BlockTime #9 – Do You Guys Manage Other People’s Money?

Michael Tidwell: You’ll do a lot of research and investment. You trade a lot of coins. I’m sure you trade alts for alts, alts for Bitcoin and everything. Do you do a lot of that for friends and family like a crypto hedge fund?

Leon Fu: No. I help my family and my friends a little bit with their personal accounts like how to set up their hardware wallet, how to open a Coinbase account. I mean I do that just for my close friends and family.

Tai Zen: Here’s the reason why. Most people just don’t believe it. We’re not here to drag people to go and create life-changing money.

There are plenty of people that follow us on YouTube and are willing to listen to us. Why do we have to waste time with the people who don’t believe that? The Bible says that the prophet is never recognized in his own hometown. When we tell people around us about it, they never believe it.

I remember I have a friend. He came and told me about Bitcoin one day after he found out that Leon and  I have a Bitcoin channel on YouTube.

Mike Casey: He came to you?

Tai Zen: Yeah. Then, he started telling me about Bitcoin.

I said whether you knew that we run the most popular cryptocurrency and Bitcoin investment channel on the Internet. He said yeah and told me to do this and do that. I asked how many you had and he has absolutely none.

Michael Tidwell: Let’s go around the table. How many Bitcoins do you have?

Tai Zen: Absolutely none.

Let’s me make sure that your audience understands this way.

Our vision is to see the little guys on Main Street invest and make life-changing profits like the big boys on Wall Street.

One thing that I’ve learned is if we tell people that we have 1 Bitcoin, they’re going to think that we’re a bunch of jokesters. In Texas, where we come from, they call you a big hat no cattle.

Mike Casey: Never heard that one.

Tai Zen: We don’t want to be accused of being the guys with the big hat and no cattle. That’s on one end of the spectrum.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are people that do believe in us. We don’t want to squash their dreams, hopes or motivation and make them think that these guys are able to make that kind of investments or take these advantage of an opportunity because they have hundreds or thousands of Bitcoins.

We want to motivate anyone on Main Street to be able to do it whether you have $1, $10 or $10,000.

We want to encourage people to take advantage of this opportunity in the cryptocurrency world. We don’t want to demotivate people if there’s such a thing

Mike Casey: I’m paraphrasing a little bit. It’s the same reason you never tell the kid his IQ because either he’s too smart and doesn’t try or he’s dumb and there’s no point.

Tai Zen: Let’s just say when experienced crypto investors follow our channel, they can listen to what we say and read between the lines, then have an idea of what kind of positions that we hold.

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