Channel Update #9 – We Can NOT Manage Your Money At This Time

Tai Zen: What’s up guys. This is Tai Zen. With me today, I have I hope that the viewers don’t keep asking us to include more and more titles to your name because it’s going to be a 15-minute video about your titles.

In this channel update, we want to just answer a few questions that we get all the time. This is more probably more of a Q&A than an update.

One of the most popular questions that we get from people all the time is whether we can manage their money.

I don’t know why people don’t want to learn how to do it themselves and they want us to manage it for them for.

However, the thing is we cannot do that because there are laws against touching someone else’s money in America when you don’t have a license of a professional money manager.

If you’re not licensed by the government to manage someone else’s money, you can go to prison for touching someone else’s money.

Leon Fu: Yeah. It’s just like a doctor practicing medicine without going to medical school.

Tai Zen: In America, you can do whatever you want with your money. You can invest however you want.

However, you’re not allowed to invest other people’s money without being a registered licensed financial advisor.

We are not licensed financial advisors, so we cannot manage your money or anyone’s money except for ours.

Please stop emailing us and asking us to your money or your portfolio.

Leon hardly ever read any of the emails that we get from people because he’s busy researching the cryptocurrencies. It’s me and the rest of the team that reads it.

Leon has the mindset that if it is not going to make him money, he is not going to waste time on it.

Leon Fu: there are too many things to read.

Tai Zen: Yeah. Therefore, he is not going to waste time reading some subscribers’ questions or anything like that because that doesn’t make him money. I do it because I’m always curious about who’s listening and paying attention to us.

Here is the lasting that I want to cover before we finish off this video. People are always asking us to see our cryptocurrency portfolio. The reason why we have not published that guys are for several reasons.

One is that there’s no way for you to follow us in real-time. We may need to unload some Stratis, pick up some Waves, unload or pick up some Ethereum Classics.

We don’t have the technology on our website to communicate with you in real-time. Therefore, it would not be effective for you.

Let’s say if I told you that we were in some of those coins, it would be too late to get into.

If we tell you that we’re in DECENT , you’re not able to get into it anyway because it’s not available for trading and the ICO is already over.

If we tell you that we’re in Stratis, it’s kinds of late to get into Stratis right now because it’s already shooting up. You don’t want to jump in when prices shooting up because that would be very foolish.

So there’s not really a good way for us to communicate in real-time and let everyone know that we’re about to buy this or sell that.

Even if we do that, it wouldn’t be fair because it would look like we are trying to front-run everyone.

Front running means someone tells you that this is something good to buy while they’re selling it.

Therefore, we don’t want to get caught doing that because that would discredit our channel.

The other thing too is if someone invested in the same cryptocurrencies and they lost money, who would they blame it on?

Leon Fu: us.

Tai Zen: Exactly. We don’t need all that crazy nonsense.

Remember these guys. We started this channel out, in the beginning, to help our friends and family learn how to invest in cryptocurrencies. Over the years, it has grown to be the most popular cryptocurrency investing channel on the internet.

However, it doesn’t mean that we have a responsibility or an obligation to tell anyone to do what they should do because this is a free channel.

Leon Fu: We do this for your entertainment and ours.

Tai Zen: Yeah, exactly. Make sure you understand that and please do not be upset.

We will figure out a way to share our portfolio with everyone in real-time, so you can take the benefit from it.

Right now people are always asking us about what we have in our portfolio. I always tell people is that if you hear us talking about it, just assume that we are in it.

I just want to share with you about the questions and kind of give you a quick update right there.

Since we get these questions over and over, I just want to address it one time in the video and that’s all.

Thanks for watching this video guys. If you like our channel and these types of videos, give us to thumbs up and we’ll continue making them. If you don’t like it, give us a thumbs down and we’ll stop making them.

If you want to learn more about cryptocurrency investing, make sure that you subscribe to our newsletter. It’s

We’ll look forward to seeing you in a future video.


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