Channel Update #20 – Welcome Adib, The “Texas Miner”!


Tai Zen: What’s up guys, this is Tai Zen broadcasting from Dallas Texas and with me today I have a very special guest

Would you like to say hello to Adib, the Texas miner. I have Adib here I just want to share with you something here

Adib is one of our boot camp attendees and I and one of my client and we are helping him a lot of trade and invest in Cryptocurrency

He has been with us for a while now, so he’s a longtime client of ours and I do not boot camp I shared with Adib that we are not big fans of mining Bitcoin mining or Ethereum Miner, any type of Cryptocurrency mining

Because it’s just too much work. It’s easier to just buy the stuff and then just hold it and then trade it.

But Adib is a really good Cryptocurrency trader as well as an investor you’ve done really well at least she’ll be summer.

Stop that he was doing this year and I’m really happy for him. But he also does a ton of Cryptocurrency mining and he even doing it for a while now, I’ve been over to check out his mining Rigs and everything. How old are you, Adib?

Adib: I’m 24 today

Tai Zen: So the reason why I have a Devon here guys if you guys noticed you know we talked about making life-changing money and life-changing profit

For someone that’s 24 years old, he went all-in when he learned about Cryptocurrency Let me hold back his parents and his friends of Kylie’s anybody all enter

But play to win or don’t play at all that’s what that model is at bootcamp. I wanted to introduce you to Adib because he’s already talked and he’s making some video content for channel about mining and in the mistakes and in the lessons that he learned

Adib: Let me short up with where it all started and why I went against my Mentor because my rule to get from where I graduated high school to where I am today

I don’t answer to a report to anybody, I’m gonna listening to people who worth over a million rich already

Tai came on a song on Youtube he knew what he was talking about. Before then I was reading the “rich dad, poor dad” now he’s getting all into real estate I went to a real estate investing school and I was the new

Because if you’re a deal closer you making money and then it’s what you do with that money, how do you make that money work so I was trying to answer that question

Because I knew per couple reasons I wanted financial freedom I wanted it for my family I knew that if I didn’t figure it out for my mother with a little bit that we had left in retirement then she’s going to work till she died

And I didn’t want that to happen, so the numbers that add up to be, all the books in the world Sago invest in real estate. Early 2017 February I’m filing pre-qualified for a house purchase a house get a real estate property, everything

I’m on my road making about 10% to 12% annually on my real estate investment in the money that I put down to do that investment

Then In April May, could have been the first quarter Ethereum enterprise alliance announces that or whatever they’re called I’m not really technical, so they announce Microsoft chase in all these big doors just endorse the Ethereum blockchain

And that’s what I knew so Tai talk to me we move where the whales move and so that was my signal cuz I had looked in Ethereum in arena and Bitcoin in 2016 winter coins about $700 in Ethereum was

Just like 15 bucks and there wasn’t worth nothing there like always decentralized. But one network , now I know they’re legit and then this guy I just ran around okay well let’s look at mine and what’s look at Youtube, looked some YouTuber breakdown the numbers and then and I look at him

And I’m like this guy 1 Rig with the amount of source of killable. So I looked at the numbers for 1 Rig.

And it was like beginning of 2nd quarter, end of the first quarter and the ROY is 7% a month and it’s only going to take a year to make

Back traditional invest and from what I’ve heard from the old heads is that you know it takes if you’re if you make your money back in 3 years you’re doing great

So first off I was like the hell and back that I went through to sign and I signed my life away on a mortgage jump through did the mortgage dance I mean they want to see

Might they won’t know my mother, my name my bank statements from you know I was 12 the whole nine yards my story everything

With one Rig I did not single sign a single document and my ROY annually somewhere from 60 to 70%,  Right now it’s about four and a half percent monthly because difficulty in all those other variables

Tai Zen: Awesome jump in with this Right is that the floss about making life-changing Profit that Leon and I have is about making big chunks

At one time, but your philosophy about life-changing profits is making Consistent small Residual every month. It always comes to every month while I’m sleeping, whether I’m working

That’s the reason why I have you to share some of that experience because we’re more expensive making the big chunks

but here’s the thing is that in the major difference is this you know I sat down with timely on there like what that doesn’t make any sense because not scalable

