Channel Update #19 – Welcome JB Trader!

Tai Zen: What’s up guys, this is Tai Zen. With me today I have two very special guests. And David Fong badass trader options extraordinaire. With me also over here we have JB with us.

You guys know that we’ve had this channel for quite some time. And with this big boom in the blockchain space, we feel that we’ve been very grateful that we got into Bitcoin and Crypto coin early.

We’re very grateful for that and now what a pointer lives where we can generously help other people become financially free from the 9 of 5 grinds.

It’s up to trading and investing in bitcoin blockchain and Crypto coin. And more things that you guys have been hearing me talk about for the last year is the lack of women in the blockchain space.

We have a few two or three women that popular in the Bitcoin space like Amanda Johnson from daily deCrypt and the dash channel and we introduced to the Crypto community.

Either early this year or late last year popular channel now about different to get different women on our channel is talk about Bitcoin blockchain and Cryptocurrency. For some reasons, there’s not a lot of women interests in this space.

So I talked to JB’s husband he was a good friend of mine, who’s a really badass Traders. So JB is also very well inexperienced trader in the traditional stock, traditional market futures. When we suggested to JB’s husband we need a female broadcaster in trader help educate the public about trading JB sent over a couple of videos right away.

We like the fact that people take action. Talk a little bit about your background. What’s your background and how you got into trading stocks and Futures and Forex and things like that

Cuz you don’t see too many girls and women interested in trading. Talk about that to her audience knows your background a little bit, your trading background.

JB: Okay We’ll just summarize it make it real quick for today. I started seriously trading in 2011 I just went to school got educated, run businesses with my husband and run financial things in real estate investments in different things of that time so I just want to get serious with trading and just really see what the big boys do

Ever since then I’ve just been learning with him all the time. We created stocks options on futures, Forex  options on futures and pretty much everything

David Fong: We were talking earlier you mentioned that It was really important for you that you both learn It wasn’t just something he did

JB: I’m a big believer in women knowing what their husband is doing like everything he does

So like any business, he goes into whatever he learns I need to learn. It’s a save thing for women to do. What he learns to trade, I have to learn too. And at first, I wasn’t interested but once like day one I was really learning what you see on TV.

You saw the money was making interesting. And how fast it comes, and that most people don’t know how to do this. What you hear on TV is opposite what you really do

Like that fascinating, so it was really cool with a lot of fun work from home, really expensive except, expensive with your trade or whatever and this’s a great business.

Tai Zen: Talk about the platforms you can only use right now so that some audience, there’s not too many women in trading in the traditional market

It’s much less in the blockchain space. So talk a little bit about what are the names of some the platforms you used in the past

JB: Trade station I Start with that, Stock and options Futures

Forex I went to I started with but FXCM now I’m on a wonderful platform for that

Ameritrade think or swim platform on those platforms, those are the main ones that I used to trade those instruments

They are very familiar, they have a lot of videos and a lot of help from the companies braves alert

Tai Zen: So I’m hoping that you’ll be able to share with the audience, because like the CME in the CBOE is coming out with Bitcoin future contract

And I’m hoping that JB here when she goes out and things like that she’ll be able to report back and share with you guys

Because we believe that’s a huge component of trading and that’s going to help we do some of the volatility and bring more institutional money into the blockchain space

So we’re really excited about having JB on our channel to share some of your trading experience.

David Fong: When I first met you it was you are interested in trading and I was already this is pretty cool but then

Tai Zen: So we wanna officially welcome JB to our Cryptocurrency market channel

Our team is really excited to have her broadcast on a channel share some of her trading experience and if you guys like these types of videos with JB and us. Give us a thumbs up, if you guys don’t like her videos and give us a thumbs down.

If you guys have some specific questions especially if you’re the female audience. If there’s any specific question inside you guys want about trading that you want to join to cover

She’s very well educated in the trading area we would put her up against any women out there that’s trading

So She’s not just some random girl that we brought on to the channel She’s very well experienced, we know the trading background she had, we know her husband for a long time and he is a badass trader

If you guys like more of these videos make sure you go


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