Channel Update #15 – House Shopping, PROPS Project, Gladius & Crypto Mining

What’s up guys, this is Tai Zen. I’m broadcasting from the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport in the great city of Dallas.

I’m heading out to Los Angeles and San Diego to attend a conference out there and also to go and talk to some real estate, the real estate broker who’s helping me get a house San Diego Orange County area

And I’m also going to talk to him about some diversifying or some of our cryptocurrency money into the real estate market in Southern California, simply because it’s more a lucrative out there

So I’ll share with you guys what I learned when I get out there, some of you guys know that I’ve been shopping for a house out there since late spring, for a house in San Diego

So I’m going out there again looking at the Escondido and North County area in the Temecula area and the Encinitas around that area, but some of the channel subscribers are telling me that Escondidos not too good

I’m not sure exactly what the problem is, but I’ll go there and take a look and talk to some of the guys in the San Diego Bitcoin meetups and the guys that follow our channel from San Diego and I’ll get their input from that.

The other thing is that I have some more PROPS Project videos coming out, that’s coming out shortly, and we are planning on in the month of December to head to the Washington DC area to interview the guys from the Gladius.ioproject

Gladius is a project that falls in the distributed computing bucket the same as FUNCoin storage coin made safe

FUNCoin made safe storage coin, there’s Gollem project like that, they’re taking unused computer space and using it to protect people’s websites against DDOS attack and to increase their web page load speed

It’s a team of young computer science students out of the Washington DC and Maryland area and so we’re looking into that, we’re researching that and we like the project, simply because they’re doing the same thing that Golem and some of Golem storage coin, FUNCoin or all these others coins that are in the decentralize or distributed computing space

They’re doing the same bucket and a lot of the other ones are already at a 200 million market cap, so this one they have a hard cap on their crowdsale , I think twelve and a half million if I remember correctly

That makes it very enticing for us to take a look at and we schedule some time to go and meetup with them in person as part of our boots on the ground investing research this year

We want to make sure that we talk to real people, real projects and when we talked to them they said that they had an alpha software already, so that’s what we’re interested in

People that actually already have software built and not just a bunch of clowns that $10, $20, $50 million for a piece of white paper anymore

So I will be updating you guys on that as we go along and I’ll be updating you guys on some of the stuff that we learn in Los Angeles and San Diego as part of our research mission here and I’ll get back with you in the next video

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I’ve got to mention that if you guys have been following us, you guys know that we’re not really big fans of bitcoin mining of cryptocurrency mining, simply because we don’t have the time for it

And it’s a different type of income stream is a different type of profit and we have a guy that goes by Adib the Texas miner, he is a cryptocurrency investing Boot camp attendee and a client of ours and he’s been mining for a while now and I went over there and check out his mining operation

And I thought I was pretty interesting and I’m going to have him start coming on to our channel to share one of his experiences with everyone

In case anyone is interested in creating a residual income stream. I’m a really big fan of, I’d rather go after the big chunks of life-changing profit

But there are a number of people out there that would prefer a steady residual income each month, so I’m going to have Adib, the Texas Bitcoin miner come on and share some of the stuff that he’s been doing with you guys if you guys can learn from that also

So thanks for watching this video guys and I’ll see you guys in the next video.


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