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Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp - Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com 1a

 1.  Who is Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com™?

In 2012, I discovered the bitcoin whitepaper while working at an energy brokerage firm that operated a bitcoin mining farm.  I did not understand the computer math and coding in the whitepaper so I asked my good friend Leon Fu Dot Com™ (we call him that because he is a professional software engineer and a real nerdy “techie”) to help me verify that bitcoin really works.

Leon Fu Dot Com™ started investing in bitcoins and litecoins after reading the whitepaper and immediately made some really nice profits so that encouraged me to start investing in bitcoins as well.  We realized it was like the internet dot com boom of the 1990’s again and we wanted to get an early mover advantage to make some massive Life Changing Profits™!

2.  How did you learn to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Leon Fu Dot Com™ had dabbled in stocks and options investing and I had experience in trading stocks, futures and the forex markets so we thought we had an “advantage” when we first started to invest in cryptocurrencies (aka, “cryptos”).  We were totally wrong and got slaughtered in 2013!  We made a ton of ugly, reckless, & bonehead mistakes and almost lost everything and gave up on crypto but we had never seen an asset in human history grow over 1,000,000% before like bitcoin so we were determined not to give up!!!

Cryptocurrency Market - BTC - 126,500X Percent Growth

Plus, we were passionately motivated to leave our 9 to 5 job and stop working for the man and be a slave to the almighty alarm clock again because working for an hourly wage was NOT the recipe to making Life Changing Money™ so we pushed ourselves to “figure it out” and learn from our past mistakes & failures which led us to some BIG breakthroughs including:

♦  Certain “traditional” investing strategies that worked in the stock market would cause you to lose bucket loads of money in crypto!
♦  Certain traditional investing strategies worked amazingly better than others.
♦  Certain cryptos such as Ethereum displayed very “obvious” traits of success long before they became a big hit.
♦  Even better… we noticed that when you combine certain investing strategies, it dramatically increased your profits!

After carefully analyzing our successes and failures, Leon Fu Dot Com™ and I came across a HUGE game changer & discovered that there were 5 common traits to all the cryptocurrencies that “hit it big” like Ethereum, NEO, Cardano, Decred, etc.

We started to share our crypto insights and discoveries on YouTube and others started to follow and have tremendous success as well.  Before you know it, we started to get thousands of new subscribers and a flood of requests for us to teach what we know about cryptocurrency investing to others.

Cryptocurrency Market - Subscriber Growth 2

3.  What inspired you to create the Cryptocurrency Investing Conference™?

We never expected random strangers from around the world to contact us and ask us to invest their money for them after watching us on YouTube so we had to respectfully decline everyone’s requests to manage their money since we are NOT licensed financial advisors.  Afterwards, we started getting requests from viewers asking us to teach them “privately” about cryptocurrency investing but we did not take it seriously because we genuinely thought they were just joking around or trolling (harassing) us.  However, after talking to several viewers who contacted us privately to seek coaching & mentoring, we started to realize that our viewers’ requests to teach them our crypto investing “system” and “methodologies” were real and that is how we created the Cryptocurrency Investing Conference™.

Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp - Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Ccom 2

We did not realize that there were thousands of beginning, uneducated and uninformed crypto investors out there who were struggling to figure out cryptocurrency investing like we did.  Therefore, don’t be frustrated if you are struggling with cryptocurrency investing because you are NOT alone!   It’s NOT just you!   Our advice is to get properly educated so you can take advantage of the Life Changing Profit™ potential in cryptocurrency investing before it becomes mainstream in 2-3 years and there is no opportunities left to make Life Changing Money™ anymore.

4.  Do you have proof your crypto investing system works?

Absolutely we have proof that our system works!  We have a firm belief that “documentation trumps conversation“!   Let me show you the “documentation” (proof) so you can see that it’s not just all “conversation“.