Sounds like an old man that’s Right I’m in the Right in our god dang it going to be hard but you know screw it does it anyways Tom because I’m stubborn hardheaded and I don’t listen to anybody. And my goals were different there electronic get a hey and for the record

They made and I am using their strategy I made more money this year. However, where we’re different is as our objective in our goals

Tai Zen: Because you’re doing a lot of this like your parent, you don’t trade like you are

Adib: My mom doesn’t, you try to explain Cryptocurrency to your mother, we’re going to take this money

And because our initial plan was to invest in real estate but we’re going to take this money and we’re going to make a large Cryptocurrency mining

We’re going to I’m going to take what we have at your house and I’m going to see the max amount we’re going to max out your house. I’m taking whatever is the max

Tai Zen: Basically you took along your mom’s house. I tell people all the time I went all-in I put the majority of my life say into it, you ain’t even a step further and when you went crazy and took the whole hold out of your parent’s house

How do you convince them to do that?

Adib: My mom I love her, she believes in me, she always said that I believe in you

And I have been managing her money for the passing 2 years or whatever, big games here there no big gains or losses here there and you just gotta believe in me, and we took out so she gets a new house. Parents divorce whatever they split assets and so she’s got this chunk of change she goes by the house

This is big operation at this time in 2017, I had circled and got all the gpus from the DFW fries area

Built my first one that was nothing and then I took I said I’m going to steal this and we’re going to build 14 route so I need to find the most efficient Rig and that’s what I’m here to share with you.

In my journey from building one Rig into building 14 routes because now comcast billing a large amount of cash every month and coins in Ethereum classic.

Because it’s the November 29th and indeed on December 8th, Ethereum is supposed to have their first era, so now they’re changing their monetary policy so that’s huge

And I’ll make sure that I got on board before all that I was mining Ethereum classic before I believed in Charles in the team I believe in the Ethereum classic declaration of independence

Tai Zen: you also jumped on that cardano when we when we on by everyone’s attention

Adib: that was a fun ride 334 Forex a month, and I look at those white boys Hopefully that this POF proof of stake POS

Tai Zen: But they use in the Crypto world as proof of stake, so what are you going to be talking about in your upcoming videos

Adib: My upcoming video, it’s going to be about how was my method like all the challenges that I went through, jumped up and in just given to you guys okay because this is a community-based environment.

Nobody’s here till try to be like JP Morgan trades own everything I’m not passing this It’s just common sense and knowledge

I’m taking my mistakes in my points that I’ve enforcing the road and showing you what I got points what I did leave Right or straight

Fortunately, I have some people in my network are very talented, one was a vice president of intel and he specializes in designing data centers

And so mining creates a massive amount of I had to look I’ve never gone to college my highest education is 12th grade if you have military I was trying to kill and airborne

I basically had to become a crash course in thermodynamic engineers I had to become a crash course in computer programming

If you’re watching it’s big at all those people that are on my team, and that you’re going to recruit on your team

Visit like if you were to put wood out in the yard, one man can only move so many pounds of lumber but if you get three and four and five people, then you guys will move almost a ton ten times more

It’s crucial in mining, some people we’ll call me a jackass because we work until it’s finished. But It’s worth

Tai Zen: I want to add this whatever I like people that in the English language we call it Let Your Balls hang and what that means is when you let your test Michael Tang and that means that it is that you got

Courage to go after what you do, I respect define Adib at 24 years old. He could be out jacking around stone around watching football, soccer or baseball live someone else’s life

But instead he’s out there making his life and his dream, he’s not living someone else’s life, he’s trained his own life

I was never like that. At 24 years old I completely loser, I respect the fact that when I see Adib at 24 years old, what he’s doing

And who share with you guys more in his videos, what are you doing and you guys will see what I’m talking about and to be able to make an impact in a change like that in his mom and his dad, financial life

I think that’s worth learning from I think that the guys are willing to let it hang And it and go after what they believe you know the fact that he was willing to take money out of his mom’s house and input it into the blockchain and Cryptocurrency State

Tells me that he really take the risk. That doesn’t mean that you guys need to go out there and do the same thing

Keep remind me one of us are licensed financial advisors, you have a Series 3 license and you don’t need that to build the miner, Mining Rig

