we are making a wallet on the Props platform.

That is secure. That is consumer-friendly. And that is usable across every single app on the props Platform. It is specifically made for people who don’t really understand the space.

And obviously we’re going to be iterating out of work and get feedback on it. But it’s something that we’re very excited about because our focus again is to bring mainstream users into this world so they can benefit from the Blockchain.

So let me introduce you guys to the first app on Props. Now one of the things that I was talking about a little bit was the new technology.

That we’re launching and so the technology is called many-to-many low-latency video. It was a big challenge then you’ll see if anybody’s ever done live streaming.

It’s generally one too many. It’s generally 1 person on video and then there’s a chatbox. And that was my videos trying to interact with their audience.

Basically, it’s a follow the chatbox and respond to people or typing in. Hey, say happy birthday to my grandma. And the guys like it’s 40 88 happy birthday to Beverly if he catches it while it’s going up.

That’s not how people interact, we’re sitting here, I’m talking you guys. It’s kind of one to many but also anybody can talk at any time. That’s human beings interact. And so we actually took inspiration both are more content creators but also from the idea of going to a concert.

Right, you don’t go to a concert. Have music coming at you and then have to talk to your friends by bots or by chatbox. I’m sorry. Instead, you go to a concert and you’re with your friend you’re just walking one to one. You should be able to do that no matter where you are, no matter what you’re watching. And that’s what this technology allows us to do.

We’ve leaned into live streaming because that is our expertise we are product guys is what we’re comfortable innovating in. And frankly, because it’s pretty lucrative. You see if you see that it’s one of the more lucrative kinds of video of means out there.

I, this is our expertise and this is the first app that we are launching on the platform we are working with Dozens of other developer teams who are also building applications for this platform.

Andy at we built the infrastructure for many many videos. It is usable in any number of cases and we’ll get into that in a second. In the interest that we’ve seen is really exciting and working very close to the developer to make sure that they’re comfortable.

That they can build economies, that utilize Props appropriately and they can do whatever they want. You come in you see the value of it you built. And if you will come you get rewarded to get recognized for it. And that that’s the beauty.

Okay well, that’s not showing. Maybe I’ll send around there is a great demo done by one of our content creators and you can see how excited she gets when she starts getting rewarded in cryptocurrency in real-time.

It’s wild enough to trust me on that one. There is a Jif that I’ll play for you right now it just not shows the rewards side but does show something many-to-many video and I’ll walk you through it a little bit.

Again this is kind of what our design team put together to explain some of the concepts. And I apologize I wished I could show you the YouTube clip of our content creator experiencing this in real-time.

But what you see here is that you have many people up there with talking and it’s kind of like a game if I’d Google Hangouts if you will. This is again this is one use case.

But what you see here is all so you can go to a room. And let’s say they want to go see the Dapper rapper perform. And so you can be down here kind of watching him do his thing.

And drag somebody else into the audience with you and then you can interact with them again as if you are at the concert together no matter where you are now.

You can have up to 4 people appear. You can have up to 4 people down here. And imagine anything from watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and answering the questions with friends Jeopardy whatever it is we’re just talking about the app HQ.

Has anybody heard about HQ besides? 2 people. That’s amazing. Maybe the New York thing. Is this is 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock every single day New York stops?

Do you have a download HQ experience it for yourself? It basically wants to be a millionaire so that every single person in the world can earn money by getting it. And it’s just taken off. So what are the very cool things about what?

There we go. So one of the cool things that we’re doing and the platform that we’ve built. Is that if somebody sees an opportunity they can come in and build on it.

Everts imagine HQ where again think it right now it is one too many videos. I got to see if they were just talking about this one of my videos. One guy chat boxes, and he’s giving trivia questions and basically if you get 12 of them. You get some amount of money as a reward.

Imagine implementing many-to-many video there. Imagine being able to compete with your friends no matter where they are. Or against your friends no matter where they are.

Imagine being rewarded in a token. That is tied to the guy that network. That network has grown from I think, a few thousand concurrent viewers in the first week to over a million viewers.

Concurrently which is a remarkable technological feat by the way. And you just don’t see that a lot of apps out there. But that can be built on our platform.

This example is for karaoke. Live karaoke with your friends no matter where you are. I imagine watching the Olympics together.

Comcast Ventures is one of our investors. And they put us in touch with NBC Olympics and we have some really exciting conversations with them needed to say then you get off the ground ahead of the February Olympics but this is a real possibility is that you have linear content. And you’re able to watch it with your friends. And by the way, those broadcasters can also be compensated in Props.

If they’re driving viewership if they driving engagement on the platform. Reality shows again we work on America’s Got Talent for years. I dare you to come in at a yes no button and have voted in real-time.

Interactive reality shows I know that I’m running a little bit over so I’m going to fly through a few of these. But these are all things that anybody can build this is basically Mafia. Write this is huge in China.

