Channel Update #18 – Welcome Reegan!

Welcom Reegan!

Tai Zen: What’s up guys, this is Tai Zen. I’m broadcasting Encinitas, we’re in Swami’s Cafe in Encinitas, it’s in the Southern part of the state of California in the western part of the United States of America

And with me today I got my buddy David Fong, also we have a very special guest guy, we have Reegan with us

Reegan is a badass Yoga instructor here in the Southern California area and I know Reegan, because her boyfriend, Rob and I have been a friend since childhood since I was in my teenage years

Every time I come to Southern California, I always swing by when I get a chance to visit them and recently, they have an interest in Bitcoin blockchains and Cryptocurrency

And I suggested to Reegan that we do not have enough female broadcaster talking about  Bitcoins and blockchains. There’re a lot of people that’s coming into the Bitcoin blockchain and Cryptocurrency space. It would be really helpful if we have a female broadcaster on our channel

Somebody that’s a beginner, so that they can relate with new beginners since we started the first Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency investing channel on the internet that we know of

We can’t have been forgotten what beginners need to learn and what they need to start at, so we invited Reegan to come on our channel and as we share with her and show her about Bitcoins, Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies

We wanted her to share with you guys what she learns from us and from other people in the industry so that it will help more women and more young girls and the beginners, in general, to learn about Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies

Welcome to our channel, Reegan. Could you talk a little about your background, so that the audience can have an idea I mean just a brief summary something I’ll get an idea of who you are and then you can make separate videos, solo videos and go into more detail

Can you share with the audience knew about your background here in Southern California

Reagan: Thanks for the nice introduction. I grew up in San Diego, I’m a small business owner. I’ve owned my own yoga studio since 2008. About 15 months ago, I opened up my own coffee shop and that takes up most of my time

I also have studied really expensively yoga, Iyengar yoga, I studied with Bikram and I also studied with Pharma Mitra. And I run teacher training out of my yoga studio and 300 our trainings out of the studio

I’ve also taught yoga all over the world, I taught in New Zealand, this new adventure, I’m really excited about navigating Bitcoin

I think that there’s just revolutionary, it’s taking over and its’ need is that have more people understand it, so my intention is just to share what’s I learned and just share from my own words so that people can understand it from the way that I’m understanding it

Tai Zen: We’re hoping for some reason there’s not a big female influence in the blockchain space and we’re hoping that if we can help you get educated on it, that you’ll be able to spread the word to other women to help them get involved in this financial revolution that’s going on right now

David Fong: Because it’s pretty intimidating when you first get into it and just in the engineering world like with my background, it’s always dominated by men and it’s actually something that everybody can learn and understand and benefit from. So the more accessible it is, the better it is really

Tai Zen: So be expecting more videos comes from Reagan. The video that she’s going to make, gonna have a better more beautiful background and I have most of the miner are in like a car or something

She has looked at these beautiful landscapes here in Southern California and she happens to live in what I consider to be the best city to live in America which is San Diego

So welcome to our channel and we’re looking for seeing some of your videos on our channel

If you guys like the types of videos, go to and subscribe to our newsletter and I will send you more of these videos

So thanks for watching this video and we’ll all see you guys in the next video

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