Channel Update #1 – Privacy Coin Sponsorship Announcement

Tai Zen: What’s up guys. This is Tai Zen. I have here the Honorable Grandmaster, the Oracle of cryptocurrency, Hey, what’s up. We’re in Atlanta, Georgia, in Midtown as you can see from the scene behind us. It’s a little chillier than Austin, Texas.

Tai Zen: Do you want to tell the audience why you’re here in Midtown, Atlanta? I’m in Atlanta because we have gotten sponsorship for a large project. That’s why I’m here.

Tai Zen: For many of you guys have been following us, watching our videos and following our newsletter, especially the newsletters that Leon’s been putting out, make sure that you subscribe to our newsletter at because that’s where Leon does most of his writing in his blog post, whereas I do most of the videos.

What I’m saying is this is that in 2016, one of our biggest cryptocurrency myths that we overlooked was the privacy coin sector and Leon’s been blogging a lot about it. You know that was a myth and I think we missed it. I don’t want to call it a mistake. it’s just something we are to busy with Ethereum and the DAO. The DAO really took a lot of our time with that Fiasco.

You may or may not know that Monero was the best performing cryptocurrency of 2016 from 01-01-2016 to 01-01-2017. However, it wasn’t just Monero, there was a lot of privacy coins.

Tai Zen: Before you go into detail about the privacy coins, let’s just do the subject of privacy in general.

You’ve been writing a lot about how you’ve been doing a lot of research for several months about privacy and why it’s so important. The reason is we were trying to figure out the explosion of the privacy coins. Yes, it was a broader subject of privacy coin. This has really come to the forefront with the whole Edward Snowden and the revelations that our government is doing mass surveillance on all of us on a scale that’s never been possible.

Tai Zen: I also want to add that in one of the last great videos that were made by James D’Angelo on the world Bitcoin network before he hit the pause button on his Bitcoin Channel, he made a video about the cardboard box reform where he talks about the importance of privacy and he goes into depth about it.

The reason why Leon in Midtown Atlanta right now is that we’re in the middle of in the process of working with a sponsor who saw some of Leon’s newsletters about privacy and reached out to us. They feel that the issue of privacy in relation to cryptocurrencies is so important that they are willing to sponsor us for the next series of videos that we’ll be making.

We can’t elaborate in details of the videos until they come out, but we wanted to share with you about this exciting project that we’re working on because we were already doing research on it. Now, we have a sponsor that wants to sponsor us to educate the public and take it another step further so that we can educate you in the rest of the public on the importance of privacy. Is anything you want to add? No. We’re really excited about this. This is a huge project. It’s going to be very big for the channel.

Tai Zen: It is very time-consuming for us. That’s what we’ve been focusing on. Obviously, our channel is about making life-changing profits in cryptocurrency investment, so there must be an investing angle towards this whole thing because we’re not going to do it if it is not money involved. There’s an investment angel in everything we talk about. That’s what we’re all about. We’re about making money.

Tai Zen: This channel is about making money. A lot of people don’t like that, but if you don’t like it, you’re welcome to unsubscribe. There are other channels that don’t like to talk about money. However, in this channel, we do like to talk about making money. More important, it’s not just any kind of money. What kind of money? Cryptocurrencies and life-changing money.

Tai Zen: Money that can help you get a new house, pay for your college education, pay for your wedding, get your new car and things like that.

We wanted to update you guys really quick from Midtown, Atlanta here and let you guys know about that. We’ll be shooting the videos very shortly, in the next few days.

These sponsors have such a strong belief about privacy that they are willing to… Matter of fact, we just left their office here. That’s why we’re here in Midtown, Atlanta.

By the way, we just left their office to look at the studio settings and everything so that we can plan out our video shoot and our filming.

It’s a big deal for us because we’re actually being sponsored to do something that we strongly believe in privacy and making money and cryptocurrencies. It’s all coming together. We’re looking forward to it and we’re excited about it. We’ll make the videos guys to reveal and update you more on what’s going on.

I also want to remind everyone too because a lot of people expect us to be a news channel. We are and somewhat a news channel, but keep in mind that we are not the day-to-day news. The better channel for that in crypto is Omar Bham from Miami, Florida. He runs the channel crypto with a 0 at the end instead of the o (Crypt0). Then, you can also check the bitcoinmeister who’s also one of our featured partners on our Channel.

Those guys are much better at doing news event video. We are not very good at doing that. We are better at focusing on researching projects that have the potential to make life-changing profits and life-changing money.

Thanks for watching this video and we’re looking forward to seeing you in a few days.

We got a professional film crew. They’re actually coming out to film us. This will be 4K professional audio.

Tai Zen: It’s more professional than what we’ve been doing.. It’s 1 step up. Thanks for watching this video and we look forward to seeing you in a future video.

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