Channel Update #10 – Please Welcome Our Team Member, David Fong!

Tai Zen: What’s up guys this is Tai Zen, and with me today is the honorable grandmaster legendary world-renowned Say hello Leon.

Leon Fu: Hey guys.

Tai Zen: And with us in between Leon and I, we have a very special member of our team, his name is David Fong, say hello David.

David Fong: Hey guys.

Tai Zen: So many of you guys have heard me talk about other team members behind the scenes that work on stuff and you guys don’t ever get to see them. And David is one of those rare unique individuals that’s been helping us in the background develop some of our tools.

So I want to introduce you guys, and Leon wants to introduce you guys also to our other team member here, David. Do you want to talk about where you’re from, David?

David Fong: So I’m from Toronto, Canada. I met these guys, we work together, Tai and I, so I knew what a solid guy he was and he was pretty funny.

Tai Zen: So we used to work together, we used to coach people, teach people how to trade stocks and the options and things like that. And for the longest time, I try to drag David into Bitcoins and CryptocurrenciesWhen did I first mentioned to you about Bitcoins, it was about 2014?

David Fong: The first time you mentioned it.

Tai Zen: So in 2014, I think I mentioned it to you in Austin, Texas. We worked together for like a day or 2 and I mentioned it to him, he brushed it off, in 2015, he brushed it off again. And then when did I actually give you some of those Bitcoins?

David Fong: It was probably a year later.

Tai Zen: Late 2015 or 2016. So I told David, I said: “you’re probably not gonna go get any Bitcoins so I’m gonna send you some Bitcoins”. And I sat there and I think I strong-armed you to set up a wallet so that I can send you the Bitcoins.

David Fong: We sat there in the hotel lobby, you’re like “go download this, don’t worry about the security”.

Tai Zen: Now the reason why I brought David on this… Talk a little bit about your background where you used to work at, the video games.

David Fong: So in a former life, I spent a lot of time working at Microsoft and just on a different few projects but most recently I did work in the Xbox team designing part of their publishing pipelines.

Tai Zen: So that means you worked on the Xbox. So everybody knows what Xbox is, popular game console.

I saw that David was working on these different projects and when I worked with him, he had a very unique ability, when there was a problem he would come up with solutions for it.

And I told Leon that we needed somebody that when we run into the problems with trading and investing, we need someone that can help us build the tools to help us take it to the next level.

So you guys notice here we are broadcasting from the Johnson Space Center, the NASA Center here, and the city of Houston which is located in a state of Texas.

It recently got hit by a hurricane Harvey and everything seems to be recovering very quickly here. And we’re here standing here in front of the space shuttle here “Independence”. Because we are about to go to the moon guys with Cryptocurrency.

And in order for us to take a portfolio to the moon, we needed someone to help us build the tools to help us automate our trading and investing, and reduce our risk. And that’s how we brought David onto our team.

Now when we brought him on, he’s been working on a team for several years now, so this is not new to him.

It’s just that he didn’t care to be public, but this few things have happened recently where we were able to finally drag him in front of the camera so you guys can meet him.

And also because you’ve heard me and Leon talk about using the TaiFuIndexes that we created, and it’s not just Leon and me who created it, it’s the 3 of us and the technical work, a lot of it was done by David here.

And if you guys ever watched the movie, James Bond, where Bond always has his “Q”. So we got our David Fong here which is our “F”. We would always refer to him as he’s our F.

And he would go and build some kind of software or tool to help us trade better and increase our profits, it’s all about building software tools to increase our profits and reduce our risk. And so we also want to thank you publicly for helping us get those TaiFuIndexes out.

And you got some more in the lineup. He’s got some juicy ones guys, F has got some juicy indexes coming up, to help us improve our trading.

Do you want to give them a teaser, maybe about one of the next ones that are up in line to be released, just a teaser? Because they’ve been going up recently.

David Fong: I mean these are tools that helped us as investors, gage where the markets are going but we would notice that certain sectors, they go up at the same time together. But it was hard to really measure this and know which ones are related to each other.

Tai Zen: It’s hard to do it manually by a human, we need software to help us figure that out so they can automate it for us.