This is just it’s just what people do whenever they’re not get working or eating. You can build anything that involves many many videos and could benefit from it. You can build on this platform and if you’re driving engagement you get rewarded.

Music the same concept auctions this is to imagine you know Sotheby’s again. If you’re able to bring viewers on the platform if you have to drive engagement, you are rewarded.

But the same kind of concept. Yeah, 3 people in interacting on the bottom. And I answering the questions that represent about December

Disadvantages investors advisors, I’ll leave it here for you guys. I guess the main takeaway that I would hope to leave you with is that Blockchain technology.

It enables us to rethink the dominant business models of today. It’s very very hard Especially social media companies challenge Facebook, the challenge Google. Frankly, for anybody to challenge an Apple or an Amazon in a material way.

We’re able to rethink a two-sided Marketplace. Such that there are not necessarily attacks. And you’re able to basically steward a public utility Network. And your only goal is to maintain its health and help it.

And that’s what we’ve actually literally changed from a C Corp to a B Corp. Because our goal is no longer to maximize shareholder value. Our goal is solely to maintain the health of this ecosystem that we’ve built.

By the way, we’ve done that with the blessing of our venture capital investors who invested in Younow, who understand exactly we’re doing it and are supportive of the entire process.

We’re very excited about it timeline-wise. We are launching a closed beta of rising the first app on the platform on Tuesday to our contributors. We’re very excited about that we can’t wait to hear their feedback.

We’re doing several live broadcasts with myself with our CEO with Ady in the days after that. They can experience the app ask any questions in real-time.

And people can start earning immediately as soon as you have the app you can start earning if you drive engagement on the application. And there are several applications on the way. The people working on as well, outside of our courts.

Yeah, this is our dream we’re getting there it’s really exciting. And that’s digital media, that’s how we’re thinking about changing out the YouTubes of the world. But there are some other incredible projects coming up and I’m excited to listen to them I think you guys are too so.

I know that I’m out of time I don’t know if I have a minute to take a question. We’re going to go to the next guy.

Client: Hello my name is Lou and on your model. How you will make money?

Jake: So we are holding onto a percentage of tokens. And so as the network grows. And as the tokens utility value. Increases with the health of the network. Then our value increases as well. So it is an asset on a balance sheet is basically. How we look at it.

We have of the tokens out there we keep 26% play company. And as the utility value of the tokens increase. (I’m sorry, yes.) So we are issuing tokens. So he has to be different company was issuing the tokens but we are reaching the tokens.

Client: Thanks for the presentation first, I just want to ask you. So this is streaming services, sometimes there’s aerated streaming right. How would you stop doing that from people doing that?

And the second question is I imagine there are other companies already doing this. Who are they do you know your competition.

Jake: 2 great questions. First of all yes it’s always R-rated stuff so luckily we have six years of experience. Monitoring, that exact thing. We have a very robust trust and safety team that we’ve built out for years on YouNow.

And I’ll be doing the exact same stuff on the Props platform with its. There’s a lot of monitoring technology that we use. Which will recognize whether it’s language or miners or nudity or anything like that? And then we’ll be able to catch a real-time.

The second question was around the competitors. I yeah I think there are a few people out there doing something in the same space. I know I think steam is a great example of their basically a token of his Reddit more or less.

And their founder Net Scott actually is an investor of occurs as well. It’s a very similar concept. They are not focusing on video obviously. And are very focused specifically in the Blockchain space.

Unlike DTube, is doing a little similar to that. That is a platform sorry desktop. Focused and again is really focus on the Blockchain in space and the kind of the decentralized nature of that space now.

We are coming into 40 million users. Right we’re really focused on making sure that mainstream users can adapt to and use our technology.

And so we’re taking what our SVP Yonatan salah called the practical decentralization. And so it’s not quite as an idealistic approach. But certainly, it will be over the years. And that’s we need to start somewhere with to get our 40 million in.

And we’re excited about that.

Client: How are you? How’s net neutrality going to affect your business and how are you focusing on adoption? Are you picking Particular Market to focus on and help build it up?

Jake: So we have it we have a global of the global user base. Both in the US and internationally with you in Spain, Germany, Latin America.

We have users on Younow we have entire teams build-out to supporting them. It so rises again rise only the first app on the platform is built with all of those languages and regulatory environments in mind.

Tai Zen: Hey Aunt Jake could you put it back on the slide with a 3, the 3 images that you have on the Rize app.

Yeah right there so this is something I want to share with you guys here. Because I’m a video content creator maybe you guys know that on YouTube.

One of the things that I see guys that okay so. I went there to their office, I was kind of shocked that they were the first project to reach out to our Channel.

And that she had working software I was shocked when I went up there and they hatch headlight 4050 employees. And I’m like wow this is like most of the Crypto projects that we research on our channel is just uses a piece of white paper and they were like the first project that we research where they actually had employee staff, sales revenues and things like that.

And went up there, they said: “Hey look”. We’re not like when he’s projecting that has just a white paper we actually have a beta out and I said okay so they gave us free access to their software to just test it however want you to know.

