Blockchain Art #1 – What Is

Here is a pic of my 1st and last oil painting:

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Tai Zen: What’s up guys, this is Tai Zen, I’m at the Texas Bitcoin conference and I saw something very interesting that I want to share with you

Many of you know that I used to teach art before I get into Cryptocurrency investing and everything. Obviously I’m gonna have a bias towards anything has to do with artwork.

I saw some pretty cool artwork that I want to share with you. This is Troy Fearnow. His website is called if you want to check it out

First of all, are you an artist and publisher, what are you so that people can know who you are

Troy Fearnow: I was an art retailer about 15 years and this is before I discovered Bitcoin

Tai Zen: How did you discover Bitcoin.

Troy Fearnow: It’s quite a long process, I had an app, I had another company that just had a used need for it and so I discovered it and forgot about it and then came back to it about 4 years ago.

One day I was printing out private keys and have an art background, I decided, that’s got to be a much more enjoyable way to store this Bitcoin rather than putting off my private keys and putting them in a safe

I thought about merging art with sword

Tai Zen: Just describe your popular items and explain how this is work or how does someone store Bitcoins on this

Troy Fearnow: This is a fine art paper wallet this is your Bitcoin address for that’s your public address, so all you do is just take your phone and scan that address and send your Bitcoin to the art piece

Once it’s on the art piece, it’s safe, nobody can hack it, nobody can get to it. As long as nobody steals your art piece you’re safe. If you ever want to retrieve it, on the back, underneath the sticker is a private key and you can sweep it off the art piece

One thing to note is that you can do that without damaging the art print. So if you got a bit address a door, you can print off your own private key in your own QR code.

Tai Zen: But their concern if you have the prime, so you have the option to replace but can you put it back to the holder.

Basically you sending the this is a public address and then the private key is underneath this piece of tape. If you don’t trust him for any reason for the artwork then what you can do is you can remove that.

And then create your own address inserted and it still has the public key to here and it still has the public.

Do you guys only have that just for Bitcoin only or you guys have that for other Cryptocurrencies as well? I saw somebody just pay for one of the piece artwork with Dash.

Troy Fearnow: We didn’t have a dash called Darkcoin the time, it’s sold out but we’re gonna have some new editions coming out with a coin. Right now we have some the older coins because it started three years ago, we had here Dogecoin going.

Tai Zen: Where’s the Dogecoin? Let’s me see the Dogecoin one

This is a tribute to Jackson Palmer, the founder of Dogecoin, you get one of these and then Doge lord, now in Atlanta, you need to take a look at one of these guys

This like the biggest print you have because I noticed that you have other ones here too

Troy Fearnow: We have three sizes, we have these certificate size and these will fit any document frame or even we sell a collectible notebook, somewhere the really nice book to store them in

We also have an 18 by 24 and this fit in a ready-made frame. If you buy the print and you can go to Michael’s or something you can get the frame for pretty easily

We also have a large of the size that isn’t, which is 24 by 30 and the same deal we’re gonna a ready-made frame. So really give a lot of thought into the form factor of everything

Tai Zen: We’ll just hold that as an example. This is a tribute to Jackson Palmer, the founder of Doge and to the Doge Lord and the Bitcoin Lambo

Normally on our channel, I talk about Cryptocurrency trading and investing, but my background is in teaching art, so in this particular case, I get a kick out of this

It’s the first time I see some art Cryptocurrency artwork at a conference, so I’m gonna have to go into my art teacher mode

The symbols I’m gonna step outside of the trading shoes and put on my art shoes back on. What is this style of artwork that I notice it has a very similar style, it has a kind of classical-like World War II, World War I. What’s the style of artwork called?

Troy Fearnow: We’ve drawn from several styles, there’s a lot of art Nouveau and a lot of Steampunk. They’re kind of evolving, branching out. Almost Steampunk elements and these other art pieces

Tai Zen: You got some photorealism, these are painted or photoshopped

Troy Fearnow: It depends on the image, all of them are digitally created, right now we have other artists, we have six artists.

They are a mix in this one particular image, a mix, and match, they’re using illustrations with some photo manipulation. The newer one, this is a stream, they’re all hand illustrated

Tai Zen: When you say their hand illustrators. Are those the originals or their illustrated?