David Fong: There’s a small clue for you, just given the final touches on it. But I’m excited to introduce these and actually get them into production. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Tai Zen: I can say this. I guess we can tell the audience to go watch the profit potentials and privacy coins. By the way, everybody starting to call on privacy coins now, not because originally they used to call them Anon coin, which used to confuse everyone.

And now that we started calling it privacy coins, now everybody’s been calling privacy coins. Even the guys on CNBC are calling it privacy coin. They must have watched our video.

Leon Fu: That’s what so exciting about these spaces, we get to define what things are called.

Tai Zen: So as you guys can see right here. We’re at the space center here guys, and there’s the shuttle and then earlier we try to make this video in front of all the rockets but they close at 5:00 pm, so they actually kicked us out, we had to come outside.

We actually wanted to shoot this video in front of the rockets that go to the moon, was it the Orion?

Leon Fu: The one that did go to the moon was Saturn V and that was massive.

Tai Zen: It’s a lot bigger than we thought.

Leon Fu: It’s a lot bigger but that’s what crypto is. It’s like that rocket that we saw, Saturn V because it’s going to the moon.

Tai Zen: And talk about how it’s only used once. It’s reusable.

Leon Fu: It’s not reusable, we’re like holy crab this thing’s huge. And they only use it once.

Tai Zen: The engines are massive.

David Fong: Like 5 engines at the bottom and a huge tank, and then 3 engines.

Leon Fu: And then you’re the guy sitting at this little bitsy cap so all at the top of all of that.

Tai Zen: The Saturn V rocket that took the man to the moon is bigger than this space shuttle-like this Boeing 747 or whatever it is.

Leon Fu: That doesn’t go to the moon, that only goes up to 200 miles, it doesn’t come to the moon.

Tai Zen: But here’s the thing guys, here’s the lesson I learned guys. Cryptocurrencies, our team believes that this is a once-in-a-lifetime, in our lifetime and it’s once in human history.

We all believe that we have this big bull market as we do and like the Saturn V rocket, it’s only used once. It’s going to the moon, there’s like cryptocurrencies…

Leon Fu: And just remember guys, we went to the moon in this late 60s and we’ve never been back.

Tai Zen: So what are you saying, you missed the bandwagon.

Leon Fu: The last rocket to go to the moon was in 1972, I just found that out when I was in there, the last – Saturn V.

Tai Zen: So we’ll walk over here to the Crypto RV. So security just ran us out for the third time guys. All right so we just wanted to introduce David to you guys, he’s been locked in the background for the last few years.

And we’re just happy that he’s finally public because there’s gonna be times that’ll allow us to introduce some of the tools to you guys and we prefer David to explain it because he’s actually the one that’s building the tools. We come up with the ideas all of us but he’s the actual person that actually builds the software tools.

So anything you want to add to that. Let me ask you something, kind of share with the public what your first thoughts about Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies are and so forth?

David Fong: Probably just like anybody. I’d hear stories or one-off articles about this. You don’t really know what it’s all about, you hear maybe something about Mt. Gox.

But I really do have to thank Tai here for sitting me down in that lobby and really showing me, “Okay look I’m gonna send you a coin”, and at the time it was like that.

And just like with Tai and the trading background and the settlement period too, this was an incredible technology and that just blew my mind.

Tai Zen: The real traders, when they see how fast Bitcoin or any Cryptocurrency settles a transaction, they might talk all that shit but whenever they see it actually happened, it completely changes their mind.

The security right there is waiting for us to leave and here we are in the Crypto RV guys, cruising around. Now that we’re able to retire and stuff we can live the RV life.

All right so I’m gonna go ahead and conclude this video, and we’ll talk some more right here because we actually got to move the RV here. Because the security is sitting there looking on the other side waiting for us, so I just want to say goodbye.

David Fong: Alright see you later guys.

Tai Zen: They will be more on our channel and you guys will see more of him. So thanks for watching this video guys and give us a thumbs up if you guys like it, you want to see more stuff with David, if you guys don’t like it give us a thumbs down and we’ll stop making it.

And I really got to go because the security is looking at me crazy. Alright, I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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