PROOF #1 – Here is a video documenting how Leon Fu Dot Com™ clearly predicted that Factom will reach $3.50 back when it was still only trading at a low of $1.20:

Factom exploded over 3,000% (30X) in growth from $1.20 to a high of $36.32 on June 23, 2017 just 15 months after we released the video price prediction above on April 13, 2016:

Cryptocurrency Market - FCT - 3,027 Percent Gain in 15 Months

PROOF #2 – Using the analysis strategies we teach in the conference, Leon Fu Dot Com™ made an assessment that buying Ethereum Classic (ETC) in March 2017 was a better potential for profit than Ethereum (ETH) and it turned out to be true because ETC went up 327%  (3X) while ETH only moved up 136%.

2017-03-21 Leon Makes call that ETC is better ROI then ETH 4

PROOF #3 – Based on my analysis of bitcoin in Oct 2016 I suggested bitcoin was at a good buy level which grew a phenomenal 882% of Life Changing Profits™ in just 1 year!

2016-10-21 882 Percent On Bitcoin Long Call

PROOF #4 – Some folks missed the bitcoin buying opportunity I previously mentioned so I identified another opportunity for everyone which yielded a whopping 182% of Life Changing Profits in just 5 months:

2017-05-28 Tai's 182 Percent Gain in BTC

PROOF #5 – Here is another tweet & chart documenting my analysis of Monero which resulted in a quick 1,226% of Life Changing Profits™ in just 10 months:

2017-01-15 1,226 Percent On Monero Long Call

As you can see, this is just a small sample documentation to show that our crypto investing strategies work and that we are not just all “conversation”.

5.  What is the Cryptocurrency Investing Conference™?

The Cryptocurrency Investing Conference™ is a private, 6 day, comprehensive, crypto investing training where Leon Fu Dot Com™ and I will personally teach you everything we know about how to get started in crypto and show you the best methods we know to reduce your risk and increase your potential to be a consistently profitable cryptocurrency investor by showing you exactly how to find the potentially profitable cryptocurrencies that will give you the highest potential to make  Life Changing Profits™.  There will be lots of hands on practice so that we can check to make sure you do it correctly in front of us before you go home and safely do it on your own portfolio.

Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp - Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com 12

6.  What will you learn at the 6 day Cryptocurrency Investing Conference™?

Course #1:  What Is Bitcoin, Blockchains, & Cryptocurrency Investing? (9 Modules) [$1,995 value]

♦  How to eliminate the 3 mental barriers to crypto investing success.
♦  The crypto investors worth following online.
♦  The 10 key advantages of investing in cryptos vs. traditional investing.
♦  The 7 key disadvantages of investing in cryptos vs. traditional investing.
♦  9 stupid & silly myths that don’t make you money in crypto investing.
♦  The 8 common traits of successful cryptocurrency investors.
♦  The 5 key components of the Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp™ that makes it different from any other program.
♦  How to AVOID these bonehead mistakes that cost thousands of dollars.
♦  The 6 foolproof ways to shortcut your way to crypto investing success.
♦  The 4 essential secrets to learning cryptocurrency investing fast!

Course #2:  TaiFu™ Cryptocurrency Storage & Security (5 Modules)  [$15,980 value]

♦  How to select the appropriate RAM, Solid State Drive, CPU, hard drive connector, monitors, & necessary computer hardware for crypto investing, mining, & staking.
♦  How to choose the correct computer software such as operating systems, screenshot software, spreadsheets, etc. needed for crypto investing.
♦  Where to buy your computers & monitors to get the most value for your money.
♦  How to choose the right crypto wallet based on your needs & computing device.
♦  How to choose the right hardware wallet.
♦  The 4 critical components to safely store & secure your cryptos.
♦  How to use an encrypted email to increase security.
♦  How to use a password manager to protect your crypto passwords.
♦  How to use two factor authentication to secure your cryptos.
♦  How to give an attacker (or government) the pin to your hardware wallet while under pressure & still protect your crypto.
♦  How to safely send and receive your first bitcoins & NOT lose them.
♦  How to send and receive bitcoins from another person.
♦  How to send and receive bitcoins from an exchange.
♦  How to send and receive any crypto from anyone or anywhere.

Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp - Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com 6

♦  The 6 types of crypto exchange that every investor NEEDS.
♦  The 5 criteria for selecting a “good” cryptocurrency exchange.
♦  How to set up a new cryptocurrency trading account.
♦  How to connect your bank account to your crypto account.
♦  How to test your new crypto account.
♦  How to use a person to person exchange.
♦  How & why do you route orders through an OTC trade desk.
♦  How to select the right exchange for the right investing strategy.
♦  How to protect yourself against an exchange hack.
♦  How to set up your cryptocurrency price charts & watchlists.
♦  How to choose & submit the correct BUY and SELL orders to get your orders filled correctly and not get “slipped”.
♦  How to quickly get in and out of a trade during a fast moving market using a Hybrid Market Limit™ order.
♦  How to create automated “set & forget” BUY & SELL orders that will automatically buy or sell your cryptos for you even when you are asleep or away from your computer so that your crypto investments are protected.
♦  How to put in stop loss orders to protect your investments.

Course #3:  TaiFu™ Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis (8 Modules) [$4,995 value]

♦  You will learn the “traditional” trading & investing tools that :

♦  Work very well in the cryptocurrency market,
♦  Do NOT work very well in the cryptocurrency market,
♦  Needs to be avoided like the plague, or
♦  Needs to be modified to work effectively in the crypto market.

♦  You will also learn the new and astonishing crypto analytical tools that we developed specifically just for the cryptocurrency market to help you:

♦  Easily find low risk ENTRIES that minimize your risk & gives you an “edge” over everyone else as well as…
♦  Effortlessly calculate high probability EXITS that gives you an “unfair” profit advantage.

Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp - Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com 20

Course #4:  Cryptocurrency Investing Blueprint™ (8 Modules) [$71,955 value]

In Module #1 – Introduction, you will learn:

♦  You will learn the mindset needed to become wealthy in crypto trading/investing.
♦  You will be introduced to how to confidently FIND CRYPTOS with a potential 100%-1,000% ROI.
♦  You will be introduced to how to select the APPROPRIATE INVESTING STRATEGY from your strategy “toolbox”.
♦  You will be introduced to how to identify the LOWEST RISK ENTRY PRICE.
♦  You will be introduced to how to correctly calculate the BET SIZE for each investment.
♦  You will be introduced to how  calculate your EXIT PRICE when you are wrong and when you need to take profits so it’s not a “mystery”.
♦  You will be introduced to how to DIAGNOSE your crypto portfolio and identify a) what is MISSING from your crypto investing “system”, or b) what needs to IMPROVE in your current system.

In Module #2 – Finding Profitable Cryptocurrencies, you will learn:

♦  You will learn how to systematically filter & tune out the “market noise” from hundreds of cryptocurrencies & ICO’s screaming for attention & choose the highest probability cryptocurrencies or ICO with the lowest risk and highest potential to generate massive Wall Street Insider “like” profits by understanding the 5 Key Traits of a Profitable Cryptocurrency.
♦  This module is designed to pull you away from the blind, ignorant, uneducated, emotional & predictable, sheep like, “herd” mentality of amateur crypto investors and place you in the realm of a professional, educated, & systematic crypto investor who knows how to invest and make Life Changing Profits™ like a Wall Street insider while residing on Main Street.
♦  You will learn “The VC MAN Method™” that we developed through trial and error that allows you to systematically identify the legitimate “A” Tier cryptocurrencies worth investing in (that are not scams) by identifying the 5 Key Traits of a Profitable Cryptocurrency.
♦  You will  also learn our VC MAN Method™ scoring system so you have a systematic way to score all your cryptos in a consistent manner so there is NO guessing involved.

In Module #3 – Cryptocurrency Investing Strategies, you will learn:

♦  You will learn some highly effective & “battle tested” cryptocurrency investing strategies that you can constantly use over and over to generate potentially HUGE PROFITS because they have been proven to be consistently profitable!
♦  Also, you will learn the silly crypto investing strategies that are highly discussed & debated in the crypto forums & troll boxes and “appear” to be very enticing, lucrative and profitable on the “surface” but do not really make you any money, creates a lot of frustration, will lose you a ton of money and just a plain waste of your time & capital. You want to AVOID these nasty & unprofitable crypto investing strategies at all cost!
♦  After the training in this module, you will have a proven, systematic, effective & highly profitable, “ready to go” set of cryptocurrency strategies in your investing “toolbox” so you no longer  have to waste time on the internet searching for “gimmicky” & unproven investing strategies during your bedtime and waste time “wondering” if they will work or not.