He wants to share with you the mistakes he made, and some of the things that he did in case some of you guys prefer to have the monthly residual income, the stuff that we shared with you in our Cryptocurrency investing Bootcamp is about making big chunks

But it may not be for everyone. Everyone may be able to do it like you like your mom or your dad cuz I got other things I got to go out and he’s just not in

Their capacity to do that is not something I’m interested in. This is something that I believe that may another type of audience that may like it that’s the reason why I have a Devon Ratio

And I’ve known him for a while now and he on the trading and investing that’s inside he’s following a lot of what we taught him and he stuck to it and he’s profit from that

And this is something that I feel that may appeal to a certain type of audience that would prefer to have a residual stream of income coming in each month

Forget money then the big chunks of life-changing profits that we focus on There’s just a certain audience out there that would prefer to have a steady income each month

That they can rely on and they know what the amount is, some people don’t like uncertainty we teacher you when the trader gonna make the money But the way you were doing that you can

He showed me his expenses and income in his expense log and it’s pretty predictable what can I come in

Adib: Just Take me home from my regulation series 3 stop is nobody knows what’s going to happen next and being a traitor is that nobody knows what’s going to happen next and they’re still going to be a lot of uncertainty doubt

You’re going to have to personally deal with and man up in NN just push through in figure it out because all these factors in mind but what I found is I think of it as money machines

How are you going to make your money work real estate was the number one money machine cuz there’s always different

So you guys can look into what I found is that mining is the best money machine currently Right now. The residual that I don’t have to touch I can go roof I can go party and what’s on it

It’s making money and it’s just faster fighting because my parents always said this is not their fault it’s just the general broke the mindset that money doesn’t grow on trees

No money grows on money machines and I made this. When I was 5 years old my dad gave me two or my uncle gave me twenty bucks so what do you wanna do this

They just told me that so I don’t remember it but I was fascinated and I can just sit and spend hours and hours trying to figure this out because I was building literally a computer money machine

In these graphics cards and all it is pretty cool you get to get real nerdy and you get to look like you know what you’re talking about because on the outside where the C-drive is on a computer

Tai Zen: How that make you money I just follow the instructions man-call instructions

So I just want to make this introduction video so you guys welcome Adib to our Channel and we’ll have more videos with him in his Crypto money machine

Adib: I’m glad to be on the team is my birthday best birthday gift Tai call me up this morning sun Sunday Are you think you can make it over here by 9:30 I got to fight at 10 Sounds like what I got to reschedule my meeting with my accountant

But I’ll be over there ASAP pronto.

This is one thing I’ll make a different video later on you know because we are about to run to the airport here

Tai Zen: One thing I do like about what Adib that I wish that I could have done more when I was younger and I really wish that I had the courage to do this

Respect about what a deep is doing that he doesn’t give a shit what anyone says If he sees that there’s a potential to make money there he will go and try it first

He will try it and then learn from it and if he can tweak it and make it work better than he’ll do it but if he finds out that it doesn’t work. He’ll drop it move on to something else

And that’s one thing I respect about what he’s doing is because ever since I’ve known him I’ve never seen him be scared to try something new if you hear something inside how to make money in Crypto or real estate anything in the stock market and Forex market

The first he did that’s not going to work with Adib’s mindset is that when you tell him something the farthest he thinks he let me go try that and see if it works

I’m out for myself and he loves to go and find people that have already made the mistake and learn from them so that he doesn’t have to make it

That’s crucial and I wish that I could have put my ego aside when I was in my 20s Right or when I was younger and go learn from somebody else already has experience in doing that instead of trying to figure out everything by myself

And his mining teammates are comfortable being on camera. Maybe he can share with you how he’s building out a mining team

Understand this mistake that I made when I was younger was that I thought that I can be a self-made millionaire and I come to realize that when I got older no one becomes a millionaire by themselves

You come from a team so you don’t he play before he was in the military before so he’s always working in a team so when he got out of the military

I have to have a team mindset and he has a pretty solid team that he has around in that I want him to share with you guys too and how he was able to recruit this town

And get everybody together so they can all work together. You’re welcome and thanks for watching this video guys if you guys like more these videos make sure you go to



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