BlockTime #7 – What Percentage Of Your Portfolio Is Bitcoin?

Mike Casey: Among the tokens, you’re holding, can you say what percentage of it is in Bitcoin

Leon Fu: in Bitcoin?

Mike Casey: Yeah

Leon Fu: When I first started, I would say 80% of it was in Bitcoin. However, I think that percentage is going down as the quality of these products are getting better-compared altcoins were first on the scene in 2012.

Michael Tidwell: Those are all gone.

Tai Zen: We get that question all the time

Leon Fu: Yeah, we get that question all the time

Tai Zen: But it’s not a relevant question and here’s the reason why.

Back in 2013, when Leon and I first got into it, we didn’t know if these Altcoins were a scam or not.

When we first invested in NXT, everybody was screaming at the top of their lungs that this was a premise scam and everything. We didn’t know it. Nowadays, we wish that we would join in earlier on NXT.

Here’s the thing. When Bitcoin first came out, I would say between 2009 to the end of 2013, right after the fall of Mt.Gox

Before the fall of Mt.Gox, you can accuse some of these altcoins of being a scam. However, after the fall of Mt.Gox, you couldn’t say that anymore because some of these altcoins projects were legitimate.

Once it was recognized that these altcoin projects were legitimate, it really did not matter if your money was held in that altcoin or in Bitcoin, especially if it was a stable altcoin or it was a growing altcoin.

Mike Casey: Well, some have made tremendous strikes again Bitcoin, especially in the recent past.

You just mentioned Monero. It’s made tremendous gains. Just this past week and it had like 100% growth.

Tai Zen: So would you rather have money in Bitcoin or would you rather have it and Monero last year. I would’ve rather had my money in Monero

Mike Casey: Actually, that depends on the timeframe.

Leon Fu: Sure. For 2016

Tai Zen: When we first started investing into cryptocurrencies, if you look on, where they list all the volume for all the cryptocurrencies traded on a daily basis, only Bitcoin was over a million USD.

Most of the other altcoins were traded just slightly over $100,000. At that time, we had a policy that we were not going to invest in into anything that is traded less than $100,000 dollars a day.

Nowadays, in the top 20, you see coins being traded over $1 million a day. That shows you the volume of trading has already increased by 10X.

Leon Fu: No matter how you want to measure, coin market cap has some nice charts including Bitcoin market cap, the combined market cap, the altcoin market cap without Bitcoin. It’s an all-time high.

Mike Casey: the cryptomarket?

Leon Fu: The crypto market is growing every year now. We started this channel because we saw that as soon as we got into this, there was still huge potential here to make…

Mike Casey: life-changing money,

Tai Zen: We’re not in this to make 5, 10, 20 or 100%. As crazy as it sounds, we are looking for projects that can yield thousands of percent

Mike Casey: Right now from 2013, I think we’re up 100x.

Leon Fu: 10,000%

Michael Tidwell: Since when?

Mike Casey: Since 2013 January one

Michael Tidwell: for Bitcoin?

Mike Casey: Yeah. $13 in January 2013.

Michael Tidwell: Oh, at the beginning.

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