In Module #4 – Cryptocurrency Entry Strategies, you will learn:

♦  You will learn “when is the best time to get in” a trade to drastically reduce your risk using our proprietary & simple to learn, 4 Step Entry Method™ so that you have a methodical, consistent, and reliable approach to enter the market so that it’s not a guessing game.
♦  Learn how to be precise & confident with your ENTRIES so you don’t have to “depend” on others to “figure it out” for you.  After the training, you will no longer need to ask annoying questions like, “WHEN do I get in?” or “WHERE do I get in?” anymore.  Basically, you will be able to discover a “goldmine” of investment opportunities.

Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp - Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com 21

In Module #5 – Cryptocurrency Bet Size, you will learn:

♦  You will learn “how much” of your money you should invest into each cryptocurrency.  In gambling terms, it is basically asking, “WHAT is the correct bet size?
♦  Do you invest 100%, 50%, 10%, etc. of your portfolio on one crypto or do you spread it out across several cryptos? In other words, how much of your portfolio should be allocated to bitcoin, ethereum or a new and unproven crypto?
♦  We created an easy to use and easy to understand “TaiFu Risk Matrix™” that automatically calculates your correct bet size based on your a) experience level and b) how much money you are working with.   We lost a ton of money to field test the TaiFu Risk Matrix and we’ll share it with you in the blueprint so it will completely eliminate any guesswork for you when when you need to calculate how much risk you should take in an A-Tier, B-Tier, or C-Tier crypto.

In Module #6 – Cryptocurrency Exit Strategies, you will learn:

♦  You will learn to identify the 2 nasty “market leeches” in cryptocurrency investing that quickly suck & drain the money out of account leaving you broke & clueless as to “what just happened to my investing account?!”  (NO ONE IS IMMUNE TO THESE 2 VICIOUS “MARKET LEECHES”… INCLUDING YOU!  They sucked my account dry multiple times when I first got into trading!  It was nasty!)
♦  You will learn the 3 powerful “investing shields” that you can use to prevent these two nasty Market Leeches from draining money out of your account before  you even have a chance to make a profit!
♦  You will also learn how to properly exit a trade in the RIGHT way that will allow you to be profitable in cryptocurrency investing even when you are wrong on over 60% of your cryptocurrency picks!  Imagine being RIGHT less than 40% of the time in your crypto investing and still be profitable! (This means you do not have to be RIGHT all the time to make money in crypto investing!)
♦  The beauty of these 3 powerful investing shields is that they are “arithmetic” based, easy to calculate (no calculator needed), requires very little “booksmarts”, and very easy to implement after you learn them.

In Module #7 – Cryptocurrency Portfolio Diagnostics, you will learn:

♦  You will learn how to systematically diagnose your crypto system to:

♦  Troubleshoot what’s causing your crypto investing system to be profitable so that you can CONTINUE doing it.
♦  Troubleshoot what’s causing your crypto investing system to be unprofitable so that you can STOP doing it.

♦  Our previous students consider this module to be the MOST CRITICAL component to cryptocurrency investing success & worth the bootcamp registration fee alone!
♦  Nothing is more annoying then putting your hard-earned money to work for you and you’re not making money and you don’t know WHY?  This module is designed to troubleshoot and diagnose your cryptocurrency investing system to see why it’s not making you money.

In Module #8 – Cryptocurrency Taxes/Estate Planning, you will learn:

♦  How to legally pay the least amount of taxes on your crypto profits.
♦  How to set up your trading as a business to lower your crypto taxes.
♦  How to get the government to pay for your bootcamp expenses.
♦  How to qualify your CPA to make sure they understand crypto taxes.
♦  How to invest in cryptos in your retirement accounts.
♦  How to “guesstimate” your crypto taxes.
♦  How to record and document your crypto investments for tax purposes.
♦  Understanding Mark to Market vs. Wash Sales vs. Capital Gains taxes

The TOTAL VALUE of the Cryptocurrency Investing Blueprint™ is $94,925!

Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp - Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com 24

7.  Who Is NOT A Good Fit For The Cryptocurrency Investing Conference™?

Obviously, the Cryptocurrency Investing Conference™ is NOT a good fit for everyone…

♦  If you would rather struggle WORKING HARD and lose your hard earned money to “figure it out” on your own instead of learning to do it RIGHT from a team of grizzled & experienced crypto investors (like Leon Fu Dot Com™ and Tai Zen) who have already crossed the “minefield” of crypto investing terror… then this conference is NOT a good fit for you.
♦  If you have a tendency to be negative, stubborn, whine, bitch, complain, & you’re difficult to work with, always want to be right, or blame outside circumstances for your results… then this conference is NOT a good fit for you.
♦  If you are NOT willing to be TEACHABLE, COACHABLE, TRANSPARENT & be held ACCOUNTABLE and would rather stay right where you are, instead of investing in skills that could potential help you make Life Changing Money™ FAST in crypto… then this conference is NOT a good fit for you.
♦  If you plan to sit on your butt and do absolutely nothing and you are NOT interested in doing the RIGHT action steps we show you that are necessary to REALLY “Make it Happen!” and give yourself a chance to possibly create Life Changing Money™… then don’t bother registering for the conference because it’s not the right fit for you.
♦  If you can IDENTIFY the cryptos that can potentially create Life Changing Profits™ & already know the RIGHT TECHNICAL ANALYSIS TOOLS to identify WHEN to get IN and  OUT… then you don’t need our conference.
♦  If you don’t believe there is a massive opportunity to create Life Changing Profits™ in crypto investing as an “early bird” investor and already happy with making a tiny 1-10% profit in traditional stock investing… then our conference is not the right fit for you.
♦  If you have a spouse that doesn’t UNDERSTAND the Life Changing Opportunities™ available in crypto investing and thinks you are “wasting your money” instead of seeing this conference as an INVESTMENT in yourself & will be calling us up to nag, yell, bitch and complain about you attending our high value conference… then this conference is NOT for you.
♦  Obviously, if you have to use your grocery or rent money to register for the conference then this is not the right time for you…. please come back later.
♦  Also, if you do not know how to:  a) turn on a computer b) operate a computer mouse c) operate multiple windows on a computer d) search for a website on a browser,  PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER FOR OUR CONFERENCE!  because we will REFUND you immediately the minute we find out you do not know how to use a computer!  This is NOT a joke!
♦  Lastly, if your name happens to be Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Donald Trump, Satoshi Nakamoto or Vitalik Buterin, you probably won’t even need the Cryptocurrency Investing Conference™!  🙂

On the other hand…

Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp - Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com 15

8.  Who Is A Good Fit For The Cryptocurrency Investing Conference™?

♦  If you have the burning desire to make Life Changing Money™… Faster Than You Ever Have and SICK & TIRED of struggling to figure things out alone & listening to bullshit from people who don’t make a living from crypto investing… then this conference is a perfect fit for you.
♦  If you would like to have multi-millionaire crypto traders like Leon Fu Dot Com™, myself (two of the most popular & trusted crypto investors online) and our team in your corner, holding your hand, & show you how we made Life Changing Money™ in crypto & quit our jobs & retired early… then this conference is a perfect fit for you.
♦  If you would like to spend 6 full days, in person, with Leon Fu Dot Com™, myself and our team in a PRIVATE and INTIMATE setting and have us help you with any & ALL aspects of crypto investing followed by 1 FULL YEAR of follow up & technical support… then this conference is really your ONLY choice!
♦  If you’d like to be a part of a crypto investing “ Family” where you get to meet AWESOME PEOPLE, create AMAZING friendships for life, who become LIFELONG & SUPPORTER… then this conference is a good fit for you.
♦  If you are DISGUSTED with the measly returns you are getting in your traditional stock investments and want to find opportunities in crypto that has a potential to make Wall Street like PROFITS… then you definitely need to attend the conference.
♦  If you realize you made some FAT PROFITS from investing in  a random crypto such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Factom, Monero, Dash, Stratis, NEO, Verge, Decred, Cardano, etc. off of pure “luck” and you want to “hit it big” again using REAL investing SKILLS only if you knew how to find the next big winner and not have to rely on “luck” again… then be sure to register for the conference immediately!
♦  If you want to GET RID of the anxiety, nervousness, self-doubt, and FEAR of picking picking the “wrong” cryptocurrency and lose your hard earned money… then don’t think twice about it and register for the conference today because it’s the perfect fit for you.
♦  If you are REGRETFUL that you didn’t LOAD UP on certain cryptos when you had the opportunity because you were “unsure” or scared.. then register for the conference now and don’t wait.

Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp - Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com 4

9.  What Makes The Cryptocurrency Investing Conference™ Different?

Before you decide if the Cryptocurrency Investing Conference™ is for you or not… I want to tell you why this program is vastly different from everything else that’s ever been created on the topic of cryptocurrency investing.

Reason #1 – This is the FIRST TIME EVER that a training program was designed specifically to help investors create Life Changing Profits™ and not just some EXTRA money or “extra cash” because we have not seen “extra” money make a significant change in anyone’s life.

Reason #2 – This conference is co-created by the two highly recognized and world renowned multi-millionaire crypto investors on the internet (Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com™) who specialize in creating Life Changing Profits™ from cryptocurrency investing.

Reason #3 – There will be no “theorists” or “paper traders” teaching the conference!  We have clearly documented all our crypto calls and picks BEFORE they happen on our YouTube channel for all to see, unlike many crypto investors who claim success “after the fact”.

Reason #4 – This will be a condensed, high-impact, “Best Of The Best”, ground breaking, most comprehensive, step by step, crypto investing training of it’s kind and you will have a complete A to Z method to systematically and effortlessly find potentially profitable cryptocurrencies, identify high probability entries, calculate the correct “bet size”, know when to get out if the investment goes against you, and know how to take profits when you are profitable so you are not scrambling around like a chicken with it’s head cut off asking your family and friends (who are uneducated about crypto) when to take profits.

Reason #5 – We do not believe you should be in front of the computer all day making short term, in and out trades because that is no different than having a “job” working at home instead of at the office.  After the conference, you will learn how to PUT your money to WORK for YOU in the crypto market .

Reason #6 – The Cryptocurrency Investing Conference™ will teach you EVERYTHING you need to build a COMPLETE trading system from A-Z.  There is NO REASON you should have to go buy another crypto trading course or study another course if you do everything we teach in the blueprint.  There is NO additional courses to.  We show you EVERYTHING we know about how to become a CONSISTENTLY profitable crypto trader/investor.  We do NOT hold back on anything!

Reason #7 – It’s the first time that a program has ever been created SPECIFICALLY to help beginning & experienced crypto investors understand the true “inner” workings of the crypto market.

Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp - Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com 25

There are plenty of bullshit investing tricks, gimmicks, “magical” softwares, paper trading techniques, investment advisors, newsletters, etc. that “appear” to work and if they did, you wouldn’t be reading about our conference right now.

If you want to be a consistently profitable crypto investor… then you’re going to have to become an educated crypto investor and learn some REAL crypto investing SKILLS!  We believe the “more you learn, the more you earn” and I seriously doubt you will find anything else on the market that remotely comes CLOSE to the same level of high caliber training as our conference!

10.  What Is The Tuition For The Cryptocurrency Investing Conference™?

The tuition for the Cryptocurrency Investing Conference™ is $5,995.

You can register for the Cryptocurrency Investing Conference™ using a regular credit card or any top 100 cryptocurrency.

Click Here To Secure Your Conference Seat Now!

Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp - Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com 14

11.  Is There A Guarantee?

YES, there is a guarantee, if after attending the 1st day, you feel that Leon Fu Dot Com™ and I did not deliver on what is promised on this website, you can choose to turn in your materials and ask for a full 100% REFUND and you’ll get it… (just make sure you have your crypto address handy because we will ONLY refund the cryptos back to the original crypto address).

