Channel Update #3 – Upcoming Release Of Privacy Coin Video #2 & Comments On Bitcoin ETF

Tai Zen: What’s up guys. This is Tai Zen and I got the Honorable Grandmaster, Legendary, here. I just want to give you a quick update on what we’re up to. We’re still in Atlanta to shoot the sponsored videos about the privacy coin bucket.

Anyway, a lot of people have been asking us about the Bitcoin price. The reason why we haven’t talked much about Bitcoin because that is a long-term position. We don’t have time today trade that stuff. We’re here for the long term.

We already did our research and our team led by the great Oracle of cryptocurrency here. You projected that if the SEC (the Securities and Exchange Commission) approves of the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF, it would probably shoot up to nearly $2,000 USD. In case it gets denied, it will probably drop $150.

LeonFu: That’s about what happens.

Tai Zen: You can put limit orders in to buy at $1,000.

LeonFu: $1,000 or $1,050.

Tai Zen: What’s interesting is that there was such high demand for bitcoins at $1,000 that you didn’t even get your orders filled.

Leon: I couldn’t get my order. Coinbase and GDAX (Coinbase Pro). I tried both. GDAX has a little lower commission, so I tried that, but it didn’t work. Then, I tried the Coinbase. I had to pay a little more in commissions, but that didn’t work either.

Tai Zen: It is our policy on the channel that we don’t talk about how much the actual USD amount or the actual Bitcoin amount is. We only talk in terms of percentages because we don’t want to demotivate or dissuade anyone from investing cryptocurrency.

However, you mentioned that less than 5 or 10% of your got filled.

Leon: It wasn’t a lot. I had to go let find other sources. As you know, Coinbase is for U.S investors. That’s where most of the volume is.

Tai Zen: You projected that it would go up to $2000 if the Winklevoss ETF gets approved. Then, if it does not get approved, it drops $150. It is like $1,300 something.

Leon: It’s around $1,250 or $1,300. Back and forth. It dropped to $1,100 last night and the next morning, it rallied again.

Tai Zen: That’s the reason why we haven’t been spending a lot of time on Bitcoin because the opportunity to make life-changing profits is still there. However, where we see the life-changing profits, which is the big money, is in the privacy coin bucket.

When we talk about life-changing profits or life-changing money, we’re not talking about 5%, 10%, 20%, 50% or even 100% profit. We’re talking in orders of multiples of magnitude. 100% is the equivalent of 1x. It means 1x your money.

We are looking for something that has multiple profits like 5x, 10x, 20x, 30x. Let’s talk about Ethereum so everybody can understand what we’re saying.

Leon: If you are looking at Ethereum as we are making this video, I think it’s at $21 or somewhere on that. That is 70 times your money from the ICO in terms of USD.

Tai Zen: If you had put in 25 bitcoins at the ICO back in the sum of 2014, you’d have been a millionaire right now.

Leon: We know the rate is 2000 Ethers per bitcoin at the ICO. If you put down 25 bitcoins, that’s 50,000 Ethers, then you multiply that with its price ($20), you’ll have $1,000,000 USD.

Tai Zen: That’s the kind of life-changing money that we’re talking about. Besides, it doesn’t even have to be $1,000,000 USD because, for someone that’s been in Africa, Mexico, Vietnam or China or some country may need less than that to become a millionaire in their country.

You need about an average of $3,000 in America to live and to pay your bills and everything. For some countries, that may only be $300.

For example, life-changing amount of money in America that could be enough money to buy a house is about $400000. That’s life-changing if you can make just like $400000.

Leon: That was just 2,5 years ago. The ICO was in July of 2014 and right now we’re only in March.

Tai Zen: It’s actually less time than that because it was at that price last year, so it only took 18 months. Therefore, you don’t have to wait that long.

Leon: It was at that price last year during the DAO Fiasco. Basically, today we’ve recovered from the damage that the DAO inflicted.

Tai Zen: The DAO attack caused us around 8, 9 months of downtime. However, let’s get back to the privacy coin bucket.

Right now, we’re going to go get a haircut to shoot these professional great videos. We got a film crew coming to shoot the rest of the video. We’re trying to look the professional because we don’t want those sponsors to say something about it.

Do you want to give them a teaser about what’s coming up in video #2? Just getting a little quick teaser.

Leon: In the first video that we released, it was about the moral and philosophical case for our privacy and why it’s important.

Tai Zen: What’s interesting is that as soon as we made that video and we talked about why privacy is important, now we got Julian Assange from the WikiLeaks organization.

It’s almost like they knew that we were going to talking about why privacy was important. They discussed how the CIA is now surveying all the mobile devices, smartphones and TV. They’re probably watching us right now.

They were using a term for these as the cyber weapons arsenal. It is correct?

Leon: I think they use the term cyber weapons.

Tai Zen: The software that the CIA can to infiltrate and take control of people’s electronic devices. In addition, WikiLeaks has an internal document from the CIA saying that they lost control of their cyber weapons.

Leon: It is out there. They may not have even know who has it now.

Tai Zen: For example, this car has electronics in it. They can actually take control of this car to make it crash and kill someone they don’t like. No one will ever be able to figure out what happened because it just looked like an accident. That’s dangerous.

Therefore, if we end up in a car accident for some crazy reason after we make these privacy videos, I want you to contact with WikiLeaks or Julian Assange to rip this car apart and find if there are any CIA bugs in it. If it does, it means that they’re trying to take us out from sharing this information about the privacy coin buckets with them.

Talk about what we’re going to cover in the second video about the privacy coins 101.

Leon: Not everything that has value you can make money with. I mean there’s a lot of things that have value but it’s very difficult to make money on. Therefore, after we’ve talked about the moral and philosophical case, we’re going to talk about the investment case. Why should you invest or consider investing some of your money in this bucket? That’s what’s coming in video 2.

Tai Zen: Be looking forward to that guys. Again, this is a video filmed by a professional film crew here in the great city of Atlanta, which is located in the state of Georgia… Because of that,  I just want to give you a quick update. Thanks for watching this video. We looking out for the upcoming of privacy coin video and look forward to talking to you guys in the next video.


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