Channel Update #21 – Tour Of Miami Bitcoin Conference 2018 Exhibit Hall

What’s up guys, this is Tai Zen, I’m here at the Miami Bitcoin Conference, give you guys a walk through what I see as I’m coming down the conference because I know some of you guys are not able to attend the conference here

These are the booths that are available. These are Marco from the Decred project. I’ll come back negative giving our audience a glimpse of what, we got Decred Moses here and Decred Jesus over there, the green shirt. We’ll catch up with those guys in a minute.

So we got the polymath guys here, we will be talking about them later today to Trevor the CEO of the polymath, this is one of the projects to keep an eye on because they’re gonna securitize and tokenize a lot of security products out there so we’ll get with Trevor and them later.

So I’m not sure what PopChest is but we will come back for more detail later. And where are they get shopping?

This is what the projects we covered in the past before at Rivets. We got Steven right there that we had on our channel before, the CEO of Rivets, we will come back to him get more details later.

So RSK is the smart contracts that they’re building on top of Bitcoin. This is some Bitcoin art. Let’s go down this aisle see what they got in this aisle. We have some healthcare Project. Some of these new projects I don’t know what it is, but we’ll find out.

Academy school of blockchain, they got food and snacks here. So tZERO is actually one of the projects that we’ll take a look at. I’ll come back to in for more detail later. So Hwallet does not get into crypto without using a Hwallet, we’ll come back to you guys in a few minutes…

This is Keepkey, there is Ledger in this place. This is SALT, they are blockchain lending project.

So as we go through here, you’ll notice that some of the projects that have more marketing behind it. Those are the projects that you guys want to pay attention to and that’s the ones that are gonna end up having more traction simply because I have more marketing dollars behind it.

This is that’s the one owned by Roger Ver. There’s the entrance right there when you guys come in and this side across from, they got the DASH booths right here. As you guys can see, how big the DASH booth is compared to

They got the money to market their project and then you got a project like this, where they don’t have a lot of resources, financial resources to push, to market their project, so it’s going to be very difficult for it to succeed.

Now, when I come to these conferences, normally I can’t sit still, I don’t like sitting still so I like walking around and look at the different booths and talking to the people.

There is Smart Mining, going on here. So these events keep getting bigger and bigger each year and there are more and more people attending it I was talking to one of the people that set up this place and they were saying that there are over 4,000 attendees, I don’t know if that’s true or not but it definitely looks very packed and very busy

Give you guys a walk-through here and then we will come back to it with more detail. So there’s a VR Station going on right here, which is kind of trippy. Not sure why these guys got a big old boot space and no one’s here. They’re probably speaking

So everybody’s networking here, everybody’s talking to each other to find out what’s the next, everybody’s looking for the next big hit for the next 100x. You got another the one chain booth here and here’s a view

So you got the PIVX team, this is a team that I’ve been telling you guys about setting up the master knows and everything and we will get into more detail about that later.

This is another Blockchain project aiming to solve the energy industry problems, the problem with the energy stuff is that there’s heavy regulation, security here is pretty tight, everyone goes through metal detectors and you couldn’t bring some pieces of stuff in here.

So this is the short aisle. So they got Onix coin here, I would be careful calling it Onix coin because it looks like one coin, I’m not saying it is, but the logo the way they design looks like though the one for one coin.

So this is a chain big booth and then we got Swarm on this side. Another looks like they’re doing another energy blockchain, they have solar panels over there.

I’m always kind of cautions on the energy blockchain project simply because there are heavy regulations that go on in the energy industry that’s not easy to solve, so here the last portion of the conference here.

I’m not sure what they’re doing here, but let’s go see. It looks like they got some kind of robotic system over there. I just wanted to give you guys a quick look of the exhibitor hall behind me at the Bitcoin Miami conference here, the Miami Bitcoin conference

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