Now there’s no excuse for not attending. If you’re serious about learning how we made Life Changing Money™ in crypto, then register ASAP before the limited number of seats are filled.  Once we reach the conference room seating limit, the conference registration will be closed!

Click Here To Secure Your Conference Seat Now!

Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp - Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com 7

12. What Do You Get For Investing $5,995 Into The Cryptocurrency Investing Conference™?

DURING the conference you will receive:

1.  Cryptocurrency Investing Conference™ Training Manual – Version 3.0 ($995 value)
2.  6 Days of In Person Training With Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com™ ($92,930 value)
3.  TaiFu™ Crypto Diagnostics Trade Log™ ($995 Value)

AFTER the conference you will receive:

1.  Cryptocurrency Investing Blueprint™ Home Study Course ($15,960 value)
2.  Complimentary Access to the TaiFu™ Indexes (for personal use only).  ($9,995 Value)
3.  Complimentary Access to the TaiFu™ Portfolio Tracker (for personal use only). ($9,995 Value)

Click Here To Secure Your Conference Seat Now!

Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp - Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com 8

13.  How Do You Register For The Cryptocurrency Investing Conference?

Step #1 – Click on the link below to register for the conference:
Click Here To Secure Your Conference Seat Now!

Step #2 – Pay the conference registration fee with a credit card or crypto.

Step #3 – Book your flight & hotel for the conference using the hotel info we provide you.

If you have any questions about the conference registration process, please call our office at:  (949) 613-5130 and ask for Tai.

Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp - Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com 9

14.  What Do Crypto Investors Say About Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com™?

None of the following subscribers have been paid by us to make the following comments.  All they got from us was solid cryptocurrency investing knowledge!

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I made 2M in the last 18 months2

Tai Zen - You are helping me make money to put my daughter thru college

Leon Fu - Sitting on 2X with Factom

Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp - Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com 10

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Leon Fu - I make money because of you guys 2017-05-01 I turned 6k GBP into 35k GBP thanks to you guys

Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp - Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com 11

Click Here To Secure Your Conference Seat Now!

2017-05-11 Thanks to my azn crypto brothers

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2017-05-11 I made 800 percent from waves watching you video

2017-03-31 Subscriber turns 5k into 40k based on our Golem ICO video

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2017-05-26 I bought ETC at 1 like you said and now it's at 12 n past 17

2017-05-27 I doubled my money in 10 days

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Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp - Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com 16

15.  Are there any risks involved in cryptocurrency investing?

ABSOLUTELY!  You can lose your ass off in cryptocurrency investing!

In plain English, this means that you can lose everything, especially when you do not know what you are doing, you have no risk management skills, and you don’t have an educated or experienced crypto trader/investor guiding you.   Anyone that tells you cryptocurrency investing or any type of investing is “risk free” is full of shit and you should NOT believe them.

The intent of the information in the conference is for instructional & educational purposes only.   We are NOT financial advisors and you should NOT take our training and education material as “financial advice”.  The material presented herein and at the conference have been obtained or derived from sources believed to be as accurate as possible, but we do NOT guarantee its accuracy. All trading involves extremely high risk in the traditional markets like stocks, bonds, futures, options, forex, etc. and in the world of cryptocurrencies, the risk is magnitudes higher!

You need to understand that our past performance is NOT indicative of future results at all. There are absolutely NO promises, guarantees or warranties that attending our Cryptocurrency Investing Conference™ will result in a profit or eliminate losses.

It is important that you understand the risks involved in cryptocurrency investing before you consider attending our conference.  This is why we have this risk notice in red text and bolded because research has shown that red is the best color used to get people’s attention and make sure they see it, (that is why traffic stop signs are colored in red to make sure everyone can see it.)

If you attend our conference and after completing the first day of the training you have a  better and clearer understanding of the risks involved in cryptocurrency investing and you decide to change your mind and no longer want to be involved in cryptocurrencies because it’s too risky for you… please tell us immediately and give us back the conference training manual, the hardware wallets and the laptop and we will gladly and immediately refund you back 100% of your conference registration fee!  No questions asked!

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16.  Crypto Influencers, Veteran Investors, Hedge Fund Managers, etc. Who Follow Tai Zen/Leon Fu Dot Com™?

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