BTC Private For Investors #1 – Who Is Rhett Creighton?

Tai: What’s up guys, this is Tai Zen and with me today we got the honorable, grandmaster, legendary, world-renowned Leon Fu Dot Com. Say hello, Leon.

Leon: Hey guys!

Tai: The great oracle of Crypto, the Chuck Norris of Crypto with us today, we have Rhett. How do you see us?

Rhett: “Creighton” is like the number 8.

Tai: Ok, Creighton. Rhett Creighton, the founder of ZClassic and now also the founder of Bitcoin private. So say hello to our audience. All right I mean with us also today we have Marco Peereboom from the Decred projects to leave developer, for the Decred project one of the best projects out there, gonna be the big movers and shakers in 2018.

You heard it here first. Okay so we’re broadcasting today from the Factom’s headquarter is in the city of Austin Texas where the greatest countries in America. Here in Texas.

Today we came all the way down here from Dallas to interview read about this new Bitcoin private that he is going to airdrop on the Zclassic blockchain in the Bitcoin blockchain.

This is one of the most interesting airdrops that we have seen it’s the first time.  I think all the other airdrops are outwards and your airdrop is going to be inwards on to the Bitcoin holders rights.

Rhett: I don’t think anyone’s ever done anything quite like this.

Tai: So before we get into that. I’m sure our audience always wants to know who it is that we’re talking to. So could you just share a little bit of background your background like what’s your history? what do you do? how old are you?

Rhett: Sure, I’m actually I look a lot younger, I’m actually 36 years old, I studied Physics and Nuclear Engineering at MIT and I’ve always sort of been interested in Internet technology. I started a web company while I was still in grad school.

Back in 2011, I mind a little bit of Bitcoin and found out about Bitcoin, bought my first Bitcoin for $8.00. And then a little bit later, I made a small contribution to the Bitcoin core test suite and I worked for a company that tried to apply blockchain technology to US equities clearing and settlement.

And I have a few patents that I think maybe one is pending and once issued and then I worked for another company called Blockchain Health which is working to try to it was working, to try to embed medical record data in the Bitcoin blockchain.

So we did some partnerships with some large multi-hundred billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies that were interested in that research and then I guess me we’re sort of almost.

I guess in my free time at some point when bakwin’s e-cash launched I had kind of I know the item Jackson the founder of Dogecoin.

Tai: okay Jackson Palmer,  we’re greatest watching guys ever and definitely get a Dogecoin.

Rhett: Dogecoin, right. And I kind of like always wanted to make it all I not always but I like to start coming up and it was like okay this looks like fun but there was already Dogecoin.

There wasn’t a point like what point what wasn’t gonna make like actually I shouldn’t say somebody’s gonna do it but I have a son and he really wanted to make money and money was like well there’s so much man with money.

Marco: So in 2 days they’ll be money.

Tai & Leon: My Crypto kitties. I’ll tell you what to do, I’m like doing watching.

Rhett: Oh my god that was so good to eat like this tagline was you pay for stuff with fluff like the best anyway no but there was like no reason. I didn’t have enough of a reason and then ZCash came out and they had this badass reward this tax is 20% tax.



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