BlockTime #13 – Bitcoin Maximalism & Influencing Crypto Prices

Tai Zen: I had a conversation with Adam Meister, the Bitcoin Meister, the disrupt Meister from Baltimore. We were talking about Bitcoin maximalists and we both agreed that Ton Vays was the undisputed heavyweight Bitcoin maximalist.

I think we may need to define it for your audience too

Mike Casey: So what is Bitcoin maximalist?

Tai Zen: The Bitcoin maximalists are diehard fans of Bitcoin. They don’t see any other cryptocurrency succeeding other than Bitcoin. The reason is they believe that Bitcoin is software in which whatever features or functions that other cryptocurrencies will eventually be absorbed.

Michael Tidwell: With that being said, do you think all altcoins are scams, so you need to sell them and get more Bitcoin?

Tai Zen: No

Michael Tidwell: because I feel like that’s what a maximalist would say.

Tai Zen: I mean they have the right to say that, but, believe it or not, in some way, Leon and I are diehard Bitcoin maximalists.

Michael Tidwell: Closet maximalists

Tai Zen: Most definitely. We’ve actually had the same beliefs that Ton Vays shares. The only difference that Leon and I share is if there’s an opportunity to make money, we’re going to take advantage of it.

Michael Tidwell: We probably need to wrap it up soon, but do you look at your investments as “I want to get more Bitcoin eventually” or “I want to get more USD eventually”. How is your view about that? Or is it a combination?

Leon Fu: It’s a combination of both. It will change because the definition of value will change over time.

Michael Tidwell: What is the “value” coin right now? What is the “money” coin? Do you see it as a privacy coin?

Leon Fu: In the crypto world, it’s undisputed that Bitcoin is the reserve, the backing currency of how every other altcoin is measured by.

Michael Tidwell: what’s number two?

Leon Fu: What do you mean?

Michael Tidwell: What’s a second most valuable cryptocurrency? In other words, what’s your backup money if Bitcoin doesn’t exist?

Leon Fu: You mean among the cryptos. It would have to be Ethereum because of its liquidity and its market cap.

Tai Zen: This is something that may surprise a lot of the listeners here.

Michael Tidwell: Is that Dogecoin?

Tai Zen: No. Their code hasn’t been updated since 2015, so we cannot recommend that.

As you may know, we have a team behind us that helps us do the research and a lot of things for our channel. Most of them choose to remain anonymous and don’t want to be seen or heard. Therefore, we’re just the tip of the iceberg

Mike Casey: How big is your network?

Michael Tidwell: I want to ask a really deep question and I want you to answer it as best you can. I want you to take it serious.

In my opinion, you’ll do have a big influence. I want to know how big do you think your influence is like what Mike Casey is asking. Then, how much do you think you can’t actually sway the market and affect the prices of these altcoins. The reason is that can put you in a weird position of like pumping or dumping.

I’m not accusing anything. I’m just saying please comment on that.

Tai Zen: Yeah, we get accused of that. We have these trolls accused us of pumping and dumping certain coins all the time.

We’ve talked about coins and it shoots up 100%, 200% before. I don’t know if that answer the question.

Mike Casey: Let’s give us an example because it already happened

Tai Zen: We didn’t even announce it, but the guys on the Stratis community found out that we were going to interview them. Then, its price shot up 100%.

Leon Fu: This was some time last year. We didn’t even announce that we were going to interview Chris Trew from Stratis.

That caused the market to double the price of it. We didn’t even say we were going to do this interview.

Tai Zen: We interviewed Sasha Ivanova from the Waves platform in Russia.

Mike Casey: Yeah.

Tai Zen: When we interviewed him, we saw like during the time that they raised the ICO…

Mike Casey: So I take that you invested in Waves.

Tai Zen: We disclose that every time. If you hear us talking about it, it means we invest in it.

Mike Casey: Please carry on.

Tai Zen: You were asking the influence that we have on the markets. When Leon and I interviewed Sasha Ivanov about the Waves platform, we saw like over $2 million come into his ICO during the time that we interviewed him.

Michael Tidwell: If you’re having an ICO, will your audience put money in it?

Leon Fu: We don’t want to do because we saw these things happening.

Michael Tidwell: It’s like a celebrity endorsement.

Leon Fu: Yeah. We do want to avoid that. We’re actually working very hard. In fact, for ICO, I try not to even mention them while they’re going on because I really don’t want to be viewed as you said as a pumper or anything.

Even if I know something was going to happen, I’d rather just wait for it to happen and then let the market react. Then, I would make some comment on it after it happened. So

Tai Zen: We’ve had quite a few ICO contact us.

Here is the thing. We do extensive research and we make enough money from the crypto. Regardless of whether it is pumped or not, our research is based on the quality of the ICO.

If we get sponsored by a particular project like there’s a privacy project that we’re working on right now, we will fully disclose that at the beginning and at the end of every video.

If someone asks us if we are being sponsored by these guys or by this project, we just disclose it. We don’t hide anything because we don’t want our viewers to come back and say we are pumping something on them or something like that.

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