BlockTime #14 – How Do You Analyze Cryptos For Investing?

Mike Casey: Which asset do you guys think you’ve seen the biggest rise in your portfolio on a percentage basis?

Tai Zen: The biggest win is actually the thing that people don’t expect.

Mike Casey: Yeah. I mean if you invest into it early on with a really small amount.

Leon Fu: They’re were all huge winners. There’s no particular order off the top of my head. Of course, Ethereum was a big one.

Mike Casey: Were you in the presale?

Leon Fu: I was. I participated in the ICO 2 years ago. Besides, we had other big ones. Stratis was a huge win.

Tai Zen: Stratis is probably one of the biggest wins for our team.

Michael Tidwell: Is it means you’re out?

Mike Casey: Yeah. Have you sold your position?

Michael Tidwell: It’s still a win even if you’re in that position?

Leon Fu: We’re still in that position

Tai Zen: It’s extremely rare that we sell 100% of our position.

Leon Fu: As investors, we will sell or just reduce our risks, but we generally believe in the longterm prospects of the things we invest in. We generally do believe it.

However, that doesn’t mean we don’t take profits from it. If I feel that this project is worth this much and the market decides the value that higher than I believe, I’m going to take some profit off of it.

Tai Zen: and there’s no regret.

Leon Fu: Generally, we believe in things that we invest in unless something makes us no longer believe in it.

Mike Casey: I found that a good strategy. Don’t take everything out because you will feel less regret.

Leon Fu: Sure. We had a lot of winners such as Peerplays, Factom,…

Mike Casey: Basically, you are just all over the place.

Tai Zen: We’ve been talking about things that we don’t invest in too like

Leon Fu: We took a pass on it.

Tai Zen: We passed up on that. We made videos and explained to people on their inquiries about investing in some cryptos. We said not and gave the reasons.

Michael Tidwell: But you usually talk about what you invest in.

Leon Fu: we looked at it, but we didn’t talk about it.

Tai Zen: Here’s the thing though. I did talk about it on video and I did tell people that I’m not invested in it and no one on our team did.

Leon Fu: We looked at a lot of projects, but there were many things we took a pass on it

Michael Tidwell: This is probably my last question.

What percent of your profitability is based on looking at graphs and trying to understand if something is overvalued or undervalued compared to that of talking to like the people like the founders?

Tai Zen: It’s a combination of both.

Michael Tidwell: Any way to split that?

Leon Fu: It varies on different projects.

Tai Zen: The way we usually do it is we have an in-house secret recipe that is made up of Leon’s research on the project. Then, he determines whether or not it’s good based on his analysis and valuation models we used. After that, he’ll bring it to the rest of our team and pretty much he has to convince the rest of our team that it’s worth investing in.

Michael Tidwell: the investor team?

Tai Zen: Yeah. The team. Remember, we’re just 2 guys on the front.

Michael Tidwell: How big is that team?

Tai Zen: We’d rather not disclose that because the guys asked us to keep it private.

Michael Tidwell: Sure.

Leon Fu: They’re friends and family

Tai Zen: Anyway, Leon has to bring it back and presents it to the rest of us. He basically has to sell us on why we need to look at it and invest in it.

If it’s during an ICO, we sit there and debate it to see the valuation, the difference and what we can expect from it.

Michael Tidwell: I’m just thinking that a lot of people probably put money in some kind of project because they see it going up and speculating it without having no idea how much value is actually there.

Are you trying to speculate the value?

Leon Fu: Investment is about opportunity costs. Should I put my USD over here or over there? We have no control over the market.

Tai Zen: We don’t always agree on it. For example, in the case of Stratis, he presented his case. Then, half of us agreed with him and the other half did not. I was one of the people that did not agree with it…

Mike Casey: Do you always invest as a unified group like an equal percentage of a whole or do you each do your own thing?

I mean you’ve always been the same direction. Do you come to an agreement and put the pool to tell who do which?

Michael Tidwell: It sounds like it isn’t a pool.

Tai Zen: Here’s an example. Leon invested in Stratis during the ICO. I did not because sometimes I don’t want to take that risk.

Michael Tidwell: You’re Leon’s friend. He’ll take care of you.

Tai Zen: I mean it’s good to be his friend. Leon has helped me out tremendously over the years. I mean I introduced him to a bunch of girls when we worked on the club district and he was introducing me the Bitcoin.

Michael Tidwell: He’s just paying it back.

Tai Zen: If you introduce me to a bunch of hot girls, then I introduce you to Bitcoin and you can make money from it. I mean I take care of you too.

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