Troy Fearnow: They still using a tablet, so the illustrators, you just tablet, the digitally created. But there is no original, so what they’ll do is though handles stratum, actually we go to, you can see the process that they do Mom so what they’ll do

Tai Zen: So it’s not done with traditional brush and oil.

Troy Fearnow: Probably we can get into that, it’s a digital currency, it made sense to work with digital artist

Tai Zen: Nothing wrong with that, just want the audience to know that it’s digital art and not traditional brush

Troy Fearnow: It’s actually more fun because you create limited editions of them and the idea, it’s almost a currency in itself because you’re creating artificial scarcity

Then you’re trying to market it, to the great demand for it, an idea that it’ll go up in value, just like you would do on any currency so it comes to store value, literally a heart attack or die, it’s an asset class

In this case, it’s a kind of a leveraged asset, because they can go up in value, your digital currency can go up value.

Tai Zen: Talk about the paper that this is printed on, it seems pretty thick

Troy Fearnow: This is an animal paper, animal German etching

Tai Zen: Where that 80-pound paper, 100-pound paper, how thick is that?

Troy Fearnow: That 120 gram and this is a really high- endpaper, a German company makes this, they’ve been in business slicing others

Tai Zen: What kind of paints or inks are you using to publish?

Troy Fearnow: I tried a printer, top of the line, everything

Tai Zen: Is that going to be faded after a couple of years?

Troy Fearnow: The excess of a good point, so we’re trying to create a store value here so if anything ever damages, if you buy one of these, you’ll actually have the right to that number

Let’s say it goes up on value, let’s say this become $10,000, you have the right to this and I’ve never got damaged, we can move reprint an issue that same number for years destroyed the art piece

In that way someone else wanted to buy it, this one is $2000, and the third party wanted to buy it from you, you just simply contact us and say “ hey, issue out a new print send it to them”, and I’ll send you this pencil burn, so the art piece without worrying about damaging it via transit

Tai Zen: Who are these artists? Because I see here Nina

Troy Fearnow: She is a Russian artist, certainly we got five or six artists and they’re from all over the world

Tai Zen: So you represent them and then publish

Troy Fearnow: They don’t take me to represent them, we just work with them to create it, so we’re not an agent. We just simply working with them to create the images and we’re a publisher in that sense

Although we’re not exclusively representing the artist, support the artist to another website, look at other artwork

Tai Zen: Whenever, for example, for this picture of the Doge art here, what is this one?

Troy Fearnow: This one, it depends when you go to the website, it’s gonna go up in value as it sells out a state. I’m gonna say, this is about $400

Tai Zen: When someone purchases this, when a Cryptocurrency investor purchased one of these pieces of artwork, does this go to the artist Nina

Troy Fearnow: It depends on the relationship we sometimes we do a licensing center, it just depends on the particular artist, what we can do with it. And in one case, we actually partnered with a group of artists to make this

For this particular art piece, these are actually game developers they did Assassin’s Creed, these guys are out of France and so we’ve partnered with them to create this image

This was for South by Southwest, we got invited to set up a tradeshow pop-up gallery inside south by a couple of years ago and we created an image just for that, we work South why we license our logo and work with the artists, found some special artists just for that

This image is about all the exchanges that have been hacked, so you see a bit Phoenix nice in the sinner

Tai Zen: On the card, it’ll say mount God, it says BitFenix, so all the exchanges and the amount has been hacked on there

Troy Fearnow: It’s a kind of a mash-up between Day of the Dead and all the hacks Bitcoin exchanges, so a store your digital currency off of the exchanges in paper wallets or hard wallet, probably on your bank

Tai Zen: So the best place for someone to look this up if they’re interested in getting it is at

Anything else that people need to know about this type of artwork? This is the first time I’ve seen it at a conference

Troy Fearnow: I was doing the trade shows about 3 years ago, so I could actually be lost out of Texas Bitcoin conference 3 years ago, and I took a Hiatus for about year and a half, so now I’m getting back into it

You’ll start seeing me in all the shows and start seeing some scaling we just came out an art piece a couple of years ago, so you’ll start seeing the artwork come out, we have an Ethereum art piece coming out in a couple of weeks

Tai Zen: Thanks for sharing this with us, if you guys like it go check out and if you guys like these types of videos go to and subscribe to it and we’ll send you more of these videos whenever I make them. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you guys in the future videos

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