BlockTime #15 – The Investment Value In Privacy Coins

Mike Casey: You guys mentioned before that now you have a recent interest in the privacy space and privacy altcoins in general. Can you just elaborate on that a little bit?

Michael Tidwell: Briefly.

Leon Fu: Yeah, I’ll take that up.

I’ve been pushing that direction because I kind of came to the realization after seeing Monero’s price run-up. I also look really hard at this and ask myself such questions like whether this is just about drugs or more than that.

Through my research, I realized that this is a lot bigger than just buying drugs on the internet. This is going to be something that people are going to start to care more about with the recent political events.

We saw India banning most of their cash. We saw Europe banning the 500 Euro note.

There’s a war on cash as our debt-based system gets closer to collapse…

Tai Zen: Our channel is about making life-changing money from cryptocurrency investing. That’s the first goal, but a second to that is if there is something that we can do to basically help out the world and it doesn’t take a lot of effort on our behalf, we do enjoy doing that also.

The first goal is still money. Then, the second goal is anything that we can do to contribute to a better society. It goes along the same route. We will be happy to do it.

Back to the privacy topic, we’ve missed out on that last year. Due to that reason, we’ve been doing extensive research into that.

Recently, we’ve had a privacy coin project reach out to us and sponsor us to do an entire series on why financial privacy is so important to a free society.

We took advantage of that and collaborated with this privacy coin project to do it because it was something that we were researching for our investment purposes.

In addition, we have somebody sponsoring us to do in-depth research to educate the public about the value of privacy.

We do believe wholeheartedly at our core that every human being should have the right to privacy.

It is reported that the government is just mass surveying everybody. I’m not a criminal. I’m not a terrorist. There is no reason why they should sit there and listen to every one of my phone calls.

We were talking how they’re even mass surveilling our allies.

Leon Fu: That’s right.

Tai Zen: Of course, it’s important to know what our enemies are doing and whether they are trying to hurt Americans in our country, but the citizens within this country we should not be under surveillance.

Mike Casey: So privacy is important, especially in money.

Tai Zen: Yeah. We believe that when it comes to money, privacy is extremely important.

In our research about privacy, we found out that when we communicate with each other whether it’s by email, video, phone calls or text messages, having the ability to communicate to someone without worrying about somebody threatening us or hurting us is huge.

When you make this podcast or when we make videos, we’re conveying our ideas and our beliefs. However, financial privacy is a little bit different. It’s a different format of communication because it allows you to put a value on something.

For example, if you believe in helping young African kids to get healthy, clean drinking water, you can actually send them the money in order for them to get the water filtration equipment for their village.

You should have the right to do that without anyone interfering with you and without anyone threatening you because you believe in helping somebody with that.

Now we will have another example. There is a face that 100% of the Palestinians hate 100% of Israelis or vice versa. I refused to believe that because you can’t have 100% population hate each other.

Now imagining if you were an Israeli or Palestinian and you happen to have a friend that was the opposite and you wanted to help them out, you should not have to feel threatened to help them out financially.

Does that make sense?

Therefore, in our opinion, having that financial privacy is so critical.

Another example is imagining that you want to support the gay marriage movement and your boss at work does not like it and feels threatened. Then, he threatens you that if you go to a gay marriage rally or something, he’ll terminate you from work or not promote you.

Mike Casey: Let me see if I get the point. Let me try to summarize it.

You’re saying that the value judgment that you do or anything you do should not be a property of the money itself because the money should be totally agnostic to what it’s used for. Because of that, it needs to be private.

Tai Zen: Exactly.

When you send me an email or a text message, you’re just communicating your ideas. However, when you’re sending me money, you are communicating your value.

You’re telling me that you value what I’m doing or what I believe in and you should not be threatened by placing your value into something like that.

Mike Casey: I totally agree.

Tai Zen: That was why we agreed to work with this privacy point project to research and educate the public on the value of financial privacy. That was along the same lines that we were researching all the privacy coins to invest into them.

Therefore, if there’s a way that we can educate the public on not just the investment opportunities in privacy coins, but the philosophical case on why financial privacy is so critical and important to a free society, we want to be able to do that too.

Mike Casey: Cool. Well, thank you very much.

Michael Tidwell: I just want to say it’s time to wrap this up.

Mike Casey: It was interesting. It was fun guys. Thank you very much.

Lastly, where can people learn more about you?

Tai Zen: The best way for people to follow us and our research is

Michael Tidwell: we know your website.

Mike Casey: Yeah,

Michael Tidwell:

Leon Fu: I haven’t updated that anymore.

Tai Zen: We’ve been trying to redirect it.

Michael Tidwell: How do people find out more about you?

Leon Fu: Really. I tweet a lot about this. @leoncfu is my Twitter handle.

Tai Zen: You can also follow me at  @HeyTaiZen.

Michael Tidwell: Thank you so much, guys. I really appreciate you being on Block time.

Tai Zen: Okay, thanks


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