What are things that I want to share with you guys is this? So right now the way that I broadcast on our team broadcast on YouTube. We going broadcast are you guys. But we can’t get any feedback from you guys.

And when the things I noticed is that when we’re here. I could be here broadcasting right here. And you guys can be down here like this. We always have trolls on our Channel we have I wish there was a way to tag the official trolls on her channel for everyone knows.

But we also have the opposite with your people that provide very good commentary and discussion to our Channel. I wish these guys would contribute more.

And sometimes while I’m broadcasting I wish they would come on and talk with me in the discussion. Like what Jake and I are doing right now on stage right.

I’m right here on the Rise app. What we, but I noticed. That was a huge game-changer for us. What for our team was that if somebody we know provides good commentary.

Just like Jake just allow me to come on stage with him to speak about the project. I can do the same thing on our Channel now so when we discuss a particular project or channel if someone provides good I can take them and just dragged them up here and they’re here.

And I can drag as many as the screen fix. When I when they first told me that I thought that. It was not the good kind of like YouTube you know, it’s dragging if you guys ever use Google Hangout to stream it’s slow and things like this.

And I was on purpose when I was at their office in New York passing out there software. I was on purpose trying to break it. But I was like okay let me drag this person awful can drag this person down and everybody was live on there.

And I was doing it was happening in real-time now I’m not one of those Asian guys that know technically. The background all I care about is it works. You know I’m saying I don’t get my minivan and hey how does the transmission work how is the rear axle world how’s the fuel injectors worth.

I don’t give a crap. I just want to know where do I turn it on. And where do I where to stick shift and where’s the parking brake? So when I was there testing the stuff out guys.

They had their staff on and I was like. I’m going to get them. You know what I was trying to like to slow it down move it out talk. It was, to me it was.

I couldn’t believe that they actually had this and I’m really excited about it so whenever you guys roll it out we’d be happy to start broadcasting and testing it with you guys you know and using it live.

That’s the big thing, guys. Is because we’ve never had the ability to communicate with our audience while we are broadcast. Sometimes, the trolls root troll we have some professional trolls on a channel.

They are pros I can spot them to and sometimes I want hey man come on man. I’m gonna give you some time and because you have been trolling us for 4 years now, man, you know I want to give you guys some FaceTime.

And I can bring them on. And here’s the key guys with the Props token. I can actually reward the people that are having good discussion commentary. I can actually warn, I can just you know I really appreciate that drop some Props on them.

If you guys go to a channel there’s a video where we did an example with that the previous version call Younow.  And we have been. Their product manager I was testing the old software and I said hey, just reward the girl $100 gift.

It was like the most expensive gift on their platform at that time. And they just bonkers. It’s fun. It’s badass to use. So check it out whenever you guys get to it.

Jake: I appreciate and for it, for anybody also. Ty has been one of the most interested and supporters that we’ve had since we launched 10 days.

Hey, it’s not just the participating in the shafts or anything like that. It’s just your interest and your support has been unbelievable.

And thank you for it and to your point, I mean look the fact that you can drive someone up on the screen and it’s fast and it’s low latency and it acted like the same room that’s really cool technologically.

The fact that guy can make money for contributing to the broadcast is revolutionary.

Tai Zen: Yeah that’s the part I like because we have some valuable contributors that over the years that followed us. And they had very good commentary but you know sometimes they bring up a project that we didn’t even know to look at.

And I want to reward them in an easy way I don’t want to have to go open up Wallace you all the time. But hey I like what you just said. Here are a few Props tokens. And that allows it to do that. I think we have one more right last question.

Jake: So I’m. One more there.

Tai Zen: Last question, guys. And then there.

Client: You said that this platform is really low latency. So it’s fast communication, so I used discord to speak with my friends a lot online. And it lags a lot like they’ll cut out.

So is there going to be like an as this platform gonna be only available on say like the phone or is there gonna be a desktop version as they’re gonna also be like a feature that I could just stand-alone talk with a group of friends or something similar to discord?

Jake: Yeah so right now is mobile-only. But in terms of stand-alone and so yes that there will be a desktop in the future but I don’t make any promises on timeline there.

In terms of hanging out with friends on the phone. Anybody who opens up the app has the ability to be live in their own room. Right so if you go in there. Yeah look you’ll see who’s trending and you’ll be able to go to Casey Neistat through Immortal DeFranco’s room and listen to.

Whatever they have to say. But you will also have your own room so if you click on your own picture. You open up your own room. You text your buddies on the app.

They supposed to navigation they swipe right there in your room. Right, so you idiot it’s like FaceTime with 5 people. And I know what you want to be compensated. They can talk to you if you quit.

But yes that is very much a used case on the app again on the app that we are launching now. There might be something that’s even more optimal created by a Dev in the future on the platform.

So we’re excited about it. Thank you, everybody, my email is Jake at Please feel free to email me whenever you want any questions at all. And we hope to see you on the platform we launched.



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