Channel Update #14 – Please Welcome Our Intern Joseph

Correction: The site that Joseph meant to say in the video is

Tai Zen: This is Tai Zen and I’m broadcasting from the city of Austin Texas today, with me today guys we have a very special guest, he isn’t just a guest, he’s going to be one of our new team members, have with me here Joseph

Joseph is from the city of Houston Texas, it’s one of the top five biggest Metropolitan areas in the United States, it’s in the southern part of the US

For a while now we’ve been looking at having some bringing on a few interns to help us with research and everything and we just haven’t even had time to look for an intern or interview someone for an intern role on our channel

Joseph’s dad, James, reached out to us about attending one of our Cryptocurrency investing boot camps and he was mentioning that he would love to have his son, Joseph, an intern with us because Joseph at one time owned over 400 Bitcoins

I said the first how old is your son he said he had it when he was at 11 years old, he had over 400 Bitcoins

That I got my interest and I said let me talk to your son here, so I got on the phone and I talked to Joseph. And then one thing led to another, he found out that we were going to be here at the Texas Bitcoin conference

A few weeks ago, I asked Joseph with a few things, a few research tasks that we needed on a channel and our team was very impressed with his research ability so we asked him to meet in person and he found out we were at Texas. We’re going to be at the Texas Bitcoin conference here behind us

He showed up late last night at like 10 pm with his dad and we met him, we talked to his dad and everything and so our team made a decision myself and and David Fong, we decided to bring Joseph on our intern on our channel to help with research

He wants to learn how we research and how we do business and how we invest in Cryptocurrency and he wants to help out. So tell to the audience a little bit about yourself

Joseph: I’m from Northern Houston Tomball area, I’ve been in different aspects of technology in pretty much all my life, I started making videos Cryptocurrency for the past 5 years. And we’ll see where this goes

Tai Zen: When did you first hear about Bitcoin and stuff

Joseph: 11 years old when I first started hearing about the coin

Tai Zen: What were you doing at 11 years old that got you interacting with Bitcoins because I  like, I got it I found out about Bitcoins when I was working and energy brokerage firm that was mining

What were you doing, maybe your research online trying to buy some the illegal stuff? How did you come across Bitcoin

Joseph: It actually was mostly from YouTube, I’ve been all my life trying to find a way and you said that your channel used to be called prisoner escape

I’ve been trying to find a way to escape the prison of Stagnant income, I don’t want to be part of the Stagnant income in the country where I work 9:00 to 5:00 hourly wages, that’s not what I’m about

For all my life I’ve been looking for an opportunity so that I can start monetizing my talents Cryptocurrency at 11 years old is where I figured this is where I need to be

Tai Zen: But how did you come across Bitcoin. Are you playing video games and trying to buy a computer. What was the price of Bitcoins when you got your first Bitcoin?

Joseph: When I first got, I believe I bought 0.05 Bitcoin for $25

Tai Zen: That’s about a twentieth of a Bitcoin about $25

And then when you got that what prompted you to say hey man I need to get more of these or what did you do

Joseph: The first thing I did I got my dad to get me a tiny little Ant Miner off of eBay for 50 bucks. Obviously I wasn’t making much money we actually still have it’s a sentimental value I started working with those GUI wallets that you kept on your computer. I said this is something else, this is just not a set online token

So what I did, I got a $25, those prepaid visa cards and there’s an old website that shut down now. I believe my gift and you give them the number of your debit card, the prepaid and they’ll take the money off and they’ll send you an amount of Bitcoin that’s what it’s worth

I started playing around with it. Online there was the Satoshi Lottery game. I was a little kid, I didn’t know what those were. And it caught my I, it really impresses me and it’s been my passion ever since

Tai Zen: Did you win anything on Satoshi

Joseph: I lost it

Tai Zen: Talk about how you were able to get 400 Bitcoins with that or how did you get your 400 Bitcoins

Joseph: I started buying more and through those lottery games. Sometimes you hit it big

Tai Zen: And what did you do with your 400 plus Bitcoin?

Joseph: I lost them all the same games. That’s the most expensive lesson I’ve learned

Tai Zen: So you wish you would have kept it now

Joseph: I think everybody would

Tai Zen: So you gonna huddle, you huddle your Bitcoins now when you get them Joseph will share with you more of what the things that he learned so much

We’re gonna have Joseph do guys is that he’s going to help us do some research on some Cryptocurrencies that we don’t have time to research but we want to share with you and that way we can put out more quality content for you guys

And then also along the way we’re gonna be bringing Joseph to different events  with us, and then he wants to learn how we got into Crypto, how we became a popular Cryptocurrency investing channel and then how we start our business and he wants to learn everything that we’re doing

I’ve been sharing with him everything I could hear at the Texas Bitcoin conference, networking skills, social communication skills, how old are you now?

Joseph: I’m 16

Tai Zen: He needs to learn these skills because it’s gonna be valuable for making life-changing money in his life. We’re going to have him broadcast. Some of stuff that he learns from our team so that other young people can learn from it

I know we have a huge audience of 18 to 24 years old and I want to make sure that they learn some of the things that cost Leon and myself and the rest of our team a crapload of money to learn to make life-changing money and in our lives

We never have time to talk about some of this stuff so by bringing Joseph on onto our channel, we’re hoping that we can teach it to him and then he can rebroadcast it back to the rest of you guys

Are you young folks out there, that’s getting into Crypto, talk about the event today, what do you learned from the event

Joseph: We didn’t get passes for the event, we didn’t actually go into the event but Tai Zen, he demonstrated some of these skills I’m going to be learning through marketing and social security location

Tai Zen: What are some of the key takeaways that you learned today already? Just hanging around us today

Joseph: First of all is that I don’t know anything about social skill communications yet, I’ll be learning that

The key takeaway that I’ve learned today is the importance of building trust that so far is the most important thing I’ve learned

In these committed relationships that are going to benefit you in the business World Report is the number one thing that you need to make these relationships valuable and important to you

And that’ll help you succeed in the business world

Tai Zen: We want him to share to some of these trust and rapport building skills with the younger audience.

I was telling him that similarly that when we come to these events we’re not so much here to learn about what the specific Cryptocurrency is doing or talking about Leon and David will go in there and listen to the talks and the seminars

I usually don’t do that I go around and talk to the exhibitors, the booths, the people that are there and network with people

And so we share with Joseph like how to meet someone from a project, somebody that’s important or somebody that a key player in the Crypto industry and how to meet, greet them, network with them and how to add them to your network how to build value

So those are things that I’ll be sharing with Joseph as he comes along with us and then he’ll rebroadcast it out and share with you guys.

And we prefer to do it like that because then it’s from a set of fresh eyes and ears because some of the stuff that we’ve been doing it for so long that sometimes we forget what we doing and so having someone like Joseph around to ask us what we’re doing forces think about what we’re doing and share with him so he can share with you guys.

You’re still in school, so you be doing this helping us out with the research and stuff in your spare time. Cool deal guys, so I want you guys to welcome Joseph to our team.

Whenever you guys hear from him or he contacts you, just know that it’s legit and he’s a real person on our team that’s why we have him on video here.

It’s funny how in Cryptocurrency Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin so that we don’t have to trust other people in the business world, in the real world outside of Crypto it’s important that people can trust you.

Thanks for watching this video guys, if you guys like these types of the video so I’ll make sure you go to and subscribe to our newsletter.

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